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May 20, 2015

Hexagon: a New Astrology Magazine Debuts, August 2015!

Good news for astrologers and for those merely curious about the cosmic art: on August 19, 2015, Hexagon, a fresh, cutting edge astrology magazine concerning contemporary topics will be released. Tap or click for details about this exciting effort, the first new astrology magazine to debut in decades.

And please consider supporting Hexagon via Kickstarter or subscribe as you wish!

Now admittedly my focus these last several years has been on Political Astrology, especially that of Washington DC, so finding that one of the topics of Hexagon's first issue will be the Astrology of the NSA gives me reason to look forward to broiling August which is typically my least favorite month of the year (due to the extreme temperatures here in Georgia...can you blame me?)

So tonight from East Coast to West, I happily send out harmonic vibes and best wishes for success to the writers, artists, and publishers of Astrology's newest star, Hexagon magazine!

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