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Oct 11, 2018

Horoscope: Saudi Arabia 1902 w Oct 2, 2018 planets

Oct 11, 2018: For those who may be interested, The Guardian has published a Timeline concerning Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance on October 2, 2018 going into the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, Turkey, "after lunch." Here is the country's January 15, 1902 horoscope (one of three or more) for Saudi Arabia with October 2, 2018 planets highlighted in green surrounding the chart and speculatively timed for 2:03 pm EEDT with karmic Saturn @3Cap05 rising; chart data from The World Book of Horoscopes, N. Campion; chart #288:

Apologies! Blogger has found issues with code and the image will not re-upload. You'll find the horoscope at my all-purpose astrology blog Jude Cowell Astrology.

Update Oct 12, 2018: it has been reported on MSNBC that a video time stamp shows Mr. Khashoggi entering the Saudi embassy at 1:14 pm which gives 22Sag19 rising ('23Sag' = "Immigrants Entering a New Country") and 14Lib43 at Midheaven with Mercury and Sun snugged around it. Restrictive Saturn, planet of authority, is first planet to rise. It's an Hour of Jupiter and broadcasting Jupiter is chart-ruler but is unaspected as is the Ascendant.

Please enlarge the image to read chart details. In the center of the horoscope are listed Saudi Arabia's Syzygy Moon (last lunation, a New Moon prior to the overthrow of Riyadh, the founding event this chart is based upon--with 2018 Pluto conjunct the Syzygy Moon and denoting a critical time of development and issues of separation), and its Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') in the 12 North Saros Series; 12 North's theme is on the chart. Last 12N: on SA's birthday January 15, 2010 @25Capricorn conjunct natal Sun and Jupiter; next 12N: January 26, 2028 @6AQ conjunct Saudi Arabia's natal Icarus (5AQ47). Note that 5-6 Aquarius happens to be the position of America's natal South Node (1776).
Although I had not intended to compare Mr. Trump's natal planets with those of Saudi Arabia (pals though they may be--he thinks), a few of his planets are listed around the chart as well but are not highlighted. Of note is Saudi Arabia ('SA')'s Pluto @17Gem02 Rx conjoining Trump's natal Uranus, his 'guiding planet' of chaos and disruption, an explosive, revolutionary combination of planetary energies. And SA's natal Vertex ('VX') @00Vir26 conjoins the occult 8th cusp, royal Regulus (success if revenge is avoided), and the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump with his aggressive Mars rising @26Leo.
Now naturally you see that SA has a Sun-Jupiter conjunction @25Capricorn rising where transit Pluto will soon trod, and that Mr. Underworld was already near SA's natal Saturn (19Cap22) on October 2, 2018. In fact, Pluto's recent Station on September 30, 2018 @18Cap45 was within orb of SA's natal Saturn, describing a period when power and authority are abused. Plus, the nation is having a Mars Return (10AQ21) this very day (October 11, 2018 at 9:29:52 am BAT Riyadh) and will soon have a three-fer Saturn Return in 2019, exact on: March 23rd; June 7th (Rx); and December 14, 2019, when all accounts are ready to be tallied and lessons have surely been learned (for best karmic results).
And big as life, there's lady Venus so recently turned retrograde (October 5, 2018 @10Sco50) at the top of Saudi Arabia's chart on October 2, 2018 conjunct the nation's natal North Node of meetings and encounters. As you know, the top of a horoscope is the most visible point, the Midheaven/Goal Point--the World Stage. Whether October 2nd Venus represents Khashoggi's fiancee and/or the concepts of jealousy and vengeance, yours truly does not know. But Mr. Khashoggi is known as a critic of the Saudi regime and since he allegedly entered the embassy to get papers that would allow them to marry, perhaps this Venus in this particular chart represents love, romance, and relationships--and meetings (NN) about love matters. Yet we cannot rule out negatives such as betrayal and spying because Venus is in brooding, secretive Scorpio, a sign associated with death, control, and in-depth investigation which includes journalism and reporters like Jamal Khashoggi.
Of course, journalists are often considered by the regimes they cover to be spies, are they not?

For more details on this disturbing topic see today's CNN report Saudis Discussed Plan to Lure Khashoggi to Saudi Arabia, US intercepts show which didn't work on him so they used the Saudi embassy in Istanbul to 'detain' him. And from 2016 along the same lines, also see Does Vladimir Putin Kill Journalists?.

May 6, 2017

The Attempt on Andrew Jackson's Life: Does Trump Know?

Since Mr. Trump purports to idolize President Andrew Jackson whose portrait now looms over Donald Trump as he sits at the desk shuffling papers in the Oval Office, here's an excerpt concerning the 1835 attempt on the life of President Jackson which some readers may find of interest:

1835: On January 30, an assassin tries to shoot President Jackson, but miraculously both of the assassin's pistols misfired. President Jackson would later claim that he knew the Rothschilds were responsible for that attempted assassination. He is not the only one, the assassin, Richard Lawrence, who was found not guilty by reason of insanity, later bragged that powerful people in Europe had hired him and promised to protect him if he were caught.

(Source: History of the House of Rothschild).

As Mr. Trump may or may not have been told, the assassination attempt against Jackson was in retaliation for his fight against the central banking system that now strangles the globe and struggles to take over remaining hold-outs such as Syria and North Korea. Through the decades, many people have become aware of the connection between the global banking system and the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy (and others?), as I imagine you have. After all, what's a presidential death or three among thieving knaves who follow a demonic success-at-all-costs political and financial agenda?

So as Politico has previously reported, January 30, 1835 marks the first-ever assassination attempt on the life of a US president so perhaps in accordance with Mr. Trump's way of ranking people, Andrew Jackson's successful escape makes him a winner. And this would be in spite of the bullet lodged in his body which pained him for the rest of his life.

Related posts include: a brief comparison between the natal planets of Misters Trump and Jackson and from 2009: Andrew Jackson 1829/1833: Banks Take Over US which contains a link to Mr. Jackson's first Inaugural Address, among other things.

Jun 21, 2015

The Sun, Moon, Bowl, and Eclipse of Dylann Roof

With the uplifting of hearts provided this Sunday morning by the opening of Charleston's AME Church for the first service since June 17, 2015 when white supremacist Dylann Roof assassinated nine of its members during the Bible study he joined for almost an hour that evening, I shall here post a few planetary considerations on the personality of this misguided 21-year-old and include a few of the June 17th transits.

Roof's birth data is found on Wikipedia as: April 3, 1994 Lexington, South Carolina with no birth hour known so the following remarks will concern chart factors that do not depend on a correct birth time and thus are incomplete.

Note: for the purposes of this post, Dylann Roof will be known as 'DR' from here on out. As a Southerner, I am ashamed of his crimes against humanity as if his acts of violence have somehow symbolized the protection of white Southern womanhood a la the Ku Klux Klan. At least, that's been one of their deceptive illusions intended to excuse their hatred and criminality through the decades as they re-fight the Civil War (in their own minds.) Well, such a tactic does serve to keep the power of the American people neutered and less effective via social wedge issues yet if such a horrendous massacre of innocent people is an example of how "The South shall rise again," then go ahead and count this native Georgian for the Union. And while my several ancestors who fought and died under the Confederate flag rest in hopes of Judgment Day and Eternal Life, they remain recipients of a Christian heritage of ministry and compassion which has been passed down into 2015 and, hopefully, beyond to our descendants.

