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Feb 21, 2024

Virgo Full Moon 2024 and a Shutdown?

Full Moon Culmination and a Chinese Servant, Too

by Jude Cowell

There are two "tranches" of unfunding of the US government which can lead to yet another Republican government shutdown. Refusing to fund what our government needs in order to pay bills that are already wracked up, March 1, 2024 is the first "tranch" and March 8th is the second. Meanwhile, you see below a DC Horoscope of the February 24, 2024 Full Moon @5Vir23 which is the Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior to the March 1st "tranch" and potential shutdown) with its Sabian Symbol keyword (6Virgo): DIVERSION (M.E.Jones).

As you see, the big-developer-speculator-banker pair of Jupiter and Pluto meet upon the Ascendant of the Full Moon chart which spotlights those who seek power (including both politicians and religious figures). Now in previous posts, I have related the Jupiter-Pluto duo to the Federal Reserve System of Big Bankers, for understandable reasons, but that little factoid is beyond the scope of this Full Moon post:

Full Moon's Ascendant (in DC) rounded up = "21Pisces": "A Little White Lamb, a Child, and a Chinese Servant". See: How Much US Debt Does China Own? Q: Is America the "Chinese Servant"?

Well, perhaps you remember that America was put through a Debt Crisis by Republicans back in May 2023 with a semblance of a 'YOD' pattern of 'crisis' and 'turning point' shown in the horoscope.

And I've always felt that this "shutdown" form of political theater, begun by Newt Gingrich against Bill Clinton, is actually the Republican Party acting out under orders from both foreign and domestic enemies of democracy. But their shutdown antics do more than disrupt their political opponents - they're getting the American people accustomed to a collapsed US government by pretending that democratic government just doesn't work anymore and can't handle the massive problems of today (problems caused by the GOP). It's the Hegelian Dialectic: cause the problem, decry it, then "solve" the problem the way you intended to all along.

What's even more tragic beyond belief is that the current crop of gaslit Republican voters are going along with 'the script' as if they and their families will somehow profit by such sabotage! Emotionalism reigns over facts, while logic is discouraged, and this is what all that "woke" nonsense was about.

So I'll end this fussy post by pointing out that a cosmic time link exists between 2024 and 2020 so that 2020 events and conditions must be revisited and will hopefully be dealt with once and for all by folks who appreciate the benefits of living in a democratic Republic with the freedom to reach for better conditions and progress rather than falling back into a twisted and brutal past.

Events of 2020.

And here's a soon-coming cosmic events that relates to the current Trump Trials: Trump Agenda's Neptune Meets Saturn, exact on March 3, 2024. That's Saturn, planet of lawsuits, judges, and karma!

Jun 23, 2023

Congress' Saturn Return 2024 and Election 2024

US Congress' 3-fer Saturn Return of Accountability

by Jude Cowell

This post is a reminder that in the pivotal year of 2024, the US Congress (first session March 4, 1789) will receive a three-fer Saturn Return to the legislative branch's 1789 position of Saturn @13Pis38:11. The dates are: 1. April 1, 2024; 2. October 12, 2024; 3. December 18, 2024. The rounded-up Sabian Symbol degree (14 Pisces) is "A Lady in Fox Fur," which we've seen before via gaslighting Neptune in the 1854 Republican Party Horoscope. The negative side of the foxy word picture is "immoral opportunism." Now as you see, Election 2024 occurs between the second and third Saturn Returns with election results which may or may not be determined by or before December 18th. Of course, Saturnian authenticity is involved as well, or it should be! And I don't refer to the old 'politicians kissing babies' ploy.

Then of course, karmic Saturn's persistent demand for accountability is already in motion in 2023 and will naturally continue to be a major part of Campaign 2024 as the November 2024 Elections near, with authoritative lawmaker Saturn also known as the 'legal eagle' planet. Along with the presidency, congressional races are squarely in Saturn's 2024 spotlight of scrutiny, we might say, as timed by Congress' Saturn Return occurring during an election year.

Note that triple returns of planets tend to occur when lessons have yet to be learned and applied correctly with Saturn, or, with a planet like Mercury, ideas, plans, and/or reforms require a period during which they can be accepted and utilized (using the denial-acceptance-resolution model of retrogradation). If they will be, that is. After all, some people never learn, and I'm guessing that we both know someone like that.

Government, Law, Responsibility, Accountability

Significantly for the US Congress, all 435 seats in the House and 34 of 100 seats in the Senate will be up for grabs along with the Presidential and Vice Presidential offices in the 2024 Elections. Taking on the responsibilities of office and accepting commitments as presented are always on the menu during all elections whether candidates recognize this or not--and for America, Election 2024 will determine our country's future of democracy or barbarism, and will either hold up our tradition of Rule of Law, or not.

Note that these past Republican antics of non-governing occurred under the US Congress's Saturn Return of March 1, 1993, and future bouts of government shutdowns cannot not be ruled out with debt ceiling refusal again part of the GOP's bag of tricks.

