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Dec 5, 2017

Astrologer Kevin Estes: Impeach Donald Trump

Mueller Indictments: Why The GOP Should Impeach Donald Trump

by Kevin Estes

Throughout the last month, the Robert Mueller investigation has picked up some serious steam, first with the Indictments of Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort and Manafort's business associate Rick Gates, and then on December 1st with the indictment of Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn. This will inevitably result in more Indictments, which will likely be Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and son Donald Trump Jr. With the evidence of Trump doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin and Russia interfering in the 2016 elections growing more and more each month, Trump is already losing, or has already lost, the independent voters, and with the approval rating of Congress sitting at a dismal 10%, they need to do something to show that they care more about the credibility, as well as the security, of the country more than towing the party line or most importantly, their own wealth. What is that?

Impeach Donald Trump.

What's keeping them from doing this? Not only has Trump likely committed treason, he's also shown signs of racism by not condemning white supremacists (while condemning protesters) while pushing for a deficit-ballooning Border Wall, making minorities scared as a result, as well as being a threat to the 1st amendment, which is the right to freedom of speech, by suggesting that journalists who criticize him lose their licenses and that protesting NFL players be fired on the spot. By impeaching Donald Trump, the GOP would make a big effort to restore its image, and they would remove themselves of an overly authoritarian President. If Trump gets impeached, Mike Pence, a Republican, would become President, and as my astrological analysis shows, he is more of a true conservative than Trump, who represents the 1% that is getting wealthier every year more than anything. So unless certain high ranking Republicans (like Pence himself and even Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, the leaders of the House and Senate respectively) are in this scandal themselves, there is no valid reason whatsoever not to impeach Donald Trump, especially with the midterm elections coming next year - unless they will be hacked as well.

If the GOP fails to stand up for justice and impeach Donald Trump, they risk their credibility being ruined forever, and that might just happen according to Jeanne Mayell's predictions, as the GOP will lose relevance over the next eight years. After all, we are in the Pluto in Capricorn era, where governments (Capricorn) will be transformed (Pluto).

See predictions by Jeanne Mayell.

As you'll see, she has a great accuracy record.

Agreed, Kevin, and thanks for sharing your views! It seems obvious to me that you have higher standards and a deeper sense of justice than the paid-for politicians who now infest our nation's capital and work diligently to sabotage our nation. jc

To read more of Kevin's millennial views, his ethics analyses, and other articles, check out Left Wing Astrology where this post originally appeared. And please share if you care!

Oct 24, 2017

Not One Penny To The Wealthy, Single Payer and Republican Lies (w/Guest ...

A call-in discussion recorded in October 2017 with Thom Hartmann and Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) who notes current efforts in Wisconsin of House Speaker Paul Ryan, Republican and devotee of Ayn Rand of 'useless eater' fame:

Join Thom Hartmann at patreon where you can also watch re-runs of his 3-hour broadcasts.

May 22, 2017

Social Program Cuts? Republicans Can't Shoot Butter

Republicans to Slash Needed Domestic Programs to Fund More War and Conquest

by Jude Cowell

Since Mr. Trump and the Republicans have their knives out intending to gut social programs for the weak, ill, and aging among us while massive tax cuts are put in place for the wealthy class, a review of the History of Medicare and Medicaid seems timely. And as you know, in 1972 (under Nixon) an expansion of the social safety net was enacted to include coverage for the disabled, end-stage renal disease patients needing dialysis or a kidney transplant, and citizens age 65 and older.

But waging perpetual war for the sake of Empire is a very costly endeavor and it isn't as if the disabled, ill, and aging can or would enlist in the military, right? So did the GOP finally accept Trump as their 'outsider' president because they knew that an unprincipled man would agree to cut whatever programs they targeted? And that, after spouting campaign rhetoric that he would not cut the very programs now under the GOP knife! Not that I believed him, of course. Did you?