As for the natal horoscope and planets of DR, there is much to say but for the sake of brevity, I shall constrain myself for this is not an enjoyable post to write and I compose at-keyboard as the topic leads. So here are some of my notes on DR, a 'maverick traditionalist' using whatever means necessary to get his own way:

Natal chart set for April 3, 1994 Lexington, SC and using 1:04:57 am EDT since this lines up natal Moon @14Cap19:55 precisely opposite the Moon of June 17, 2015 at 9:00 pm EDT Charleston, SC, an approximate time he began shooting his victims. This position of natal Moon is conjoined by assassin Pluto rising Rx @14Cap42 in 1st house that evening in Charleston; opposing transit Pluto is the transiting Moon conjunct Sirius, The Scorcher and Egyptian star of the goddess (which conjoins US natal Sun, the president.) A noon natal chart has also been considered along with the degree ranges of Sun and Moon both of which remained in their respective signs of Mars-ruled Aries and Saturn-ruled Capricorn on his date of birth.

Therefore, we may confidently look at the Sun Aries-Moon Capricorn personality blend as given by Charles and Suzi Harvey (Sun Sign-Moon Sign) for it is telling of a Fire-Earth combination of volcanic energy, a bulldozer of tremendous drive and willpower, traits that are supported elsewhere in the chart. Determined convictions about his beliefs and a hard-headedness are also Fire-Earth tendencies along with a visionary quality for this fantasy-ruled, self-absorbed individual. More on that, below.

Sun Aries-Moon Cap identifies DR as an unstoppable force who is ambitious, domineering, and a realist. An ongoing transit of the planet of stark realism, Saturn (now retrograding back into Scorpio from Sagittarius) again nearing natal Pluto (27Sco46 Rx and conjunct natal North Node 24Sco39 stationary) has triggered for him issues of authority, control, use of power, manipulation, and death--all concerns that Scorpio types must deal with (self-control vs control of others.) Use of the occult may also be indicated, and his Pluto-NN conjunction denotes encounters with power, the willpower to take advantage of prevailing social trends in a calculating way, and messing with dangerous forces that are simply too large for one individual to handle. He has, as we see, managed to collapse his own life along with the violent collapse of others, and is now trapped by his own actions through which he imagined would start a 'race war'. His affairs are now officially out of his hands due in part to his Pluto-NN conjunction, the 'tiger by the tail' aspect, though without a known birth time, house positions and hemispheric emphases are unavailable for further remarks to be made here concerning Pluto, the assassin and saboteur, conjunct NN in Mars-ruled Scorpio.

As for his Aries-Capricorn personality blend, we find a 21-year-old who feels a natural kinship with Politics and who tends to provoke insults and attacks (as do many politicians.) This is a blend of 'the boss' and 'the upstart' who prefers to be a thorn in the side of the status quo which seems to support his stated goals. (His 'website' The Last Rhodesian, has been located though it may be a fake even with several photos of him holding a Confederate flag, posing with a burning American flag, wearing Apartheid South African and Rhodesian patches on his clothes--all designed to further divide the American people along secessionist lines. And predictably, some politicians and pundits are using the tragedy of June 17th as another justification (#14) for instituting gun control measures. Why, President Obama hardly waited a minute until he turned the tragic murders into a political issue although I must agree about closing the gun show loophole and other common sense measures which probably would have had no effect on DR's particular "mission" of violence, whether his father gave him the gun on his birthday or not.

It is instructive to include the Harveys' Images for Integration for his Aries Sun (conscious) and Capricorn Moon (unconscious) here: "A young soldier is rewarded by the King for exceptional bravery in the cause of freedom and individual human rights...Columbus discovers America and a new world order is born."

Yes. A 'new world order', what wars and revolutions have always had as a goal, as manipulated by international bankers. Are you surprised? The so-called 'Civil' War and the two World Wars are but three examples of this long-term 'mission' to establish a global empire though the "human rights" emphasis is an illusion. Wonder what 'King' is meant? A Grand Dragon of the Knights of the KKK, one might imagine, though a political leader could be hiding in the shadows. After all, as noted, a past KKK leader (or possibly Klan founder) remains honored in Washington DC in the form of Confederate General Albert Pike which is quite astonishing at this late date. Is his body interred in a vault at the Scottish Rite Temple down the street from the White House? Some say yes, members say no. Yet it lends support to the occult nature and practices of Washington DC, if so, and no one can deny that mass murder and the horrors of global conquest have been tactics on America's agenda at least since the 'Manifest Destiny' of expansion was touted. When in Rome...

Now on the evening of June 17, 2015, transiting Chiron, the Wounded Healer and archetype of Jesus Christ, conjoined DR's natal Mars @21Pisces on the victim-savior axis of Virgo-Pisces. As you know, Mars-Chiron identifies the sacred warrior archetype and apparently the young man used the association to justify his actions. Plus, in his natal chart, the Jupiter-Chiron midpoint, indicator of a Knight's Quest, conjoins natal Mercury, his thinking processes and sensibilities. A Mercury-Mars conjunction in Pisces (20--22) adds strong political views and opinions to his personality which really has had a limited scope in which to develop at age 21. This is seen in the Bowl pattern of planets lead by Jupiter Rx @12Sco54 with vindictive Venus in the 1--2 degrees of intolerant Taurus. You may remember this degree area of Taurus as the position of Hitler's natal Sun which was triggered each time he took drastic measures and as such, is known as a degree of violence.

According to Marc Edmund Jones, a Bowl shape reveals DR as a self-contained person who cannot contain what is held in the Bowl. In his case, Chiron @3Vir34 Rx is the only body in the Bowl and Chiron in Virgo indicates one who needs to learn self-control and discrimination (Nolle) though society would have preferred him to show a different sort of discrimination. In Mercury-ruled Virgo, learning to choose good from bad is crucial but in his search for absolute truth his heinous crime has diverted the process. A creator of illusions, Chiron in Virgo tends to entertain a self-seeking focus on inner delusions, and as noted, the Bowl shape of his natal planets indicates a serious lack of experience in areas of life governed by the signs of Libra, Virgo (excepting Chiron), Leo, Cancer, and Gemini--the empty signs in his chart.

Advocacy of a cause and the furtherance of a mission are ways to deal with the Bowl pattern and he has, in fact, undertaken such a vindictive course with his Scorpionic Jupiter, planet of ideals, ideology, and philosophy, leading him onward toward a prison cell, thanks to an alert citizen who exerted herself on behalf of society. Thus he was tracked down and caught--before police could surround and kill him (the usual outcome for such perpetrators and the word 'patsy' comes to mind.)

