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Apr 27, 2017

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Wed April 26th - Trump Tax Plan

April 26, 2017: Ed Schultz discusses the Trump tax plan designed to aid the wealthy and billionaire corporations with massive tax cuts that, as Ronald Reagan's 'trickle down' scam exposed in the 1980s, will not add jobs or investments to the US economy but will further line the pockets and pad the offshore accounts and stock portfolios of rich elites. Of course, Mr. Trump's bottom line and those of his family members will greatly benefit as well. Is this rob-the-poor recklessness the 'great' that Mr. Trump promised to 'make' America again--a return to Reagan economic policies that hollowed out the middle class the first time around and caused harm and suffering across the land?

Actually, just as with Reagan's Voo Doo Economics, the irresponsible Trump tax and deregulation plan will increase the deficit and will not "pay for itself," which is the very same argument used by Reagan!!

But naturally Mr. Schultz explains it better:

History Rhymes via Solar Eclipse Cycles!

And speaking of never-worked-never-will Reaganomics, do you know there's a Solar Eclipse for that? Well, sadly for our nation, I regret to inform you that the 1981 eclipse @7Leo51 manifested in the 1 North Saros Series which repeats this August with what some folk are calling The Great American Eclipse. My suspicion is that transnational banking cartels and their US politicians completing the Heist of 2008 using 'Trumponomics' in 2017 will go a long way toward the total eclipse of America.

Dec 1, 2016

Papantonio: DNC Stupidity Continues w/ Pelosi In Charge - video report (w/ Eclipses)

Yes, Nancy Pelosi raises lots of money for Washington Democrats but is that a good reason to retain the one who was in charge during the 2016 Election/s?

For more reports, bravely step into The Ring of Fire.

Now let's allow Astrology to chime in with a link to Nancy Pelosi's X-rated natal chart set for March 26, 1940 Baltimore, Maryland. Appropriate for her being 'retained' in her congressional role, her chart shows an abundance of stubborn Taurus, a money sign of growth and preservation. Mrs. Pelosi's birth time is unknown, hence the X rating but since her natal Moon remained in Scorpio for the 24-hour period we know her personality blend is a Fire-Water Sun Aries-Moon Scorpio combo which we already discussed some time ago.

Happily we need no birth hour to check out the Prenatal Eclipse Saros Series into which she was born--the 14 South (18Lib36) which last repeated in November 2011--November 25, 2011 @2Sag36, to be precise. This 'peculiar' eclipse of 'unexpected happenings in finance' (Brady) brought the American people an ill-titled 'Super Congress' whose members obscured the blame for financial difficulties and created Sequestration across the board (but not so much cutting of black-ops, surveillance, and military expenditures, of course, since the Utopian dream of conquering and occupying the entire world is very very costly-for citizens).

Here's more on the sinister Sequestration Solar Eclipse of 2011 (DC horoscope shown).

Wonder how Pelosi's natal Mercury-Neptune opposition (on the Virgo-Pisces axis) will stack up against Donald Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square (Cancer to Libra)? Both aspects between the planet of thinking processes, communications, and comprehension and deluded, deceptive (if inspirational) Neptune are problematic though as always, the development of maturity and ethical standards bring more positive results. Mrs. Pelosi's opposition denotes one who can trigger destructive qualities in others, a tendency toward scheming which causes others to distrust her, a suspicious nature, and telepathic ability. Mr. Trump's square indicates issues with distortion of facts (misconceptions and indiscretion), unintentional unreliability, a tendency to make errors when the unconscious mind plays tricks on the conscious mind, and occult interests.

Both the opposition and the square between Mercury and Neptune suggest that both Pelosi and Trump have problems keeping secrets; either aspect may indicate a cunning nature that uses underhanded ways of disclosing confidential information although other chart factors may mitigate this unfortunate tendency.

