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Aug 19, 2015

That Time Karl Rove Deleted 22 MILLION White House Emails and The Media Said Nothing

Some of us have never forgotten...

That Time Karl Rove Deleted 22 MILLION White House E-Mails And The Media Said Nothing.

Republicans engaging in the same public scrutiny avoidance doesn't excuse Hillary Clinton's subversive (Scorpio!) actions concerning classified emails but it does point out how corrupt, evasive, and secretive the US government as a whole has become (more than ever.) And the ruling elite certainly doesn't mind invading our privacy while criminally protecting their own.

This is one of the mishandled issues that turns the high-minded concept of 'government oversight' into a big joke and further undermines whatever shred of moral standing America has in the world. And the dissolution and ultimate collapse of the US government (1776 = new order--now considered old by transnational globalists) continues apace...


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