Now the rim of the Bowl--Jupiter and Venus--establishes the Taurus-Scorpio axis as a key determinate with the leader Jupiter in Scorpio (how he relates to others--as a brooding Scorpio) providing a materialistic outlook on life. (Spiritual conflict seems obvious to me since he destroyed church members during a Bible study though I do think he acted against the Emanuel AME Church as much for its traditional Civil Rights connections, even to Dr. Martin Luther King--martyred once again! And with natal Moon possibly conjunct natal Neptune, planet of delusion, his receptive and sensitive nature may have had been prone to illusions about spirituality--and misconceptions about mama and womanhood.) Vengeful, jealous Venus in her own sign of greedy Taurus (the bull) denotes deep passions, conservatism, and a seeker of luxury, oddly enough. So perhaps some of his skewed perspectives include a haves vs have-nots flavor since he made it plain that he doesn't want to share the bounty of America with non-Caucasians who are "taking over."

Another note about the natal horoscope I used as timed by the Moon opposing the June 17th Moon 14:19:55--it places DR's Syzygy Moon @6Libra (last lunation prior to birth) at Midheaven in the 9:00 pm chart of Charleston with the transiting North Node (the head of the Dragon) pointing precisely toward it @6Lib33. Interesting info may be found in a chart of his Syzygy Moon, a Full Moon that probably relates to the separation of his parents since it falls across the Aries-Libra axis of partnership and a Full Moon = culmination and relationships.

On a different level, there is DR's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series which reveals background influences during his short life--the 14 North (14N). Curiously, this is not the first time the number '14' has turned up in this post along with mentions of the 14th act of gun violence and the positions of natal and transiting Moon, tr Pluto, and Sirius.

Themes of 14N are difficult and entail potentials for 'a peculiar turn of events, despair, an acute time of confusion in relationships, unrequited love, unexpected financial or relationship events (his parents are reported to have divorced before he was born as noted by his Syzygy Moon), a draining of energy, possible illness, delusion; no important decisions should be made due to too much confusion for clear judgments' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The initial eclipse in this series manifested on April 29, 1074 OS @13Tau54 which opposes his natal Jupiter Rx, and to put it in context, 14N has occurred in the years 1903, 1921, 1939, 1957, 1975, (1993), and last on November 25 2011 @2Sag37. You'll recognize this as the 'Sequester' Solar Eclipse that divided the US Congress into a special 'Super-Committee' for dealing with stale-mated financial issues--a 'peculiar turn of events' for America and the America people. Our deceptive US Mars-Neptune square in on full display in the DC chart, as you can see.

In addition, the June 17th tragedy has announced the 2015 summer season and we find that the DC horoscope of Summer Solstice 2015 again places US natal Mars at MC (The Goal) with US natal Neptune rising. So America's 1776 misguided motivations-misdirected actions Mars-Neptune square expresses its energies at the chart angles and is in desperate need of being addressed with honesty and a clear-eyed assessment and correction of past errors along with demands for accountability of the guilty. Yet this seems unlikely as long as the US government perpetrates primal violence across the globe as our national Mars (the warrior, the shooter) continues retrograde and in Libra since 2006, and turns its aggressive martian energies and activities upon itself and the American people rather than re-viewing (Rx) what needs to be changed--and affecting those changes for the good of society.

Results of our Mars Rx are experienced and seen daily in news reports of mass and other murders, suicides of soldiers and others, police state attitudes and abuse of power against the innocent, racial intolerance and hatred leading to verbal attacks and hate crimes (and stirred up by hidden forces), bringing home our wounded warriors but re-deploying others for the sake of corporate powers, and a general feeling of frustration along with a shared sense of our nation 'being on the wrong path'.

And as noted, June 17th falls under the auspices of the Spring Equinox 2015 Solar Eclipse at a critical-crisis 29th degree of Pisces yet straining to reach the Aries Point of Prominence and Fame @00Ari00:00--as did DR.

In relation to these topics, here are two curious equinoxial time links concerning Confederate General Albert Pike, Klan leader and creator (though his founding of the Knights of the KKK is disputed by some--but let's not leave out his influence on the Knights of the Golden Circle who plotted against President Lincoln and assassinated him) which includes a photo and details (with links) of the Albert Pike statue that remains standing on a pedestal at the foot of *Capitol Hill in Washington DC's Judiciary Square. Tap or click for links to the speeches that were delivered by 1992 presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche (March 20, 1992: Spring Equinox) and for Anton Chaitkin, titled Why Albert Pike's Statue Must Fall delivered on September 21, 1992--Autumn Equinox! Are these dates merely coincidence? I don't believe so for it seems to me that Freemasonry's utilization of Sacred Geometry (Astrology) was employed in their selection, and there is a traditional link between Washington DC and the equinoxial (and solsticial) risings of certain stars (ex: Sirius conjunct US natal Sun in Cancer) over the city designed and constructed along Masonic lines--the Megalithic measurements used through the centuries to build henges, temples, and other structures for observing stars and planets (ex: 'Jerusalem' which means "place for the observation of Venus".)

So if interested, please check out the LaRouche and Chaitkin speeches and their equinox horoscopes for yourself. As noted, DR was born in April 1994, soon after the last of three Great Conjunctions of the New World Order planets (October 24, 1993), Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, a 'new world order' blending of their 'Enlightenment' energies which spotlights 18 Capricorn, a degree of POLITICAL POWER and 'smug or strong-armed paternalism' in the Sabian Symbols (Jones.) Such paternalism relates of course to governments keeping social order but also to self-seeking attempts to 'protect white womanhood' from assaults by men of color in that deluded, antiquated white supremacist way.

From a different perspective, you may wish to read Raw Story's June 20, 2015 article, Heritage of Hate: Dylann Roof, white supremacy and the truth about the Confederacy by Tim Wise.

Also related: Midpoint Pictures of the Civil War and the natal horoscope of The Confederacy with its "dark vein of intolerance" once again tragically shown--in Charleston, SC--on the evening of June 17, 2015.


*If you read very far into the case of Mr. Roof and his alleged website you'll note a possible connection to former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott for as you know, secessionists and Klansmen are said to have left the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party once the Civil Rights Act and integration had been championed and passed by the Democrats. America, I love you, but you are such a tool wielded by hidden hands! jc

Mar 16, 2014

Brief Astro-Notes on James Garfield's Assassination

A Few Notes on the Assassination of President Garfield

by Jude Cowell

According to sources online, the assassination of President James Garfield occurred at 9:30 am on July 2, 1881 in Washington DC as he prepared to board a train to take a vacation trip.

The story is that the self-proclaimed "Stalwart of Stalwarts" Charles Guiteau, who had bothered the president for weeks concerning the granting of a government position, fired two shots into James Garfield's back. The Masonic president succumbed to his wounds and to subsequent medical treatment (his wounds probed by unwashed hands).