Oct 14, 2016

Ed Schultz and John Nichols - video (plus, 'Trump vs GOP' Astrology)

Natal Charts Reveal Differences Between the Republican Party and Nominee Trump; Schultz and Nichols Discuss GOP Coup and the Party's 2016 Nominee

With much confusion reigning these days between Donald Trump and the Republican Party, can a brief comparison of their natal horoscopes reveal the whys and wherefores? Below is a brief list of chart factors between them which describe, I believe, at least some of their difficulties.

And please check out the October 13th video of progressive broadcaster Ed Schultz speaking with The Nation's Washington correspondent John Nichols concerning troubles within the Republican Party and the Party's issues with its own 2016 nominee Donald Trump.

A bi-wheel image of the natal charts of the Republican Party and Mr. Trump shows some of the planets and points between the two that conjoin although opposing planets reveal some of the turbulence between them. (Remember earlier in the 2016 campaign when 'Trump is not a Republican' was a prominent talking point heard regularly in the news?)

Yes, both entities have the same Sagittarian Moon position which conjoins Trump's natal South Node of neurotic behavior and (Saturnian) separation! Fixed star Ras Alhague is also there (see 'Sapphire Star' post, linked below). But as current political events (to endorse or not to endorse, that is the Q) confuse, we see the nominee's natal Neptune (5Libra50 Rx) rising in the Party's chart (ASC 4Lib23) in opposition to the Party's natal Mercury (5Ari18 Rx) suggesting misunderstandings, confusion, deception, illusions, errors, and loss. This condition is worsened by the fact that Trump was born with a Mercury-Neptune square of distorted perceptions, gossip, and a problematic relationship with the truth.

With Mercury square Neptune, discreet he is not yet this relates to what so many Trump supporters admire: that he 'tells it like it is' (or, how he and they think it is). Well, at least some of his observations are correct enough to discomfit The Establishment and the GOP hierarchy (and Democrats!) as Mr. Trump inconveniently reveals information that Washington is desperate to keep hidden from the masses.

A second factor of note is the Mars-Ascendant-Mars trio at the end of Leo (conjunct royal star Regulus, the king-maker) and the Party's natal Mars @00Virgo21 Rx in the 12th house of Karma, Self-Undoing, and Politics. Mars also acts as a Bucket handle for the GOP with Mars in Virgo exploiting every situation and criticizing every opponent. Meanwhile, Trump's chart shows a Bowl shape of planets with quirky rebel Uranus leading in Gemini, sign of deals and commerce. This denotes one who is a 'convincing' orator who scatters his energies. Plus, as you know, Gemini and Virgo square one another though both signs are ruled by shape-shifting Mercury who knows a lot about lying.

Now here are Ed and John discussing Trump and the GOP:

Image: natal charts of the Republican Party (inside) and Donald Trump (outside).

Let's close with another chart factor which is penned across the top of the image: the Republican Party's Pre-Natal Eclipse (PE) @8Sag33 and Donald Trump's Pre-Natal Eclipse @8Gemini48 precisely opposing one another--and both eclipses have themes of 'endings, partings, separations' attached. Plus, Trump's PE is also his Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior to birth) which emphasizes the importance of his eclipse--and 8Gemini55 is the position of America's 1776 'totem' Revolution planet of radical reforms, chaos, and disruption, Uranus (also a planet of separation).

So in charts from 1854 and 1946, the degree range of 8/9 Gemini-Sagittarius spotlights fixed stars Aldebaran (success through integrity) and warring Antares (obsessed with success) as the Republicans attempt to win the White House (and down-ticket slots) on November 8, 2016 (not November 28th, Mr. Trump!) with their candidate constantly making headlines that simultaneously offend and distance large groups of American voters.

And yet...Nationalism promoter and protectionist Mr. Trump does talk big against the New World Order globalists, doesn't he? As if he alone would be able to act on America's behalf and grasp control of the transnational banking syndicate that he himself has taken huge loans from! Perhaps someone should tell him that the role of US president has become more of a facade of power in the world than it is the real thing.

