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Jul 27, 2023

Will Trump’s New Inflammatory Fascist Ad Ignite a Civil War? - Thom Hartmann

One of the more closely related SO'W posts to Thom's topic is from October 2022 concerning a cosmic time link via two Solar Eclipses, both in the 6 South Saros Series: The GOP Wants Confederacy 1861 Back where you'll see the 1860 6 South manifestation heralding the Civil War era, and its repetition in October 2022 @2Scorpio. Both eclipses reveal materialism through Venus, but the 1860 Mars, the warrior planet, is the real 'star' acting as leading planet of a ruthless Locomotive shape of planets; plus, Mr. Hothead is out-of-bounds ('OOBs') of the earthly plane, and opposes the 1860 Eclipse which indicates resentment, and tug-of-war activities.

And isn't this what the GOP and its hotheaded, fanatic 'magas' are attempting to activate: a tug-of-war campaign intended to ignite a second Civil War?

One of the unfortunate symbols of their 'success' with the gullible among us is the misguided insurrectionist who carried a Confederate flag into the US Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. For after all that my Southern ancestors sacrificed during the 'Civil' War, this American found the image to be highly offensive.

But my point today for gullible sore-loser seditionists is this: America is a Perpetual Union and it's constitutionally illegal for a state to secede from the Union - and this limitation is one of the several reasons that Trump and the GOP are determined to make the US Constituion null and void. If they can manage to break that legal taboo, our Perpetual Union can be dissolved along with democracy in America. This will make a return to brutal, sadistic Nazism more likely to spread around the globe.

Therefore, our fight is for the highest stakes: for life itself. Which means that to Vote Blue is the only path forward for the sake of our children's futures!

May 16, 2023

May 16, 2023: Mars-Pluto opposition squares Jupiter

Today transit Jupiter @29Aries conjoins and enlarges the themes of the 7 North Solar Eclipse of April 20, 2023, Hitler's birthday - themes of (blood) "lust" and "deep passions long-hidden that catch people off-guard" (B. Brady). Take care out there, folks, don't let anyone catch you off-guard, especially for the rest of May into June! The sensitized, critical 29th degree of Mars-ruled Aries has long been prominent in the US - it's the position of the Sun in the American Revolution Horoscope, and also the position of hothead Mars on January 6, 2021, Trump's 'maga' coup attempt of sedition. Jupiter to Mars can temporarily expand the active role of combatants in societal affairs and may refer to militia men, and the actual military itself. Even police state actions may be indicated.

Now to make it clear, my personal assertion is that my Revolutionary War ancestors do not approve of the attempted coup for the sake of - of all things! - an economic royalist like gold-lover Trump who holds monarchical delusions of grandeur to become a perpetual despot--exactly the tyranny the Revolution fought against and freed us from! Now naturally, I'm speaking on their behalf knowing something of the sacrifice, loss, even death that they and their families - my families - suffered during that harrowing time.

Now, it's harrowing times once again, and today transit Mars @27Can42 opposes not only transit Pluto (00AQ18 Rx) over our heads but also opposes US progressed Pluto (29Capricorn), a complex opposition that squares transit Jupiter @29Ari55 and, as a midpoint picture, contains potentials for: "wars; rape; mayhem; chaos; attacks" (M. Munkasey). See why I said to take care out there, folks? Of course, these are issues society is already dealing with so the T-square may be simply reflecting them.

Then two more cosmic links are occurring: transit Pluto @00AQ continues its conjunction to US Inaugural Sun, a role of power now inhabited by President Joe Biden. Obviously, a power game and a contest of wills is in progress as the President squares off against a maga GOP holding the US economy hostage - or else economic collapse that, if it results, they hope to blame on Joe Biden. In addition, Pluto @00AQ continues to activate the recent Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction of December 21, 2020 @00AQ29 which times the start of a new 20-year economic and social order!

Meanwhile, the global economy is also being held on the edge of collapse by power-mad, sore-loser Republicans with Confederacy sentiments that, as you know, include "a dark vein of intolerance."

So in light of the current Mars-Pluto stand-off of force and control, here's a Horoscope of the first moment that America's Mars-Pluto Cycle began. Check where transit Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter are today in relation to our country's initial cycle, for the clock is ticking:

A closing note: yes, there may a lifting of the T-square energies once transit Jupiter travels into Taurus a few desgrees. The Great Benefic enters Taurus today, May 16, 2023 at 1:20 pm edt. This is, however, the solar position of little Herr Adolf so a measure of ego expansion by nazi-types may occur for some people while others may end a project they began about 12 years ago. Then tomorrow evening, May 17th, a Jupiter-Pluto square becomes exact at 9:11 pm edt which suggests views and plans that are too broad or encompassing to be ultimately successful. jc

Mar 29, 2023

2023 Pluto opposes NRA Jupiter-Uranus

As you know, another tragic shooting has occurred in America, this time in Nashville, Tennessee. One prominent transit to the 1871 NRA Horoscope is the planet topping the news these days due to its entry into Aquarius: Pluto. Known for its associations with death, destruction, manipulation, and assassination, Pluto now opposes the dissociate Jupiter-Uranus conjunction operative during the November 1871 founding of the gun-loving organization, the National Rifle Association.

Lacking an exact hour for the group's founding, 12:00 noon is used to set up the horoscope shown, below, but this lack is inconsequential to the fact that the transit of Pluto opposing 1871 Jupiter (Rx @29Can54) and Uranus (@1Leo10) is obvious and significant to events at this moment in time.

Both Pluto oppositions indicate political and financial conflicts, with power struggles underneath as public shouts for action rather than more of the measely "thoughts and prayers" mantra Republicans fall back on so that a lack of actual changes to gun laws can be excused are once again heard across the political landscape. As you know, their mealey-mouthing ignores reality while discontented militarists stockpile guns and plan a race war while pretending that peaceniks are the ones wanting carnage in our streets!

So below is the previously published NRA Horoscope of November 17, 1871 in which Jupiter is strong at Station Rx upon the "A Daughter of the American Revolution" degree and radical Uranus in proud Leo feels emboldened and activated by the 2023 transit of transformative Pluto, a cosmic circumstance that also reminds me, as a descendant of The Confederacy, of the favorite mantra of sore loser seditionists, 'The South Shall Rise Again' - with Herr Adolf's hate-filled Aryanism of white "supremacy" rotting at its core:

Now much of the time, we expect the Jupiter-Uranus duo to denote potentials for break-throughs, luck or good fortune, optimism, and/or 'reforms that originate in religious principles' (such as, Thou Shalt Not Kill?). Yet sometimes, depending on the motives of participants, the pairing denotes more negative potentials such as, "deafness from not wanting to hear the opinions of others, government where no expansion due to modern principles is allowed," and/or "civil war or unrest due to a legal or religious system which stifles justice for the common people" (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey #ad).

