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Dec 30, 2015

Caller: I Don't Care About Clinton's Affair, I Lost a Son in War! - The Thom Hartmann Show

Quite a while back I stated here that a 2016 Hillary Clinton run for president meant Republicans would rehash all the Bill Clinton era scandals they could dredge up--the true and the false--and you must have noticed that the smear has begun as Bill enters the 2016 campaign trail. But please don't let the GOP distract you from the more important issues before us now by spewing true or ginned up Clinton 'gates' and affairs from both then and now. The GOP will have to dredge extra hard since their dramatic Benghazi Committee Hearings didn't play against Hillary and her presidential bid the way they'd hoped for it was a rather deflated affair:

If it weren't so tragic it would be amusing how ultra-sensitive to lies Republican Party politicians are while neglecting to mention their own that have gotten millions of people killed.

An example: I'm sure you remember that congressman Joe Wilson just couldn't help heckling President Obama during his Address to Congress by shouting out "You lie!" because Wilson felt such deep concern for honesty and truth:

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