Related links include the bio of Senator Roscoe Conkling of New York, leader of the Stalwarts faction of the Republican Party, a Saturnian group if I may say so. Conkling and Garfield had major disagreements over the Patronage system which Conkling was accustomed to running and a Congress vs White House tiff concerning the exercise of power, something we've seen repeatedly since Democrat Barack Obama was elected and the inspiration for yet another do-nothing Congress particularly in the House of Representatives. My branch is bigger than your branch? Apparently Republicans feel more powerful when they deny Mr. Obama his agenda, block nomination approvals, and such.

Same old same old? Well, yes, a staunch (Saturnian) belief in negative government continues to motivate the Republican Party (and any Democratic enablers hidden under GOP coat tails.) Negative government believers are the current small-enough-to-drown-in-a-bath-tub varmints and the late-1800s Stalwarts vs Half-Breeds factions describe what today is referred to as real Republican conservatives vs 'RINOs'--Republicans in name only as they attempt to out-Saturn one another--the internal war some say the GOP is fighting against itself.

Astrology of an Assassination, July 2, 1881 9:30 am LMT Washington DC

A horoscope for this time, date, and place shows an Ascendant (the deed) of 8Vir28 with rebellious zealot Uranus @10Vir33 rising along with the Moon @16Vir40--and with James Garfield's natal Saturn @13Vir51 tucked between. Right away this gives a midpoint picture: Moon-Uranus = natal Saturn: suffering sudden damage; separation (Ebertin.)

In his midpoint book, Michael Munkasey describes the Moon-Uranus duo in Politics as 'rulers who rule at whim', 'little sense of how an enterprise is seen by the rest of the world' (possibly relates to Garfield but also to Guiteau who was executed by hanging on June 30, 1881), and/or 'an emotionally immature person placed in an important and visible leadership role', among other indications.

James A. Garfield, born on November 19, 1831 at 2:00 am in Orange, Ohio, had natal Saturn in the 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Self-Undoing. And we see in his natal chart great happiness at leaving DC for vacation (his ill wife was feeling much better and he was traveling to join her, plus he had 'won' a political battle against Senator Conkling) in the transit of jolly Jupiter to his natal Moon @19Tau36 in wide conjunction with natal Chiron (The Wound) @13Tau23 Rx--also in the 8th house of Transformation and Death.

And with transiting Chiron @21Tau09 in the assassination chart, we know he had recently had his Chiron Return which occurs for everyone around the age of 50. All in all, the natal horoscopes of those involved and the shooting and death charts are very interesting to those who enjoy Historical Horoscopes but I must mosey for now and stop blathering on about America's second assassination--that of Masonic President James Garfield.

As always, any on-topic comments or queries you may have are appreciated.

Feb 11, 2014

JFK on Secrecy in a 'free and open' society--because Hillary 2016

“The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it...Without debate, without criticism, no administration, and no country can succeed, and no republic can survive.”

--President John F. Kennedy, in a speech titled, 'The President and the Press', in New York on April 27, 1961 (with this blogger's italics added.)

So in the spirit of opening one of many American cans of secret worms, I add here--particularly for those who may be considering voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016 if she runs for president--a link to The Vince Foster Stonewall. Think carefully, my friends.

Aug 19, 2013

Was CIA Chief behind Michael Hastings' death? (video)

If you've had your suspicions about the fiery car crash that (conveniently for The Empire) killed journalist Michael Hastings (who is said by his wife to have been working on an article about John Brennan), here's a 5-minute+ video with just such a theme:

And if you haven't seen the 'car crash' horoscope, click here but a warning: video taken just after the crash is included in my post.

You'll notice in the horoscope that America's natal Uranus @8Gem55 is rising as is warring activist Mars in transit. Also, restrictive authority Saturn @5Sco07 Rx conjoins the Vertex, a point of fated encounters which may include death and sudden endings, plus, the Moon @18Lib59 reflects US SP Mars, retrograde by progression since Summer 2006.

Jun 20, 2013

Was Journalist Michael Hastings Assassinated? (video of his burning car)

On the Mysterious Death of Journalist Michael Hastings

by Jude Cowell

As soon as I heard of the death in a 'car crash' of Michael Hastings in Los Angeles I set up a horoscope of the tragedy (June 18, 2013 at 4:30 am PDT; source: news reports) and saw that signatures of mayhem were afoot.

Since then I've been on alert for information on what entity or issue he was researching because the info might turn out to be full of clues as to the How, Why, Where, and Who of this very sad matter. Known for his game-changing Rolling Stone article on General Stanley McCrystal--The Runaway General--Mr. Hastings was a fearless truth seeker of the sort that no power manipulator tolerates for long once their revelations become too inconvenient or interfere too deeply in The Power Game.

'Naming names' is a dangerous business in the power-mad world of Politics.

At impact, Pinto cars can explode and burst into flames. A Mercedes will not:

News Update 6.20.13: police don't suspect any foul play and await results of a toxicology test.

Original post continues here...

Below, you see the 'crash' horoscope with US natal Uranus 8Gem55 rising (our nation's 'totem' planet of revolution and rebellion) along with transiting Mars @12Gem44 with Gemini being the sign of traveling Mercury and of writers and journalists. Sun and Jupiter are rising as well and are about to conjoin in their yearly meet-up which may indicate a promise of sunlight cast upon someone of a Jupiterian nature: generals, politicians, bankers, religious leaders, professors, etc.

It's an Hour of controlling Saturn (stoppage; loss), plus, in the transiting 2nd house (National Treasury and Earning Ability) are Mercury the Scribe or the Messenger still within orb of vengeful Venus, with both planets stimulating the starry Gemini Twins, Castor and Pollux--each with writing and creating talents of their own.

Actually, the first moment I heard of his death I was reminded of the mysterious death (assassination) in Summer 1991 of writer Danny Casolaro whose natal Mercury @19Cancer conjoins these writers' planets and stars. His bathtub murder occurred under the influence of an 11 South Solar Eclipse that hit his natal Mercury that summer with themes of: 'the need for sudden reforms; old ideas and methods fail and new systems are required to deal with events--any blocks could be violently or tragically removed' (Brady.)

Mr. Casolaro had researched and was about to publish a book on The Octopus, as the global crime syndicate is sometimes called--names would be named and those names could not allow that to happen. (Note that conjunct Desc is Cupido, a descriptor of The Family, The Syndicate, Corporatism.) The last manifestation of 11S was at a critical degree (29Can26) on July 22, 2009 and you may draw your own conclusions from that date and the events of 2009. (There are also resonances between PROMIS spying software in 1991 with its alleged 'backdoors' and the current NSA Prism surveillance program but they're beyond the scope of this post.)

Here's a bit that I wrote a while back concerning Danny Casolaro (no edits):

Casolaro's murder/assassination (Aug 9/10, 1991) preceded the Great Conjunctions of the New World Order planets, Uranus and Neptune: Feb 2, 1993 (19Cap34), Aug 20, 1993 (18Cap48), and Oct 24, 1993 (18Cap33--the chart I generally use as the NWO's birth chart.)

