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Jun 13, 2015

'Understanding Corporate Logos' (video) and Symbolism

Early on in the study of Astrology, we novices become accustomed to working with glyphs such as those for planets and Zodiacal signs, ancient archetypes found in constellations and mythology, and symbols such as the Sabian Symbols. In our daily visual world we find symbols liberally sprinkled throughout our lives though their deeper meanings may be veiled, obscured, and purposefully hidden. Few are as ubiquitous as those used in advertising and promotion.

What we think we see is never all we perceive

For your consideration, here are excerpts in two parts of Understanding Corporate Logos (total run time 16 mins 28 secs) which discuss the occult (hidden) implications of certain symbols which the corporate world typically call logos, a Greek word from which English derives the word 'logic' and denoting persuasion of a targeted audience via reason and logic, a left brain function (analysis, words.)

This seems curious (by which I mean, duplicitous) since the following corporate symbolic logos are sneakily aimed directly toward the right side of our brains, the intuitive, image processing area:

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