We the People: Neglected Saturnian Demands

When the Republicans "masterminded" their anti-responsibility 1995 and 1996 government shutdowns for a total of 26 days, Bill Clinton was president and radical reformer Newt Gingrich (who shares the Sun Gem-Moon Sag personality blend as the orange albatross) was leading the Contract With America scam, or, 'Contract On America', as it's unfondly known around here. Unfondly known because Republican policies and reforms tend to be pro-corporate-and-wealthy classes and anti the rest of us. So for this particular Child of the Revolution at this time in history, "economic royalists," no matter their political party, belong elsewhere than in a democratic Republic.

Note that the Republicans' 1995-1996 antics of non-governing occurred under the US Congress's Saturn Return of February 22, 1995, and that future bouts of government shutdowns cannot not be ruled out with debt ceiling refusal again part of the GOP's bag of tricks. Of course, no one needs Astrology to tell them of this power-grabbing threat with Saturn one of the planets of control (as you know, Pluto is the other planet of manipulation and control, but with a more distant influence such as a puppetmaster, blackmailer, or thug enforcer).

Then There's Another Saturn Return Affecting the US

More recently came a third of three Saturn Returns, this time for the US Constitution with #3 on January 10, 2023; also shown in the post is the freedom document's previous Saturn Return of March 1, 1993, the year of the three Great Conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune, the planetary pair of what today's Republicans scoff at as wokeness but back in the day, they were planets of The Enlightenment, aka, The Age of Reason with Uranus signifying Reason and Science (and thus, critical thinking and logic), and Neptune representing Faith, Mysticism, and Superstition.

So when the two generational planets with their 171-year cycle joined together in 1993 at or about the 18th degree of Saturn-ruled Capricorn (a degree of POLITICAL POWER and "smug or strong-armed paternalism"--Jones), the centuries-old debate between reality vs fantasy was geared up for the ideological battle now being waged by maga seditionist types.

Then for political purposes, energies of the 1993 Conjunction were catapulted into higher gear in 2017 when transit Pluto reached the Uranus-Neptune conjunction and a midpoint picture formed of Uranus-Neptune = tr Pluto: 'The big picture commands a certain course of action which must be followed; very little option to do otherwise' (Solar Arcs, N. Tyl #ad). And you know who 2017 Pluto symbolizes, of course, with his deadly 12th house midpoint picture of natal Pluto = Mars-Saturn conjunct the 'death axis'. And this barbaric animalism is what zealous authoritarian soldiers are aiming for now as they act on behalf of a Christo-Fascist empire while under the zombie-like influence of mass delusion promoted by a certain cult leader convincing them that they act for a purged and improved America. Willing self-deception abounds, and his vision of "American carn*ge" arrived with Pluto 2017. Because violence is part of 'the big picture' for the "leaders" who have the stomach for it.

Meanwhile, my belief in our era of history is that the centuries-old battle of "Enlightenment" knowledge and awareness vs darkness and ignorance is what Republicans such as Florida's Ron DeSantis are working to reignite as a regressive style of codified religion tries to take over the US government, and critical thinking and Science are considered to be erroneous. Book banning is a good example of their anti-societal efforts, while the ongoing Republican attack against Science, scientists, and education continues to cause turmoil and disruption in society, medically (ex: repeal of Roe v Wade), and otherwise.

Okay, here's the end of my final fuss for the week of June 19, 2023. But fret not for I entertain no expectation that this post will be shared, for I doubt that any reader ever does. But at least--perhaps--my sincere hope is that you're planning to Vote Blue in 2024! If so, my work is done, and I Thank You for reading this post.

Now in closing, here's a recommended presentation by Professor Ryan M. Reeves concerning The Enlightenment (Part One). If you have the time, it's worth a listen.

Mar 10, 2023

June-July 2023 Lunations with a Message

June-July 2023: Are We Facing a Debt Default Summer?

by Jude Cowell

The June 18, 2023 Gemini New Moon chart and the culminating Capricorn Full Moon of July 3, 2023 contain a variety of messages including those in relation to America's National Treasury and budgetary concerns which affect the US economy going forward. This time frame concerns debt limit debates, the government running out of money, and potential crises when Republicans think it's a jolly idea to institute such things as another ill-advised government shutdown finagled through refusing to pay our country's already-incurred debts and refusing to raise the debt ceiling.

As you know, the GOP's anti-societal mission includes cutting our social safety net programs (Make Americans Grieve Again?) which would sadistically increase suffering and loss among We the People, and their further machinations could possibly crash the global economy.

Therefore, if a global economic crash is one of the ultimate goals of the GOP, then the long-term plan to remove the US from global leadership will become obvious for even the most apathetic American who for years couldn't be bothered to pay attention to what evil men were up to. And as you know, a period of crisis is the best time to force new forms of government upon the unwilling such as fascist totalitarian regimes which a majority of Americans are completely against.