By Ricard Canals (1876--1931) {Sick Child, Octavi, the artist's son} circa 1903; Barcelona. Details of artist on Google Art Project [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Always the Tiresome Trade-Off: Guns vs Butter

Photo: Paul Ryan: "We've Been Dreaming of Slashing Medicaid Since My Kegger Days"...a drunken dream? Now he's drunk with power.

Yes, with dreamy Neptune rising in his natal chart, Speaker Paul Ryan is quite a big dreamer. But do the current GOP austerity measures against the American people put you in mind of Republican President Eisenhower's famous Chance for Peace speech of 1953? Here's an excerpt:

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children." Theft. He said theft. To give the wealthy more tax cuts while harming little children.

Now Eisenhower's words contain way too vast a concept for a subjective man like Mr. Trump to grasp although certainly some Republican congress members have the mental and emotional capacity to understand that such theft from We the People will result in millions of Americans ill and starving on the streets and infecting everyone else. Plus, the US economy will suffer from the additional financial burden placed upon our families. (No, churches cannot do it all). But that's where lack of conscience and principles come in--when politicians plainly show that no, they are not their brother's keepers.

Now I don't mean that the US isn't worse off economically than we've been led to believe these last decades and my suspicion is that this is very much the case. 'White collar' theft abounds, as you know, and as noted, waging global war and acting as World Cop takes a whole lot of filthy lucre.

However, the austerity path of heartlessness the GOP demands for America is not the only path to take. Even if it's the global bankers' * 'big picture commands a certain course of action, little option to do otherwise' offer-they-can't-refuse situation that our compromised, bribed, and threatened 'representatives' on Capitol Hill are following because the 'otherwise' involves too much risk for their own hides to take. Apparently the extra added 'benefit' of population control (a la Ayn Rand) seems to suit the Republicans (and their enablers) just fine--as long as they and their loved ones remain unaffected. (They hope!)

Well, thanks for letting me vent. The current news on Medicaid and other financial cuts enrages me on behalf of the common good and for the sake of my native country (which I'm very partial to!) I must vehemently dissent against the Republican austerity agenda and sorry-a**ed war economy which are suggested by the cruelty and hardship potentials of year 2020.


Here's an audio excerpt (under 3 mins) of Eisenhower himself delivering his Chance for Peace speech on April 16, 1953. Now that soup lines across America will come into vogue again, it's obvious that someone didn't listen to Ike's counsel and preferred to sell out our nation to the highest bidder.

* the oh-so-rational 'new world order' planets of The Enlightenment, Uranus and Neptune, met three times in Great Conjunction all through 1993 at or near '18 Capricorn' so that a current midpoint picture has formed via transiting Pluto: the big picture commands a certain course of action, very little option to do otherwise.' (Noel Tyl, Solar Arcs). And that's no matter who must pay the price--saboteur Pluto of the Underworld doesn't care.

May 4, 2017

Trumpcare Passes House under Taurus-Virgo Vibes

May 4, 2017 saw the passage through the House of Trumpcare, the GOP health insurance plan that redistributes wealth to the wealthy while deleting medical insurance from thousands of Americans. As they voted, one of today's double-Earth Sun Taurus-Moon Virgo 'Images for Integration' (combining conscious + unconscious energies) seems completely appropriate to what GOP politicians perpetrated today upon the American people on behalf of Congress' corporate and Wall Street donors--and probably to boost congress members' own stock portfolios (which should be investigated). See if you agree:

"The treasurer for the Association for Social Reform invests proceeds of a jumble sale into gilt-edge securities."

Photo: Speaker of the House Paul 'Ron' Ryan (R-WI) Trumpcare promoter

Here's a view with a brief bio of Paul Ryan's natal chart, born January 29, 1970 at 2:37 am CST Janesville, Wisconsin (RR: AA; BC/BR in hand). You've probably noted before his exact conjunction of Neptune and Ascendant @00Sag which makes Jupiter (at 6Scorpio = "A Gold Rush") his chart-ruler with the moneybags planet's only aspect an inconjunct to Mars, strong in its own sign of Aries--and conjoining healing Chiron (0A01) at 3Aries (4th house). Mars-Chiron gives the Speaker an heroic quest or mission to aim for and it's filled with Martian fervor. For besides Trumpcare, we must not forget Ryan's previous budget plan of draconian measures, another GOP scheme of heisting proportions!