A few related posts, videos, and Astrology:

Life Themes: the Pre-Natal Eclipses of Clinton and Trump; Donald Trump: Natal Moon and the Sapphire Star; and Trump Campaign Chief's Strong Ties to Putin Revealed - clip (w Astrology) which concerns Paul Manafort who 'stepped down' from Trump's campaign but remains behind the Russian curtain.

Jun 28, 2016

Poison on tap: Is Washington DC the next Flint? - video

Is lead poisoning flowing through the water pipes of Washington DC? Decades ago I was a resident of our Masonic Capital City and suspect that I relocated and thereby dodged this particular bullet.

Ed Schultz brings us a disturbing report:

Watch RT America based in Washington DC.

Apr 12, 2016

Apr 12, 2016: Ed Schultz News and Commentary w/ Jonathan Alter (Election 2016) - video

Now this is interesting: Ed and author-journalist Jonathan Alter discuss the state of Campaign 2016 such as it is:

And it looks as if the GOP will have to manage without a 2016 candidate and "white knight" Paul Ryan because apparently, the rules are the rules!

Jan 7, 2016

Ed Schultz Gives Commentary on the News of the Day (01-07-16) - video

Well, they're all jumping into this week's news cycle: Bill, Hill, and Donald, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, North Korea... Here's a 5-minute synopsis by progressive broadcaster Ed schultz:

Here's a previois post containing the natal data of North Korea and a list of its natal planets. plus, a few brief notes--one example: NK's natal Uranus (shocking events, eccentricity, electricity, uranium) conjoins 00Cancer, one of the four Cardinal World Points of manifestation and recognition, and of course, where the Sun shines a bright spotlight every Summer Solstice (so he has that goin' for him).

Dec 4, 2015

What Can Be Done to Curb Gun Violence (w Jonathan Alter) 12-04-15 video

Now this particular American does not support dis-arming the American people and I don't want the political jokers who masquerade as 'politicians' to go messing around with the Second Amendment (or any other Amendment) but here is an interesting discussion to consider on the topic of gun violence and Congress between Ed Schultz and Jonathan Alter that you may wish to check out:

Dec 1, 2015

Will Republicans Force Another Government Shutdown? - video, and the Dec 11 New Moon

Those who follow Astrology know that America's budget extension deadline on December 11, 2015 falls upon the day of a New Moon @19Sag02 (5:29 am est) -- Sagittarius, ruled by banker, politician, and The General Jupiter, a money and societal planet. A New Moon phase times a new cycle of activity, here, in Jupiter-related realms, and culminating on Christmas Day 2015 with a Full Moon in Cancer, sign of America's natal Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury.

Yet Sagittarius (the archer and seeker) is also the sign of foreigners, strangers, refugees, and ideologies, and restrictive Saturn, planet of borders, boundaries, and laws, is now in Sagittarius. So please note in the following interview with Rep. John Yarmuth and Ed schultz that an attempt may be made on Capitol Hill for a possible government shutdown by those who wish to 'justify' their anti-government action by adding refugees and migrant issues to their list of flimsy excuses for what seems to me to be a traitorous act against our nation:

Nov 20, 2015

Rep. Steve Cohen on Refugee Vote and 2016 (11.20.15) - video (w Saturn in Sag)

Now that restrictive, conservative, status quo Saturn has settled into Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, sign of the emigrant, refugee, stranger, and foreigner (plus, ideals, ideologies, religion, and a need or desire to travel) we have a long haul until the old man planet of lessons, tasks, losses, and hardships enters his own sign of Capricorn in December 2017. During that period he will approach, conjoin, and cross one of the four Cardinal World Points of Manifestation, 00 Capricorn, in order to vacate Sagittarius where issues of justice, legalities, religion, and philosophy are prevalent topics in society which demand addressing.

