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Aug 15, 2021

Will the Authoritarians & Their Useful Idiots Win? - Thom Hartmann

Sunday August 15, 2021: Here's a recent segment from progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann on Why do Conservatives want America to fail?

This disturbing topic always brings to mind Grover Norquist and his urge to 'shrink the US government so small it can be drowned in a bath tub' - which was an urge and a promise! Because: is America drowning now? For decades the GOP and its wealthy backers and enablers have been quite successful 'hollowing out' our country so that such a question must now be asked. However, I suspect that few if any people in Grover's day realized how deeply the white-supremacist-neo-fascist crowd would be involved, as we now see so starkly. Or maybe they did but they weren't telling.

So here's another Thom Hartmann segment that was shared here way back in 2016: The Republican Plan: Destroy America, Let Corporations Rule which follows the Republican model of: Statism + Corporatism = Fascism. And although Benito Mussolini coined the term "fascism" in the 1930s, his promotion of the link between corporatism and fascism can be disputed.

Even so, the accuracy of the equation has certainly turned out to be the case.

Links of interest may include:

Authoritarianism and Useful Idiot. And here's a previous post concerning Mussolini's fascist party seen through the 'cosmic blinks' of an Eclipse Timeline.

And we may as well add a little something about the socialism that Republicans pretend to dread even though it's been with us all along:

"Many people consider the things which government does for them to be social progress, but they consider the things government does for others as socialism." - Chief Justice Earl Warren

Don't they though?

Also see: Hey America: You Already Have Democratic Socialist Programs - and the list is long!

Jun 22, 2017

June 22, 2017 Republicans Reveal Trumpcare and a New Moon Follows

This morning on Capitol Hill, and during a Dark of the Moon phase when operating in secrecy is a given, senate Republicans revealed their healthcare bill, their answer to a promised repeal and replacement of what they've famously termed 'Obamacare'. Under a changeable Gemini Moon (and with Gemini's ruler Mercury, plus, Mars in Cancer, out-of-bounds and writing and doing who-knows-what), today's senate bill is not yet in its final form.

Like the previously passed House 'healthcare' bill, the senate version may be meaner than ill Americans, those in nursing homes (there thanks to Medicaid), and others need it to be..."mean, mean', mean" was Mr. Trump's recent description of the House bill. Now he says he wants the senate bill to have "heart". Well, with tomorrow's New Moon in its own sign of Cancer (care, nurturing, security, family) perhaps this will be the case. Or not. For the June 23rd New Moon conjoins a money planet--America's natal Venus.

Set for Washington DC, here's a horoscope of the June 23, 2017 New Moon @2Can47 which perfects at 10:30:38 pm edt. Please enlarge to read my study notes if you wish for as you see, the 5th house of Gambling, Creativity, and Children and the 6th house of Health and Services are emphasized. Outside the chart I've highlighted in red the US planets most affected by this New Moon which is symbolically imprinted upon the Republicans' healthcare bill, no matter its final form.

The natal US planets in Cancer notated in the chart are: Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun (POTUS); neglected is US natal Mercury Rx in the New Moon's 6th house, an indicator of thinking and talking about health matters:

Saturn and Neptune = our social safety net programs

Descriptively, the transiting Saturn-Neptune midpoint (sick, poor, weak people) rises at the New Moon's Ascendant (4AQ27) along with America's natal South Node (6AQ) and this gives a midpoint picture of limitations, suffering caused by others, and false intentions being noticed. I believe that false intentions are at the "heart" of the bill since the legislation's true motive has been recognized from the beginning as a massive tax break for the wealthy class while taking away health care and insurance from those in need (which is where the suffering and potential cases of death come in--the final bill may include financial give-aways to the States whose politicians can then decide whether or not to fund Medicaid!)

And as you've probably noticed, in recent years there have been various ways in which the wealthy and corporate classes have abandoned America a la 'Ayn Randism'--the Republican 'healthcare' bill (aka, 'Trumpcare') is simply the most recent example. Ayn Rand's cold 'survival of the fittest' mindset has no room for the sick, elderly, or disabled--even though Rand herself received benefits in her old age!