So Speaker Ryan is a crusader, we might say, and he's aided in his quest by an ambitious Locomotive shape that's lead by powerful, wealthy Pluto Rx in late Virgo, sign of Health, in his natal 10th house of Career and Public Status along with a most fortuitous placement for any politician's Moon--at 23Libra conjunct starry Spica and Arcturus. Spica in the original plan for the District's Federal Triangle represents the Washington Monument and thus, the presidency, while Arcturus signifies the White House (As Above, So Below).

How interesting since, as Speaker of the House, Mr. Ryan is third in the line of succession for the presidency should Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence somehow fall by the wayside.

Then we'd have ourselves a President Ron Ryan!


Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Mar 23, 2017

Trump & Paul Ryan Team Up To Make Healthcare Bill Even Worse

Update March 23, 2017: as you've heard before now, Mr. Trump's health care bill vote has been postponed by congressional Republicans due to lack of support (not enough votes from their own party since allegedly no Democrat will vote for its draconianess and they need 215 votes to pass it). You may find that these actions and non-actions on Capitol Hill this week are at least partially described by the Mars-Neptune addition below The Young Turks' video report.

Another factor specific to Mr. Trump is Saturn's ongoing transit to his natal Moon (publicity) and South Node (a karmic Saturnian point of separation and/or of falling back on what worked in the past but no longer does = neurosis), a transit which restricts, denies, or delays his need fulfillment (Moon), lowers his popularity or approval ratings (Moon = the public), and may cause temper tantrums. Simultaneously (and because he was born under a Full Moon), Saturn opposes Trump's natal Sun and North Node which accounts for recent photos of a glum Mr. Trump with what is likely to be a bruised ego. Health and vitality may also be affected with transit Saturn opposing natal Sun and conjunct natal Moon--perhaps just a cold in his dose or a slight headache?

Original post begins here:

Farron Cousins reports on what happens when Mr. Trump and Speaker Ryan put their heads together and all conscience aside--politics and money trump people and those most in need of healthcare insurance, access, and treatment are left behind in the dust. Ideological mentor Ayn Rand would be so proud of her handmaiden, Paul Ryan:

For more non-corporate news and commentary, step into The Ring of Fire.


Mars in Pisces Not at His Best Then Along Comes Neptune

As you know, now sitting is the 115th US Congress which convened January 3, 2017 with testosterone-driven Mars @11Pisces where confused, confusing Neptune has floated of late suggesting much of the troubles Republicans in Congress are now having with their shaky (some would say, disappointing) attempts to repeal and replace one of their favorite political boogeymen, 'Obamacare' (the ACA). For when transit Neptune spreads all over action-oriented Mars we have a period when deception and delusion undermine physical efforts to the point where some refuse to make any effort (or cast a Yes vote) at all!

Other potentials of Neptune to Mars include impractical, unrealistic schemes that over-promise great and/or quick results (as Trump and the GOP did), and though intuition may run high, other planetary factors must provide stability and cooperation in the activities of the 115th Congress. The GOP health care 'plan' is sub-par legislation on many levels and if we use the Mars-Neptune influence as a clue we find that a potential for "rioting over nationalized health care" could be in our future.


More Mars-Neptune info can be found in Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.

Mar 16, 2017

NATO and the Stationary Jupiter of Mr Trump

Trump Wants NATO Countries to Pay Up

by Jude Cowell

For a man who is known for not paying up, don't you marvel when you hear Mr. Trump admonish NATO countries to pay up?

Well, here's another question: is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, aka, NATO, too gray around the muzzle? Or is its multiple dissing by Mr. Trump meant to undermine the organization's popularity (what little is left - peacekeepers? really?) and is also intended to allow Washington to re-grasp the millions and trillions of dollars and promises the US government provides for NATO missions and upkeep .