These negative potentials in part account for society's current dire condition of violence which is based on the promotion of the purposeful misinterpretation of the Second Amendment, well noted as a fraud upon the American public by Chief Justice Warren Burger on December 16, 1991. That mental problems are also involved, I have no doubt, yet I also blame decades of lies and other fraudulent behavior perpetrated by Washington DC and the Pentagon for the years-long build-up of aggravated discontent experienced by and nurtured within segments of our population.

2023 Pluto = NRA Jupiter-Uranus

Add by transit powerful, wealth-hoarding Pluto to the NRA's Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, a karmic development, and a midpoint picture forms of 'devices with the potential to transform the world; extreme reworking of ideas to be sure they will be received correctly' which sounds positive - other than when it suggests the propaganda and manipulation of thoughts and prayers that fall tragically short of what America and our victimized, traumatized children need from "lawmakers" on both sides of the aisle.

But so far, it feels like Trump's "American carnage" threat that he 'dog whistled' on January 20, 2017 is paying off for the enemies of America aided by their bought-off politicians of the fascist persuasion who've succumbed to control by a global movement that's determined to wreak havoc and chaos on the American people in order to coup the US government against the will of the majority who prefer democracy to fascism any day of the week.

And please note, dear reader, that there is absolutely no joy in typing this, but there it is.

Oct 7, 2022

The GOP Wants Confederacy 1861 Back

But Nationwide This Time Around as They Try Try Again

by Jude Cowell

Earlier this week Thom Hartmann began his broadcast discussing what must be described as the Republican Party wanting to re-establish The Confederacy, those who are determined to take America back to the period of the 1830s-1860s when there was no democracy in The South, only top-down oligarchy, Thom says. And as you know, war broke out in April 1861, and it was brother against brother, child against parent, cousin against cousin. Even so, disease was the primary killer in this war.

So to my ears, when I hear Republicans say things like, "take our country back," this is a large part of what they mean along with taking over power and control of the US Congress, and in 2024, the presidency (tragically, they have a majority of the 'Supreme' Court already). But such potentials are precisely what the October 25, 2022 6 South Solar Eclipse themes suggest: 'being forceful, taking power; huge efforts in group activities' (paraphrasing B. Brady). I mention this once again because forewarned is forearmed, as you know, and a massive turn out of voters for democracy will be necessary at the November Midterms in order to rescue America from the clutches of totalitarians with fascist-nazi leanings - saboteurs who are 100% unAmerican.

And so, because Thom the Historian mentioned the 1830s-1860s period of US history, and knowing a little about Southernism as I do as a native of Georgia with CSA ancestors, I took a peek at all the Solar Eclipses of that era to see if a power-grabbing 6 South Eclipse manifested therein. And I found it.

Shown below are dual charts of two 6 South Solar Eclipses, both Total: lower left = July 18, 1860 @26Can05 conjunct Venus Rx, and upper right = October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio - again conjunct Venus, but this time she's Direct in big-business Scorpio, a sign that can have issues with betrayal. And since the October 6 South is the 'Prenatal' Solar Eclipse ('PE') of our 2022 Midterms, its themes add extra significance to our country's future direction (even non-astrologers are admitting this about Midterms 2022) - and cosmically enough, the 1860 Eclipse (26Can05) lands upon the Midheaven (26:54) of the 2022 Eclipse Horoscope which is the Goal Point of the October 2022 chart when set for Washington DC. Therefore, forcefully grabbing power is the point.

Additionally, the 27Cancer Eclipse opposes US 1776 Pluto (wealthy, stealthy 'Mr. Hades' of the Underworld in process of returning to his 1776 degree, three times in 2022, with exploitation and primal violence in tow). This opposition to the eclipse suggests a reversion to animalism (aka, violence) while value$ planet Venus conjuncts both Eclipses and denotes materialism unless fairplay is the motivation.

Then in the 1860 Horoscope, Mars Rx is out-of-bounds (up to who-knows-what: like insurrection?), leads a ruthless, success-at-all-costs Locomotive shape of the planets, and opposes the 1860 Eclipse which indicates resentment and tug-of-war conditions (R. Lineman):

Meanwhile, if we round-up the 1860 degree of warrior planet Mars to 25Capricorn (a sensitized degree area) we have: "An Oriental Rug Dealer." Crazily, this symbol could refer to a future Herr T since he's associated with the concept of 'the deal', has shady links to regions like Saudi Arabia (MBS), and sports chaotic planet Uranus in Mercurial, duplicitous Gemini, the orator and trader, as his 'oriental planet' (last to rise before his Gemini Sun = his guiding planet, in the visible 10th house of Career and Public Status). For as we all know, chaos is Donald's jam, along with his Mars rising belligerence and aggression. These traits are partially why in 2016 he was installed in the White House by enemies of America (and perhaps we can agree that NBC has much to answer for, thanks to the deceptive public image created about him in The Apprentice; he's the dark lord's apprentice, more like.)

And now that transit Pluto has hit 1860 Mars, US society is experiencing intense karma via warriors focused on an aggressive male figure (of an orange hue) and thinking they have a 'special mission' to accomplish. Their aggression and seditious behavior reveals to me, if not to you, that the "oath" some of the sore loser malcontents take is not to the US Constitution but to the Constitution of the Confederacy.

The GOP: Chaos-Disruption-Deception-Brutality-R-Us

Now looking again at the 1860 Eclipse Horoscope during the lead-up to the separative Civil War, we find rebellious anarchist and Utopian zealot Uranus @10Gem33 conjunct the Eclipse's Midheaven during a contentious period of time when US 1776 Uranus returned to natal degree (8Gem46/55) and Uranus is, as always, America's totem planet of upheaval, war, revolution, freedom and independence. (Note that the next US Uranus Return won't occur until 2027-2028.)

And with a measure of cosmic synchronicity, the 1860 Eclipse = The Goal of 2022 and this makes the 1860 Eclipse's rounded-up Sabian Symbol highly instructive in light of current events being driven by the control freak orange Uranian fanatic and his rabid thugs and zealous comrades who, on January 6, 2021, "stormed" the US Capitol building and the congress folk working inside; deaths occurred. And we know that the seditionists and saboteurs of America mean business and are not done yet:

'27Cancer' = "A Furious Storm Rages Through a Residential Canyon", a symbol containing a negative potential for "fatuous enjoyment of turmoil" (M. E. Jones).

