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Mar 5, 2015

Timing the Natal Chart of Hillary Clinton

Update Oct 4, 2016: thanks to astrologer Marc Penfield, a birth time has surfaced for Hillary Clinton of 2:18 am which gives her a mid-Virgo Ascendant, a 12Gem12 MC, and a 7th house 19Pis50 Moon. The following speculative post was written in 2015 without this information:

The conflicting/unverified timing of Hillary Rodham Clinton's birth needed to set up an accurate natal horoscope for the potential 2016 contender suggests that the lady may be aware of Astrology's uses and its power to 'read' the person under the microscope of the ancient art. Some sources have cited such hours of birth as 1:29 am and 2:18 am, or various times around 8 am or even 8 pm! Correct information is important in order to know what sign is rising and which signs belong on which house cusps with the 10th house relating to Career and Public Status.

Currently a natal chart is shown here set for October 26, 1947 8:02 am CST Chicago, Illinois which gives the former Secretary of State Clinton a Sun @2Sco19, Moon @22Pis51, and 22Sco08 rising---a triple Water signature. Certainly the intensity of Scorpio with its penchant for secrets and life-death matters is evident from her life events and close involvement in politics; her MC in Virgo indicates a career of dedicated work and service.

Plus, her Pisces Moon hints at deep compassion and sentimentality over her daughter and new granddaughter.

No matter her Ascending sign it seems fairly certain that her Sun and Moon signs are correct and if so, Hillary Clinton's Sun Scorpio-Moon Pisces personality blend denotes a demeanor that is aloof yet warm-hearted with a vivid imagination. Hard working dedication is also found within this blend (and compliments a Virgo Midheaven.) Scorpio loves mystery as does Hillary Clinton so subterfuge (having her own private email server for State Department communications!) and/or occult interests cannot be ruled out, hidden though they may may be. This would include an appreciation for and use of Astrology and a clouded birth hour to confuse astrological study.

Sun Sco-Moon Pisces describes Ms. Clinton as a shrewd strategist who is persuasive and sensitive yet ruthless. Actually this is the 'Dr. Jekyll vs Mr. Hide' combo of energies which thrives on challenges and may be addiction-prone; dramatic rebirths are a likely theme through her life as we have seen. Self-discipline and self-indulgence are both present within her personality and a certain lack of objectivity is noticed unless other factors in the chart balance this.

The ability to 'come back fighting' is a plus of Clinton's Sun-Moon blend and a trait she shares with her husband Bill, once known as the "Comeback Kid". Whether she'll be able to come back after the current scandal over her hidden DoS emails is a good question with Republicans like Rush Limbaugh talking today about the scandal being enough to disqualify her from public office--a long-time dream of the #GOP !

For now, the 8:02 am chart mentioned above is the natal horoscope I shall add to my Astrology files in case the lady runs for president in 2016, the year that the stakes for power and control of the entire globe will never be higher.

Recommended reading: Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles & Suzi Harvey.

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