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Nov 13, 2016

Trump Eyes Bush-Era Torture Architect For CIA Head - TYT video report

Trump's White House Preparations in Progress, Cabinet and Staff Members Ready to Serve If Tapped

As feared, a whole crop of old, crooked politicians have started hanging onto Mr. Trump's suspenders hoping to be shoehorned into the back door of the White House once again (that's where the keep the cash cow). Voting for Trump was the same as voting for Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Spit Comb, Rice, Kristol, Ailes, Gingrich, and all the little warmongering Vulcans who not only brought the invasion and costly occupation of Iraq to the world and to the US Treasury, but they also broke America's longstanding political taboo against preemptive war, and palled around closer than ever before with Underworld criminal elements (creepy Pluto, of course, along with Neptune and with Mars to pull the trigger).

And on a different level of reality, these sidewinders are playing a Global Game only they know the rules of...aka, 'a power game with important consequences' (Tyl):

Visit The Young Turks Network for more reports, commentary, and independent analyses by Cenk Uygur and the team.

Note: Blogger is behaving oddly tonight. I'm seeing two embeds of the same video displaying just after this post was published yet there's only one set of code for it showing--nothing to delete! jc

Aug 19, 2015

That Time Karl Rove Deleted 22 MILLION White House Emails and The Media Said Nothing

Some of us have never forgotten...

That Time Karl Rove Deleted 22 MILLION White House E-Mails And The Media Said Nothing.

Republicans engaging in the same public scrutiny avoidance doesn't excuse Hillary Clinton's subversive (Scorpio!) actions concerning classified emails but it does point out how corrupt, evasive, and secretive the US government as a whole has become (more than ever.) And the ruling elite certainly doesn't mind invading our privacy while criminally protecting their own.

This is one of the mishandled issues that turns the high-minded concept of 'government oversight' into a big joke and further undermines whatever shred of moral standing America has in the world. And the dissolution and ultimate collapse of the US government (1776 = new order--now considered old by transnational globalists) continues apace...


Aug 28, 2012

Does voting Mercury's Station Rx on 11.06.12 tell of a false flag op?

Mercury, planet of voting and ballots, unhelpfully performs a Station Retrograde at 6:03 pm edt on Election Day 2012 (Nov 6) as it strongly opposes President Obama's natal Moon in Gemini--an opposition to his wishes.

Can this be a cosmic indication of an Obama-staged false flag operation meant to disrupt the November 6th election and thus keep him in power?

Well, someone writing for the Canada Free Press seems to think it's possible. And yet...since Mercury will oppose the president's natal Moon (reigning need--Tyl), any terrorist attack on US soil could very well plop a political fly into the DHS ointment, a fly that buzzes even more loudly as an anti-Obama plan with a Rovian flair!

Remember how the Bush-Cheney-Rove gang and the DHS trotted out threatening Osama bin Laden tapes--modified though they may have been--just before election time? Well, unfondly so do I for it swayed many gullible voters into accepting more misfortunes under a warmongering Republican White House. And you know what a financial boondoggle fighting wars on credit card is for the American people for the misguided, misdirected US government is still doing it as if expecting a different outcome!

Nov 23, 2010

Unemployment benefits expire Dec 31, Rs rejoice!

Well, in America, droves of rich folk turned out to vote against Democrats on November 2, 2010 - to protect their own monied self-interests. And you know that they and their reps on Capitol Hill are against extending federal "jobless benefits" (unemployment 'insurance' checks of about $290 per week set to expire December 31) to unemployed US workers, many of which were laid off or made redundant by the very same class of rich folk and their kin who voted en masse on November 2.

Yes, it seems to be dandy fine with the wealthy class if millions of US children go without the basics. No skin, one assumes, off their bulbous noses. And yet such tax relief they need, pitiful things!

So why did Independents, young people, and others who voted in massive numbers in 2008 stay home from the 2010 dance? If it was so that the upper crust plutocrats could gain a leg up, you leave me sputtering. As of tomorrow I'll be off for the holiday here in the US and perhaps I'll have a quiet moment to think about all of you, for you puzzle me, you do. Trusting plutocrats with your society, your politics, and your money is never fruitful and won't make you into one of them, you know. Nowhere near, not even close.