So! When did a 6 South Solar Eclipse occur in the 1930s era of fascism and hitlerism, you ask? On August 31, 1932 @8Virgo as what I tend to label the 'Nazis Rise to Power' Eclipse. And that, I'd have to say, qualifies as a brutal and furious storm of destruction that today's thuggish criminals, on-the-take politicians, and their corporate backers want to enforce upon America.

But hold on a minute! Their sinister plot failed in 1933 against FDR and, though corporate-backed and thus much better funded now, it must be made to fail again.

Jun 19, 2022

America's initial Mars-Pluto Cycle

by Jude Cowell

Recently, we discussed America's initial Mercury-Pluto and Mars-Neptune Cycles. Another significant planetary cycle for our country is the forceful, dynamic Mars-Pluto Cycle, a pair that tends to carry karmic undertones within:

America's Mars-Pluto Cycle, shown above, began with their conjunction on December 24, 1775 @25Cap:35:17 during what were combustible times full of war, brutality, violent assaults, forcible suppression, oppression, subversion, injuries, and death. Yet also in those Revolutionary days, daring and courage were shown by many, along with feats of superhuman strength. Astrologically speaking, when Mars, planet of desire, is the stronger planet within the Mars-Pluto duo, energies tend toward the selfish, greedy, egotistical side but when transpersonal planet Pluto directs the action via highly developed individuals, such base desires are kept under control so that tremendous powers of regeneration are possible and which can actually benefit humanity.

Of course in more modern times, for most Americans it's unsurprising that our nation's Mars-Pluto Cycle in governmental Capricorn, ruled by karmic planet Saturn, directly connects to such things as FDR's Arsenal of Democracy speech and the campaign it announced because weapons of war, the distributing and sales of them, and the implication of protecting the national security of America were and are part of the Pentagon's mission, its reason for existence. 'Spreading Democracy' around the globe is America's typical justification for waging war and carrying out various operations, yet deception and progaganda tend to be necessary in order to hoodwink the American people into supporting and fighting the wars of old men. Motivation is everything, and plundering the resources (and the women) of other lands is a tactic as old as the hills - and unfortunately, the US military has been turned into a gargantuan jobs program which assures warmongers such as private contractors and mercenaries that their gravy trains will continue chugging along the same old crooked tracks.

Now part of it all in relation to the forceful, brutal Mars-Pluto duo, is the fact that US Mars turned retrograde ('Rx') by progression in 2006 - once in multi-tasking Gemini in 1776 and ready for action, then through the years Mars symbolically progressed through Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and into Libra, thereby activating concerns over the moral weaknesses of others. This condition has led to inwardly turned energies and aggression (exs: mass shootings; police violence against non-violent citizens; police officers assaulted on Jan 6th; US soldiers disabled in war, misogyny, pedophilia, hypocrisy, underhanded behavior, anti-social activities such as Klan marches, online relationships instead of real world ones, and more). Obviously, such a Rx condition is frustrating for activist Mars (aka, 'the shooter', 'the assassin', 'the arsonist'), for Mars is the planet that embodies the concept of energetic forward movement. Why, activism is his jam!

Powerful If Invisible Pluto the Plutocrat

Meanwhile, US Pluto was already Rx in 1776 (pulling strings from abroad?) but with the ongoing US Pluto Return all through 2022, powerful plutonian energies are activated in a titanic way, and, thanks to our Mercury-Pluto opposition of 1776, surveillance and the power of secret knowledge are even more prominent in society, with America's 1776 Mercury being opposed once again (in 'real time') by transit Pluto. This transit provides us with an intense, troubled, transitional period of chaos, disruption, and turmoil when investigation, research, secret information, disinformation, and power-seeking are top of the national menu. And this, just as America's structures, systems, traditions, and social fabric are under extreme duress thanks to entities both foreign and domestic. As you've noticed, America as a 'failed state' is the primary goal of saboteurs and it long has been.

Then to make matters more complex, confusing, eroding, and subversive, transit Neptune in Pisces has chimed in by opposing US 1776 Neptune in Virgo with its persecution vibes and a global clash of ideals and beliefs - and that, across the victim-savior Virgo-Pisces axis, with the exploitation of the masses via the utilization of corruption and fraud an ongoing issue for our country, and across the world.

Karma: A Natural Law of Consequences That Even America Can't Evade Forever

Admittedly yes, as a descendant of CSA soldiers, my belief is that promoters of a new version of the old Confederacy now play an integral role in the current campaign to sabotage our federal government, and to divide and conqueror the American people just as such hidden forces did in the mid-1800s (hint: international banking houses and war profiteers, the corporatists of their day). Meanwhile, malevolent, opportunistic operatives have had their own selfish motives for enabling the splitting of America into factions, grudge-filled hatred being one of them, then and now. How very 'Mars-Pluto' of them.

Old Man Capricorn = Government, Law, and Business

Now my suspicion is that everyone following political events through the venerable lens of Astrology knows that the 21-to-30-degree range of Capricorn is highly sensitized these days, not the least of which is due to the harsh, compressive Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of January 12, 2020. Recommended is a 'noon' Horoscope of The Confederacy 1861 where you'll find a cooperative Venus-North-Node conjunction @23Capricorn of 'like-minded individuals'. Plus, here's a link to the Confederate Constitution Horoscope of March 11, 1861 with its North Node @21Cap02 - 'hit' by the January 12, 2020 Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto (with NN: 'misery of the masses' - R. Ebertin). Note that the post contains a link to the text of the 1861 document as provided by the Avalon Project. It's a fanciful relic that today's saboteurs are determined to re-animate.

So as you know, eclipse cycles and historical cycles can be compared for they relate to one another in ways that I often refer to as 'cosmic time links'. Therefore, when comparing earthly events with the cosmic occurrences which reflect them during certain periods of history (and considering that "1776" was one of the code words during the January 6, 2021 coup attempt still ongoing), a Timeline of the Revolutionary War might just come in handy.

And as Thom Hartmann always reminds us, "Democracy is not a spectator sport - get out there and get active!"

Jun 21, 2020

June 19, 2020 Horoscope of a Significant Toppling

Bi-Wheel: center Pike Statue Toppled with Albert Pike's natal (noon) horoscope around the outside. Sorry for my messy scribbles!

Notable is that the same midpoint picture turns up in both the 2020 toppling horoscope and 'grand poobah' Pike's 1809 natal chart: Neptune-NN = Uranus with 2020 Uranus opposing his natal Uranus in Scorpio (kind of a midlife crisis for him if he only knew). For us, chaos, disruption, and separation are activated potentials of this transit, plus, 2020 Uranus in Taurus opposes Inauguration 2017's Moon (9Scorpio) suggesting current events not only of civil unrest, protests, topplings of Confederate statues, and general upheaval as it shouts-out The Confederacy with its separative/secessionist sympathies, plus, the 'great' poobah himself, Donald Trump.

