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Oct 29, 2015

Fix Our Broken Criminal Justice System by Bernie Sanders - video (w Saturn-Uranus)

Here is Senator Sanders with an important message:


Saturn, Uranus, Criminal Justice, and Old vs New

Those who use, study, or practice Astrology know that America's natal Saturn in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice, is in astrologese considered exalted. Yet since July 4, 1776 when Saturn was at 14 Libra 48, America's Secondary Progressed (a year for a day) Saturn has since retrograded by progression and is now at 3 Scorpio (since 1996 if memory serves--Bill Clinton!) This is quite a different influence for Saturn--forceful Mars-Pluto rather than evaluating Venus. Only recently transiting Saturn plodded through Scorpio, sign of big business (like our privatized prison system, towns and cities making money off those who can't pay court fees and traffic tickets, etc, as if they're criminals) but also of transformation, corporatism, the occult, and even death which unfortunately and unfairly has been the fate of an alarming number of our citizens in their cells or beside the road.

Add to this the transit of disruptive Uranus in Aries which has been opposing US natal Saturn within orb since early 2014 and remaining within range of opposition (if we count a 5-degree orb on either side of 14Lib48) until approximately late March 2016. This transit affects many areas of our government, business and legal systems, and other realms that Saturn rules--including systems. Restriction, inhibition, limitation, authority, loss, karma, accountability, responsibility, reward for hard work--you name it and transiting Uranus, planet of upset, upheaval, rebellion, riots, protests, anarchy, and (when Uranus is in Mars-ruled Aries), a signal for blind zealotry, violence, and fanatical fights for ideas has tipped America's Saturnian apple cart in unexpected, unpredictable ways.

Yes, dreamy Utopians have gained quite a bit of ground against the status quo that establishment Saturn tends to prefer. That the US Congress is a target is actually predictable, however, since Saturn also rules lawmakers such as senators and representatives, many of which are or were lawyers.

Included in this transit is the theatrical event on Capitol Hill this very morning when Saturnian John Boehner handed over the Speaker's gavel to a new generation in the person of Uranian Paul Ryan and this may be partially described by transit Uranus opposing US natal Saturn when a 'new order' is demanded. Helpfully, the Full Moon of October 27, 2015 at 3 Taurus 44 acted as a perfect timer since the Sun conjoined US SP Saturn at 3 Scorpio and a culmination or fulfillment (Full Moon) was reached as John Boehner's tenure as Speaker of the House was completed.

Hmm..wonder if the strong Saturn-Uranus energies now affecting our nation are on some deep level resonating with Senator and 2016 candidate Bernie Sanders who was born in 1941 under the auspices of a Saturn-Uranus conjunction?

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