Another cosmic hint as to Trumpcare's true motives: the transiting South Node of the Moon--aka, the Tail of the Dragon, now swipes the US natal Moon (We The People) suggesting separation and loss and a lose-lose outcome for us. We see and feel the humanitarianism and equality of our natal Moon sign, Aquarius, disrespected as we're tossed under the corporate bus of Plutocracy and 'economic royalists' as the transiting degree of Plutocracy's favorite midpoint (Pluto-Chiron @23AQ40) is now poised to overwhelm and oppress US natal Moon.

Now there are more chart factors worthy of study in the June 2017 New Moon chart but a steady down pour has just started here north of Atlanta, GA so I'll close this particular fuss and get back with ya later!

A Related Post with Video from March 2017: Trump & Paul Ryan Team Up to Make Healthcare Bill Even Worse.

Jun 8, 2017

As Russia Investigation Wears On Will Republicans Start to Shy Away from Trump?

June 8, 2017: the following political commentary concerning today's testimony by former (fired) FBI Director James Comey is an excerpt from the Thom Hartmann program:


And here's some Astrology of Mr. Comey's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday June 8th showing a tri-wheel of Donald Trump's natal horoscope (birth time known), a noon natal chart for James Comey in the center, and his testimony's 10:00 am edt horoscope set for June 8, 2017 Capitol Building Washington DC showing transits to both men's natal charts.

In answer to Thom's question: personally I doubt Republicans will willingly shy away from Trump or much else as long as they can force austerity programs upon the American people while finagling more large tax breaks for the wealthy class and playing World Cop (the military arm of corporate oligarchy) across the globe as if that could ever end well.


Corporatism + Statism = Fascism.

May 22, 2017

Social Program Cuts? Republicans Can't Shoot Butter

Republicans to Slash Needed Domestic Programs to Fund More War and Conquest

by Jude Cowell

Since Mr. Trump and the Republicans have their knives out intending to gut social programs for the weak, ill, and aging among us while massive tax cuts are put in place for the wealthy class, a review of the History of Medicare and Medicaid seems timely. And as you know, in 1972 (under Nixon) an expansion of the social safety net was enacted to include coverage for the disabled, end-stage renal disease patients needing dialysis or a kidney transplant, and citizens age 65 and older.

But waging perpetual war for the sake of Empire is a very costly endeavor and it isn't as if the disabled, ill, and aging can or would enlist in the military, right? So did the GOP finally accept Trump as their 'outsider' president because they knew that an unprincipled man would agree to cut whatever programs they targeted? And that, after spouting campaign rhetoric that he would not cut the very programs now under the GOP knife! Not that I believed him, of course. Did you?

By Ricard Canals (1876--1931) {Sick Child, Octavi, the artist's son} circa 1903; Barcelona. Details of artist on Google Art Project [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Always the Tiresome Trade-Off: Guns vs Butter

Photo: Paul Ryan: "We've Been Dreaming of Slashing Medicaid Since My Kegger Days"...a drunken dream? Now he's drunk with power.

Yes, with dreamy Neptune rising in his natal chart, Speaker Paul Ryan is quite a big dreamer. But do the current GOP austerity measures against the American people put you in mind of Republican President Eisenhower's famous Chance for Peace speech of 1953? Here's an excerpt:

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children." Theft. He said theft. To give the wealthy more tax cuts while harming little children.

Now Eisenhower's words contain way too vast a concept for a subjective man like Mr. Trump to grasp although certainly some Republican congress members have the mental and emotional capacity to understand that such theft from We the People will result in millions of Americans ill and starving on the streets and infecting everyone else. Plus, the US economy will suffer from the additional financial burden placed upon our families. (No, churches cannot do it all). But that's where lack of conscience and principles come in--when politicians plainly show that no, they are not their brother's keepers.

Now I don't mean that the US isn't worse off economically than we've been led to believe these last decades and my suspicion is that this is very much the case. 'White collar' theft abounds, as you know, and as noted, waging global war and acting as World Cop takes a whole lot of filthy lucre.

However, the austerity path of heartlessness the GOP demands for America is not the only path to take. Even if it's the global bankers' * 'big picture commands a certain course of action, little option to do otherwise' offer-they-can't-refuse situation that our compromised, bribed, and threatened 'representatives' on Capitol Hill are following because the 'otherwise' involves too much risk for their own hides to take. Apparently the extra added 'benefit' of population control (a la Ayn Rand) seems to suit the Republicans (and their enablers) just fine--as long as they and their loved ones remain unaffected. (They hope!)