See ABC News: US debt default could cause "longstanding harm", says Fed Chair Powell. Exactly.

Meanwhile, it's March and congressional Republicans are balking about bringing forth their budget. Well, perhaps they aren't bothering to create one since they have other ideas that don't support a successful nation under the leadership of Democratic President Joe Biden because they prefer chaos instead. Why work on a budget if you have other plans in mind?

Now I'm not saying that all of these difficult economic challenges and consequences are found in the following Lunation Horoscopes for June and July 2023 but if you check out the chart factors highlighted in green (such as MIDAS conjunct Mercury, planet of messages and negotiations, in the New Moon chart), you'll find indications of financial issues and concerns, including banking and corporate planet Jupiter in the money sign of Taurus - but he'll also be playing his roles of politician, preacher, and broadcaster:

Additionally, you'll note that the upcoming Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024 in the 8 North Saros Series ('visions and hunches') makes a cameo appearance by way of wounded healer Chiron @19Aries, and that the Sabian Symbol of the Sun in the Full Moon chart reveals a cryptic message meant for America's seat of power, Washington DC.

So to close this post of annoyance with our so-far-gridlocked Congress, here's my illustration of the solar symbol: "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message":

Recommended Reading includes: Will the US Ever Default on Its Debt? Plus, here's a previous post on a related topic via a video segment from Thom Hartmann How China Can and Will Use NAFTA Against America, and here's a previous post showing a view of the 1792 NYSE 'Buttonwood' Horoscope with transit Uranus in Taurus aligning with Wall Street's Sun-Mercury duo in Taurus.

Nov 9, 2022

Nov 2022: Are gridlock government and shutdowns on the way?

Blurred: Will It Be the Tyranny of One-Party Rule?

by Jude Cowell

Besides blurring political prospects for the 2024 election, one of the more basic results from last evening's Midterms 2022 Elections is certain to be an increase of gridlock government where the needs of the American people are even less addressed than before. Yesterday's Total Lunar Eclipse (a red 'blood moon') in Taurus did sport radical Uranus conjunct the Moon, after all, so anti-social voters and unexpected happenings were and are in play.

Meanwhile, control of the House and Senate hang in the balance as I type with Republicans promising to finagle more government shutdowns if they should take control of Congress in order to force cuts in our social safety net programs, eventually destroy them, and thereby cause misery of the masses (one of their specialities). This really would be a radical change of course with Uranian flair, and control of Congress may come down to a run-off in my home state of Georgia which would be held on December 6th, last I heard.

Yet today it seems significant that no 'red wave' of the 'blood moon' has occurred but neither did a Blue one, more's the pity for democracy and the Biden administration. Even so, we can still say that outcomes could've been worse - and happily, some of Tr*mp's favored candidates lost their races so the orange blighter is weaker today than he was yesterday - and 2024 hopeful Ron DeSantis has retained his grasp on Florida!

Now ordinarily in America, gridlock in Congress, where few if any legislation can be agreed upon by both parties, is considered a good thing for our federal government because the Founders wanted power to challenge power along with our traditional checks'n'balances (Jupiter-Saturn). Not that maga Republicans respect American traditions - because our traditions such as the peaceful transfer of power get in the way of their plan for one-party tyranny.

Such stalemates should work as protections for the American people, erecting a wall against tyranny yet it's difficult to retain faith in the gridlock-is-good concept when election liars and deniers and their favorite insurrectionist politicians of sedition who don't 'believe' in governing, are tilting our politics and our lives toward a fascist style of government and hurling the US toward totalitarianism with Nazi implications.

Still, for a while at least, I rejoice today because last evening the US Congress failed to gain a huge amount of weight when maga candidate and snake oil pitchman Mehmet Oz lost to John Fetterman in Pennsylvania - and to this I say a hearty hip hip hooray!

Previously on SO'W: Horoscope: the 118th Congress Jan 2023; and The Nazi Regime and Election 2024.

Dec 25, 2020

December 2020 Government Shutdown Timed by a Full Moon?

December 29, 2020 Full Moon in Cancer: Trump Fears Losing the Dream

by Jude Cowell

As you've undoubtedly heard, the quixotic Mr. Trump may cantankerously decide to gift the American people with a partial Christmas Government Shutdown 2020 laced with his unique brand of sour-puss politics over the omnibus Covid-relief-and-government-funding bill he'd hinted all along that he would sign.

Instead, he has balked. And has basically ruined Christmas in America by abusing his power.

