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Oct 29, 2015

Oct 29, 2015 Paul Ryan now Speaker of the House w Sun Sco-Moon Gem

At 10:47 am edt this morning, John Boehner announced Paul Ryan as the new Speaker of the House of Representatives. Let's take a quick peek at the cosmic atmosphere of the morning which will also influence the tenure of Rep. Paul Ryan as the Speaker. As you know, in Sun-Moon blends we glean the conscious energies (Sun) and the unconscious energies (Moon) blended together. Naturally the rulers of the signs involved add their flavors to the picture--in this case Scorpio's Mars and Pluto and Gemini's Mercury, planet of votes, voters, announcements, and speaking.

At 11:10 am edt, Nancy Pelosi presents the Speaker's gavel to Paul Ryan. He speaks and calls John Boehner "a class act." Remember that Mr. Boehner was one of the upstarts when he came to Congress, now he's been ousted by current upstarts. As Astrology says, how we begin is how we end! (Ryan ends his speech at 11:24 am, his swearing in is next and will be administered by Rep. John Conyers...oath at 11:25 am..."I do" at 11:26 am edt. His reign begins.)

Sun Scorpio-Moon Gemini is a misty, ethereal Water-Air combination and as you might expect, tears were shed. Water-Air is imaginative, theatrical (perfect for politics and Capitol Hill), and communication but with an undercurrent of 'divine discontent' (which is often supplied by the Tea Party 'Freedom Caucus' members.) Specifically, Sun Scorpio-Moon Gemini denotes potentials for emotional restlessness, volatility, wit, insight, and an ability to defuse awkward situations and move ahead. Wouldn't a return to regular order be refreshing? Well, Speaker Ryan just called for it.

To close, here are the Images for Integration of the conscious and unconscious energies of the day--make of them what you will:

"Trivial Pursuits goes macabre...The mystery of life in a strip cartoon...A virtuoso violinist touches the hearts of her audience...Rodin's The Kiss, Hands...Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Hopefully the last reference to Brothers doesn't refer to the anti-government, anti-democracy corporate titans, the Koch Brothers and their meddling.

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