And it really seems to be the case that America has shouldered the herculean share of the costs these decades so that now it's time that countries with the where-with-all should crack open their piggy banks and pay at least something for their own defense. It may even seem that a lesson-by-example is being shown here--that various populations in the US and abroad are not allowed to have their needs met by their own tax monies directed where needed because these monies are stolen and pilfered by the exploiter class (Pluto-Chiron = plutocracy) in thousands of, funds must go to war and weaponry and to propping up our faltering empire.

Anyway, if you wish to view the *August 24, 1949 11:42 am edt Washington DC natal horoscope of NATO (with Warsaw Summit July 2016 planets added) you may and you'll see that the current position of plodding Pluto is within orb of conjoining NATO's natal Jupiter (issues of money and raw materials allocation), plus, other contacts, of course.

Curiously enough, Mr. Trump's natal Pluto @10Leo tops NATO's chart at Midheaven (MC = The WHY? Point: Pluto = control, power, manipulation, propaganda, transformation) but the separative South Node of NATO conjoins Trump's natal Jupiter (@17Libra) which is strengthened by its Station Direct condition at birth and is posited in his 2nd house of Money, Earning Ability, and Values--he might ask: is the financial support of NATO a good value for the money? Plus, Trump's Libran Jupiter tends to bellyache that something isn't fair! Yet between the US and NATO an imbalance exists and the ledger is heavily weighted on the US side while various European and Scandinavian countries can provide benefits for their populations in part because the ('world cop') US empire does the policing and protecting.

So horoscope-wise, just that little bit right there between the charts: Mr. Trump's natal Jupiter = NATO's natal SN--describes a financial condition involving loss and over-dependency, one side doing all the giving--plus, there's Mr. Trump's value-judging Jupiter in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice, speaking ostensibly on behalf of the American people, or at least that's his pretext for serving up this particular rhetoric. And now Mr. Trump and his minions are busy cutting government agencies' budgets and restricting funding for various programs all over the place as you've heard in the news.

Yet on a nostalgic level, whenever dear old plutocrats with their tiresome exploitation of the masses are mentioned I can't help but think of corporatists taking all their marbles from the game and refusing to fund, pay up, or participate in society any longer, a general plot invention of Russian author Ayn Rand. Does it seem to you that the current crop of selfish corporatists and their enabling associates both Republican and otherwise are headed down the I-got-mine you-got-nothing road? Just wondering.

And do you think me-firster Ayn Rand would be proud of Speaker Paul Ryan and his nearly-passed 'health care' bill that intends to dismantle support for all but the well-supplied wealthy and hand huge tax breaks to the corporate class? Maybe she'll appear to Paul in a dream and remind him of his own dependence on Social Security years ago when he was in need, and of how Rand herself eventually grew old (surprise!) and applied for social program benefits just as anyone else would have done.

So I guess that's when a senior Ayn Rand discovered what it's like not being the fittest survivor any longer and perhaps she learned how it feels to have no option but to rely on the kindness of others.


A Very Much Related Video (16 mins): What Does It Mean When the GOP Says They're Undoing FDR's Legacy?.

In spite of his many de-funding threats, this month Mr. Trump nominated a new US ambassador to NATO. So we have that going for us.

*Astro-Note: some prefer April 4, 1949 for NATO's beginning.

Jan 3, 2017

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan Speaks at 115th Congress opening - video

January 3, 2017: the 115th Congress opens, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) delivers soothing remarks, and now that Insult Campaign 2016 has ended, he calls for respect between the parties:

It's going to be a long year. Horoscope: Spring Equinox 2017.

May 12, 2016

The "Unsurprising Surprises" of a "Man Who Believes in Nothing"

"...the man who believes in nothing, and therefore has space for everything, has a terrible advantage over us. What passes as a kindly tolerance in him is in reality a craven acceptance of the world's worst crimes. He's an immobilist, an apathist, and a militant passivist...And of course he's a dear sweet man."