And as we see, the desire to emigrate and forced separation from one's country are particularly denoted by Saturn in Sagittarius along with restrictions on accepting refugees who need safety and support and a closing (Saturn) of borders (Saturn again) to travelers and emigrants (Sagittarius). We also notice a tragic lack (Saturn) of wisdom (Saturn and Sag) in the political system (Saturn rules systems) though if political managers listened to those with experience and/or seniority concerning refugee issues, needy sojourners would be treated more fairly and America's ideals so long touted would be upheld like the Statue of Liberty's (Illuminati) torch of freedom. Instead we find the *Saturn-Neptune and Uranus-Pluto squares ruling the day--one indicating loss, painstaking efforts, and suffering, the other describing a generational clash between upstarts and the establishment with protest movements all around.

Here's a discussion of the "Home of the Not-So-Brave" refugee vote in Congress yesterday plus some political observations from Ed Schultz and Rep. Steve Cohen concerning 2016:

*The Saturn-Neptune pair also represents certain -isms such as Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, and such. Presently 2016 candidate Bernie Sanders fulfills that role in society as the explainer and promoter of Democratic Socialism. And if you use the late afternoon Sag rising natal chart for America (July 4, 1776) you know that Saturn in Libra and Neptune in Virgo straddle the Midheaven of the chart and of our nation which denotes a socialist agenda vs capitalism as a Goal. That transiting Saturn will come in range of and cross our natal Ascendant (11-13Sag) of that chart before the end of December 2015 into 2016 (already within orb) is something to consider since Saturn's issues of accountability and responsibility have already become prominent in the halls of Washington DC where the globalist wars that displaced the population of Syria were planned and executed from the Pentagon with the encouragement of other western (and perhaps eastern) powers.

Oct 23, 2015

Did The Conservatives Get What they Wanted From Clinton's Benghazi Testimony? clip

Oct 23, 2015: Ed Schultz interviews a conservative Heritage Foundation member concerning yesterday's 11-hour Benghazi Committee hearing as she spins the Republicans' performances and questions as dandy fine (my southernism, not hers--just peachy works, too):

What I Garnered from the October 22, 2015 Benghazi Hearing

by Jude Cowell

For me, the primary points brought out in yesterday's hearing concern the over dramatized brouhaha over Hillary Clinton's emails particularly from her friend Sidney Blumenthal and the lack of emails to her from Ambassador Chris Stevens: the fact that State Department communiques were and are by cable, phone, conference calls, and in person--not by email. Seems Republicans were off the mark on that one along with their misunderstanding (or ignoring) of the government protocol of the State Department which Ambassador Stevens necessarily followed to contact the security officials who made the decisions.

Then there's the decreased funding for embassy security budgets thanks to the US Congress which were made critical in 2011 along with automatic Sequestration cuts soon taking effect. You'll remember that Sequestration austerity along with the 'Super Congress' idea intended to deflect criticism came to fruition under the sinister auspices of a difficult Solar Eclipse @2Sag35--where accountability-bringer Saturn now trods. Here's the DC horoscope with details on this eclipse with its peculiar turn of events theme.

Immediately after the tragedy, I suspect the Obama administration's attempt to hide the Benghazi attacks under cover of a controversial video protest rather than as a terrorist event (in an election year) was also intended to deflect criticism, a politically motivated tactic which the Republican Party has used many times themselves and will do so again. After all, Washington DC is based more on fakery than truth and when truth does come out it's usually extremely inconvenient. That's a good reason for considering eclipses affecting the city and the US government since as Uranian 'wild cards of the Universe', eclipses tend to suddenly reveal hidden truths and dark secrets for all to see!

It will be interesting to tune in tonight (10.23.15) at 9:00 pm edt to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show to hear Rachel's interview with 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton. No, I am not a Hillary fan but will vote on November 8, 2016 for a dirty mop before I vote Republican.


Blog Note: scroll down a bit and type 'Eclipses' into the sidebar Search field for a rather full list of eclipse charts the majority of which are set for Washington DC. jc

Oct 21, 2015

Paul Ryan is the Same as He has Always Been (10-21-15) - video

Here are a Astro-Notes on the Personality of Rep. Paul Ryan if you're curious (I didn't have his birth time then.) So more to the point, The Political Astrology Blog has revealed Ryan's recorded birth time (2:37 am) on January 29, 1970 Janesville, Wisconsin. Born at 2:37 am CST gives him a Libra Moon and a Locomotive pattern of executive talent and a drive to success with powerful Pluto @27Virgo as the engine--in his 10th house of Career and Public Status.