However, transit North Node (NN) was pointing to 18Cap45 (NWO's Uranus/Neptune Conjunction degree '18Cap') the weekend of Casolaro's death by deep wrist-slashing...a similar mode of death as UK's nuclear expert Dr. David Kelley's mysterious 'suiciding' of July 17, 2003--when tr Chiron (The Wound) was at 14Cap37, conj tr Neptune-Pluto midpoint - at the same degree of tr Neptune during Casolaro's last weekend in Martinsburg, West Virginia. This is 3 degrees past the UK's natal Sun and opposes the US natal Sun, the two players with the most to gain from Dr. Kelley's demise.

(Casolaro checked into the Sheraton Inn "shortly before noon" on Aug 8, 1991, if you'd care to take a look.)

So did Michael Hastings and his reporting 'fly too close to the Sun'?

Asteroid Icarus may say, Yes, especially since it represents an archetype that may be used to signify assassination. Here I've penned in the asteroid's position @9AQ00 Rx in the 9th house of Publishing, and outside the chart, the natal placements of natal Sun 7AQ55 and Mercury 13AQ01 of Michael Hastings, born January 28, 1980 ('noon' EST) in Burlington, Vermont. Therefore, natal Sun-Mercury = June 18, 2013 Icarus.

Getting back to the chart's Ascendant @8Gem28 (the event itself), we know that combinations of Mars-Uranus signify explosions and fires (and fast traveling), and at Ascendant the pair denotes those who find pleasure in upsetting others, abusive people who impede one's progress (ex: assassination), acts of violence, accidents, upsetting events, physical injury, and/or arrest.

The 18 North Pre-Natal Eclipse Saros Series of Michael Hastings indicates that accidents and physical injury are themes in his life (he covered wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and lost his fiance there in an explosion.) And here we see that the chart's Hammer/s of Thor (or, Fist/s of God) point to the 10th house Neptune @5Pis20 Rx (conjunct President Obama's natal 1st house Chiron Rx), a planet associated with death and assassination as is Pluto @10Cap37 Rx in the 8th house of Death and Transformation.

Well, there are more chart factors to discuss yet I must mosey for now. Watching his car burning reminds me of the Illuminati's 'eternal flame' of assassination, a possible implication that I despise with every fiber of my being. Yes, this is a post I had hoped would not be necessary but the video above made me determined to record some of the astrological portents concerning the untimely, cruel death of truth-finder and American patriot, Michael Hastings. I hereby thank him for his valuable service to our nation. May he R.I.P.


Historic events of June 18.

Apr 6, 2012

'Conspiracy? The Lincoln Assassination' (full film) w Astro-Notes

Is the Lincoln Assassination Still a Mystery?

by Jude Cowell

From Alexandra Bruce at ForbiddenKnowledgeTV comes a heads-up on an intriguing question concerning the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln:

Was the plot to kill Abraham Lincoln orchestrated by the highest levels of the confederate government? After 20 years of independent research, Edward Steers claims that Booth received substantial and critical help from the confederate secret service, operating in Canada.

If you wish, check out the full film (45 mins 16 secs), 'Conspiracy? The Lincoln Assassination':

Here's an interview with author Edward Steers about his historical research.

Plus, you may wish to view Mr. Lincoln's natal horoscope with his assassination horoscope around it (click chart image to enlarge.) You'll note the Mystic Rectangle planetary pattern over America as our president was shot and lay dying.

Jul 16, 2011

A Lunar Eclipse, Pluto, and the Assassination of Sunny Sheu

Does Pluto/Chiron's 'Primal Violence' Thrive in NYC?

by Jude Cowell

Thanks to a concerned reader who took time to leave a comment on this blog, I have become aware of the case of Sunny Sheu who was murdered for investigating his own victimization by mortgage fraud in New York. Was the plutocratic, disenfranchising, oppressive, racist duo of Pluto/Chiron present at the scene of the crime?

Mr. Sheu was "kidnapped, intimidated, and threatened by two NYPD detectives at the Queens DA bureau", it is reported by DailyKos (June 23, 2011.)

Very soon Mr. Sheu was dead from blunt force trauma to the head (or, a 'seizure' or, a mysterious 'collapse') and several irregularities in statements by police and medical examiners, plus, conflicted autopsy results have muddied the water for those who wish to know the truth concerning what appears to be the assassination of Sunny Sheu. His determination for truth and justice took him uncomfortably close to the powers-that-be, by which I mean, whoever is now protected by Mr. Sheu's silence-by-murder.

Actually, Sheu's difficult ordeal (a fraudulent foreclosure on his own home bwo forged documents) began ten years ago. You'll find reports with fuller details at Naked Capitalism and at The Daily Bail where SO'W's concerned reader suggested I go to familiarize myself with the Sheu case (of which I was unaware until today.)

Follow the links to read details, view videos, and listen to audios of actual phone calls asking for information on the Cause of Death. You may also wish to view the brief video Mr. Sheu recorded about two months prior to his death. You see, the FBI had ignored his request for witness protection.

2010/2011: Double Eclipses Reveal, Lunar Eclipse Brings Death

This is another story being 'outed' by the rare double (June 1 and July 1) Solar Eclipses of 2011 - one in Gemini, sign of reporters, news, contracts, and commerce, and one in self-protective Cancer which contains flavors of real estate misfortunes (mortgage fraud and murder over it) and power struggles (keep quiet--or else!)

The June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @11Gem02 conjoined natal Pluto (planet of assassins, saboteurs, and spies) in the horoscope of Manhattan (Feb 12, 1653 noon LMT Manhattan NY; source: Maggie Hyde; n Pluto 12Gem06 Rx is rising.) Celeste Teal titles this eclipse: Something to Cry About and we know that there are many things in society which now fall under that title, aren't there?

One more is the murder of Sunny Sheu and the suspicious actions of Judge Joseph Golia whom Sheu had expected to help straighten out the mortgage fraud, not enshrine it by law.

Plus, Lunar Eclipses can be especially revealing with their unconscious (Moon) content coming to the surface under a Full Moon's rays. A Lunar Eclipse occurred between the two Solar Eclipses on June 15, 2011 @ 24Sag23 - directly upon Manhattan's natal 7th-house Neptune. And who are the Neptune/Pluto people, people? The resource plunderers of the *Generation of Materialism of the late 1880s...the Robber Barons, whose biological and ideological spawn bedevil us now.

Yet perhaps even more telling concerning the assassination of Sunny Sheu is another Neptune/Pluto indicator: organized crime. In New York City circa 2010/11? Say it isn't so, Mr. Bloomberg!

Now here's the thing: Sunny Sheu lost his life by sinister means on June 26, 2010, the day of the Lunar Eclipse @ 4Cap46--with the Moon conjunct power-mad Pluto, planet of The Underworld, assassination, murder, and great wealth. The first three are some of the ways in which the richer classes grasp and protect their wealth when bought-off judges, forged documents, or cyber-crimes are insufficient, or when dirty deeds must be covered up.