- John le Carre

People who know Donald Trump describe him by such words as "warm and generous," as House Speaker Paul Ryan flattered him after their much-touted 'Unity Meeting' this morning (see link, below). And naturally the boastful Mr. Trump always believes that he resembles such favorable opinions with his brash Mars rising in proud Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun (ego). And as you know, his Gemini planets denote him as an actor, juggler, chameleon, and something of a magician--two sides has his nibs via dualistic Gemini and those would be of the light vs the dark variety. No, he is not as he seems on the campaign trail or when cameras are on, as he suggests. Watch for his pivot to being very "presidential," he promises. Dictatorial, too, is my suspicion, and with his tiny finger on The Button (mea culpa! I couldn't resist a small reference; oops! there's another one).

See the link to his natal chart, below.

So before anyone dares vote Trump's over-promising, nationalist way, she or he may wish to check out Mike Lofgren's article Donald Trump's Unsurprising Surprise. For any positives Mr. Trump may possess, there are a lot of negatives wrapped inside this surprise package!

Related posts include: Trump and Gingrich: Peter Pan and the Pied Piper, Is Donald Trump the Duck Dynasty Version of Reagan? (video, plus a Unity Meeting astro-peek), and Part 1 of the Horoscope of Donald Trump with chart details and a link to Part 2.

Apr 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton: the Choice of Venus in this Year of the Outsider?

Is Hillary Clinton Outsider Enough to Satisfy Election 2016 Venus in Sagittarius?

by Jude Cowell

Sagittarius is the sign of the outsider or the foreigner and last year, when I posted to SO'W the article on the Venus Cycle and its influence on the upcoming US presidential election of November 8, 2016, it was early days and the field of 2016 candidates had not yet narrowed to Hillary, Bernie, Donald, Ted, and John. At that time, a brokered (or, open) convention had not been mentioned with its allure of a Republican nominee appearing from 'outside' the current field of wanna-bes. Perhaps in July a nominee from who-knows-where can still appear at the RNC (from outside the campaign) but apparently it will not be GOP favorite, Speaker Paul Ryan.

Now May 2016 is almost upon us and the Republican establishment is said to be coming around to the acceptance of wild card circus barker Donald Trump as their nominee for president, outsider as he is said to be. Hillary Clinton seems a shoe-in for the Democrats so I'm wondering: is she enough of an outsider to satisfy Venus and thus be the next resident of the Oval Office (the Venusian egg-shaped power base in the White House). My thought is that Hillary may be enough of an outsider due to her status as a female--and perhaps lady Venus will be satisfied with a president who isn't a traditional member of the good ole boys' network even though Hillary's decades as a political animal identifies her to most people as being as 'establishment' as anyone. But if she's indicted...well, Bernie can still step in and I suspect that his political status as a Democratic Socialist, not a Democrat, may qualify him as an outsider.

(Yes, I know Trump is seemingly more of an outsider but we're talking Hillary here.)

So if you'd like to consider more on Hillary's status, see Hardball's Chris Matthews discussing how Clinton Survives in the Year of the Outsider.

"The Year of the Outsider"! Such an appropriate description of America's 4-year election cycle and the influence of planet Venus upon who wins the day!


Here's an astro-peek at the horoscope of Inauguration 2017 set for January 20, 2017 noon ET Capitol Building, Washington DC.

Blog Note: if you wish, scroll to the Search box and type in any of the candidates' names (including Ted Cruz's VP running mate Carly Fiorina) and you'll find a list of posts concerning the 2016 candidates, many of them astrologically inclined. jc

Apr 12, 2016

Apr 12, 2016: Ed Schultz News and Commentary w/ Jonathan Alter (Election 2016) - video

Now this is interesting: Ed and author-journalist Jonathan Alter discuss the state of Campaign 2016 such as it is:

And it looks as if the GOP will have to manage without a 2016 candidate and "white knight" Paul Ryan because apparently, the rules are the rules!