Meanwhile, the House, to be called briefly back into session by Speaker Pelosi on Monday (12/28/20), will vote in an override attempt to bypass Trump's massive objection and if that effort is successful, the Senate could vote to override Mr. Whimsical's bulky recalcitrance on Tuesday (12/29/20), the day of a Full Moon @8Can53 (10:28 pm est; see horoscope in linked post, above). Now as you know, Full Moons signify a culmination stage of activities, perhaps a fulfillment of plans seeded at the previous New Moon (or before) and in this case, that would be the New Moon @23Sag08 - in other words, the difficult 4 South Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020 (which hit Inauguration 2017's 8th house Saturn, karmic planet of authority and accountability). So we find that 4 South themes ('strong emotions over money and/or relationships; an urge to suddenly end relationships' - Brady) are intimately involved in Trump's balking posture which may be appreciated via the 4 South Eclipse conjuncting his natal Sun-NN opposing Moon-SN across the mutable, changeable Gemini-Sagittarius polarity where truth and ethics matter.

Add to this the fact that December 14, 2020 was the day of the Electoral College Vote which didn't go his way and so We The People are being made to suffer under a cluster of cosmic and earthly factors now burrowing under the vengeful skin of his royal Balkiness, with his natal Leo Mars always opposing US natal Moon in Aquarius.

Significantly, all the year-end financial fuss is rather closely timed by the December 29th Full Moon which, as the Cosmos would have it, shines its bright rays revealingly upon the natal Mercury of Donald Trump (@8Can51 - only a two-minute orb!). And where his natal Mercury goes, along must trail his fantasy-spinning, error-prone Mercury-Neptune square.

Now as you know, astrological Mercury's many roles in the realms of Commerce include trading, negotiating, and making deals, and who can forget that Mr. Trump is well known for considering himself an expert in the making of them. However, in our time of crisis, we find that Despite His Boasts, Trump Again Is No Deal-Maker as Congress Seeks Pandemic Relief Bill yet the "brooding lame duck" seems to pride himself on his late-comer status in the year-end legislative process as he throws his typical monkey wrench into the works from the sandtraps of his luxurious Florida golf course.

While US taxpayers once again foot the bill for Herr Spanky's Christmas vacation, no matter how bad-tempered it turns out to be.

For a peek into January 2021, you may wish to see 117th Congress Opens.

NASA image above: Mercury

Oct 30, 2019

Exposing Republican's Malicious-- Christmas Plans?

October 30, 2019: Here's a segment from today's Thom Hartmann broadcast in which Thom reiterates his famous Two Santa Claus theory because he sees Republicans beginning to use it yet again:

And you know that to distract from his impeachment woes, Trump would just as soon pull another government shutdown as mismanage the US economy in some other way, or endanger our national security for the benefit of his pal Putin, right?

Plus, speaking of Christmas 2019 reminds me of our previous discussion concerning the December 26th Solar Eclipse that ends 2019 with Jupiter-Pluto issues, and how the Jupiter-Pluto duo relates to plutocrats, to the Federal Reserve, to other domestic and global banking and investment matters, and to large-scale project managers, contractors, and wheeler dealers of all kinds.

Jan 21, 2019

Horoscopes: Trump Shutdown w Feb 1, 2019 Planets

January 21, 2019: below you see a bi-wheel of DC Horoscopes with the Trump Shutdown chart (December 22, 2018 12:00 am est) in center surrounded by the transits of February 1, 2019. My reason for using February 1, 2019 is that this times the exact opposition of transit Jupiter (Mr. Money Bags) to the natal 10th house Uranus of chaos-creator Donald Trump, a significant transit when financing and business matters may come to a screeching halt, a lack of solidarity is problematic, and everyone wanders off in various directions which makes coordination of group efforts impossible for the moment. Plus, opposing views and opinions abound and there's too much political conflict within Trump's personal network to get things done. All the energy of this transit is focused on one day only: February 1, 2019, so hopefully things will improve as February plods on toward the February 19th Full Moon @00Vir42 which conjoins and spotlights royal Regulus and the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump. (Please note that my February Full Moon post was written when the Trump Shutdown was only a gleam in its papa's eye!)

For as you know, Full Moons mark phases of completion, culmination, and fulfillment begun at the previous New Moon so will the February Full Moon time an end to the Trump Shutdown? Possibly! Yet we can't be certain of prognostications when dealing with the unpredictable Uranian Mr. Trump, plus, transit Uranus is involved, planet of unpredictability, with catalyzing action that disrupts or shocks so that things seldom turn out as any normal person would expect. Actually, the only thing we can expect is change.

Now as you know, Trump's natal Uranus @17Gem53:34 is last to rise before his natal Gemini Sun and is therefore his oriental planet--his 'guiding planet' of gut intuition--with all that disruptive anarchist Uranus implies. Transit Jupiter @17Sag53:34 on February 1, 2019, acting as leader of a BOWL shape in the chart (advocate of a cause), makes one exact opposition from the 3rd house of the Trump Shutdown chart to Trump's quirky Uranus. Then on February 4, 2019 comes a New Moon @15AQ45 (horoscope shown) and the seeding of new plans. Also note that the Trump Shutdown Moon @22Gem59 conjoined his natal Sun (22Gem conjunct NN) while opposing his natal Moon (21Sag conjunct SN) so he probably felt ego (Sun) satisfaction as he called for his shutdown although he's currently not so thrilled with the mess he created and the fact that he continues to be held accountable for it (Shutdown Moon opposite natal Moon = emotional tantrums?).

