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Jun 21, 2015

The Sun, Moon, Bowl, and Eclipse of Dylann Roof

With the uplifting of hearts provided this Sunday morning by the opening of Charleston's AME Church for the first service since June 17, 2015 when white supremacist Dylann Roof assassinated nine of its members during the Bible study he joined for almost an hour that evening, I shall here post a few planetary considerations on the personality of this misguided 21-year-old and include a few of the June 17th transits.

Roof's birth data is found on Wikipedia as: April 3, 1994 Lexington, South Carolina with no birth hour known so the following remarks will concern chart factors that do not depend on a correct birth time and thus are incomplete.

Note: for the purposes of this post, Dylann Roof will be known as 'DR' from here on out. As a Southerner, I am ashamed of his crimes against humanity as if his acts of violence have somehow symbolized the protection of white Southern womanhood a la the Ku Klux Klan. At least, that's been one of their deceptive illusions intended to excuse their hatred and criminality through the decades as they re-fight the Civil War (in their own minds.) Well, such a tactic does serve to keep the power of the American people neutered and less effective via social wedge issues yet if such a horrendous massacre of innocent people is an example of how "The South shall rise again," then go ahead and count this native Georgian for the Union. And while my several ancestors who fought and died under the Confederate flag rest in hopes of Judgment Day and Eternal Life, they remain recipients of a Christian heritage of ministry and compassion which has been passed down into 2015 and, hopefully, beyond to our descendants.

As for the natal horoscope and planets of DR, there is much to say but for the sake of brevity, I shall constrain myself for this is not an enjoyable post to write and I compose at-keyboard as the topic leads. So here are some of my notes on DR, a 'maverick traditionalist' using whatever means necessary to get his own way:

Natal chart set for April 3, 1994 Lexington, SC and using 1:04:57 am EDT since this lines up natal Moon @14Cap19:55 precisely opposite the Moon of June 17, 2015 at 9:00 pm EDT Charleston, SC, an approximate time he began shooting his victims. This position of natal Moon is conjoined by assassin Pluto rising Rx @14Cap42 in 1st house that evening in Charleston; opposing transit Pluto is the transiting Moon conjunct Sirius, The Scorcher and Egyptian star of the goddess (which conjoins US natal Sun, the president.) A noon natal chart has also been considered along with the degree ranges of Sun and Moon both of which remained in their respective signs of Mars-ruled Aries and Saturn-ruled Capricorn on his date of birth.

Therefore, we may confidently look at the Sun Aries-Moon Capricorn personality blend as given by Charles and Suzi Harvey (Sun Sign-Moon Sign) for it is telling of a Fire-Earth combination of volcanic energy, a bulldozer of tremendous drive and willpower, traits that are supported elsewhere in the chart. Determined convictions about his beliefs and a hard-headedness are also Fire-Earth tendencies along with a visionary quality for this fantasy-ruled, self-absorbed individual. More on that, below.

Sun Aries-Moon Cap identifies DR as an unstoppable force who is ambitious, domineering, and a realist. An ongoing transit of the planet of stark realism, Saturn (now retrograding back into Scorpio from Sagittarius) again nearing natal Pluto (27Sco46 Rx and conjunct natal North Node 24Sco39 stationary) has triggered for him issues of authority, control, use of power, manipulation, and death--all concerns that Scorpio types must deal with (self-control vs control of others.) Use of the occult may also be indicated, and his Pluto-NN conjunction denotes encounters with power, the willpower to take advantage of prevailing social trends in a calculating way, and messing with dangerous forces that are simply too large for one individual to handle. He has, as we see, managed to collapse his own life along with the violent collapse of others, and is now trapped by his own actions through which he imagined would start a 'race war'. His affairs are now officially out of his hands due in part to his Pluto-NN conjunction, the 'tiger by the tail' aspect, though without a known birth time, house positions and hemispheric emphases are unavailable for further remarks to be made here concerning Pluto, the assassin and saboteur, conjunct NN in Mars-ruled Scorpio.

As for his Aries-Capricorn personality blend, we find a 21-year-old who feels a natural kinship with Politics and who tends to provoke insults and attacks (as do many politicians.) This is a blend of 'the boss' and 'the upstart' who prefers to be a thorn in the side of the status quo which seems to support his stated goals. (His 'website' The Last Rhodesian, has been located though it may be a fake even with several photos of him holding a Confederate flag, posing with a burning American flag, wearing Apartheid South African and Rhodesian patches on his clothes--all designed to further divide the American people along secessionist lines. And predictably, some politicians and pundits are using the tragedy of June 17th as another justification (#14) for instituting gun control measures. Why, President Obama hardly waited a minute until he turned the tragic murders into a political issue although I must agree about closing the gun show loophole and other common sense measures which probably would have had no effect on DR's particular "mission" of violence, whether his father gave him the gun on his birthday or not.