Apr 6, 2016

Are Billionaires Picking GOP Winner Behind Closed Doors? Politics Panel

Related: An Astro-Peek at Paul Ryan and the horoscope of the July 19, 2016 Full Moon (conjunct US natal Pluto) which perfects during RNC 2016 where the Republican nomination process may become a hot mess of major proportions--and a plutonian power-grab.

For more topical discussions and articles visit the website of progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann.

Mar 29, 2016

For A Split Second, Paul Ryan Actually Showed Maturity - video

Farron Cousins comments on Paul Ryan, then a little Astrology appears, below...

Related posts: Paul Ryan for President at a Brokered Republican Convention? and why not have a brief Astro-Peek at Paul Ryan? Then there's the horoscope of the RNC 2016 Full Moon @27Capricorn which precisely eclipses America's natal Pluto.

The RNC Full Moon conjunct US natal Pluto makes me wonder if plutonian sabotage lurks in July amidst the Republican National Convention in order to avoid a Trump nomination! Of course, Pluto can also denote violence out of control and during RNC 2016 the spotlight of a Saturn-ruled Full Moon will shine upon manipulative Pluto. As you know, Reinhold Ebertin says that one of the roles of Pluto in governmental Capricorn plays is The Dictator and this (as America nears her first-ever Pluto Return/s, three times exact in 2022) seems part of an ongoing campaign of sorts to totally take over the US government. Does Trump campaign rhetoric sometimes seem to drift into 'take-over the country' territory? For me it does, but you decide for yourself, as always. I am open to changing my mind about a lot of things.

For more news, commentary, and interviews visit The Ring of Fire.

Dec 19, 2015

Paul Ryan for President at a Brokered GOP Convention? - clip

When this thought occurred to me earlier today it seemed too wacky to take seriously but...

You know, much stranger things have happened in politics and the Republican National Convention in July 2016 is imprinted auspiciously by a Full Moon of fulfillment and culmination which will bring the event a large amount of publicity and may act in a Uranian fashion similar to an eclipse as it spotlights and reveals something unpredictable and/or novel. That something could be a someone such as Speaker Paul Ryan. Or....?

Related: An Astro-Peek at Paul Ryan.

Oct 29, 2015

Oct 29, 2015 Paul Ryan now Speaker of the House w Sun Sco-Moon Gem

At 10:47 am edt this morning, John Boehner announced Paul Ryan as the new Speaker of the House of Representatives. Let's take a quick peek at the cosmic atmosphere of the morning which will also influence the tenure of Rep. Paul Ryan as the Speaker. As you know, in Sun-Moon blends we glean the conscious energies (Sun) and the unconscious energies (Moon) blended together. Naturally the rulers of the signs involved add their flavors to the picture--in this case Scorpio's Mars and Pluto and Gemini's Mercury, planet of votes, voters, announcements, and speaking.

At 11:10 am edt, Nancy Pelosi presents the Speaker's gavel to Paul Ryan. He speaks and calls John Boehner "a class act." Remember that Mr. Boehner was one of the upstarts when he came to Congress, now he's been ousted by current upstarts. As Astrology says, how we begin is how we end! (Ryan ends his speech at 11:24 am, his swearing in is next and will be administered by Rep. John Conyers...oath at 11:25 am..."I do" at 11:26 am edt. His reign begins.)

Sun Scorpio-Moon Gemini is a misty, ethereal Water-Air combination and as you might expect, tears were shed. Water-Air is imaginative, theatrical (perfect for politics and Capitol Hill), and communication but with an undercurrent of 'divine discontent' (which is often supplied by the Tea Party 'Freedom Caucus' members.) Specifically, Sun Scorpio-Moon Gemini denotes potentials for emotional restlessness, volatility, wit, insight, and an ability to defuse awkward situations and move ahead. Wouldn't a return to regular order be refreshing? Well, Speaker Ryan just called for it.