Related: The Statue That Binds White Supremacy, World War II, Trump, and the US Congress (posted October 10, 2017 when Senator Bob Corker was still in Congress). I only wish that toppling said statue was all it takes to rid America of the criminal saboteurs and Utopian zealots now infesting it.

An Also-Related Post: Horoscope of The Confederacy: "a Dark Vein of Intolerance".

Aug 10, 2018

NRA Founded under Mars-Saturn-Pluto Vibes

Way back in 2012 when I published a few astro-notes concerning the NRA and the horoscope of its chartering (November 17, 1871 "noon," probably at Albany, NY), I mentioned the fact that Pluto (the assassin, saboteur, 'god' of Hades, manipulator, wealth-hoarder, spy, foreign agent, The Pope, the loner in the "ivory tower") was activating by transit a certain Mars-Saturn midpoint. Today I remind myself that Donald Trump was born with that exact midpoint picture in his natal chart and psyche: Mars-Saturn = Pluto: brutality; rage or fury of destruction; intervening of a higher power; bodily injury or harm (murder, death of many people) (Ebertin). Of course, in 2012, the safety of President Obama was on many minds for obvious reasons which don't need to be detailed here since racism in America continues to be used in Politics as a go-to wedge issue.

Of course, other astrologers have analyzed the NRA astrology chart as a quick duck duck go search will show such as an interesting discussion in a Skyscript forum which emphasizes the organization's compulsive, forceful, taking-power Mars-Pluto signature.

Another enlightening perspective was posted by astrologer Paul Saunders in 2014, an insightful analysis of the NRA's natal or founding chart focusing first on the organization's fanatic Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business. And the thing is, a footnoted quote by Reinhold Ebertin in his The Combination of Stellar Influences may be instructive concerning the Mars-Saturn blend of energies which colors the NRA with its cosmic brush:

"One is inclined at times to consider Mars-Saturn as the 'death axis.' This combination is found in many cases at the time of death, but one should not make the mistake of taking it for granted that death will result. During the course of life this 'death axis' is very often stimulated by transits and directions, but life continues."

And so the 'life' of the death-cultish National Rifle Association continues as it turns 147 years old on November 17, 2018 with its Mars-Saturn fervor unabated although it remains to be seen whether Russian mob ties and funding scandals will take a significant toll on its reputation or its coffers. This particular Southerner (yes, with CSA ancestors) would think and hope that the Civil War could be laid to rest by now as the horrific ritual sacrifice and divide-and-conquer tragedy (manipulated by foreign bankers) it actually was.

Four Related Posts: Horoscope of The Confederacy; Civil War: April 12, 1861 Midpoint Pictures and Hidden Hands; The Statue That Binds White Supremacy, World War III, Trump, and the US Congress; April 28, 2017 Trump to NRA Convention Atlanta, Georgia with Trump's natal Pluto (unaspected) and gun-polishing Mars in Leo rising...

Oct 10, 2017

The Statue That Binds White Supremacy, World War III, Trump, and the US Congress

Wikimedia; Albert Pike, old age; See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The ongoing political and personal barbs between Senator Bob Corker and Donald Trump concerning Trump's irresponsible remarks and tweets that could "start World War III" and the continuing Confederate statue removal debate that seems determined by higher powers to delete US history from our eyes, reminds me of the one statue above all others that should be removed for it ties together The Confederacy, white supremacy, World War III, and Donald Trump with his racist brothers in Congress.

Yet as a Southerner with ancestors who fought in the 'Civil' War, I agree with 'our' General Robert E. Lee who in his day made it clear that we should not glorify the war that divided us but move forward with the United States of America and that we should not raise our children to hate the US government!

The now-protested statue of which I complain--and the one that to me should be removed from DC's Judiciary Square before all others--is that of Confederate General Albert Pike--in his day the grand poo bah of Masons, a founder of the Ku Klux Klan, member of the Knights of the Golden Circle, and major promoter, some say, of World War III.

But of course, there are those who claim that Pike's 1871 Letter to Mazzini which lays out the Illuminati goals for fomenting three world wars is a hoax. Perhaps you're one of them! Yet if there is skepticism over the letter and its war 'plans' among those-in-the-know it may be a simple question of timing, of not letting the cat out of the war bag before all is in place for global conflagration, victory assured. At war's end these wealthy chaos-creating meddlers expect they will be able to "build anew upon ruins" a totalitarian global government as if it's a good idea and the only course of action. A fret concerning this globalism topic is the upcoming Solar Eclipse of August 2018, nicknamed, The Tower with its theme of collapse and rebuilding.

Well, here's a previous post which includes an informative video Who Is Albert Pike? If you've never taken a few minutes to watch it, please do so now for it directly relates to the current white supremacist in the White House, the man-baby Senator Corker recently said out loud could "start World War III"--something I believe most members of the Republican Party, their enablers in DC (including corporate Dems), and certain bankers want very much to start--many for financial reasons, some for religious or ideological craziness pretexts, and many to establish a 'new world order'--as if God's plan for the world can be rushed by arrogant, greedy idiots!

See An Update Horoscope of the New World Order which is timed by the third Great Conjunction of Uranus and Neptune (18Cap) where transit Pluto hangs out these days ("the big picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed--" and you know that Albert Pike was many things including an astrologer.)

And yet we know that:

"War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it." George Orwell

So from Jupiterian Trump's recent statements of belligerence, it appears that someone has advised the billionaire-wanna-be of this potential for profit and profit is all he cares about.

Now on the topic of the Civil War here's an excerpt from a previous post with a link to the rest added, below:

To persuade the South to secede from the union, Illuminized Sionist-Rosicrucian Freemasons used the Knights of the Golden Circle (member: John Wilkes Booth) which had been formed in 1854 by George Bickley with the objective of spreading racial tension; its military arm was the Ku Klux Klan. Meanwhile, Jesse James stole gold from banks and buried it to fund the war (nearly $7 billion!)

The states that seceded would be united in the Confederate States of America with each eventually becoming like an independent country. Abraham Lincoln (inaugurated March 4, 1861) told the American people that, "combinations too powerful to be suppressed by the ordinary machinery of peacetime government had assumed control of various southern states."

America and the entire world are now in the grip of the 'hidden hands' of wealthy men who plan another World War and who had a major part in putting hothead Mars-Rising Trump in the White House for such a purpose. Read the rest if you dare or if you simply care about the world's direction: Civil War Apr 12, 1861: Midpoint Pictures and Hidden Hands.