It is instructive to include the Harveys' Images for Integration for his Aries Sun (conscious) and Capricorn Moon (unconscious) here: "A young soldier is rewarded by the King for exceptional bravery in the cause of freedom and individual human rights...Columbus discovers America and a new world order is born."

Yes. A 'new world order', what wars and revolutions have always had as a goal, as manipulated by international bankers. Are you surprised? The so-called 'Civil' War and the two World Wars are but three examples of this long-term 'mission' to establish a global empire though the "human rights" emphasis is an illusion. Wonder what 'King' is meant? A Grand Dragon of the Knights of the KKK, one might imagine, though a political leader could be hiding in the shadows. After all, as noted, a past KKK leader (or possibly Klan founder) remains honored in Washington DC in the form of Confederate General Albert Pike which is quite astonishing at this late date. Is his body interred in a vault at the Scottish Rite Temple down the street from the White House? Some say yes, members say no. Yet it lends support to the occult nature and practices of Washington DC, if so, and no one can deny that mass murder and the horrors of global conquest have been tactics on America's agenda at least since the 'Manifest Destiny' of expansion was touted. When in Rome...

Now on the evening of June 17, 2015, transiting Chiron, the Wounded Healer and archetype of Jesus Christ, conjoined DR's natal Mars @21Pisces on the victim-savior axis of Virgo-Pisces. As you know, Mars-Chiron identifies the sacred warrior archetype and apparently the young man used the association to justify his actions. Plus, in his natal chart, the Jupiter-Chiron midpoint, indicator of a Knight's Quest, conjoins natal Mercury, his thinking processes and sensibilities. A Mercury-Mars conjunction in Pisces (20--22) adds strong political views and opinions to his personality which really has had a limited scope in which to develop at age 21. This is seen in the Bowl pattern of planets lead by Jupiter Rx @12Sco54 with vindictive Venus in the 1--2 degrees of intolerant Taurus. You may remember this degree area of Taurus as the position of Hitler's natal Sun which was triggered each time he took drastic measures and as such, is known as a degree of violence.

According to Marc Edmund Jones, a Bowl shape reveals DR as a self-contained person who cannot contain what is held in the Bowl. In his case, Chiron @3Vir34 Rx is the only body in the Bowl and Chiron in Virgo indicates one who needs to learn self-control and discrimination (Nolle) though society would have preferred him to show a different sort of discrimination. In Mercury-ruled Virgo, learning to choose good from bad is crucial but in his search for absolute truth his heinous crime has diverted the process. A creator of illusions, Chiron in Virgo tends to entertain a self-seeking focus on inner delusions, and as noted, the Bowl shape of his natal planets indicates a serious lack of experience in areas of life governed by the signs of Libra, Virgo (excepting Chiron), Leo, Cancer, and Gemini--the empty signs in his chart.

Advocacy of a cause and the furtherance of a mission are ways to deal with the Bowl pattern and he has, in fact, undertaken such a vindictive course with his Scorpionic Jupiter, planet of ideals, ideology, and philosophy, leading him onward toward a prison cell, thanks to an alert citizen who exerted herself on behalf of society. Thus he was tracked down and caught--before police could surround and kill him (the usual outcome for such perpetrators and the word 'patsy' comes to mind.)

Now the rim of the Bowl--Jupiter and Venus--establishes the Taurus-Scorpio axis as a key determinate with the leader Jupiter in Scorpio (how he relates to others--as a brooding Scorpio) providing a materialistic outlook on life. (Spiritual conflict seems obvious to me since he destroyed church members during a Bible study though I do think he acted against the Emanuel AME Church as much for its traditional Civil Rights connections, even to Dr. Martin Luther King--martyred once again! And with natal Moon possibly conjunct natal Neptune, planet of delusion, his receptive and sensitive nature may have had been prone to illusions about spirituality--and misconceptions about mama and womanhood.) Vengeful, jealous Venus in her own sign of greedy Taurus (the bull) denotes deep passions, conservatism, and a seeker of luxury, oddly enough. So perhaps some of his skewed perspectives include a haves vs have-nots flavor since he made it plain that he doesn't want to share the bounty of America with non-Caucasians who are "taking over."

Another note about the natal horoscope I used as timed by the Moon opposing the June 17th Moon 14:19:55--it places DR's Syzygy Moon @6Libra (last lunation prior to birth) at Midheaven in the 9:00 pm chart of Charleston with the transiting North Node (the head of the Dragon) pointing precisely toward it @6Lib33. Interesting info may be found in a chart of his Syzygy Moon, a Full Moon that probably relates to the separation of his parents since it falls across the Aries-Libra axis of partnership and a Full Moon = culmination and relationships.