To close, here are the Images for Integration of the conscious and unconscious energies of the day--make of them what you will:

"Trivial Pursuits goes macabre...The mystery of life in a strip cartoon...A virtuoso violinist touches the hearts of her audience...Rodin's The Kiss, Hands...Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Hopefully the last reference to Brothers doesn't refer to the anti-government, anti-democracy corporate titans, the Koch Brothers and their meddling.

What Have You Always Wanted to Know about Social Security? video

Oct 29, 2015: With tears (of relief) in his eyes, this morning Speaker John Boehner gave his farewell speech to the House, Democrats offered Nancy Pelosi's name for consideration (Minority Speaker), and Paul Ryan went round shaking hands as the Republican nominee. Yes, I am glad Rep. Ryan stood up for weekends with his kids which shows personal priorities in the correct order. It's now 10:30 am edt and the vote is being taken though of course the 'Freedom Caucus' Republicans may stage a protest vote for Daniel Webster (R-FL) to no avail. It is expected that Speaker John Boehner will announce the name of the new Speaker in a few minutes.

And even though it's good to see the US Congress moving forward, my primary fret is that a vote for Paul Ryan is a vote for Ayn Rand (who gladly collected Social Security benefits in her old age, let's not forget.)

Related: FDR signs the SS Act August 14, 1935 where you'll find a reference to the 'Catfood Commission' something the soon-to-be Speaker of the House Paul Ryan knows a lot about though he may not prefer his budgetary targeting of the social safety net be called that.

Oct 21, 2015

Is Paul Ryan on the Ultimate Power Trip? video

Paul Ryan is the Same as He has Always Been (10-21-15) - video

Here are a Astro-Notes on the Personality of Rep. Paul Ryan if you're curious (I didn't have his birth time then.) So more to the point, The Political Astrology Blog has revealed Ryan's recorded birth time (2:37 am) on January 29, 1970 Janesville, Wisconsin. Born at 2:37 am CST gives him a Libra Moon and a Locomotive pattern of executive talent and a drive to success with powerful Pluto @27Virgo as the engine--in his 10th house of Career and Public Status.

As for assuming the heavy responsibility of the Speaker of the House position, karmic Saturn now @2Sagittarius has just crossed Paul Ryan's natal Ascendant (00:38) after a stomp upon his natal Neptune @00Sag35 (he's a thespian it seems.) This is the 'dream come true' or 'the grim face of reality' transit and my suspicion is that for Rep. Ryan, is he accepts the Speaker position he will experience a bittersweet mixture of both.

Oct 9, 2015

Videos: Ted Cruz on John Boehner: "I'm Going to Tell You Why He Resigned' plus, Paul Ryan

In addition to "never trust a man who says, trust me" Mama always told me that those who are quick to call other people liars are usually deflecting attention from their own lies. His Republican colleagues can't stand him so if you can manage a brief diatribe devoid of common sense, here's the smarmy non-governing ham himself crowing away as if his narcissistic maneuvering against his fellow members, undermining of the institution of the US Congress, and disdain for American society will gain him the White House in 2016!

And now from November 2010, a refresher on Paul Ryan by one of the original corporate usurpers of the Tea Party, Dick Armey, discussing Rep. Ryan (R-WI and possibly the new Speaker of the House for 18 months if he decides over the weekend to risk his career and his sanity), plus, debt, Social Security, and Medicare:

Astrology: Can Astrology Describe Ted Cruz?, The Natal Chart of John Boehner, Brief Astro-Notes and "Fun Facts" on Rep. Jason Chaffetz, and Paul Ryan's Sun-Moon personality blend.

Oct 8, 2012

Oct 11, 2012 Debating Sun-Moon Blends: Biden v Ryan

Natal Sun-Moon Blends of Debaters Vice President Biden and Rep. Ryan

by Jude Cowell

On Thursday October 11, 2012, VP Joseph Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan cross swords in Danville, Kentucky at 9:00 pm EDT with 29Tau50 rising (a critical or crisis degree.) This brings up Fixed Star Alcyone of the Pleiades with its 'something to cry about; exile; suffering' themes, plus, the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @00Gem20 ('an obsessive idea is finally accepted'--Brady), and makes Venus (10Vir15) chart-ruler though soon Mercurial Gemini rises (and the debaters will probably begin speaking a couple of minutes after 9:00 pm.)