Trick or no trick in the form of a Senate vote this week, his and McConnell's attempt to switch the blame to Democrats and onto Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not favored although typically the gullible may comply and swallow it whole. I believe that on one level, the Trump Shutdown is Trump's way of retaliating against the American people for voting a Democratic House into power! And it's also his pathetic attempt to usurp power and the spotlight away from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats which is, of course, against the will of a majority of November 2018 voters.

Now across the bottom of the chart/s below you see three major transits upcoming in relation to the Trump Shutdown including tr Jupiter opposing Shutdown Moon (3x beginning March 11, 2019), tr Jupiter square Shutdown Mars (3x beginning March 16, 2019), and tr Saturn conjunct Shutdown Pluto (at critical degree 20Cap16--3x beginning April 12, 2019) which denote a heavy mixture of political conflict--and dramatic changes for Trump, along with a sense of urgency, and unstable conditions in the realms of power and finances.

As for the Trump Shutdown chart itself is a difficult trio which forms a midpoint picture of power-craving Sun-Pluto conjunct Saturn with potentials for: loss in relationships due to power struggles (Trump natal Jupiter vs Pelosi natal Jupiter); ruthlessness; separation). Then as you see, on or by February 1, 2019 the trio morphs into Moon-Pluto conjunct Saturn with potentials for: grave inhibitions, depression, and mental and emotional suffering (Ebertin)--Trump's Christmas gift to the American people. Noel Tyl adds: feelings of loss, constraint, and the pressure to regroup forces and plan anew. Well, there's a good idea.

So here's the bi-wheel of the two horoscopes in which you will find many more chart factors of interest:

To close, here's a photo of his nibs himself in happier times when he could freely romp and swing a golf club upon greener pastures instead of taking responsibility for the people's suffering he's selfishly caused and the mess he's made which, if not ended soon, will ruin the US economy--just like Putin would do!

Feb 9, 2018

DC Horoscope: Government Shutdown Feb 9, 2018

Update Feb 9, 2018: "Overnight Shutdown"! USAToday provides a Timeline of congressional goings-on last night into today with the House voting 240-186 in favor of the massive funding bill "around 5:30 am ET" which Trump signed into law this morning around 8:30 am give or take (based on his 8:39 am tweet). Rand Paul didn't get support for his grandstanding of the fiscally irresponsible Republican Party, and the Democrats didn't get their way on Dreamers/DACA either. Apparently Mercury conjunct South Node ruled with its 'inability to gain support (votes!) for ideas' (see horoscope, below, penned on top), and rising Jupiter in Scorpio took the cake with help from a sextile to powerful, wealthy manipulator Pluto (at critical-crisis degree of 20Cap). The Jupiter-Pluto sextile is base of a YOD pattern (crisis; turning point) pointing toward Trump's natal Sun-North Node conjunction = political activity and shared success (Ebertin).

Original post follows:

As of February 9, 2018 @12:01 am est, the 115th incapable and incompetent US Congress has shut down the US government again under Trump's watch, egos at its base, money on and under the table, and Trump lurking about the place (rising Jupiter in big-business oriented Scorpio leading the rest of the planets (actors)).

Here's the Trump Shutdown #2 horoscope for February 9, 2018 12:01 am est Capitol Building Washington DC:

My notes are penned on the chart. Someone will be almost certain to call it the Rand Paul Shutdown!

A further note: testy Mars applies to a square aspect with unstable Neptune thus reminding Americans of our national Mars-Neptune square of misguided motives and actions.

Dec 18, 2017

Horoscope Dec 22 2017: Midnight on Capitol Hill

Horoscope December 22, 2017 11:59:59 pm est: Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of Capitol Hill legislators at midnight when the time for legislating runs out? Government shutdown? ALEC bill-writers toss Americans into the streets and off their health insurance policies? Needy children starve? Arctic wildlife is decimated by Republican oil drilling? Corporations celebrate their free money at our expense? These are merely some of the possibilities that may be brought to fruition on Capitol Hill as this sessions ends.

Please enlarge the horoscope for a few chart factors are penned on; some details are noted, below:

As you see, brash Mars @8Sco40 ('9Sco' = "Drilling for Oil") leads the throng of planets in BOWL formation with lawmaker Saturn @00Cap21 conjunct IC ('The Drain'), a symbol of mining in 4th house. The Old Man is just growing accustomed to being back in his own sign of Capricorn (the sign of government, law, and business) during this Hour of Saturn with its freshly Stationed Direct Mercury @13Sag00, and valuable if vengeful Venus @27Sag27 out-of-bounds of the Earthly plane and isolated from the other planets (actors) yet by degree, Venus conjoins the December 18, 2017 New Moon (26Sag31), the 'Syzygy Moon' of the chart.

