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Oct 23, 2015

Did The Conservatives Get What they Wanted From Clinton's Benghazi Testimony? clip

Oct 23, 2015: Ed Schultz interviews a conservative Heritage Foundation member concerning yesterday's 11-hour Benghazi Committee hearing as she spins the Republicans' performances and questions as dandy fine (my southernism, not hers--just peachy works, too):

What I Garnered from the October 22, 2015 Benghazi Hearing

by Jude Cowell

For me, the primary points brought out in yesterday's hearing concern the over dramatized brouhaha over Hillary Clinton's emails particularly from her friend Sidney Blumenthal and the lack of emails to her from Ambassador Chris Stevens: the fact that State Department communiques were and are by cable, phone, conference calls, and in person--not by email. Seems Republicans were off the mark on that one along with their misunderstanding (or ignoring) of the government protocol of the State Department which Ambassador Stevens necessarily followed to contact the security officials who made the decisions.

Then there's the decreased funding for embassy security budgets thanks to the US Congress which were made critical in 2011 along with automatic Sequestration cuts soon taking effect. You'll remember that Sequestration austerity along with the 'Super Congress' idea intended to deflect criticism came to fruition under the sinister auspices of a difficult Solar Eclipse @2Sag35--where accountability-bringer Saturn now trods. Here's the DC horoscope with details on this eclipse with its peculiar turn of events theme.

Immediately after the tragedy, I suspect the Obama administration's attempt to hide the Benghazi attacks under cover of a controversial video protest rather than as a terrorist event (in an election year) was also intended to deflect criticism, a politically motivated tactic which the Republican Party has used many times themselves and will do so again. After all, Washington DC is based more on fakery than truth and when truth does come out it's usually extremely inconvenient. That's a good reason for considering eclipses affecting the city and the US government since as Uranian 'wild cards of the Universe', eclipses tend to suddenly reveal hidden truths and dark secrets for all to see!

It will be interesting to tune in tonight (10.23.15) at 9:00 pm edt to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show to hear Rachel's interview with 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton. No, I am not a Hillary fan but will vote on November 8, 2016 for a dirty mop before I vote Republican.


Blog Note: scroll down a bit and type 'Eclipses' into the sidebar Search field for a rather full list of eclipse charts the majority of which are set for Washington DC. jc

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