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May 21, 2015

Rand Paul Filibustering Renewal of Patriot Act 5.20.2015 - video

Last evening at 11:48 pm EDT with *Pluto in Capricorn rising, Senator Rand Paul completed his performance of something approximating a 'filibuster' on the Senate floor protesting the renewal of the draconian US Patriot Act part of which can sunset away at the end of May if Congress does what it does best, nothing.

As Senator Paul begins to speak we hear his communicative Gemini Moon expressing along side his governmental Capricorn Sun of goals and ego. The Sabian Symbol of the Sun at a critical 29th degree during his performance is (rounding up) '30 Taurus' = "A Peacock Parading on an Ancient Lawn" which you may take however you think is most appropriate for describing the aims of a 2016 presidential candidate.

Here are a few more astro-notes concerning the natal planets and Sun-Moon personality blend of Senator Rand Paul.

*Pluto in Capricorn rising spotlights the current transiting Venus-Pluto opposition with Venus at 13 Cancer conjoining Sirius, The Scorcher, the goddess star of Egypt.

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