Well, thanks for letting me vent. The current news on Medicaid and other financial cuts enrages me on behalf of the common good and for the sake of my native country (which I'm very partial to!) I must vehemently dissent against the Republican austerity agenda and sorry-a**ed war economy which are suggested by the cruelty and hardship potentials of year 2020.


Here's an audio excerpt (under 3 mins) of Eisenhower himself delivering his Chance for Peace speech on April 16, 1953. Now that soup lines across America will come into vogue again, it's obvious that someone didn't listen to Ike's counsel and preferred to sell out our nation to the highest bidder.

* the oh-so-rational 'new world order' planets of The Enlightenment, Uranus and Neptune, met three times in Great Conjunction all through 1993 at or near '18 Capricorn' so that a current midpoint picture has formed via transiting Pluto: the big picture commands a certain course of action, very little option to do otherwise.' (Noel Tyl, Solar Arcs). And that's no matter who must pay the price--saboteur Pluto of the Underworld doesn't care.

Mar 30, 2017

Major Earthquakes Related To Fracking Continue to Climb - report

Among other things, astrological Neptune rules mystery, secrets, chemicals, toxins, poisons, water and other liquids. Now during Neptune's slow float through its own secretive, oceanic sign of Pisces the news is full of references to Neptunian conditions and Neptunian mysteries--such as secret fracking formulas that oil companies use to force oil into their maws while poisoning the environment, plundering natural resources, and harming the people of the United States.

Here is Mike Papantonio reporting for The Ring of Fire Network as the future of the Environmental Protection Agency teeters upon the precipice of Republican ideology:


Mar 19, 2017

Fair Tax Act? The Unfair Tax Act

Astrologer Kevin Estes writes from California regarding the GOP's Fair Tax Act as Pluto takes a bow:

Fair Tax Act? The Unfair Tax Act

by Kevin Estes

The "Fair Tax Act" has recently been proposed by the House of Representatives. If it's approved, the income tax would be abolished and replaced with a 20% sales tax on all taxable items. Sounds good, but when you do your research, it's really UNfair.

With this plan, everybody would be paying the same amount of sales tax. This means that the person on disability would pay the same amount of tax as Bill Gates, the person on Social Security would be paying the same amount of tax as the Koch Brothers, etc. Basically, the "Fair Tax Act" is a punishment for not being rich, as this would give the wealthy way more to spend, while actually raising taxes on the working class and making the poor actually have to pay tax they can't afford. For something worth two dollars, an extra 20 cents would be added, along with the already prevalent local and state sales tax. For something worth $40, two whole dollars would be added to the overall cost. And considering that states will still have their income tax, this would be something that half the population cannot afford.

As the research in this blog shows, quite a few Republicans are secular or "Ayn Rand" Republicans, meaning that they vote Republican for their tax cuts, while being socially liberal. This tax plan would alienate them, as an even bigger portion of their money would be taken by the government than there was under the last Democratic president Barack Obama, who kept the Bush tax cuts intact for the middle class and lower classes, while only raising taxes on the upper middle class and wealthy. These people would likely become independents as a result if this gets passed.

The tax system, while in need of reforming, would be better off not existing at all. After all, the federal government we send our taxes to every year does not represent us, but rather themselves, and the corporations that enrich them and fund their campaigns. We're basically paying our government to screw us. But how will the government be able to operate without taxes? Well, it operated without an income tax for years, until the income tax was established during Woodrow Wilson's presidency. To go even further, how will we survive if we're not economic "wage slaves"? Imagine a world where everyone had a set minimum amount they make every month, and can pursue the career they want. Or a world where everyone had guaranteed employment, in a field that meshes with their innate astrological nature. Or to be even more extreme, a world where there was no money at all, and thus no way for elites to use the lower classes for their best interests. We need to be united, not divided, and classes are just another method of division, that aren't innate, like our skin color, sexual orientation, gender, astrological signs, generational characteristics, and even political viewpoints are. Economic classes are man made, and not in our best interests, as the lower classes will inevitably be serving the upper classes.

