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Jun 1, 2015

Astro-Notes: John Oliver April 23, 1977

HBO's Last Week Tonight is hosted by a British comedian with a dry sense of humor that American politicians, Politics, and society royally need. My theory has been to ridicule the powerful as much and as often as possible and John Oliver does not disappoint. In fact, Oliver is brilliant at it--first on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and now on his own, Last Week Tonight.

A Few Astro-Notes on Political Satirist John Oliver

Without knowing a correct birth time I'm using 'noon' on his birth date of April 23, 1977 Erdington, West Midlands, England. And although during the day the Moon left Gemini and reached 00Cancer00, a Cardinal World Point of prominence and fame, the more descriptive personality blend for John Oliver seems to be Sun in Taurus with natal Moon in communicative, witty Gemini rather than in the domestic, emotional, self-protective sign of Cancer. And of course, by progression, natal Moon in Gemini would still have triggered 00Cancer some months after birth--or years by Solar Arc.

If my surmise is correct, Sun Taurus-Moon Gemini is an Earth-Air combination of energies which identifies Mr. Oliver as innovative, rational, and able to bring together abstract thought with real world issues. This is a 'practical idealist' whose aim is to 'come to grips with reality while making his efforts as humane and far-reaching as possible' and this his reports on Last Week Tonight certainly do.

A dry sense of irony and humor are evident in this blend along with an adroit and accurate use of language. A caution is to not allow the personality to become 'dry as dust' since the emotional realm may not be a strong suit. Potentials embedded within one major midpoint picture between the three outer planets may also describe Oliver's comedy style and career objectives: Neptune-Pluto = Uranus: disruption to gain recognition; adventurous ego thrust; making waves to get to shore; possibly aberrant behavior (Tyl); flair for the unusual (Ebertin).

With a birth date of April 23, 1977, we know that John Oliver's Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Series is the 15 South which manifested on April 18, 1977 @28Aries. Its themes include a lingering situation that suddenly clears up with a collective sense of loss or grief and a sudden release of tension (Brady). 15S last manifested on May 9, 2013 @20Taurus but may not have had a particular influence on his life in 2013--or did it since natal Sun @3Taurus may be within orb but natal Mercury @13Taurus is not within a 5-degree orb of 20 Taurus.

Well, this is only a snippet of a portrait of John Oliver with no birth hour known to determine chart angles and cusps. Let's close with a list of his planets' approximate positions at noon on his day or birth. Besides sign-ruler (dispositor) information, emotional tendencies and childhood conditions are shown by the Moon's sign; his ego drive and sense of self by the Sun's sign, thinking processes and communications style by Mercury's sign; the sort of relationships he attracts and is attracted to is shown by the sign of Venus; desires and motivation by the sign of Mars; how he relates to others is shown by Jupiter's sign; flaws or fears and a sense of authority by Saturn's sign, behavior by the sign of Uranus; dreams and illusions are eluded to by Neptune's sign, and sense of power and a deep well of creativity by Pluto's:

Sun 3Taurus; Moon 28Gemini; Mercury 13Taurus; Venus 8Aries; Mars 26Pisces; Jupiter 4Gemini; Saturn 10Leo; Uranus 10Scorpio; Neptune 15Sagittarius; Pluto 12Libra.


More personality info may be found in Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

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