As for assuming the heavy responsibility of the Speaker of the House position, karmic Saturn now @2Sagittarius has just crossed Paul Ryan's natal Ascendant (00:38) after a stomp upon his natal Neptune @00Sag35 (he's a thespian it seems.) This is the 'dream come true' or 'the grim face of reality' transit and my suspicion is that for Rep. Ryan, is he accepts the Speaker position he will experience a bittersweet mixture of both.

Oct 8, 2015

Give Me A Minute: Hillary announces opposition to TPP - Ed Schultz

Words, promises, and proposals are only campaign fluff! (And snakes shed their skins when the time is right.)

It will be interesting to hear about the TPP during the first Democratic debate on October 13, 2015.

Oct 5, 2015

A Bad Trade Deal now in the Hands of Congress (w/ Larry Cohen) 10.5.15 - clip

Our laughing stock Congress will 'save' and protect US workers, right? (wink):

Agree or disagree, the TPP is transparently another phase of the process toward a fully implemented 'new world economic order'.

Sep 25, 2015

What Does Boehner's Resignation Mean For Republicans In Congress - video

Pour the tea! The job of herding Republican House cats is now open due to John Boehner's announcement today that he'll step down from the speaker's position at the end of October but I must confess to loathing the idea that Ted Cruz has gotten something he wanted. Maybe this is a result of the ongoing yet fading energies of the Cardinal Square between rebellious upstart Uranus and old school manipulator Pluto with its titanic clash of generations vibes:

Sep 16, 2015

Will Republicans Force Another Govt Shutdown? - Ed Schultz (+ Mercury Rx)

With Federal Reserve officials meeting today and announcing their interest rate decision tomorrow (the day of announcing Mercury's Rx Station on US natal Saturn in mid-Libra!), here is Ed Schultz on the threat of another expensive government shutdown in the Republicans' misguided attempt to de-fund (Mercury Rx?) Planned Parenthood over the abortion/fetal tissue issue even though abortion via Planned Parenthood is by law not funded by taxpayer money:

Go Ed!

And for comparison, here from August 2013 is the Heritage Foundation's Jim Demint (former SC senator) discussing the previous Republican government shutdown over defunding Obamacare with the usual flawed logic. If anti-government Senator Ted Cruz manages to lead another shutdown in 2015 or 2016, the Republicans will say it's President Obama shutting down the government which will--again--fool few if any of the American public:

Guess Republicans feel they must use the 'the devil made me do it' strategy against the president! But will Ted Cruz treat us to another overly dramatically reading of a Dr. Seuss book? You remember the ironic thing about his choice of reading material, right? Green Eggs and Ham (he's the ham) is a tale about trying something new (like Obamacare) that you assume you don't like and finding out that you do--not quite the message Cruz's government shutdown was intended to convey.

Here's Amazon's page/s of Dr. Seuss books for Cruz to choose from though of course, he may decide to avoid some of the ridicule and skip reading a children's book this go-round. However, on the list of books is the ever appropriate for US politics One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish with its murky, up or down Piscean flavors!

Now for all you Pisces folks out there, here is my modest illustration of the Two Fish with a few astro-details concerning this Mutable sign published at Dreamyfish Art some time ago.

Pisces: Two Fish a pencil drawing by Jude Cowell (c).

Aug 27, 2015

Ed Schultz Criticized Obama then Fired from MSNBC - video

Well, I, for one, always appreciated The Ed Show on MSNBC, a network said to be leaning toward the right with its programming. If that happens, the Rockerfellerites at MSNBC will lose at least one regular viewer--moi because their programming has given social liberals and non-Ayn-Randers a semblance of being heard even if it's only an elaborate ruse so if that illusion ends so will my viewership.

Of course, behemoth Comcast was behind the decision.