Pluto, the transformer, will be in Capricorn, the sign that represents federal systems, until 2024, when it goes into Aquarius, the sign of freedom. The income tax is one of those systems, along with the financial system, the education system, the political system, the media, religion, the entertainment industry, etc. The first six are not in our best interests, as they're all clearly in place to keep humanity enslaved to the elites, and the entertainment industry, while it does keep us entertained, has a long history of predictive programming (9/11 hints were given as far back as 1979, in the cover of progressive rock band Supertramp's Breakfast In America album! And the film "The Matrix" was a subtle way of telling us the reality of our system).

All of those systems will have to be transformed in humanity's best interests, as the systems that were in place during the last Pluto cycle, which started in 1777, are losing relevancy during the final days of Pluto in Capricorn.

And while fairness is good, it must be in the best interests of everyone, or else it isn't really fair at all. Giving the poorest and wealthiest Americans the same tax rate isn't fair, as it's not in everyone's best interest, but only the best interests of the corporations that own our elected officials, which is why political and ethical indicators in astrology need to be known by everyone, in order to elect people who will serve in humanity's best interests.

This post originally appeared on Left Wing Astrology on March 17, 2017 and is published here by author's permission. jc

Thanks Kevin!

In case you missed it here's Kevin's article Divide and Conquer: The Illuminati Agenda.

A Fair Tax Note: the Republicans' Fair Tax Act of 2017 was referred to committee on January 3, 2017 (the day the 115th Congress convened) and has about a 1% chance of passage. Tap or click to read the bill (S. 18).

Mar 7, 2017

Pre-Natal Eclipse of the Clean Air Act repeats Aug 21, 2017

Although I'd forgotten this post from 2010, tonight I ran across it and rediscovered that The Clean Air Act became law under the auspices of the 1 North Solar Eclipse Saros Series and if you were around back then you know how badly our air and the rest of the environment needed cleaning and protecting. And still does. But the Trump administration means to change all that.

Perhaps I'm over-fretting here but the next 1 North Solar Eclipse is being called The Great American Eclipse since it will be visible across the country from Oregon to South Carolina on August 21, 2017 @29Leo. It's such a rare and prominent cosmic event for our nation that no one knows what--or just what--to expect, plus, eclipses act as 'wild cards' of the Universe for they are unpredictably disruptive by nature in similar fashion to astrological Uranus.

Recently in a post I linked the August eclipse's 'Great'ness with Mr. Trump and his propagandistic slogan from the past, Make America Great Again, which some say is really Make America Sick Again...but whatever you do (think some), Make America White Again.

I know not but I do know that 1 North relates on one level to the establishment of the Clean Air Act and now in 2017 the Republicans and their financial enablers have the complete plundering of US resources visibly within their sights and are extremely anxious to pull the trigger.

Related: Are the Republicans Giving Away the Public Trust Land to Corporations? (video report). If so, this must be one of the several sinister activities the constant diversions performed by Donald Trump are intended to hide from public scrutiny. Peep eye!

Feb 21, 2017

House Republicans Vote to Shield Dangerous Corporations from Consumer Lawsuits - TYT reports

As we've discussed many times here on SO'W, when the mainstream media gets its knickers in a bunch and says, Look here look here! it behooves the American public to look in the opposite direction at the political machinations they're attempting to hide from our view via diversionary tactics.

The Young Turks's Farron Cousins reports:


Astrologically, we may wish to remember that the current 115th Congress began its tenure under the influence of a Fist of God (aka, Thor's Hammer) pattern if one doesn't mind counting the North Node of the Moon (NN, @4Virgo) as one point. In this case I believe it applies since the Cardinal Square between radical zealot Uranus in Aries and powerful saboteur Pluto in Capricorn forms the base of the Fist pattern which points toward the NN of the public.

We might even stretch to a midpoint picture between the three especially with the public discourse full these days with references to revolution:

Uranus-Pluto = NN: associations with others who share ideas on how to change the world through new approaches (M. Munkasey); and/or, teamwork pays off but egos are put first in line (N. Tyl).

Ebertin adds that the combination of Uranus and Pluto = collapse of the old order, construction of the new. What he doesn't add is the oppression, exploitation, and outright neglect of We the People who have little space remaining as it is on Washington's world domination agenda.