Now Wednesday morning's SO'W post of 11.24 will tide this blog over until my return, so it's: Have a good one, Everyone! And I can only hope a few of you non-voting folk will give serious thought to giving up on something else instead - something that isn't as near and dear to you and your family's future and best interests, and that won't affect your personal livelihoods in such a dire and disruptive way as what's coming from Capitol Hill.

Or perhaps I should say, Not coming?

A vote for Republicans (or someone resembling them) is a vote for Turdblossom.

Nov 2, 2010

Midterm 2010 Voting in Kansas is Nov 2 not Nov 3!

Here is the first obvious case of voter fraud I've found so far today where robocalls have been telling Kansas citizens to show up with proof of home ownership on Wednesday November 3!

Yet I have faith that all the good citizens of Kansas have been paying closer attention to our election process than to fall for a Republican trick of that illegal nature.

Sounds like someone running in Kansas needs all the help they can get, doesn't it?

And so I return to something I've been known to post here before - it's a Note to Mr. Rove and all political handmaidens of his ilk: cheating isn't winning. It's stealing.

Nov 1, 2010

On Karl Rove's subpoena (video) and Pluto/NN

Trying to catch up after having out-of-town guests this weekend is proving difficult for I've missed a lot of politickin' the last 3 or 4 days. But you know I have to begin by posting this video concerning the October 24, 2010 serving of a subpoena upon Karl Rove, that warmongering goose stepper I adore despising for the lies he's helped perpetrate upon our nation and the lives his ambition has cost.

Served as he arrived for a segment on Face the Nation, at 10:00 am edt in Washington DC on Sunday October 24, 2010, we see that 00Sag338 rises with '1Sag' being the symbol of: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire"; Mars 27Sco21 has just risen identifying a contentious reaction to having to give a deposition when you've operated for decades without ever testifying under oath concerning your political actions, misdirections, indiscretions, and law-breaking.

On Oct 24, the Sun @ 1Sco03 is somewhat auspicious since October 24, 2010 marked the 17th birthday of the current NWO-ers with that 'new order' planetary pair, the enlightened Uranus and Neptune, who met three times in 1993 with their 3rd conjunction standing in as a modern day 'NWO natal horoscope' with Sun 1Sco19.

Another possible NWO natal horoscope is for the last time Uranus and Neptune hooked up in Great Conjunction: March 21, 1821. This may be the primary date which will act as a natal horoscope for the previous incarnation of the NWO but I've not completed my sleuthing into the matter so it's inconclusive at this juncture; a 4-second orb on that date for Uranus and Neptune is their closest approach I've found so far.

However, on March 21, 1821, genius Uranus and inspirational Neptune met at 3Cap01 - where transiting Pluto and tr North Node are trouncing about lately (Pluto conjoins NN on Nov 9, 2010 @ 3Cap38; tr Moon reaches 3Cap38 on that date at 3:13 pm edt, DC; Pluto/NN = common destiny of a large mass of people, Moon = the people, so I keep mentioning their triple conjunction though no one seems to notice. I will be interested in keeping an eye on the news for any big meetings or summits held on or near Nov 9, 2010. Perhaps you already know of one?)

We Love Jon S. and Stephen C.; We Do Not Love Karl Rove

Interestingly, both Pluto and NN were rising at noon on Saturday Oct 30, 2010 for Jon Stewart's and Stephen Colbert's rallies in Washington DC to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. (Astrological Saturn is associated with both sanity and fear! And with the accountability Jon shouted out for regarding the culpable media and cable TV.)

Yes, I really appreciate Jon Stewart's serious remarks about the US and the pi*s-poor job the press with its 24/7 news cycle is doing 'for' democracy. And yes, I agree that it is only in Washington DC and in the press that things in America are not 'working'; Washington's obsessive belly-button gazing is the joke of the planet!

So. The subpoena served to Mr. Rove at 10:00 am on Oct 24, 2010 also shows two asteroids rising with quarrelsome activist Mars: Eros (the piercing) and power asteroid, Hidalgo. You may remember the BP-Gulf Oil blowout chart with Hidalgo rising at...curiously enough...'1Sag'...that 'Grand Old Army' degree again.

