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Feb 4, 2016

Caller: The Democratic Party is in a State of Disorganization - The Thom Hartmann Show

February 4, 2016: a Democratic poll worker calls in and Thom takes the call...


My Comcast connection problems persist but I want to say something quickly about this week's 'Hillary a progressive on some days' kerfluffle between Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton. (No wonder she self-describes rather schizophrenically.) To me it's not as much of a 'some days' question, it's that Hillary Clinton is a progressive on some issues and a moderate on others. And a neocon on matters of war, conquest, and global government. But that's just my view from the 13th colony of Georgia, take it or leave it! jc

Tonight's Democratic dust-up between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton airs on MSNBC 9:00 pm est with Rachel Maddow (yay!) and Chuck Todd hosting. This should be informative.

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