~~Corporatism + Statism = Fascism~~

Feb 1, 2017

Are the Republicans Giving Away the Public Trust Land to Corporations? video

Feb 1, 2017: what a lucrative part of the GOP plan, man! But who will benefit? Here's Thom Hartmann today speaking with a concerned caller:


A related post: Brief Astro-Notes and "Fun Facts" about Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) whose chart connection with starry Serpentis in Scorpio (sign of betrayal) may be worth remembering since he introduced the legislation to sell out public lands and their natural resources that belong, thanks to Republican Teddy Roosevelt, to...

Jan 2, 2017

What Does It Mean When The GOP Says They're Undoing FDR's Legacy?

For anyone confused over the intentions for the American people of the upcoming Trump administration and Republican austerians, ideologues, and theocrats, please take 16 minutes to absorb the following segment from Thom Hartmann (Dec 15, 2016):

One of the more hideous and haunting sounds we're hearing in our nightmares is Ayn Rand snickering from her grave at the gullible Trump voters that Randers call the #UselessEaters of society. Chumps!

Dec 22, 2016

Motives Revealed: Repealing Obamacare Will Give Wealthy a Massive Tax Break - video

Dec 22, 2016: GOP 'Repeal ACA' Motive Revealed to Be - Money!

Republicans have never been completely honest or open about their desire to repeal the Affordable Care Act (aka, Obamacare), but a new study by the non-partisan Tax Policy Center reveals that repealing the law will result in massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and raise taxes for many others.

The Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains the Republicans' obsession with taking away the health care insurance of millions of Americans:

Yes, most politicians do love their money even though 'the root of all evil' is the love of it!

July 4, 1776: money planet Jupiter @6Cancer = Sabian Symbol "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests," the present-day priority of Washington DC politicians, their enablers, and puppet masters. Now who honestly thinks gold-worshiping game bird Donald Trump will be an improvement?

The United States of America: the most lucrative cash cow of a nation there ever was!

Nov 10, 2016

Will Trump TV Be Disguised As The New Fireside Chats? - Thom Hartmann

Nov 10, 2016: Thom discusses the possibility of a 'Trump TV' being created and what it could be like, along with what he sees as Trump's and the GOP's plans for governing. Thom also names just who finagled Mr. Trump into the White House:

Note: since I've never listened to Michael Savage I was slightly surprised to find that he has a book titled Scorched Earth, a phrase that has turned up several times in the public discourse this week. Republicans used 'scorched earth' tactics against Barack Obama and perhaps you recall that we discussed 'scorched earth' in relation to goddess star Sirius in my November 5th post on the new 115th Congress convening soon on a Capitol Hill near you.

Now what if the Democratic Party got together in January 2017 and determined that they would block and undermine every single thing a President Trump and his Republicans planned to do? Revenge may be 'sweet' according to some folk but, as with President Obama's presidency, it would be the American people on the losing end once again. But I guess such a result is merely part of their 'shrink the US government' plan.

Oct 24, 2016

In 2016 Even Dead People Don't Vote Republican!

In These Late Days Mr. Trump Sees Zombie Voters

Over the weekend, former NY mayor Rudolph Guiliani continued his advocacy on behalf of Donald Trump and the candidate's "rigged election" claims that include the idea that dead people vote. However, Mr. Guiliani puts a finer point to the argument by noting that dead people tend to vote Democrat which must fairly suggest the opposite--that dead people (who usually have sent in their ballots and then had the misfortune to achieve their demise prior to Election Day with many states counting their votes) so that a compelling argument may be made for the idea that even dead people don't vote Republican, a wise choice which this blogger heartily yet belatedly agrees with.

As he increases the odds for a future status as a sore loser (and in this he is definitively Republican), you may wish to check out Mr. Trump's Bogus Voter Fraud Claims at

Aug 19, 2016

Judges Are Finally Calling Out Voter Suppression For What It Is! - clip (plus, Eclipses)

August 19, 2016 Thom Hartmann on judges' recent rulings on the hidden intent behind Republican voter suppression laws rather than going along with the Republicans' stated intent:

Astrologically, I'm noting the wording of this clip's title that includes "...for what it really is!" since the phrase and the judges' rulings against voter suppression tactics resonate perfectly with the 19 North early-acting Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 with its themes of "realism; seeing things for what they really are rather than what he or she thought it was; a good time for tackling the truth" (Brady). Yes, it must be a good time for tackling the truth because we're hearing quite a few examples of it during Campaign 2016 thanks, in part, to email leaks and hacks.