Plus, the first midpoint to rise in the Rove-subpoena horoscope is Sun/Pluto 2Sag08 so we have:

Sun/Pluto = ASC: suppression of the environment for the attainment of one's own aspirations; experiencing the ruthlessness of others; a crisis of self-preservation. (Ebertin.)

Well, it seems Mr. Rove assumed he would suppress the environment as usual while appearing on Face the Nation but the ruthlessness of others stepped on his happy Sunday morning dream scenario and quashed it a bit.

One chart factor worth mentioning is a major transit for anyone (and not everyone experiences it in a lifetime): tr Pluto 3Cap13 to Mr. Rove's natal Sun (birth time unknown but his hatch date is Dec 25, 1950 in Denver, CO.) This places his natal Sun around 3Cap41, give or take, and obviously, the current positions of transiting Pluto and NN conjoin his natal Sun.

Tr Pluto to n Sun marks a time when more power, control, influence, and recognition are desired; if one has been ruthless or aggressive in the past, an increase of both may be expected; independent actions taken may be courageous or foolhardy; a new start is indicated yet the past will have much influence upon how things proceed.

With the karmic nature of slow-moving Pluto involved, perhaps his shady past (Pluto rules the Underworld) is attempting to catch up with him. The position of his n Saturn @ 2Lib06 shows us he's recently experienced a Saturn Return when taking responsibility for past actions may be demanded. (Plus, the trial of Rove's past crony, Tom Delay, began this week but I expect little satisfaction from it, do you? Has the jailed Jack Abramoff turned on compadre Rove?)

And if the mysterious death of Rove's 'friend' and colleague Mike Connell is spotlighted by the Rove subpoena concerning 2004 election fraud charges in Ohio, I for one, will be heartily glad if one of the many mysterious crimes involving Washington DC players is revealed for what it is: a political assassination meant to cover up actions and protect the career of an operative such as Karl Rove who never met an election he couldn't cheat on or a campaign he couldn't make dirtier and meaner.

Last, let's consider the midpoint picture formed by tr Pluto/NN with Rove's natal Sun as focal supports the above indications of ruthlessness of tr Pluto to n Sun:

Pluto/NN = n Sun: the urge to impose one's will upon others with ruthlessness and vice versa; gaining respect.

A difference is that NN, a Jupiterian point of joining and encountering (he encountered a subpoena - he tried to disavow its receipt by dropping the papers!), 'joined' him at the precise moment of his TV appearance at DC's CBS Studios. And, of course, lawyering, judging Jupiter's natural house is the 9th house of legal matters and courts. Touche! He touched it so it's his.

Well, I hope the US Justice Department is serious about taking to task an old cuss like Karl Rove and isn't just setting up a legal matinee of dramatic actors where charges and rumors against Mr. Rove are - supposedly - laid to rest once and for all.

For I can tell them now that for a suspicious yet reluctant astrologer like myself, these dire times are way too late for that sort of tiresome ruse to work. When you snag an elusive rat in a trap, you'd better be sure you spring it.


Nov 1, 2010: the Fall 2010 Issue of Eclipse is now available at Julie Demboski Astrology so you may wish to subscribe, if you haven't. My latest article, American Empire: When Jupiter Bowed to the Sun, is proud to be a part of the Fall issue of Julie's excellent e-zine!


In addition, a political verse has been published in the wee hours which concerns the November 2, 2010 Elections. It's the Midterm Elections 2010 Blues; cat photo included.

jc 11.2.10 2:32 am edt

Sep 15, 2010

Bill Maher on Christine O'Donnell's win

By now you've heard that Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell won big in yesterday's Republican primary in Delaware with the eventual plum in the pie being VP Joe Biden's old Senate seat.

Click to watch Mr. Maher on CNN with Larry King last evening; text of the comedian's remarks are included. He says he knows O'Donnell personally and likes her (she's a nice person) but adds his usual maverick spin to the analysis!

Personally I like anyone or anything that ruffles Karl Rove's feathers or knots his jammies in a bunch and he predicted O'Donnell's loss. Oops! Seems the rules of the Republican game have changed, old horse. Perhaps it's time for ya to mosey to the barn.

Apr 22, 2009

GOP's Faces: Cheney, Rove, and Gingrich - and a suicide

The DNC is now running ads to brand Cheney, Rove, and Gingrich as the faces of the Republican Party.

Quite a stellar trio of visages, at least two of which qualify as mugshots on an FBI wall, imo.

You may be interested in checking out a previous post which contains a link to a very interesting article by Mark Crispin-Miller, titled Bloody Karl which lists the piles of lifeless bodies that surround Mr. Turdblossom, a list which includes Senator Paul Wellstone, Enron's Cliff Baxter (Rove was one of Enron's biggest shareholders, remember), Mike Connell, 'DC Madam' Deborah Jeane Palfrey (whose death came just before she was to reveal her client list), and more.

Perhaps there's even a link to the 'suicide' revealed this very morning, David B. Kellerman, CFO of Freddie Mac, who was found hung to death in his home's basement. I haven't had a lot of time to study the Astrology chart of the sad event as of yet, but Palfrey's 'suicide by hanging' and Kellerman's both occurred during a Balsamic phase of the Moon ('dark of the Moon' just prior to a New Moon, a time when shady things go on - or there may be emotional depression, it's true.)

Also, Moon and Uranus were conjunct in mysterious Pisces in both charts - more on that later. And you know that Venus and Mars were conjunct this morning at 29 Pisces, a critical or crisis degree...lots of pressure there.

Ms. Palfrey's 'suicide' was definitely convenient for many Washington politicians, and we'll have to see how Mr. Kellerman's situation plays out especially with federal investigations ongoing into Freddie Mac's books, etc. Kellerman was employed in various accounting positions at Freddie Mac for years - one source says 'since 1992' and one gives '1993.'

So! Cheney's, Rove's and Gingrich's snoots are the Faces of the GOP? Sounds precisely correct to me.

Well, if they're going to be around a while longer, you may wish to find out what Leo Strauss and Dick Cheney share astrologically (hint: it concerns neoconservatism), and here's a SO'W post from 2007 which asks what makes Dick tick? Yes, Cheney is a square kind of guy as you'll see.

Gingrich's chart I'm working on now and will post a blurb on him asap - but please don't say he's "from Georgia."

Dec 23, 2008

Karl Rove and the pile of lifeless bodies

Mark Crispin-Miller has written an article on all the 'suicides' and mishaps that have surrounded Karl Rove. It's titled, Bloody Karl so you see where Mark is going with this.

Paul Wellstone, the 'DC Madam', Don McCoy (plane crash Feb 19, 1988 - had just agreed to testify), and now Mike Connell (Rove's IT guy - his plane mysteriously crashed last Friday, Dec 19 - he was about to testify)...but they can't testify and cause trouble for Rove, Bush, and the GOP now...or can they?


August 31, 2007 was Rove's last official day as a White House worker bee and I wrote a little something about it including the day's planetary pictures and some details on Rove's progressed chart. There was a good bit of Fixed Star involvement that day so you may wish to check it out!

Sep 15, 2008

Biden on McCain's economics

Here's Biden on McCain's economic proposals - just think of George Bush's policies and what they've led to this very day and you may be able to guess much of the script of Biden's speech.

More reasons why a vote for John McCain is like a vote for Karl Rove - and how much more of that ughiness can we afford?

And Senator Biden didn't even mention McCain's culpability in the Keating Five scandal of 1987! (hint for the youngsters: McCain was one of the Five.)

Jul 11, 2008

Rove the no-show

As you know, Karl Rove defied Congress yesterday and failed to show up for testifying purposes concerning his role in the politicization of the Justice Department and other such unsavory things. They say he left the country!

Should we have taken Congress' subpoena to Rove seriously? Puh! Capitol Hill Theater, dahlink! 'Twas meant to keep the unwashed masses at bay.

Now this unsurprising lack of occurrance has inspired a brief poem if you'd care to mosey over to Lim's Limericks so say Hi to Lim for me...his lovely snoot is to be seen there - but Karl Rove's lovely snoot isn't to be seen anywhere which, when you think about it, isn't such a bad deal after all.


A sheepishly admitted Update 7.11.08: above link is now repaired--apologies!

