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Jan 16, 2015

The White House Eclipse and the rays of Virgo

On October 13, 1792 the White House cornerstone was laid in a Masonic ceremony under important Virgo contacts: Moon 23Vir56, North Node 24:13, and both conjoining the ceremony's Pre-Natal Eclipse @24Vir07 in the 11 North Saros Series.

You may wish to see David Ovason's book, The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital for more info.

Themes of the 11N Series include: suddenly changing groups that one mixes with either through travel, ideas, or both and the implied separation leads to very positive outcomes; or, a sudden decision may lead to greater commitment in a relationship. Either way, situations that arise under 11N may be trusted. (Predictive Astrology, Brady).

The initial eclipse of this Series occurred @14Leo33 on August 1, 1125 (OS) and ends on September 4, 2369. Two midpoint pictures are imprinted upon 11N and thus provide clues to its themes: Uranus-NN = Sun = Moon, and Venus-Saturn = Jupiter.

Perhaps you agree that 11N themes describe something of the experience of a person who is selected to play the role of US president when the tap on the shoulder comes.

In recent decades, 11N has manifested in 1900, 1918, 1936, 1954, 1973, 1991, and on January 26, 2009, what I've called our 'New President Eclipse' in honor of Barack Obama's presidency. 11N is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (PE) of: the White House cornerstone laying (1792) as noted above, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln (1865), William Herschel (discoverer in 1791 of America's 'totem' planet of war, Uranus), the Hindenburg Disaster (1937), Operation Desert Storm (1991), Cindy McCain (1954), and astrologer-occult-researcher and lecturer Manly P. Hall (1901).

11 North next occurs on February 6, 2027 @18AQ.

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