And with September 2016 a month with a Solar and Lunar Eclipse, their function as peep-eye! agents and 'wild card' uncoverers of secrets and inconvenient truths should spotlight for the public a surprising amount of realism in stark contrast with America's usual political scene of lies, fraud, crime, and propaganda.

Manifesting ten days prior to the first presidential debate, here are a few notes on the Sept 16, 2016 Lunar Eclipse: The Mystery of the Three Days (Saturn-NN).

May 12, 2016

Is Donald Trump the Duck Dynasty Version of Reagan? - clip (and a "Unity Meeting")

In honor of this morning's "Unity Meeting" between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (with Trump's natal Mercury @8Cancer conjunct fixed star Mirzam rising at 9:00 am edt: to have one's say), I'm posting a commentary by progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann concerning the differences and similarities of the 2016 Trump campaign and Ronald Reagan's successful 1980 presidential campaign:

May 12, 2016 Political Theater: an Astro-Peek at the Trump-Ryan Unity Meeting

At the goal-oriented Midheaven of today's Trump-Ryan Unity Meeting horoscope is the propagandistic Mercury-Pluto midpoint which carries potentials for keen judgment, coping ability, sharing secrets, providing important info, foresight, and an ability to arrange matters well (Ebertin). For RNC Chairman Reince Priebus (March 18, 1972) and for Paul Ryan (January 29, 1970), the current Mars retrograde transit in Sagittarius is lurking around both their Neptunes--Priebus' @5Sag and Ryan's @00Sag. When transit Mars aggravates natal Neptune, vibes of pretense, illusion, confusion, deception, and misunderstanding abound and may be coming from others and/or from Priebus and Ryan themselves. And considering Trump's truth-distorting natal Mercury-Neptune square, an air-clearing meeting of understanding and ironing out differences this morning almost had to be fraught with such potentials.

In addition, the current Jupiter-Neptune opposition is affecting Paul Ryan's natal Nodal Axis and his Midheaven, both on the Virgo/Pisces polarity, and the Jupiter-Neptune pair is associated with political conflicts, fraud, and speculation. And with today's Sun position @22Taurus (money sign of The Bull of Wall Street), the solar Sabian Symbol comes into view: "A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Gems," which remains significant due to the May 2000 Great Conjunction of societal planets Jupiter and Saturn upon that degree. Financing a 'Victory Fund' was, of course, one of the topics of their "Unity Meeting" since Mr. Trump has now pivoted toward the General Election and the defeat of presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton--and because Trump's great claim of financing his own campaign must wane since his campaign will pay him back, plus, the billion-dollar effort that must be financed if Donald Trump is to prevail for the Republicans in November.

So although the changeable Gemini Mr. Trump is unpredictable (his natal Uranus in mutable Gemini leads all his planets) and is not considered conservative enough for many GOPers (can the party control him? he has enough baggage from the past that they can probably use threats and blackmail), the basic summation by Republican spokesmen this morning concerning the Trump-Ryan Unity Meeting is that "Trump isn't Hillary".

And I believe that that may be what many people would call cold comfort.

May 4, 2016

How's that Dump Trump Thing Working Out? - video

After totally winning yesterday in Indiana, it looks as if we may not be calling Mr. Trump Mars Rising with Royal Regulus for nuthin'. Thom Hartmann on the Dump Trump movement:


Related posts: the Natal Horoscope of Donald Trump (part 1), Donald Trump Part 2 (his Sun-Moon personality blend and Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse), plus, a few notes on the Wedding Day Astrology of Donald and Melania Trump.

Feb 16, 2016

Fox News Has Rewired The Republican Brain In The Worst Way Imaginable - video

Have you noticed lately multiple mentions of human brain studies? Are you under the spell of the FOX News voices inside your head?

Related is a previous post containing a Max Igan video about Illuminati Mind Control, Spells, and Illusions along with a word about the legendary Tavistock Institute and two of its alleged clients--President Jimmy Carter, and the Republican Party.

And from 2015, calls for a CERN-like organization for the Human Brain Project (HBP) which sounds scarily distopian just putting CERN and HBP in the same sentence.

