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Mar 3, 2016

Neocon Foreign Policy Will Come Back in 2016 - video

You cannot know how awful it is to post the following video report from The Ring of Fire Radio for its content (which some may wish to know or consider) while having to ignore the warmongers' snoots on the screen, pre-play. Play the video please and their mugs-which-should-be-mugshots will disappear at least for a while.

Campaign 2016: Marvel at the audacity of neocon war hawks still fighting for complete control of the US Government which, with the 'Federal' Banking System, they are basically in control of the works already. America's political election process is high-jacked and creaky and now its a big election year for them to manipulate the counts and electoral votes toward their potus preference. A massively large turn out of the voting public is the primary thing We the People have to rely upon. The (Venusian) Oval Office and congressional outcomes will affect us and our children for many a year. Please Do Not Stay Home November 8, 2016. Apathy Is No Longer an Option--'The big picture demands a certain course of action, very little option to do otherwise,' (Tyl) and so...

1993 Uranus-Neptune 17Cap = March 2016 Pluto. As candidate Bernie Sanders says, "The billionaires can't have it all." And that's the option I choose.

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