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May 31, 2015

Today's News and the Two Natal Horoscopes for Jeb Bush

May 31, 2015 News of the Day includes the sad death of VP Biden's son, Beau, due to brain cancer and the hapless thigh bone break of our cycling-in-France Secretary of State John Kerry who is flying back to Boston today to consult the doctor who previously performed his hip surgery, plus, the last sign-off by Bob Schieffer from Face the Nation.

Then at midnight tonight comes the expiration of some provisions of the draconian US Patriot Act which will begin to be dismantled around 4:00 pm today by the NSA if Congress doesn't act. Or that's their script anyway and they're sticking to it.

Okay now, if we must, let's talk Jeb Bush who wants to play president like his dad and brother did:

The presumptive 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush has two potential birth times on February 11, 1953: Rodden's 8:50 pm CST and a Starkman-rectified time of 2:28:16 am, Midlands, Texas. Naturally, different degrees for the chart angles and cusps result, plus, the Moon is at 26Cap01 at 8:50 am on that date and at 14Cap49 at 2:28:16 am CST. There are other slight differences which may be compared or contrasted by clicking or tapping the link, then the links for each natal horoscope. One difference, however, stands out for its change of sign: Mercury from late Aquarius (28:49) to 00Pis13.

Now it has been written (and I'm not certain by whom) that US presidents who tend to be elected have links between their natal positions and the US Moon in Aquarius, the We the People signature of the public in Mundane Astrology. There may be additional links, of course, and with Mr. Bush this is the case no matter which birth hour is considered. Other important connections between candidates and the nation include their natal placements with election day planets and the applicable Inauguration horoscope, in this case those for November 8, 2016 and January 20, 2017. As usual with US inaugurations since FDR changed the date from early March to January 20 (unless that's a Sunday, then it's the 21st), rising at noon in Washington DC is 13-15 Taurus which makes Venus the chart and presidential Oath of Office ruler rather than a Cancer-rising Moon as had been the case prior to 1937.

Here are a few of the links between Jeb Bush's natal planets and points from both charts with those of the US natal chart of July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA:

Jeb (Starkman version): Sun 22AQ20 in wide conjunction with US natal Moon, Mercury 28AQ49 with its Utopian ideas conjoins US n Moon; Moon @14Cap49 opposes US natal Sun in Cancer and SIRIUS; ASC 4Sag12 (Jupiter as chart ruler) is currently being crossed and will be recrossed by Saturn, planet of responsibility and accountability. We see this in the news concerning Jeb's neocon credentials and his brother's (and his) invasion of the Middle East. ('Who's responsible for the creation of ISIS?', etc. I'd say that all are; you may remember that when Saturn crossed George W. Bush's natal Ascendant, he was being criticized for his lack of appropriate response to Hurricane Katrina victims); MC, the Aspiration-Goal-Career Point @14Vir50, puts US natal Neptune in 10th house of Public Status. Major aspects of Jupiter as chart ruler include a sextile to Uranus @15 Cancer (which conjoins the Pentagon's natal Ascendant), and squares to his natal Pluto in Leo and North Node in Aquarius. We might say that a powerful midpoint picture forms indicating that Jeb can force himself into a power position through his contacts with plutocrats.

Jeb (Rodden version): his Moon @26Cap01 conjoins US natal Pluto which stimulates our national Mercury-Pluto opposition of propaganda, secrets, surveillance, and spying across the Security axis (Can-Cap); the Moon-Pluto duo indicates potentials for publicity, extreme emotions, and 'the pursuit of selected objectives with fanatical zeal and with subsequent attainment without regard for other people' (Ebertin); Mercury @00Pis13 denotes philosophical ideas, the ability to fantasize, and conjoins America's Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse (Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776) in the 12 South Saros Series with themes of 'successful outcomes to long-term worries that are draining' (Brady). 12S manifested most recently in 2010 @19Cancer. This ASC @23Vir23 makes trickster Mercury his chart ruler rather than expansive Jupiter, as above, and links directly to US natal Neptune while his MC holds up US natal Mars in duplicitous Gemini for all the world to see its misguided motivations and 'fog of war' implications.

Actually, an Ascendant of 23Virgo places America's problematic Mars-Neptune square on full display by Jeb Bush (ASC) and marks his Goal (MC) to be in the field of martial actions and warmongering. Now I don't know which horoscope you prefer for the former governor of Florida (the hanging chad state that helped slide oilmen Dubya and Cheney into the back door of the White House) but either chart is not okay by me--even if I have to vote for Hillary Clinton whose presidency would bring back all the Bill-Hill baggage for another round of ignoring the real issues of the American people. Neocons all!

As for Jeb, his outer planets and other placements naturally remain the same no matter which birth hour you prefer such as: an aggressive Venus-Mars conjunction in early Aries, a creative yet depressive Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Libra (helpfully trined by Mercury) which conjoins Arcturus, the star that represents the White House in the original Federal Triangle layout of the District, and Spica, the celestial rep for the phallic, solar cult Washington Monument, and Venus-ruled Jupiter @13Taurus which as noted conjoins America's Inauguration Ascendant. Natal Jupiter in 'Taurus the Bull' tells us that he relates to others in a Taurean way and indicates an urge to gain wealth and possessions, liberality, a love of comfort, a tendency toward wastefulness--and of course, we think of Wall Street greed mixed with a streak of intolerance and prejudice.

Now in spite of the mainstream media's insistence that Jeb is the GOP's "front runner" for the 2016 nomination, here's The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur with an enlightening report concerning the candidacy and potential presidency of money-raiser Jeb Bush:

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