Feb 8, 2016

How Billionaires Built The Radical Right! - Thom Hartmann w Jane Mayer (Pluto!)

Here Thom Hartmann interviews author Jane Mayer whose book Dark Money: How Billionaires Built the Radical Right is a direct uncovering of a group of wealthy anti-governance types who felt threatened in 2009 by the presidency of Barak Obama and set up a "permanent campaign" to "nullify and obstruct" anything he proposed to do as a victorious politician who had run on 'Hope' and Change' (Jupiter and Uranus).

Mayer identifies The Koch Network, men who are neither Republican nor Democrat but are determined to use their outrageous personal and corporate wealth to subvert the democratic process and impose their will upon the US populace. This is one main reasons why most Americans have felt in recent years that their needs and interests no longer matter in Washington--to these high handed, amoral Plutos-behind-the-curtain--they don't:


And here's an astro-note from the Inauguration 2017 horoscope as transit Pluto in Capricorn continues creeping toward the Midheaven Point (Aspirations; Career; Public Stage; Reputation) of recent January 20 noon charts (26 Capricorn+ but progressing every four years toward US natal Pluto @27Cap33): at noon on January 20, 2017 Capitol Hill, a midpoint picture is formed which involves and is activated by draconian gold-hoarder Pluto, the saboteur and manipulator (17Cap36/9th house) and contains the following potentials:

Moon-Mars = Pluto: fanaticism; one-sided outlook; a woman who stands alone (Hillary?) (-Ebertin.)

And here I shall quote Michael Munkasey in his Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets on the Thesis and Antithesis of the Moon-Mars combination of energies which on a more personal level tend toward anger and upset and in Politics, a public mood of protest and rage at Democracy morphed into Plutocracy:

"Thesis: Leaders who show concern about the welfare of others but who don't necessarily follow through with relief; using or developing metal or mineral resources; energy usage for agricultural or land development.

Antithesis: Farming activities which do not receive sufficient support from the leadership; a military hierarchy which fluctuates in its effectiveness; commercial uses of land resources for military or business activities."

Munkasey then adds the Pluto potentials to Moon-Mars: "Eliminating the anger or irritation which accompanies complaints; intensified defiance during periods of uncertainty; troubles which arise when your imagination is over stimulated; wasting common sources of energy." (Any, all, or none are possibilities as are those of the 1993 (Clinton era) Uranus-Neptune conjunction/s @17/18 Capricorn (Global Government/NWO = strong-armed paternalism) which is now in orb of activation by Pluto into: extreme destruction, great losses, and calamities, all of which would be the outcome if a Republican grasps the White House and they and The Koch Network (and its foreign overlords) finally get their wish to dismantle social safety programs such as Social Security--and Veterans Healthcare is also on their privatization to-do list. Faithless plutocrats!)

So it's the resulting Synthesis of these plutocratic potentials we must be concerned about and the too-similar corporate neoliberalism of the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party which, as Benjamin Studebaker so ably asserts, began in earnest with the presidency of Jimmy Carter. Now in 2016 we find that the Democratic Socialism (a la FDR and LBJ) of candidate Bernie Sanders is the only antidote to Plutocracy we have left to us as long as Bernie's 'Political Revolution' comes to pass via a landslide voter turnout in November--otherwise, America's debilitating Income Inequality will be our generation's legacy to future generations.


Dec 30, 2015

Caller: I Don't Care About Clinton's Affair, I Lost a Son in War! - The Thom Hartmann Show

Quite a while back I stated here that a 2016 Hillary Clinton run for president meant Republicans would rehash all the Bill Clinton era scandals they could dredge up--the true and the false--and you must have noticed that the smear has begun as Bill enters the 2016 campaign trail. But please don't let the GOP distract you from the more important issues before us now by spewing true or ginned up Clinton 'gates' and affairs from both then and now. The GOP will have to dredge extra hard since their dramatic Benghazi Committee Hearings didn't play against Hillary and her presidential bid the way they'd hoped for it was a rather deflated affair:

If it weren't so tragic it would be amusing how ultra-sensitive to lies Republican Party politicians are while neglecting to mention their own that have gotten millions of people killed.

An example: I'm sure you remember that congressman Joe Wilson just couldn't help heckling President Obama during his Address to Congress by shouting out "You lie!" because Wilson felt such deep concern for honesty and truth: