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Dec 1, 2015

Will Republicans Force Another Government Shutdown? - video, and the Dec 11 New Moon

Those who follow Astrology know that America's budget extension deadline on December 11, 2015 falls upon the day of a New Moon @19Sag02 (5:29 am est) -- Sagittarius, ruled by banker, politician, and The General Jupiter, a money and societal planet. A New Moon phase times a new cycle of activity, here, in Jupiter-related realms, and culminating on Christmas Day 2015 with a Full Moon in Cancer, sign of America's natal Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury.

Yet Sagittarius (the archer and seeker) is also the sign of foreigners, strangers, refugees, and ideologies, and restrictive Saturn, planet of borders, boundaries, and laws, is now in Sagittarius. So please note in the following interview with Rep. John Yarmuth and Ed schultz that an attempt may be made on Capitol Hill for a possible government shutdown by those who wish to 'justify' their anti-government action by adding refugees and migrant issues to their list of flimsy excuses for what seems to me to be a traitorous act against our nation:

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