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Sep 23, 2015

Pope Francis to America a "golden opportunity" as Venus leads

With Priestly Chiron Unaspected, Pope Francis Comes to America

by Jude Cowell

According to MSNBC, this week's visit of Pope Francis to America represents for him a golden opportunity for outreach to the Latino population. You know some of the Pope's topics during his speeches and contacts so I won't reiterate them here yet there are a few interesting possibilities revealed by the planetary midpoint pictures of today (Pope to the White House) and tomorrow (9.24.15) when he addresses a Joint Session of the US Congress, plus, a few planetary considerations of note.

And with transit Saturn, planet of authority and of lawmakers, @00Sag24, the Sabian Symbol for '1Sag' seems apt with Saturn rising in the 11:00 am edt chart set for the White House today: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire"--and in front of Congress tomorrow (9:20 am edt) Saturn begins in the 2nd house of the National Treasury. Will conservatives be schooled on their austerity measures against needy Americans? GOP lawmakers are said to be lukewarm at best about the Pope's visit and undoubtedly there are several reasons for this--climate change and US immigration policy under the spotlight being two of them.

Plus, Pluto (now stationary direct and thus even more powerful than usual) is one of the astrological significators of The Pope (any Pope) and is stationed @13Capricorn, the "A Fire Worshipper" degree (incense?). Another chart factor going on at the moment is the continuation of Venus @20Leo (royal Leo) as the engine of a planetary pattern, a Locomotive which may denote 'full steam ahead'. Perhaps Republicans should go ahead and remove their obstructionist carcasses off the tracks! For this leading-the-train position of Venus (the goddess and idol of many names through the centuries and in many cultures including the Vatican's Mary worship and adoration) shows a high-powered executive wishing to provide balance, something the Pope is here to strike, pundits say. Good luck with that on Capitol Hill is what I say! Great if it can be had. This Locomotive Venus in the lead knows there are problems and intends to solve them, so we'll see if the power and words of Pope Francis I will do the trick though there are sure to be utterances of deceit and malice in the mix (Neptune-ASC = Pluto today) from one direction or another--or from all directions and parties.

Now you know that the Sun (the president) now conjoins the North Node (NN) of encounters and future direction and if we look at the late afternoon natal chart of the US (July 4, 1776 Philadelphia, one of the Pope's stops on this visit, incidentally) we find the Sun-NN meeting at US natal Midheaven The Goal Point; Public Status on the World Stage). For me this indicates the importance of the papal visit to America's future direction with Pope Francis powerfully leading the way (Venus, a money planet) as he repeats himself on topics we've heard him discuss before (Mercury Rx and conjunct US natal Saturn in Libra = serious discussions, meetings). You may of course disagree but there it is.

With my blogging time is brief today I'll simply add a few prominent midpoint pictures for the Pope's address to Congress tomorrow (9.24.15; 9:20 am edt) to illustrate their potentials for expression during his historic visit to our nation which is now so off-track from our Founders' original intentions; any, all, or none may apply and are taken from Tyl and Ebertin:

Saturn-MC = Sun: the need to fight hard and the capacity to do so; Saturn-MC = NN: a major stroke of fate (NN) may affect all development; Mercury-MC = Jupiter (also a significator of The Pope as hierophant, priest, guru--jc): having a can't lose position; traveling for gain (more tithes in church collection bowls--or more? all those pedophile payments take their toll, you know--sorry, but there it is--jc); large thoughts are easily communicated; Venus-Jupiter = Mars: preoccupied with success; trying to make things happen successfully (like the 'new world economic order' that popes call for in the New Years Day addresses? jc)

And for today at the White House an angular picture arose at 11:00 am, the time when President Obama and Pope Francis are said to have begun their private audience: Moon-Jupiter = ASC: being well accepted; fortunate contacts; cheer and confidence (Tyl; Ebertin); inconsistent ideas about the role others play who help you (Munkasey).

We may also consider significant the fact that in Washington DC, gold-hoarding Midas @10Gem35 Rx is in the corporate 8th house of Shared Resources (debt, transformation, and the occult) during the Pope's address to the US Congress tomorrow--might this relate to his "golden opportunity"?

Jupiter and Neptune: Ruler and Co-Ruler of Shady Yet Spiritual Pisces

To all these considerations must be added the current opposition between pontificating Jupiter and spiritual Neptune across the victim-savior axis (Virgo-Pisces) for when Jupiter-Neptune energies combine on social, religious, business, and political levels, we find potentials for 'ideals mirrored in a religious context','hypocrisy as a form of internal policy', 'a legal system where morals are based on favors and pay-offs', and 'churches espousing a moral philosophy for all' and these goals may be part of the Vatican hierarchy's objectives this week--to conceal American political and corporate plans behind a facade of moral and political hypocrisy which is more acceptable to people of faith and which will soothe the masses with religion as the power elite continue to prepare global populations for the total control they have in mind.

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