In the presence of the Moon and Pluto, a pair that 'encourages crime' (Munkasey), on June 26, 2010, was asteroid Siva (aka, Shiva), named after the creator-destroyer god. So if you're wondering where at this very moment Siva creeps in the Tropical Zodiac, I'll tell you: 4Cap12 Rx--still conjunct power-behind-the-throne Pluto.

Creepy. And there will be more uncoverings before 2011's end and on into 2012.

Well, now I must say, I hope one day you can R.I.P., Sunny Sheu. This post is dedicated to you and to all Americans who wish to rout out the corrupt and detestable operators and thieves who now bedevil and defraud the innocent.

We must also be careful and watch out for each other (not spy on one another as 'they' want) because wolves lie in wait.

Hope you'll check out the blog The Murder of Sunny Sheu by Mr. Sheu's friend, who is the writer of the original expose.


*The 'Generation of Materialism' horoscope of the Robber Barons is timed by the New Moon 8Tau14 of April 28, 1881 which manifested soon after a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in gold-loving Taurus on April 18, 1881. In Astrology, Jupiter and Saturn are our 'societal planets' and their constrict v expand balancing act relates directly to financial cycles and money markets. Their last conjunction occurred on May 28, 2000 @ '23Tau': "A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Gems."

Marc Edmund Jones' Sabian Symbols gives the negative expression of this degree as: "a greediness which betrays the soul with trifles."

And that's not all that greediness has betrayed since May 2000, as we've seen. The world is now just beyond the opposition phase of the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle (2011 minus 2000 = 11 yrs = 10 + 1) and we're actually closer to an inconjunct (150 degr), an aspect of adjustment which now inspires and disjoints debt talks, default stand-offs, and theatrical walk-outs at the White House. In Mundane Astrology, the tradition is: Saturn = Democratic Party, Jupiter = Republican Party though of course, both planets appear in each party's natal charts.

Therefore we know that even the party-busting, self-imagined "masters of the universe" are completely subject to our Creator's natural laws although they wouldn't dream of having us realize such vulnerability. jc

Feb 22, 2011

John Wheeler death a "targeted hit" says widow

Here's a recent update on the mysterious December 2010 murder of former White House aide and bioweapons expert John P. Wheeler reporting his widow's opinion that her husband's murder was a professional "targeted hit".

And she and the Wheeler family have been treated like "criminals" during the police 'investigation'! Mr. Wheeler's body was apparently thought to be permanently hidden in a dumpster, but peep-eye!

In this entire sorry tale it sounds like the fix is in to me. What do you think?

Jan 5, 2011

Astrology of John P. Wheeler's Murder

Update 1.5.11 5:25 pm est: click the comments tab under this post for an astute reader's addition of a video link: seems that Mr. Wheeler's status as a bio-weapons expert may have been the cause of his murder: the redwing blackbirds falling dead from the sky in Arkansas on New Year's Eve may have been a bio experiment - and he was on his way to Washington DC. (See midpoint pics below with its 'criticism-sharp-analylist implications. Plus, Thom Hartmann mentioned today that dead birds have turned up in Maryland and in other countries, too.

And here's a link to an interesting post on the dead bird connection to this murder which may have occurred after a trip Mr. Wheeler took to Wilmington on Dec 28, 2010 after supposedly going to DC to 'raise hell' about a chemical weapon phosgene which was about to be sent to the battlefields of Afghanistan - from storage at a military base in Arkansas.

If this is true, wonder how long the Pentagon thought they could hide that?

Original post begins here:

John Wheeler murder: Last sighting of White House aide has the details released so far by Wilmington Delaware police concerning this sad story.

Now I seldom care to spend much time studying horoscopes when a definite time for the person or event is unknown but there are a few factors of note which do not depend upon knowing the exact hour of Mr. Wheeler's demise. The exact time of the discovery of his body is known, however (see below.)

On December 29, 2010, a lady attendant at the car park of the New Castle County courthouse in Wilmington Delaware observed him as "disoriented" and he replied to her query that he was not, in fact, "OK." On the morning of December 30, members of the public had what is apparently the last sighting of Mr. Wheeler walking down a Wilmington street.

On both days, the Sun @ 8Cap+ conjoined Fixed Star Facies, one of the nastiest stars in the sky, with its keywords: ruthlessness or the victim; illness, accidents, violent death, blindness, leadership ability, cold, detached, not close to anyone. (A. Louis; B. Brady.)

Plus, a powerful midpoint picture was in force all through both Dec 29 and Dec 30, 2010 which relates to meetings and fated encounters (North Node):

Sun/NN = Pluto: the urge to use compulsion with others; exercising influence over the masses; power acquired from associating with the right people; concealing ties to dominant and important groups or associations; secret meetings where power and influence are allocated or divided; ordering and controlling others; being persuasive; exerting one's influence. (Ebertin; Tyl; Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.)

Pluto, as you know, is famous in Astrology for certain things such as sabotage, spying, murder, rape, and assassination; Sun/NN = new contacts, the public, shared experiences, and, among other things, political associations that eventually do more harm than good.

(Wheeler served as advisor to presidents Reagan, Bush Sr, and George W. Bush, and worked on biological and chemical weapons issues at the Pentagon, once upon a time. It is reported that he recommended that the US not use them.)

Of note as well, December 30, 2010 was the day of Mercury's Direct Station @19Sag+ and though I could type out for you any of the various Sabian Symbols for 19 or 20 Sagittarius, I won't, because if you're reading this blog, you probably have that info at your fingertips.

So instead, I shall add Adriano Carelli's symbol for '19Sag' since it may relate on some level to Mr. Wheeler's ongoing tussle with his neighbor, Frank Marini, and to Wheeler's mysterious death; police have revealed that a smoke bomb was placed under Mr. Marini's house the week before Wheeler's death:

"A house on a holm whose bushy banks are wrapped in flames."

(The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, Carelli; my italics because admittedly I'm prejudiced against all things Bush Crime Family.)

Carelli explains this symbol as possibly relating to a subtle but crooked intelligence, having to go through fire, war conflagrations, searing moral pains, and something having to be thrown overboard in order for someone to escape.

Now there is a definite time mentioned in the article linked above: 3:30 pm on New Years' Day, January 1, 2011, when a garbage truck emptied a dumpster containing his body at the Cherry Island landfill in Wilmington and "the grim discovery was made."

Rising was 24Gem35 (the Discovery degree of Uranus, 1781) with 1Pis03 at Mc; Pluto had moved on to become apex in a different midpoint picture which relates to strong opinions:

Mercury/Mars = Pluto: a sharp analyst; a fanatical critic; criticism with a passion; an over-zealous orator; the misfortune of suffering heavy attacks or assaults from others; compulsion about any suspicions about activities; angry communications from others about one's writings, business, or educational capabilities; involved in big arguments; knowing just what's wrong with the world (my italics.)

Okay, that's all I have for the moment concerning the mysterious death of John P. Wheeler III, a man once at the pentacle of Politics, now cruelly murdered and dumped in a Delaware landfill, a fate I can't imagine that he deserved. If you know more on this topic, lone reader, please elucidate by leaving a comment.