A Few Astro-Notes on Senator Bob Corker

Have you checked out Bob Corker's Wikipedia profile? Senator Corker was born August 24, 1952 in Orangeburg, SC. His family moved to Tennessee when he was 11 years old. A quick peek at the 24 hours of his birth date (sans birth hour) shows Sun from 00 to 1Virgo+ and Moon ranging from 10 to 22 Libra. As you see, The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 eclipsed Corker's natal Sun which conjoins royal Regulus (success if revenge is avoided) and the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump. Will Bob Corker run for president? His Libra Moon is among the 2nd house Libra planets of Mr. Trump (Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter from 5 to 18 Libra).

The Earth-Air blend of Sun Virgo-Moon Libra denotes a practical idealist and a courteous intellectual (Corker is said to be the most intelligent man in the US Senate). Humorous, considerate, and rational, Bob Corker will be sorely missed in the Senate when or if he fails to run for re-election, as he has stated he would not. A senator and Republican who is ready to forgive others because he recognizes his own fallibility will not be easy to replace with a similar model--actually, impossible to replace from the looks of things for this personality blend shows that he has respect for the dignity of others, excellent reasoning power, and a "civilized concern for the wellbeing of all." And though the senator may at times seem detached, he appreciates both art and science, and has "the ability to cooperate with others for a common cause."

Senator Corker's daily mantra may be: "the unexamined life is not worth living." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey). Of course as we know, this viewpoint is diametrically opposed to the imbecilic profit-above-all mindset of Donald Trump who thinks he's never made a mistake and has nothing to apologize for.

The Prenatal Eclipse (PE) of Bob Corker @28Leo (conjunct The Great American Eclipse degree!) is in the 8 South Saros Series and manifested four days prior to his birth so that his PE is also his Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior to birth) making him something of an 'eclipse baby'. The themes of 8 South, which last occurred in 2006, are: separation, loss, to be finished with something and feel sad; physical injury possible due to over-strain (Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Yes, it must be quite a strain having to deal with a red-faced, angry, egotistical Mr. Trump who seems to be attempting to "start World War III" but who can't seem to 'best' Senator Corker whose IQ is probably way above his. I wouldn't want to deal with Trump, would you?

Jun 4, 2017

Aug 2017 Lunar Eclipse Hits The Confederacy's Sun

August 2017: Lunar and Solar Eclipse Alerts for the White House?

In January 2013 I posted here the natal horoscope of The Confederacy with its Sun @15Aquarius. The Confederacy Sun will be eclipsed on August 7, 2017 by a Lunar Eclipse @15AQ and given the infiltration of the White House by Klansmen (or by KKK supporters and sympaticos, Mr. Bannon in particular who just loves to employ the power of dark forces), it seems significant that such a solar relic from America's Civil War past will, in August 2017, be in focus via what can be called the cosmic blink of a Lunar Eclipse--then another blink from the accompanying Total Solar Eclipse as its shadow races across the country from Oregon to South Carolina where the Civil War's first shot was fired.

See Civil War April 12, 1861: Midpoint Pictures and Hidden Hands.

Now as you know, both lunar and solar eclipses may be described as "wild cards of the Universe" because of their disruptive Uranian qualities such as the ability to upset apple carts and dislodge secrets and other inconvenient information that some would prefer kept hidden. And since a Lunar Eclipse involves the Moon with its correlation to the unconscious and the past (including one's previous actions, behavior, and scandals), we may expect more glaring leaks and uncovered secrets in and around August 2017 and afterward. These may apply in particular to the shrouded-in-secrets White House and its current denizens who are already under much pressure. Besides, that's where the Klan lurks behind every door.

And as various Confederate monuments are being removed in the US it occurs to me to wonder why the most offensive of all (imho)--the statue of Confederate Brigadier General, Freemason, and Klansman Albert Pike--remains on guard in Judiciary Square near the US Capitol Building where Congress meets 'to do the people's business'.

UPDATE July 1, 2020: Good news for fussy me! On June 19, 2020 the (creepy, offensive) statue of musty old Albert Pike was toppled! Follow the link to view a bi-wheel of the toppling horoscope with Pike's natals surrounding it.

So while Googling for information on Pike's memorial statue, I ran across something of a defense of Albert Pike and the long held assumption of his being a Luciferian due in part to his famous quote concerning Lucifer. Check it out, if you're interested, for the blog puts Pike's words into context and I shall leave it to you, dear reader, to form your own conclusion concerning this 'Knight of the Golden Circle'.

Plus, you're familiar with the reputed and infamous letter the 'exalted' Freemason Pike sent to Mazzini (founder of Sicily's Mafia) dated August 15, 1871. Here's an excerpt which actually describes much of the social changes and unrest currently in progress and instigated by the radicals haunting the White House halls and their enablers, public and private:

"We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery, and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the pure light...of Lucifer, brought finally into public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."

Whether the letter was written by a luciferian Pike or not, its cunning is worthy of Lucifer-Satan's way of thinking--to seduce and take as many souls down with him as he goes as he possibly can. The letter goes on to promote the Masonic plan for World War III which turns up in 2017 as a frequent topic of concern and anxiety. Genuine or not, whoever penned the 1871 letter was, at the least, a master of run-on sentences.

So as Thomas Jefferson famously admitted, "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever." And so should we all. But somehow the ones perpetrating the Utopian plan of global horror and persuasion upon the world seem unconcerned as if their actions are above natural law. Wonder how shocked they'll be when it turns out that that is exactly what they are not and that they will be held accountable for their actions on Earth and how they oppressed and harmed the innocent...because karma's law of reaping what's been sown applies to every single one of us on Planet Earth...with no exemptions for politicians or bankers.

And this August 2017, either karmic retribution or progress will arrive in America in two forms: a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (August 7) which will tell us something about our reactions to Solar Eclipse events and conditions, and on August 21 the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo at a critical 29th degree ('The Great American Eclipse') conjunct the natal Ascendant of plotter Donald Trump, a denizen of the White House and a man who listens to self-described Satanist Mr. Bannon with his radical agenda to destroy the US government and rebuild the world in the image of Lucifer.

The August Leo Eclipse: a Potential Ruh-Roh for America

As always, eclipses may trigger disastrous weather and other natural events (ex: Mount St. Helen's is rumbling again, and storms, flooding, and fires are potentials) but there's more to consider because eclipses in Leo spotlight the need to exercise genuine leadership in whatever karmic situations and conditions manifest. Plus, a Leonine 'cosmic blink' suggests a paternal karmic link with an offspring (also denizens of the White House) and cautions against self-centered egocentricity, vainglory, ostentation, pomposity, pride, and other negative traits of the sign Leo--and there's a huge ruh-roh right there in the form of you-know-who.

