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May 22, 2015

Still No Justice months after Tamir Rice was murdered by Cleveland Police - video

'Delayed Justice' Reflects America's Retrograde Mars

All violent tragedies and abuses of justice are tremendously saddening but the outrageous victimization of a 12-year-old boy at play is especially difficult for my Pisces Moon and brings up multiple feelings about how America's natal Mars in Gemini--the sign of young people--turned retrograde in Libra in 2006 and will remain so for decades--80 years in total. So far, the distorted, regressive condition of US Mars is very plainly seen through events and in what news broadcasts choose to show us.

For among other things, Mars rules such people as police officers, soldiers, and males in general between the ages of 25 and 35, give or take a year or two. So astrological Mars, planet of energy, action, and motivation is now retrograde (Rx) in the US chart and collective psyche and turns its energy which is often testosterone-laden and aggressive--inward and against the American people in a myriad of ways on the physical plane when we should be re-viewing past (Rx) actions and motivations (Mars) in order to repair and improve our society rather than using regressive methods to act out fantasies and delusions of racial superiority.

And if we simply accept the primal violence (Pluto-Chiron) favored and employed by plutocrats and bureaucrats (who imagine themselves 'above' us), We the People will one day be repentant that we didn't bother to repair such conditions before the ill effects of the ruling class' oppressive tendencies became even more widespread as the 'police state' became bolder.

That's one American's opinion, at least.

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