And if this case turns out not to be politically motivated, I shall remove Mr. Wheeler's name from the 'Political Murders' list in the sidebar of this blog.

Feb 11, 2008

Abraham Lincoln turns 200 in Feb 2009

Born Feb 12, 1809, Lincoln's 200th anniversary of birth is coming upon us rather quickly and many celebrations are in the offing to honor the Great Emancipator's entry into the time flux continuum.

A post titled Abraham Lincoln: natal + assassination chart has been published as a permanent Page at my Jude's Threshold blog and I plan to update it as the anniversary nears...check it out early, if you wish!

Jan 17, 2008

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: April 4, 1968

Never can I fully express the sadness and horror felt as I watched the TV news shouting out the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968--another one gone leaving America once again an assassination nation oppressed by unnamed murderers and political fanatics...the chaos creators.

One of my Gather friends, Andrew, has captured the times and feelings better than I ever could in his A Poem on the Anniversary of Dr. King's Birth which inspires me to publish the chart of Rev. King's assassination with his natal planets added by hand on the chart of April 4, 1968, 6:01 pm CST, Memphis, TN.

With my usual chickenscratch, you see I've run out of space around the outside of the chart, so I've listed King's natal placements coded in green.

Pink marks the Eclipse Series (6North) in which this murder took place, with asteroid, Icarus (assassination; flying too high; risk-taking) nearby and tr Chiron (the Wounded Healer/Christ archetype) at Aries Point (AP) of fame and prominence. Rev. King had become too prominent, too loved, and too listened to for the men in charge.

6N Series: relationship to authority/father figures and the need to take control; another's illness/unreliability brings commitments and responsibilities (Brady's Predictive Astrology.) 6N last manifested April 19, 2004 and was the PE Series of the 2004 US presidential election. Um-hmm.

(Note: any reference made here to 'MLK' or 'King' is for the sake of blogging brevity and implies no disrespect for Reverend King for I have none.)

With America's natal Sun at MC, this mayhem was carried out on behalf of America's goals and objectives, pathetic and cruel as it was, and the US n Jupiter and Venus are piled up at the top of the chart as well. Cancer is a very self-protecting sign, as you know, and there was much at stake in 1968 - for war profiteering must go on, as we see ad nauseum.

The chart shows the Moon 2Can08 being oppressed by the cruel Saturn/Pluto midpoint. Saturn/Pluto together = reactionaries; violent people; criminals and with Cupido conj Moon we have a vivid picture of the violence against Rev. King, his wife (Moon), and the American people (Moon in a national or event chart.)

And btw: the Pentagon's natal Mars (sniper/sharpshooter?) is conj the Moon, Saturn/Pluto, and Cupido. In a national chart, Mars represents the military, police, activists, etc.

Saturn/Pluto = Moon: cold feelings; renunciation; a tragic destiny.

Asteroid, Cupido = The Family; crime syndicates; corporatism. Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy) 25gem34 in 9th house of philosophy along with the Mercury/Pluto midpoint = powerful persuasion...King's ability to sway the People. His speeches had become very inconvenient to the empire.

Sun 15Ari16, signifying Dr. King on the level of 'leader' is being inhibited by controlling Saturn (authority) which repressed his self-expression in the worst way possible--his death.

Sun may also represent the president of the nation repressing King's authority (Saturn)--it works in both directions as does everything in life and thus, in Astrology as it describes life.

Violent instigator, Mars (male, appr age 25--35) is conj tr Vertex (VX), a point of destined encounter. On this day in 1968, tr Mars/VX conjuncted Rev. King's natal Chiron 5Tau25 at the moment of his murder, with asteroid Arachne (network, including spying networks; web; entanglements) there as well.

Did US intell agencies hire criminals to perpetrate this unholy act against a preacher of the Word? (Anti-vertex in Scorpio.) Did the president or his Party have a satanic claw in it? The Sabian Symbol for the DESC degree, "11Ari" = "The president of the country"...I'm just sayin'...

Opposite the Saturn/Pluto midpoint is asteroid, Atlantis, one of the significators for America, keywords: abuse of power; feeling doomed.

Most people are aware now--if they weren't at the time--that King's plans to unite protestors for civil rights with protestors against the Vietnam War was a huge worry for the US government esp since the Civil Rights Act had been passed and Rev. King was more free to voice his longtime convictions against the war.

For then--as NOW--a wrong-acting government has everything to fear from such large numbers of the People, whom they supposedly represent, and in whose name they supposedly act. Rev. King represented a father figure who could--and would--unite the People for the common good and for right-acting that should be inspired from a higher plane than the Oval Office.

Rising at 6:01 pm CST in Memphis was the spiritual midpoint of Jupiter (the preacher) and Neptune (spirituality), a midpoint combo which has both positive and negative connotations...a mixture of both depending on motivations:

Pos: the grand spirit; idealism; religion; ESP; benevolence; humanitarianism; visualization; dreamers ("I have a dream," and "the mountaintop" speech of April 3); ability to shape things; mysticism; art, music.

Neg: speculators; wastrels and spendthrifts; hypocrites; ideals vs reality; gain without effort; scandals; losses; political conflicts.

Jup/Neptune = ASC: a visionary; speculaton; sharing great hopes with others; living in an unreal world; living in a world lighted by personal imagination and an emotionally rationalized agenda.

This is an important part of the chart--the ASC is the WHAT? Point and so it equals the assassination itself--Dr. King's death. "An emotionally rationalized agenda" seems to me to be a must if you travel in the circles that assassinate well-loved leaders of the nation you're determined to control and persuade to accept your selfish ends.

As I type that statement, I'm reading the midpoint picture created by tr Uranus/Pluto (fresh from their mid-60s Conjunction which caused so many of my generation to take to the streets...the Uranus/Pluto duo = overturning the status quo; new perspectives; attainment of great goals through great effort; upsets and tension; revolution; collapse of the old order, building the new; the process of transformation)..and it's pointing to America's natal Neptune...

Uran/Pluto = Neptune: falsehoods, lies; fraud; the desire to harm others secretly; delving into supernatural realms; sympathy; unfulfilled wishes; fatigue.

This picture among generational (slower-moving) planets would have been a background influence of the day (not only on April 4, 1968) and would've affected many dimensions of life...and is one of the reasons I referred to America's 'wrong-acting' above.

Please click to enlarge the chart for a few more of my notes, for being fatigued myself, I shall close with the *Images for the Sun Aries/Moon Cancer blend for April 4, 1968, 6:01 pm CST:

The Salvation Army...A lightening storm at sea gives way to a peaceful, radiant dawn.

Dec 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto dies 12.27.07 at 6:16 pm

With Bhutto's birth time unknown, I decided to post her sad death chart with natal placements (in blue) around the outside.

Click to enlarge the image, for as usual I've smooshed "too many notes" upon it but I tried to hold back so it would be somewhat readable.

The time has been given as 6:16 pm as her moment of expiration after being shot and blown up after speaking at a large rally where she was undoubtedly strong with persuasion--and worrisome to her enemies and to those who like to mess up US efforts no matter what violence it takes.