On a different level, there is DR's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series which reveals background influences during his short life--the 14 North (14N). Curiously, this is not the first time the number '14' has turned up in this post along with mentions of the 14th act of gun violence and the positions of natal and transiting Moon, tr Pluto, and Sirius.

Themes of 14N are difficult and entail potentials for 'a peculiar turn of events, despair, an acute time of confusion in relationships, unrequited love, unexpected financial or relationship events (his parents are reported to have divorced before he was born as noted by his Syzygy Moon), a draining of energy, possible illness, delusion; no important decisions should be made due to too much confusion for clear judgments' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The initial eclipse in this series manifested on April 29, 1074 OS @13Tau54 which opposes his natal Jupiter Rx, and to put it in context, 14N has occurred in the years 1903, 1921, 1939, 1957, 1975, (1993), and last on November 25 2011 @2Sag37. You'll recognize this as the 'Sequester' Solar Eclipse that divided the US Congress into a special 'Super-Committee' for dealing with stale-mated financial issues--a 'peculiar turn of events' for America and the America people. Our deceptive US Mars-Neptune square in on full display in the DC chart, as you can see.

In addition, the June 17th tragedy has announced the 2015 summer season and we find that the DC horoscope of Summer Solstice 2015 again places US natal Mars at MC (The Goal) with US natal Neptune rising. So America's 1776 misguided motivations-misdirected actions Mars-Neptune square expresses its energies at the chart angles and is in desperate need of being addressed with honesty and a clear-eyed assessment and correction of past errors along with demands for accountability of the guilty. Yet this seems unlikely as long as the US government perpetrates primal violence across the globe as our national Mars (the warrior, the shooter) continues retrograde and in Libra since 2006, and turns its aggressive martian energies and activities upon itself and the American people rather than re-viewing (Rx) what needs to be changed--and affecting those changes for the good of society.

Results of our Mars Rx are experienced and seen daily in news reports of mass and other murders, suicides of soldiers and others, police state attitudes and abuse of power against the innocent, racial intolerance and hatred leading to verbal attacks and hate crimes (and stirred up by hidden forces), bringing home our wounded warriors but re-deploying others for the sake of corporate powers, and a general feeling of frustration along with a shared sense of our nation 'being on the wrong path'.

And as noted, June 17th falls under the auspices of the Spring Equinox 2015 Solar Eclipse at a critical-crisis 29th degree of Pisces yet straining to reach the Aries Point of Prominence and Fame @00Ari00:00--as did DR.

In relation to these topics, here are two curious equinoxial time links concerning Confederate General Albert Pike, Klan leader and creator (though his founding of the Knights of the KKK is disputed by some--but let's not leave out his influence on the Knights of the Golden Circle who plotted against President Lincoln and assassinated him) which includes a photo and details (with links) of the Albert Pike statue that remains standing on a pedestal at the foot of *Capitol Hill in Washington DC's Judiciary Square. Tap or click for links to the speeches that were delivered by 1992 presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche (March 20, 1992: Spring Equinox) and for Anton Chaitkin, titled Why Albert Pike's Statue Must Fall delivered on September 21, 1992--Autumn Equinox! Are these dates merely coincidence? I don't believe so for it seems to me that Freemasonry's utilization of Sacred Geometry (Astrology) was employed in their selection, and there is a traditional link between Washington DC and the equinoxial (and solsticial) risings of certain stars (ex: Sirius conjunct US natal Sun in Cancer) over the city designed and constructed along Masonic lines--the Megalithic measurements used through the centuries to build henges, temples, and other structures for observing stars and planets (ex: 'Jerusalem' which means "place for the observation of Venus".)

So if interested, please check out the LaRouche and Chaitkin speeches and their equinox horoscopes for yourself. As noted, DR was born in April 1994, soon after the last of three Great Conjunctions of the New World Order planets (October 24, 1993), Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, a 'new world order' blending of their 'Enlightenment' energies which spotlights 18 Capricorn, a degree of POLITICAL POWER and 'smug or strong-armed paternalism' in the Sabian Symbols (Jones.) Such paternalism relates of course to governments keeping social order but also to self-seeking attempts to 'protect white womanhood' from assaults by men of color in that deluded, antiquated white supremacist way.

From a different perspective, you may wish to read Raw Story's June 20, 2015 article, Heritage of Hate: Dylann Roof, white supremacy and the truth about the Confederacy by Tim Wise.

Also related: Midpoint Pictures of the Civil War and the natal horoscope of The Confederacy with its "dark vein of intolerance" once again tragically shown--in Charleston, SC--on the evening of June 17, 2015.


*If you read very far into the case of Mr. Roof and his alleged website you'll note a possible connection to former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott for as you know, secessionists and Klansmen are said to have left the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party once the Civil Rights Act and integration had been championed and passed by the Democrats. America, I love you, but you are such a tool wielded by hidden hands! jc

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