Leaving the 12th house of Karma, Politics, and Backroom Deals is the current Solar Eclipse @28Leo32 (the chart's 'PE'), aka, The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 containing 1 North vibes of "information distorted and possibly false" and "great pressure is put upon relationships" (Brady).

This chart and the conditions it reveals contains potentials for quarrels, heavy and bitter attacks (Mercury-Pluto = Saturn), hysterical outbursts (see the Moon in 5th house--almost a US natal Lunar Return), realizing plans fanatically (Mars-Pluto = Mercury), tragic realizations (Moon-Mercury = Pluto), egotism, skepticism, nervous irritation, prosperity through cooperation and consciousness of objectives (Moon-Mars = Sun), indifference (Saturn-ASC = Jupiter), a persuasive orator (Mercury-Pluto = Sun), and obliging others (ASC-MC = NN); (Ebertin).

And of course, wealthy saboteur Pluto @18Cap29 (conjunct Minerva, journal of the Hegel Society) continues stimulating the 1993 Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune so we know that, "The big picture must be followed, very little option to do otherwise" (Tyl); this, in part, is a picture of the bribes, payoffs, and blackmail used on Capitol Hill by wealthy donors, bankers, and foreign financiers in order to sway US legislation and subsequent vote-counting their way. Herr Hegel would be proud!

Wonder how US finances would be now if it weren't for decades of embezzlement, financial sleight of hand, misuse of taxpayer funds, backroom deals on covert ops, secret slush funds, overblown military expenditures, and outright theft of taxpayer monies?

Well, as we know, the crooks are in charge and they're attempting now to avoid the financial reckoning they so richly deserve for their decades-long mismanagement of America's resources which rightly belong to...

Looking ahead to 2018, here's a link to the next Solar Eclipse of February, 15, 2018 @27AQ, what I prefer to call the We The People Solar Eclipse.

Nov 28, 2017

Horoscope Dec 8, 2017: Government Shutdown?

Here is a horoscope set for 11:59:59 pm est at the Capitol Building which may go into effect at midnight on December 8, 2017 when the US Government in Washington DC allows itself to 'run out of money'. As you see, Mercury, planet of deals, negotiations, votes and tricks, is retrograde (4th house) after its recent conjunction with the karmic planet of systems,structures, and lawmaking, Saturn. Both Mercury and Saturn conjoin significant fixed stars and there are other stars active in the chart including Denebola rising (with US natal Neptune in Virgo in tow) and royal Rigel at Midheaven with Donald Trump's natal Uranus, his quirky guiding planet (because Uranus is oriental in his natal chart and whimsically leads the rest of his planets).

Of course, the Midheaven (MC) is the Point of Aspirations and Goals and is the WHY? Point of any chart. And you remember that in May Trump tweeted that the US Government "needs a good shutdown" in September 2017 when Congress was supposed to be debating the budget. Instead it's happening this week though 'debate' may be too strong a word for these jokers.

Testosterone-driven Mars is at a critical-crisis 29th degree of balancing Libra in the 2nd house of the National Treasury along with banker Jupiter in Big Business Scorpio. Opposite in the corporate 8th house of Debt, Credit, and Other People's Money is disruptive Uranus @24Ari49 conjoined with ethics asteroid Pallas, both Rx.

This December 8, 2017 chart is set for 11:59:59 pm est and it's a serious Saturn Hour. The retrograde chart-ruler Mercury applies once--to a trine with disruptive Uranus (1A19) indicating 'how things will proceed'...'dealing with larger social issues' and 'international finance favored' (as listed on the chart, lower left). Yes, Washington DC put the US under the influence and control of international bankers giving Huge Loans to Government decades ago--and karma will not be denied--what was sown will be reaped. Perhaps this is where Trump's Uranus at MC comes in with its Sabian Symbol:

"Two Chinese Men Talking Chinese in a Western Crowd."

Plus, who can forget that, in his own words, Donald Trump Is Really Really Proud to Be 'the King of Debt'!

Well, I've never liked spending very much time blogging about a horoscope of an event that may not even happen so if you wish more astro-notes on the topic, set up the chart or enlarge the above image to read some basic chart factors which include the current 1 North Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017, the 'Great American Eclipse' with its themes listed, upper right, for as you know, there is a huge amount of 'distortion' being carried on and purposefully used as a political ploy against the American People.

Related: Trump Inauguration 2017's 2018 Solar Return.

Feb 26, 2016

Why Isn’t Ted Cruz Being Crucified For His Role in the Govt Shutdown? video

This question that has haunted me since Ted Cruz announced his bid to run for president of the country after leading the theatrical charade of shutting down the government for 16 days for the purpose of making an ideological point. Why does no one mention the quirkiness of a man wanting to run a government he shut down because of an anti-societal notion--and reading children's books in mockery of the US Senate?

A related Natal Astrology post: Senator Ted Cruz: a "crusader dueling with shadows".

All this tea party anarchist rhetoric and its code words used in Campaign 2016 puts me in mind of the Cardinal Square Solar Eclipse of July 2010, the year that rebellious Uranus electrified the Mars-ruled Aries Point of Manifestation, transit Jupiter of corporatism came along and joined in, and tea party candidates infiltrated Capitol Hill which eventually made possible the Cruz-led shut down of the US government. And of course, the separating Cardinal Square between Uranus and Pluto continues triggering generational stand-offs as 40-something politicians challenge The Establishment of the Republican Party.

Yet there is not such a generational battle for Democrats in Campaign 2016 where Grandma and Grandpa are struggling for the Dem nomination!

Dec 1, 2015

Will Republicans Force Another Government Shutdown? - video, and the Dec 11 New Moon

Those who follow Astrology know that America's budget extension deadline on December 11, 2015 falls upon the day of a New Moon @19Sag02 (5:29 am est) -- Sagittarius, ruled by banker, politician, and The General Jupiter, a money and societal planet. A New Moon phase times a new cycle of activity, here, in Jupiter-related realms, and culminating on Christmas Day 2015 with a Full Moon in Cancer, sign of America's natal Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury.

Yet Sagittarius (the archer and seeker) is also the sign of foreigners, strangers, refugees, and ideologies, and restrictive Saturn, planet of borders, boundaries, and laws, is now in Sagittarius. So please note in the following interview with Rep. John Yarmuth and Ed schultz that an attempt may be made on Capitol Hill for a possible government shutdown by those who wish to 'justify' their anti-government action by adding refugees and migrant issues to their list of flimsy excuses for what seems to me to be a traitorous act against our nation:

Oct 24, 2015

What the H*ll is Wrong with the Republican Party? - video (plus, Pluto in Taurus)

Do you remember that the Republican Party had a Secondary Progressed (SP) *Full Moon a few years back?

Since then the 'light' of the party has been waning in more ways than one for an SP Full Moon phase times when an entity (or person) has reached their limit and extended into the world as far as it/he/she can go. To ignore this natural indicator, this 'life passage', is asking for trouble and we constantly see Republicans in Congress and elsewhere stepping over boundary after boundary--of common sense, of tradition, of sanity, of decency, and more. Not that Democrats don't do this but they're not the topic here; mainly Tea Partisans or 'Freedom Caucus' members (shills for the Koch Brothers) are because they're the trouble making ideological zealots forcing their austerity agenda on reasonable people.

Anyway, I recommend that you check out Thom's remarks concerning the Republican Party as and if you wish:


On October 3, 2013 the party's progressions contained an interesting midpoint picture involving their Mercury, planet of thinking and thought processes, communication, planning, dealing, etc. Curiously, considering how events have gone for the Republican Party this October (2015) we find transit Saturn, planet of conservatism, joining the very midpoint picture at 1Sag13 and this changes things and may shed some light on the current Speaker of the House debacle if nothing else...Pluto-ASC = tr Saturn: suffering from brutal suppression; being subjected to coercive measures; emotional sickness caused by others (Ebertin.) This Saturnian influence was strongest during Oct 1--11, two years after the Mercurial influence blended with ruthless Pluto and their SP Ascendant (the party.)

Well, I freely admit that the 'conservative' antic of forcing government shutdown makes me feel sick.

Since progressions issue from the natal chart I should add that the natal chart I used for the Republican Party is set for July 6, 1854 5:00 pm LMT Jackson, MI. Since then I've experimented with a different date for the party's inception: February 28, 1854. Both dates show powerful Pluto in Taurus which keeps the Republican Party's very noticeable streak of intolerance and prejudice intact.

Now here's Thom asking, Is Boehner Using the Freedom Cause to Destroy the GOP?

Sep 23, 2015

A 2015 Government Shutdown to Blame on Republicans?

As a 2015 Shutdown Looms, Bitter Memories of 2013 Linger

With another political stunt by scorched-earth Republicans on the horizon, Capitol Hill's irresponsible Government Shutdown of 2013 holds bitter memories for many Americans including those engaged in business start-ups, as Jeremy Quittner details. And check out today's HuffPost coverage here including political gamesmanship information.

In 2013, the political-jacka*s shutdown of the US government was allegedly perpetrated over Obamacare and predictably ended in failure for Republicans who took the majority if not all of the blame for wasting money, causing hardship for certain government departments, loss and disruption for the civil servants who work for paychecks, and 'governing' in breach of the public trust and contract. Some have called it treason and obviously, We the People cannot trust the anarchistic zealots and usurpers not to pull the same undermining stunt again, perhaps around the end of September when the fiscal budget expires and Congress is traditionally required do one of its jobs and fund government operations. However, their stupidity may peak in October whether a cyclical Shemitah is in force or not.

So in spite of the usual misdirected energy of certain politicians (with ulterior motives of shrinking the US government so it can be dispensed with and replaced in their beastly image), it is my understanding that there is already a law on the books that government funds (taxpayer money, one assumes) cannot be used to support abortions at Planned Parenthood facilities if that's genuinely their worry. In that case, what's the point of a government shutdown over funding an organization that provides women with health screenings and other necessary medical exams and counseling? And with an astounding amount of cognitive dissonance, the GOP insists they fight no 'War On Women' but how can women agree with such obvious hypocrisy? Apparently they think Americans are even stupider than they are and women stupider still!

Okay, this woman will hush for now but here's a recent post with informative videos (one from Ed Schultz) concerning the chances of a 2015 shutdown and the misbegotten shutdown of 2013 but you'll have to supply your own green eggs and ham.

Sep 19, 2015

US Voters Drained by Presidential Campaigns as Refugees Seek Asylum

Since the current Solar Eclipse season which began on September 13, 2015 @20Vir10 contains themes of overtaxing or draining of strength and a high level of stress in effect for at least the next six months, a 'proposal' is linked, below, which may have merit. The Solar Eclipse 'background noise' is in addition to the fretful 'blood moon' Lunar Eclipse in Aries at the end of September.

Follow the above link to view the September 2015 Solar and Lunar Eclipse horoscopes set for Washington DC. Obviously, the Lunar Eclipse, a Full Moon of culmination and awareness, times closely with the US Government's fiscal budget running dry of funds on September 30, 2015, the stalemates in Congress over abortion (a lunar issue) and funding, possibly another reckless government shutdown, and other weighty matters now in the public discourse such as the next suspension of a 2016 candidate's campaign.

Abroad the horrific, worsening refugee crisis (Moon = families, mothers, children) which has been ongoing for years (since the West decimated Eastern countries with war and destruction--did warmongers not see this crisis coming?) may also be denoted by the Lunar Eclipse as Saturn (walls, borders, boundaries, stoppage, closing; responsibility, accountability, authority) continues to make the plights of grievously displaced families unendurable with the planet's passage into Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker (of asylum), Foreigner, Stranger, Emigrant, and Long Distance Travel. As you know, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, planet of the breakthroughs now sorely needed across the globe thanks to aggressive Western governments and we will soon experience Saturn's upcoming crossing of America's natal 11/12Sag Ascendant in the late afternoon horoscope of July 4, 1776 bringing forms of accountability home to roost beginning by December 2015 into 2016.

So in case you missed it, here's Christoph Asche's Report from Croatia: 'They Don't Know Where They're Going, or Where They'll End Up', posted this morning.

Now see what you think about the 'proposal' meant to give US voters "a rest from the same old photo ops, talking points, and stalemates in Congress" - since we can't depend on politicians to stop perpetrating those things and simply do the jobs they're elected to do and are paid for:

FEC Implementing One-Year Break Between All Presidential Terms As a Reprieve For a Weary Nation, says The Onion.

Plus, to add to our current concerns, Americans are heading toward what is being called The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017, the first repetition of the King of Alarm Eclipse of August 11, 1999, the one Nostradamus warned about. This 1 North eclipse will be visible from the Oregon coast to the coast of South Carolina and will basically split our country into Northern and Southern halves. Hmm.

Hope it will be for the best, don't you?

Sep 16, 2015

Will Republicans Force Another Govt Shutdown? - Ed Schultz (+ Mercury Rx)

With Federal Reserve officials meeting today and announcing their interest rate decision tomorrow (the day of announcing Mercury's Rx Station on US natal Saturn in mid-Libra!), here is Ed Schultz on the threat of another expensive government shutdown in the Republicans' misguided attempt to de-fund (Mercury Rx?) Planned Parenthood over the abortion/fetal tissue issue even though abortion via Planned Parenthood is by law not funded by taxpayer money:

Go Ed!

And for comparison, here from August 2013 is the Heritage Foundation's Jim Demint (former SC senator) discussing the previous Republican government shutdown over defunding Obamacare with the usual flawed logic. If anti-government Senator Ted Cruz manages to lead another shutdown in 2015 or 2016, the Republicans will say it's President Obama shutting down the government which will--again--fool few if any of the American public:

Guess Republicans feel they must use the 'the devil made me do it' strategy against the president! But will Ted Cruz treat us to another overly dramatically reading of a Dr. Seuss book? You remember the ironic thing about his choice of reading material, right? Green Eggs and Ham (he's the ham) is a tale about trying something new (like Obamacare) that you assume you don't like and finding out that you do--not quite the message Cruz's government shutdown was intended to convey.

Here's Amazon's page/s of Dr. Seuss books for Cruz to choose from though of course, he may decide to avoid some of the ridicule and skip reading a children's book this go-round. However, on the list of books is the ever appropriate for US politics One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish with its murky, up or down Piscean flavors!

Now for all you Pisces folks out there, here is my modest illustration of the Two Fish with a few astro-details concerning this Mutable sign published at Dreamyfish Art some time ago.

Pisces: Two Fish a pencil drawing by Jude Cowell (c).