Moon is chart-ruler and the feature that pops out is Moon conj her natal Pluto, planet (yes, planet) of death, transformation, and power, natally placed at 21 Leo21.

Moon to Pluto: reckless determination to fulfill desires; zeal; upheavals; turmoil; emotional devastation (Tyl.)

Before I go on, let me say that my heartfelt condolences go out to the Pakistani people for their loss.

Moon is separating from opposition with Neptune in AQ (the masses--she was leaving a large rally) and applies to a square with Scorpionic Venus and a trine with Pluto (a certain meeting scheduled for later in the evening?)

South Node (SN--a separative point) 29Leo02 is at critical/crisis degree and is midway between Moon (and thus her natal Pluto) and tr Saturn. Moon/Saturn is a signifier of control, restriction, and oppression of the people (Moon), and Saturn/Pluto = cruelty, hard work, and loss.

As you remember, the attacks of 9/11 occurred while Saturn and Pluto were in opposition. All of this is happening with a 9/11, 'war on terror' backdrop, of course, with missing US billions now lining someone's pockets, although Pakistani officials are understanably denying it. See Pakistan Link for news, if you like.

Incendiary Mars Rx 1Can33 is now between Bhutto's natal Sun/Mars conj so her assassination has happened during her Mars Return, a triple one due to Mars' retrogradation. If her natal Sun is at 29Gem (another crisis degree), then contentious activist Mars is headed back that way in early January, and again reaches today's degree on appr March 9, 2008.

This sensitive degree in early Cancer triggers 9/11's Mars and the Solar Eclipse prior to 9/11/01. On Nov 3, Mars was at 11Can26 (when Musharraf declared emergency rule--a euphemism for martial law or police state, suspended the Supreme Court, and imprisoned thousands who don't agree with him, etc) and the god of war will return to 11Can33 during the first couple of days of April, 2008. This will continue the same issues for Pakistan and despotic Musharraf.

The pile-up now opposite Mars--Pluto in late Sag, Jupiter, and Sun--are conjunct asteroids Hopi (ambush; prejudice ), Bacchus (denial), and Morya (death.) This is a grouping I have fretted about before in a recent post--the one on Winter Solstice 2007. It was ugly then, and it's produced ugly, rotten, tragic fruit today.

Benazir Bhutto's book will be coming out in spite of her untimely death, says NPR but with her hopes for Pakistan interrupted, her dreams for moderation dissolved, and her people in chaos and grief.

~:~Update May 18, 2009 11:06 pm edt: want to add that transiting Mercury (writers; books; young people; speeches, one of which she gave just before her death) is at 11Cap and opposes her natal midpoint of Mars and Uranus, the explosive, radical pair.

This indicates on one level the nature of the speech she so recently gave at the rally and other recent remarks and statements, too, if applicable to the tinderbox politics of the region or to feathers she may have ruffled elsewhere. The pictures relate to Capricornian matters such as law, business, politics; plus, management, control, and/or mining.

Banking may be involved as well for Capricorn energies tend to appreciate a fat paycheck (particularly when it's paid for one's efforts), and we mustn't rule out the mystical realm of Capricorn's ancient mer-goat symbol. Even the nasty old Goat of Mendes could have had a hoof in the heinous, overbearing take-r-out plot.

So for this momentous event we then have possibilities - *any, all, or none may apply, and they may describe Bhutto's actions and/or feelings, and perhaps those of someone else...probably a combination of each with Mercury signifying on one level the additional environmental factor of the moment (including the vehicle Benazir Bhutto rode in):

Natal Mars/Uranus = tr Mercury: planning independent action; strategy; nervousness; drawing heavily upon one's nervous energy reserves; a test of strength or power calculatingly carried through; an invention or an achievement thought out well or in great detail; injury; operation. ~

>Original post begins here:

Meanwhile, the plutocratic, racist, oppressive Pluto-Chiron midpoint is on the Descendant (of Other People/Partnerships/Legal Affairs/Open Enemies) at 6:16 pm so if she was partnering with the corporate types, where were they when she needed them? Or perhaps it hasn't been a trusty partnership, as it turns out.

A "grim" Bush was quick to tout his brand of democracy as soon as he could get a mike in front of his gob. He said that those who committed this crime must be brought to justice. Since that guy is dead, old Bush must've meant those who sponsored this crime, aka assassination, aka terroism. (If they're hanging out with bin Laden, we know that Bush and Musharraf won't be finding them.)

Asteroid, Icarus, associated with assassination, is conj the New World Order degree of "18Cap." Mmm, no comment. Venus is in the secretive sign of Scorpio at the "A Military Band on the March" degree, and with the chaos created today, it is marching for sure as Pakistan's military arm shows its strength in a way opposite to what the common man and woman might prefer.

The negative/shadow side of this degree is: foolhardy self-exploitation. But who are the fools? There seem to be so many of them on all sides...who can keep them sorted?

'They say' that Musharraf didn't take Bhutto's safety seriously (I'm being generous here) and emergency rule is surely on one of the cards he holds in his graspy claw, with perhaps the promised January "elections" being cancelled as well. Hey--Putin's staying in, so Pervez wants to stay in power, too.

Well, there's much more to say about this melancholy chart (with sacrificial Neptune in the 8th house of death) which well-describes the Pakistani people's miserable loss, so perhaps I'll be updating this post later on as more is known.

Curfew and disruption (Uranus conj Achernar: risk of rapid endings) is undoubtedly on the way, and at the moment I'm just very very sad for Pakistan, for Benazir Bhutto and family - and for the whole discordant world.

* midpoint pictures from: Tyl; Ebertin.

Aug 30, 2007

Abraham Lincoln's natal-with-assassination charts

The natal chart of Abraham Lincoln, born Feb 12, 1809, is pictured here along with the chart for the time that the sneak saboteur fired at the back of his head during a performance of Our American Cousin at Ford's Theater, Washington DC.

This is a 'companion post' of this information because images seem to display better here at Blogger (in my browser at least--perhaps in yours?) than images published at my WordPress blog Jude's Threshold where you'll find the charts' details published as a Page in the Sidebar.

I do like WordPress' Pages feature though for you can always find an article on the list.

Easy, Breezy!

May 5, 2007

The Day America Died: Nov 22, 1963

JFK Assassination Horoscope Nov 22, 1963 12:30 pm CST Dallas, Texas

And here is a Synastry Grid showing JFK natal (horizontal) with Assassination Planets (vertical); a few potentials of the transits-to-natal contacts are penned on the grid but represent a mere sampling of possibilities on The Day America Died:

Jan 20, 2007

Shooter has Black Sea connections

Ogun Sama, caught on tape as the shooter of Turkish-Armenian newspaper editor, Hrant Dink on Friday, has been apprehended in the Black Sea city of Samsun. His father and ten other people have been detained for questioning in the Black Sea city of Trabzon.

Above title links to AP article.

See previous posts just below--On Snake Island (Jan 17) and Comet McNaught and the Eagle (Jan 16)--concerning this area of the world...