How unfortunate for America and the world that her current 'leader' can't seem to avoid displaying his negative Leo traits in such constant abundance with his 29Leo Ascendant and Mars rising in Leo conjunct royal star Regulus. And in spite of the star's traditional or else caution, it's tragically predictable with Mr. Trump that revenge and retaliation will be taken which guarantees that at some point, all that's been gained shall be taken away.

Related posts: How to View the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017, and here are a few astro-notes concerning White Nationalist Steve Bannon whose Uranus-South-Node conjunction (1953) identifies him as high strung, often irrational, and very upset with changing social and technological trends and conditions.


Check with to locate Lucifer in a horoscope for a specific date; asteroid Lucifer is #1930 which links it to planet Pluto, discovered in 1930, and in Astrology, god of the underworld, a saboteur, assassin, gold hoarder, 'the invisible man of power', and agent of transformation via destruction and regeneration.

For more eclipse info see Your Prenatal Eclipse by Rose Lineman.

Apr 28, 2017

Apr 28, 2017 Trump to NRA Convention Atlanta, GA

Apr 28, 2017 Atlanta, GA: Last I heard on local radio, Mr. Trump will address the NRA Convention now being held in Atlanta, Georgia at 1:30 pm edt with his natal Pluto @10Leo just risen and his Mars in Leo, Ascendant, and royal Regulus in 1st house. A little after 1:30 pm, an appropriate midpoint picture will form:

Trump natal Mars-Pluto = Ascendant (speech) which suggests potentials for: a coercive demeanor which intimidates; using whatever means of control available to meet your ends (Munkasey); showing the hero image; the fighter who dares the impossible; aggression (Tyl); daring and temerity; desire to face danger; accidents (Ebertin); (any, all, or none may apply).

For as you know, combining the energies of fighter-warrior Mars with powerful, wealthy manipulator-saboteur Pluto can result in extreme force, brutality, excessive ambition, and attacks using powerful weaponry. The duo denotes mayhem, chaos, war, upheaval, the police state, and the use of military forces to squelch dissent.

Atlanta, GA: Photo via Good Free Photos

Related: The History of Atlanta, Georgia and the founding of The Confederacy (horoscope shown). The NRA was formed soon after the Civil War. And note that on August 7, 2017, a Lunar Eclipse occurs @15AQ which conjoins the natal Sun of The Confederacy. Significant? We'll see.

Jul 10, 2015

Watch South Carolina remove the Confederate flag from state capitol

History Made: Columbia, SC July 10, 2015 10:00 am edt Honor Guard Lowers and Removes the Confederate Flag:

This is the same Honor Guard that bore the coffin of State Senator Clementa Pinckney. Now, not only the flag is gone, but at about 2:00 pm edt today, the flagpole was also removed.

#SC #ConfederateFlag #TakeItDown #CivilWar #150years

July 10, 2015 SC State House removes Confederate flag!

July 10, 2015 South Carolina removes the Confederate flag from the State Capitol grounds

Yes, this particular Southerner is among the elated Americans that Governor Nikki Haley signed the bill yesterday to lower and remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State Capitol Building in Columbia at 10:00 am today.

Now if only bigotry itself could be lowered from its hateful flag pole and lose its idolizing worshipers!

And no, I don't think my Confederate ancestors are rolling in their sacrificial graves today since what we know as the 'Confederate battle flag' was never actually used as such during the Civil War and is a politics-based ideological fantasy spun by white supremacists (Klansmen) during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.

Am I also proud of my Southern heritage? Of course. Some of my ancestors migrated to Georgia from Virginia. One, my 4th-great grandfather on my paternal side, was born in Christiansburg, VA on December 25, 1776 (an easy date to remember!) But being proud of your Southern heritage is no justification for the savagery of racism which makes a very scanty shield to hide your cruelty behind while burning crosses and committing murder.

Taking a peek at today's horoscope set for 10:00 am edt Columbia, South Carolina, we find the Venus-Jupiter pair in late Leo (optimism) rising over an early Virgo Ascendant with a MC (Goal) at a 29th critical degree that if rounded up, gives a Sabian Symbol of "A Peacock Parading on an Ancient Lawn." At IC, the Foundation of the Matter is the opposite degree of 29Sco20, the position of US Inaugural Moon 2009, the "A Halloween Jester" degree (30Sco). There is authoritative Saturn Rx @28Sco41--conjoining President Obama's natal MC and dampening--or rewarding--the spirits of the American people (Inaugural Moon).

Applying aspects of the chart-ruler Mercury (@3Can17 in 11th house and conjoining US natal Venus) show how things may proceed from this event and there are two major aspects: a trine to Neptune in Pisces (7th house) denoting the successful use of mass media and the faith-based motives of the victims' families who received the 9 pens Governor Haley used yesterday to make this event possible, and a conjunction with aggressive Mars (7A25) which hints at the partisan speeches and political opinions that will be forcefully expressed in coming days, weeks, even months, over this issue--including the upcoming KKK rally.

Perhaps today's progress in SC (the first state to secede) on jettisoning crusty old grievances will uplift We the People on a karmic level! Yet this must depend on how genuine are the feelings and motives of the actors (politicians and enablers) involved. Is today's flag lowering merely a theatrical farce? Can the scheduled KKK rally on July 18th mar the good intentions of family-oriented South Carolinians? Are publicity and grinning photo ops the point of today's ceremony intended to resolve a difficult political situation and improve business opportunities in the state? The first US planet to rise in the 10 am chart is, after all, America's deceptive, media and the masses planet Neptune in Virgo though we may hope that compassion and faith are suitably attached!

And maybe we'll find that two of the Images for Integration apply to SC's flag removal as given by Charles & Suzi Harvey in their Sun Sign-Moon Sign book:

Sun Cancer-Moon Taurus: "A family photo album...A flourishing family business."

Motives always matter, of course, but either way, it will be a relief to yours truly that the spiteful rag come down.

Jun 21, 2015

The Sun, Moon, Bowl, and Eclipse of Dylann Roof

With the uplifting of hearts provided this Sunday morning by the opening of Charleston's AME Church for the first service since June 17, 2015 when white supremacist Dylann Roof assassinated nine of its members during the Bible study he joined for almost an hour that evening, I shall here post a few planetary considerations on the personality of this misguided 21-year-old and include a few of the June 17th transits.

Roof's birth data is found on Wikipedia as: April 3, 1994 Lexington, South Carolina with no birth hour known so the following remarks will concern chart factors that do not depend on a correct birth time and thus are incomplete.