May 28, 2008

more on Inauguration 2009's horoscope

It was time for an update of my WordPress Page on the noon chart for Inauguration 2009 so I've added details on a few synchronistic historical links which will occur between Jan 20, 2009 and 1748 here if you'd like to mosey by for a visit.

And have you heard of former counter-terroism chief Richard Clarke's new book, Your Government Failed You...?

Clarke will be interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air tomorrow (edt schedule--check your local listings) so I may have to check it out. I only hope Clarke's book tells us Stuff We Don't Already Know--unlike Scott McClellan's new Bush-bashing book which so far gives me that 'NOW he tells us' about you?

One thing's for sure--I somewhat have to agree with Karl Rove for once: McClellan didn't criticise the war while he was working in the White House (paycheck in danger, Will Robinson, back away.)

Ugh. I just realized I agree with Karl Rove on something, pathetic defense though it may be for an administration's many lies, frauds, and self-willedness.

And both these books may secretly be backhanded ways of promoting propaganda as if anything ever happens in Politics that wasn't designed to happen...misdirected, ill-waged wars included.

Guess the Plame Flame continues scorching their sorry patooties just a little, doesn't it?

Grilled Butt of Rove for my July 4 picnic? No thanks, I'm veggan, but thanks anyway for offering.

Sep 1, 2007

A Mythical Beast in Texas

Has a Mythical Beast Turned Up in Texas?

Is Rove back in Texas so soon? Thought he and his wife went on vacation. ;p

Anyway--Happy Labor Day, my fellow Americans! Hope you all have jobs with incomes that pay the bills.

Aug 31, 2007

Rove's last (official) day in D.C.

At sunrise of Karl Rove's last official day at the White House, there are some interesting Fixed Stars active for the day and a few midpoint pictures to consider.

And since today is the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's and Dodi's deaths, these Stars are in effect in relation to their suppposed assassinations.

The Sun and Fixed Star, Thuban, arose together. A while later, Mercury conjunct Fixed Star, Denebola (to go against society) arose with Mercury parallel Menkar (a victim of the Unconscious.)

In constellation Cetus, the Whale, Menkar relates to insights and unconscious forces issuing from the Collective, and may give an ability to achieve something great on behalf of the Collective. But Menkar also relates to disease, disgrace, and ruin.

Denebola has another set of keywords: being on the fringe of the establishment. Sounds perfect for Rove-the-trickster's removal to Texas or Hades (wherever) for he'll be politically involved in some way such as focusing on his tricks for the 2008 election.

Thuban's rising with the Sun takes the day, keywords: guarding or protecting a treasure. Thuban resides within constellation, Draco, the Dragon.

Being miserly with money or ideas is often the expression of Thuban. Resisting the nemesis of hoarding is the lesson of this Star with its connection to giving and sharing. And Pluto is, of course, the dragon guarding the treasure.

With some of the current influences in Rove's progressions, it wouldn't be a surprise if there's a tinge of financial fraud attached to him--and there's rich man Jupiter, symbol of the GOP, at the Foundation of the sunrise chart, still at the "A golden-haired goddess of opportunity" degree of 10Sag. Has he reaped a reward from the GOP for his work? What do you think?

Perhaps there already has been such a fraudulent tinge and I've not heard of it--for I consider a day spent without thinking of Karl Rove to be a pretty decent day ordinarily (so hopefully today will improve after I publish this post.)

Here are a couple of his current midpoint pictures relating to career matters--first the Minors (from the mental-causal plane):

Pluto/NN = Neptune: power of the half-truth; deception as a tool; win at any cost (at which he excels);

Pluto/ASC = Jupiter: receving a bounty; drive to major success; a favorable turn of life circumstances (clearing out of Dodge before the sheriff knocks? and he may be attempting to outrun the upcoming Sep 11 Solar Eclipse when missing emails or other paperwork may surface); a large gain; generosity;

Moon/MC = Mercury: thinking about one's position in life.

His Secondary Progressed chart has:

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; rebellion against one's lot in life; desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary effort; harm through force majeur; an act of violence or brutality.

Mercury/Jupiter = Sun: an orator with expressive gestures (such as a third finger toward Congress and its subpoenas?); talkativeness; successful solutions; an actor.