If we consider the appyling aspects made by Venus (29Tau50) in 5th house, we find there are none though faster-moving Moon will conjoin Venus (7A05) and speedy Mercury, the soon-to-be chart-ruler, sextiles Venus (0A45) from the 6th house of Work, Service (Military; Police, etc), and Health.

A Mercury-Venus sextile sounds lovely and aptly enough contains the temptation to argue and debate pros and cons--which may morph into bickering. A contrary tendency not to listen to others may also be evident as both men attempt to line up support for their ideas and policies.

Very descriptive, of course, is challenger Mars (Ryan) @3Sag28 setting at 9:00 pm in Danville, and conjoining Biden's natal ASC 3Sag11! This will provide the Vice President with extra dynamism and an aggressive, impatient energy. This 'meeting of the minds' is also affected by the fact that the two men have their Nodal axes in opposite signs--Biden's NN in Virgo, Ryan's in Pisces--which can either be complimentary to their encounters, or extremely challenging and separative.

Interestingly, the Sabian Symbol for debate Mars ('4Sag') is: "A Little Child Learning to Walk" so with 28 years difference in their ages, perhaps the more experienced Mr. Biden will do a little schoolin' on Thursday evening especially since Ryan's natal ASC = 00Sag38 conjunct his hard-to-pin-down Neptune 00:35 with transit Mars now in Ryan's 1st house of Self.

And of course you know which planet will be at Midheaven (the Goal Point) of the Oct 11 debate horoscope when they finish at 10:30 pm, right? Neptune Rx @00Pis36, the planet of idealism, glamour, the media, the masses, propaganda--and falsehoods. Just as with the completion of the presidential debate on October 3.

A peek at their natal charts (birth data given,below) shows VP Biden with a Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus personality blend (Water-Earth = practical), and Paul Ryan sporting Sun in Aquarius-Moon in Libra (Air-Air = reasoning) so let's consider both blends:

Sun Sco-Moon Tau has a quiet determination, concern for others, and may occasionally feel torn between bright optimism and brooding pessimism. When the conscious side (Sun) and the unconscious (Moon) are working in tandem, an intense idealism is noted which upholds all that is solid, traditional, and dependable in society. This is an intuitive, pragmatic, and factual combo that thrives on harmony though it can be stubborn and pigheaded when it wants to be; there's an instinctive understanding of basic human needs and of the financial realities involved.

Sun AQ-Moon Lib is a highly idealistic blend with a good intellect, avant-garde tastes, and plenty of charm. Long on theory, this combo is not always practical, and may be accused of making up its philosophy as it goes along. (Ryan's theatrical Neptune-ASC conjunction is aided by this tendency.)

Seeing life from endlessly shifting vantage points, this personality blend denotes global interests, an overly abstract approach to life, and a dislike of imperfection. (Ayn Rand disliked imperfection, too, as do adherents of Social Darwinism--and I think the Ryan 'Prosperity' Plan is meant to weed out the weaker among us: survival of the fittest!--in markets and in social safety net programs.)

Now let's look at 3 quotes from some who share natally these Sun-Moon blends:

Biden's Sun Sco-Moon Tau:

"British management doesn't seem to understand the importance of the human factor"--Prince Charles; and, "Our country needs not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration"--Pres. Warren G. Harding.

Ryan's Sun AQ-Moon Lib:

"As for men in power, they are so anxious to establish the myth of infallibilty that they do their utmost to ignore truth"--Boris Pasternak.

Well, hopefully you'll enjoy the VP debate. Bickering or not, I know I will!


Chart data used: Joseph Biden Nov 20, 1942 8:30 am EWT Scranton, PA; Paul Ryan Jan 29, 1970 2:37 am CST Janesville, WI.