Note: for the purposes of this post, Dylann Roof will be known as 'DR' from here on out. As a Southerner, I am ashamed of his crimes against humanity as if his acts of violence have somehow symbolized the protection of white Southern womanhood a la the Ku Klux Klan. At least, that's been one of their deceptive illusions intended to excuse their hatred and criminality through the decades as they re-fight the Civil War (in their own minds.) Well, such a tactic does serve to keep the power of the American people neutered and less effective via social wedge issues yet if such a horrendous massacre of innocent people is an example of how "The South shall rise again," then go ahead and count this native Georgian for the Union. And while my several ancestors who fought and died under the Confederate flag rest in hopes of Judgment Day and Eternal Life, they remain recipients of a Christian heritage of ministry and compassion which has been passed down into 2015 and, hopefully, beyond to our descendants.

As for the natal horoscope and planets of DR, there is much to say but for the sake of brevity, I shall constrain myself for this is not an enjoyable post to write and I compose at-keyboard as the topic leads. So here are some of my notes on DR, a 'maverick traditionalist' using whatever means necessary to get his own way:

Natal chart set for April 3, 1994 Lexington, SC and using 1:04:57 am EDT since this lines up natal Moon @14Cap19:55 precisely opposite the Moon of June 17, 2015 at 9:00 pm EDT Charleston, SC, an approximate time he began shooting his victims. This position of natal Moon is conjoined by assassin Pluto rising Rx @14Cap42 in 1st house that evening in Charleston; opposing transit Pluto is the transiting Moon conjunct Sirius, The Scorcher and Egyptian star of the goddess (which conjoins US natal Sun, the president.) A noon natal chart has also been considered along with the degree ranges of Sun and Moon both of which remained in their respective signs of Mars-ruled Aries and Saturn-ruled Capricorn on his date of birth.

Therefore, we may confidently look at the Sun Aries-Moon Capricorn personality blend as given by Charles and Suzi Harvey (Sun Sign-Moon Sign) for it is telling of a Fire-Earth combination of volcanic energy, a bulldozer of tremendous drive and willpower, traits that are supported elsewhere in the chart. Determined convictions about his beliefs and a hard-headedness are also Fire-Earth tendencies along with a visionary quality for this fantasy-ruled, self-absorbed individual. More on that, below.

Sun Aries-Moon Cap identifies DR as an unstoppable force who is ambitious, domineering, and a realist. An ongoing transit of the planet of stark realism, Saturn (now retrograding back into Scorpio from Sagittarius) again nearing natal Pluto (27Sco46 Rx and conjunct natal North Node 24Sco39 stationary) has triggered for him issues of authority, control, use of power, manipulation, and death--all concerns that Scorpio types must deal with (self-control vs control of others.) Use of the occult may also be indicated, and his Pluto-NN conjunction denotes encounters with power, the willpower to take advantage of prevailing social trends in a calculating way, and messing with dangerous forces that are simply too large for one individual to handle. He has, as we see, managed to collapse his own life along with the violent collapse of others, and is now trapped by his own actions through which he imagined would start a 'race war'. His affairs are now officially out of his hands due in part to his Pluto-NN conjunction, the 'tiger by the tail' aspect, though without a known birth time, house positions and hemispheric emphases are unavailable for further remarks to be made here concerning Pluto, the assassin and saboteur, conjunct NN in Mars-ruled Scorpio.

As for his Aries-Capricorn personality blend, we find a 21-year-old who feels a natural kinship with Politics and who tends to provoke insults and attacks (as do many politicians.) This is a blend of 'the boss' and 'the upstart' who prefers to be a thorn in the side of the status quo which seems to support his stated goals. (His 'website' The Last Rhodesian, has been located though it may be a fake even with several photos of him holding a Confederate flag, posing with a burning American flag, wearing Apartheid South African and Rhodesian patches on his clothes--all designed to further divide the American people along secessionist lines. And predictably, some politicians and pundits are using the tragedy of June 17th as another justification (#14) for instituting gun control measures. Why, President Obama hardly waited a minute until he turned the tragic murders into a political issue although I must agree about closing the gun show loophole and other common sense measures which probably would have had no effect on DR's particular "mission" of violence, whether his father gave him the gun on his birthday or not.

It is instructive to include the Harveys' Images for Integration for his Aries Sun (conscious) and Capricorn Moon (unconscious) here: "A young soldier is rewarded by the King for exceptional bravery in the cause of freedom and individual human rights...Columbus discovers America and a new world order is born."

Yes. A 'new world order', what wars and revolutions have always had as a goal, as manipulated by international bankers. Are you surprised? The so-called 'Civil' War and the two World Wars are but three examples of this long-term 'mission' to establish a global empire though the "human rights" emphasis is an illusion. Wonder what 'King' is meant? A Grand Dragon of the Knights of the KKK, one might imagine, though a political leader could be hiding in the shadows. After all, as noted, a past KKK leader (or possibly Klan founder) remains honored in Washington DC in the form of Confederate General Albert Pike which is quite astonishing at this late date. Is his body interred in a vault at the Scottish Rite Temple down the street from the White House? Some say yes, members say no. Yet it lends support to the occult nature and practices of Washington DC, if so, and no one can deny that mass murder and the horrors of global conquest have been tactics on America's agenda at least since the 'Manifest Destiny' of expansion was touted. When in Rome...

Now on the evening of June 17, 2015, transiting Chiron, the Wounded Healer and archetype of Jesus Christ, conjoined DR's natal Mars @21Pisces on the victim-savior axis of Virgo-Pisces. As you know, Mars-Chiron identifies the sacred warrior archetype and apparently the young man used the association to justify his actions. Plus, in his natal chart, the Jupiter-Chiron midpoint, indicator of a Knight's Quest, conjoins natal Mercury, his thinking processes and sensibilities. A Mercury-Mars conjunction in Pisces (20--22) adds strong political views and opinions to his personality which really has had a limited scope in which to develop at age 21. This is seen in the Bowl pattern of planets lead by Jupiter Rx @12Sco54 with vindictive Venus in the 1--2 degrees of intolerant Taurus. You may remember this degree area of Taurus as the position of Hitler's natal Sun which was triggered each time he took drastic measures and as such, is known as a degree of violence.

According to Marc Edmund Jones, a Bowl shape reveals DR as a self-contained person who cannot contain what is held in the Bowl. In his case, Chiron @3Vir34 Rx is the only body in the Bowl and Chiron in Virgo indicates one who needs to learn self-control and discrimination (Nolle) though society would have preferred him to show a different sort of discrimination. In Mercury-ruled Virgo, learning to choose good from bad is crucial but in his search for absolute truth his heinous crime has diverted the process. A creator of illusions, Chiron in Virgo tends to entertain a self-seeking focus on inner delusions, and as noted, the Bowl shape of his natal planets indicates a serious lack of experience in areas of life governed by the signs of Libra, Virgo (excepting Chiron), Leo, Cancer, and Gemini--the empty signs in his chart.