With his resignation, Rove is making waves to get to shore, trying to save or guard what's left. Hope someone goes over the books with a fine-toothed comb, as they used to say.

Today's Sun Vir/Moon Aries Image for Integration is:

A jolly, rotund monk enjoying his food and wine while excelling in well-worn Latin sayings, witty responses and kindly good humor. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzy Harvey.)

Rotund, for sure, but kindly?? And this analytical combo is "the practical joker"!

Sunrise midpoint pics influencing the day are:

Saturn/NN = MC: standing alone in life; little joy from accomplishments; separation from colleagues; mourning (for Diana and Dodi for sure--Rove? not so much);

Mars/Neptune: Moon: indecision; sensitivity; nervous weakness; crooks; feeling off-course (aka, America--thanks, turdblossom);

Jupiter/MC = NN: fortunate associations; an engaging manner in contact with others.

Guess that last one refers to the Press. For when it comes to Karl Rove, I am not engaged--unless there's a warrant out for his arrest for what he has perpetrated upon America.

May 23, 2007

a Goodling day

With Mercury and Venus out-of-bounds it seems that one of them represents Monica Goodling and her immunity from prosecution for testifying about purgegate.

Will she fall on her sword for Rove and Bush? The granting of prosecutorial immunity seems to indicate otherwise. But she's a woman protecting her chickens from hawks!

And naturally the Moon indicates a woman and is important in seeing how a day will proceed based on the Moon's applying aspects:

The Moon's only applying aspect (looking at 9:30 am edt) is her square to the Sun (3A34) and this square will be perfected at 5:02 pm. (The fault-finding Sun Gem-Moon Virgo combo is shared natally by Pres John F. Kennedy and Robert McNamara.)

Other factors at 5:02 pm edt:

IC "28Cap"..."A large aviary"...conjunct the powerful natal Pluto of the USA. This relates to the Pentagon and a certain association of generals (AVIARY.)

Oppressive Pluto/Chiron midpoint will have just crossed the IC, the Foundation of the chart.

Rising will be 23Lib49 with Fixed Stars Arcturus ("a different approach") and Spica ("potential for brilliance"), both Stars connected natally to the founding of America.

However, the current position of the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint (the two planets in opposition on 9/11/01, and which always bring misery, cruelty, violence, and war when in hard aspect) is 23Lib44. The blending of their energies in midpoint isn't so jolly either.

Sat/Pluto = ASC: cumbersome and difficult circumstances; mourning and bereavement; sadness. Sat/Pluto is conjunct Bush's natal IC also which affects MC, the Career and Public Status Point:

Sat/Pluto = MC: hard, hard work to arise from difficulties; major separation as a last resort; flight; severity; one-sidedness; application of tenacity and endurance.

The YOD pointing at Venus indicates a special purpose or task for a lady, and she's at "17Can" = "The germ grows into knowledge and life"...but Venus is applying to a helpful trine with reformist Uranus, whose Symbol is:

"19Pis": "A master instructing his pupil"...ELUCIDATION...

pos: high executive ability through patient investigation and genuine psychological insight;

neg/shadow side: a desire to live by rule and a conceit of empty knowledge.

(update Thursday: Gonzo may be said to have "instructed" her about his recollections according to her testimony!)

If Uranus is instructing Monica Goodling's testimony today, I hope his name doesn't start with Karl Rove or George Bush or that's what we'll end up with--empty knowledge.

Apr 30, 2007

Anonymous Whistleblower at your service

The emailing Anonymous Whistleblower has caused Mr. Wolfowitz (defending his actions today with his World Bank colleagues) much trouble, although as we all must admit, troubles are most often self-created.

Wolfie (my affectionate name for the geezer) has decried the charges against him as an attempt to oust him from his cushy post (duh!) and says he "will not resign in the face of a plainly bogus charge of conflict of interest."

Oh great--if the hydra wins, the heads will sprout even more viciously and it makes you wonder how such a contentious appointment can flourish after the rest of the cat-birders show their colors against Wolfie's undoubtedly autocratic, high-handed rule.

Yet..."smear campaign" he whines! Ethics Panel, you say? Puh...we'll see if they boot him in the end. And Wolfie should recognize a smear campaign when he sees one--he's a cohort of Karl Rove!

Bush, of course, came out with the usual reach-around for the incompetent...once again, it takes one to recognize one.

The Superb Perps Line-up: Brownie, Gonzo, Rummy, Condi, and now Wolfie...those are only the ones who come to a bloggled mind just now...except for Bushie himself.

And then there's Shot Gun Dickie who is a royal pri*k among pri*cks doing what he loves--the pillaging and looting without conscience which passes for governmental expertise in the Bush administration.

So I ask you: what Wolfie did for his girlfriend's bank account, portfolio, and prestige: isn't it similar to what Bush did for Condi? It's just the rarified pot giving the autocratic kettle a reach-around...wink!


SO'W blog-note: it has been brought to my attention that SO'W is simply fraught with screaming typos..and after some consideration I may have figured out the deal--two or three hapless readers are getting my first publish before an EDIT appr 5 mins later. Sorry for that, but sometimes typos slip through until I can grab them's a truly bad habit and I will try to do better in future!

And There's More: this blog views best with IE (for me, Firefox is pretty jumbly here and about you?); and no, T.K., my own version of 'Cowell' isn't pronounced like Simon's because around here it's Coh' wull...thanks much for asking! -jc

Mar 29, 2007

Capitol Hill: Mar 29, 2007

Looking at sunrise this morning on Capitol Hill and at 9:30 am, it looks like as an interesting day as Kyle Sampson, former chief of staff to Alberto Gonzales, testifies on the prosecutor purge.

It's a fiery day with Sun 8Aries+ and Moon 21Leo+, Moon to 22Leo+ by 9:30 am.

This Sun-Moon blend has a few weaknesses such as a tendency to insist on childishly seeing things its own way, and going for the biggest and best before tidying up the debris from past projects. There's a leaning toward letting ego needs for affirmation and applause blind any true self perception.

The debris of this situation won't be tidied up in one day...not to mention the other issues under consideration on the Hill today.

Here's the Image for Sun Aries-Moon Leo:

After slaying the black dragon of sloth and greed, the young warrior is knighted by the one true king, marries the maiden of purity, and they live happily ever after.

(I'll save my snarky remarks and suppositions for your imagination...besides, you may have the same opinion of these Washington players as I do.)

Today tr Uranus is closing the conjunction with tr North Node, Uran/NN = reformist political associations (Ebertin) and at sunrise we see these pictures as the Ura/NN conj meets these tr midpoints:

Sun/Mars = Uranus: premature action; changes of vocation; militarism; impulsive behavior; doing one's work in a state of excitement; forceful adjustment to new circumstances; sudden events. With NN: confederation and association in fighting for the same objectives.

Mars/Asc = Uranus: testiness; picking a fight; argumentation; intimidation; self-aggrandizement. With NN: excellent teamwork; the guidance of others.

9:30 am, the Sun/Mars pictures remain, add:

Saturn/Uranus = Asc: being placed in difficult circumstances; standing alone in the world; the loner's position is established; suffering difficulties caused by others; indecision; mourning.

Saturn/NN = Asc: appearing alone; pulling back; going away.

Moon/Mercury = Asc: sharing one's opinions.

Sun/Mc ("the goal") = Neptune: pursuit of the wrong objectives; apathy and indifference; the wrong attitude to life; confusion or lack of clarity; disappointments; insecurity.

Asc/Mc = Neptune: feeling ill at ease; the necessity to hide one's true nature by feigning, simulating or pretending (well, they are in Washington!);

Pluto/Asc = Uranus: unusual events fan flames further; success at all costs (Machiavelli just wiggled in his grave--I think Karl Rove poked him with a stick); anxiety.

Pluto/Asc = NN: identification of the ego with the larger group; sharing the same destiny with other people; tendency to enter into unusual associations.

Well, it's quite a day in Washington with the Capitol Hill Theater aggrandizing its egos and someone standing alone to take heat that belongs as much elsewhere as anywhere else.

Wish I could keep my eye on the performance but I'll have to check in on it later--around suppertime, after the dust has settled a bit...if it ever will.

Be sure to read the Comment after my last post by an eloquent reader who has some inspiring things to say about America!