Advocacy of a cause and the furtherance of a mission are ways to deal with the Bowl pattern and he has, in fact, undertaken such a vindictive course with his Scorpionic Jupiter, planet of ideals, ideology, and philosophy, leading him onward toward a prison cell, thanks to an alert citizen who exerted herself on behalf of society. Thus he was tracked down and caught--before police could surround and kill him (the usual outcome for such perpetrators and the word 'patsy' comes to mind.)

Now the rim of the Bowl--Jupiter and Venus--establishes the Taurus-Scorpio axis as a key determinate with the leader Jupiter in Scorpio (how he relates to others--as a brooding Scorpio) providing a materialistic outlook on life. (Spiritual conflict seems obvious to me since he destroyed church members during a Bible study though I do think he acted against the Emanuel AME Church as much for its traditional Civil Rights connections, even to Dr. Martin Luther King--martyred once again! And with natal Moon possibly conjunct natal Neptune, planet of delusion, his receptive and sensitive nature may have had been prone to illusions about spirituality--and misconceptions about mama and womanhood.) Vengeful, jealous Venus in her own sign of greedy Taurus (the bull) denotes deep passions, conservatism, and a seeker of luxury, oddly enough. So perhaps some of his skewed perspectives include a haves vs have-nots flavor since he made it plain that he doesn't want to share the bounty of America with non-Caucasians who are "taking over."

Another note about the natal horoscope I used as timed by the Moon opposing the June 17th Moon 14:19:55--it places DR's Syzygy Moon @6Libra (last lunation prior to birth) at Midheaven in the 9:00 pm chart of Charleston with the transiting North Node (the head of the Dragon) pointing precisely toward it @6Lib33. Interesting info may be found in a chart of his Syzygy Moon, a Full Moon that probably relates to the separation of his parents since it falls across the Aries-Libra axis of partnership and a Full Moon = culmination and relationships.

On a different level, there is DR's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series which reveals background influences during his short life--the 14 North (14N). Curiously, this is not the first time the number '14' has turned up in this post along with mentions of the 14th act of gun violence and the positions of natal and transiting Moon, tr Pluto, and Sirius.

Themes of 14N are difficult and entail potentials for 'a peculiar turn of events, despair, an acute time of confusion in relationships, unrequited love, unexpected financial or relationship events (his parents are reported to have divorced before he was born as noted by his Syzygy Moon), a draining of energy, possible illness, delusion; no important decisions should be made due to too much confusion for clear judgments' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The initial eclipse in this series manifested on April 29, 1074 OS @13Tau54 which opposes his natal Jupiter Rx, and to put it in context, 14N has occurred in the years 1903, 1921, 1939, 1957, 1975, (1993), and last on November 25 2011 @2Sag37. You'll recognize this as the 'Sequester' Solar Eclipse that divided the US Congress into a special 'Super-Committee' for dealing with stale-mated financial issues--a 'peculiar turn of events' for America and the America people. Our deceptive US Mars-Neptune square in on full display in the DC chart, as you can see.

In addition, the June 17th tragedy has announced the 2015 summer season and we find that the DC horoscope of Summer Solstice 2015 again places US natal Mars at MC (The Goal) with US natal Neptune rising. So America's 1776 misguided motivations-misdirected actions Mars-Neptune square expresses its energies at the chart angles and is in desperate need of being addressed with honesty and a clear-eyed assessment and correction of past errors along with demands for accountability of the guilty. Yet this seems unlikely as long as the US government perpetrates primal violence across the globe as our national Mars (the warrior, the shooter) continues retrograde and in Libra since 2006, and turns its aggressive martian energies and activities upon itself and the American people rather than re-viewing (Rx) what needs to be changed--and affecting those changes for the good of society.

Results of our Mars Rx are experienced and seen daily in news reports of mass and other murders, suicides of soldiers and others, police state attitudes and abuse of power against the innocent, racial intolerance and hatred leading to verbal attacks and hate crimes (and stirred up by hidden forces), bringing home our wounded warriors but re-deploying others for the sake of corporate powers, and a general feeling of frustration along with a shared sense of our nation 'being on the wrong path'.

And as noted, June 17th falls under the auspices of the Spring Equinox 2015 Solar Eclipse at a critical-crisis 29th degree of Pisces yet straining to reach the Aries Point of Prominence and Fame @00Ari00:00--as did DR.

In relation to these topics, here are two curious equinoxial time links concerning Confederate General Albert Pike, Klan leader and creator (though his founding of the Knights of the KKK is disputed by some--but let's not leave out his influence on the Knights of the Golden Circle who plotted against President Lincoln and assassinated him) which includes a photo and details (with links) of the Albert Pike statue that remains standing on a pedestal at the foot of *Capitol Hill in Washington DC's Judiciary Square. Tap or click for links to the speeches that were delivered by 1992 presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche (March 20, 1992: Spring Equinox) and for Anton Chaitkin, titled Why Albert Pike's Statue Must Fall delivered on September 21, 1992--Autumn Equinox! Are these dates merely coincidence? I don't believe so for it seems to me that Freemasonry's utilization of Sacred Geometry (Astrology) was employed in their selection, and there is a traditional link between Washington DC and the equinoxial (and solsticial) risings of certain stars (ex: Sirius conjunct US natal Sun in Cancer) over the city designed and constructed along Masonic lines--the Megalithic measurements used through the centuries to build henges, temples, and other structures for observing stars and planets (ex: 'Jerusalem' which means "place for the observation of Venus".)

So if interested, please check out the LaRouche and Chaitkin speeches and their equinox horoscopes for yourself. As noted, DR was born in April 1994, soon after the last of three Great Conjunctions of the New World Order planets (October 24, 1993), Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, a 'new world order' blending of their 'Enlightenment' energies which spotlights 18 Capricorn, a degree of POLITICAL POWER and 'smug or strong-armed paternalism' in the Sabian Symbols (Jones.) Such paternalism relates of course to governments keeping social order but also to self-seeking attempts to 'protect white womanhood' from assaults by men of color in that deluded, antiquated white supremacist way.

From a different perspective, you may wish to read Raw Story's June 20, 2015 article, Heritage of Hate: Dylann Roof, white supremacy and the truth about the Confederacy by Tim Wise.

Also related: Midpoint Pictures of the Civil War and the natal horoscope of The Confederacy with its "dark vein of intolerance" once again tragically shown--in Charleston, SC--on the evening of June 17, 2015.


*If you read very far into the case of Mr. Roof and his alleged website you'll note a possible connection to former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott for as you know, secessionists and Klansmen are said to have left the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party once the Civil Rights Act and integration had been championed and passed by the Democrats. America, I love you, but you are such a tool wielded by hidden hands! jc