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Apr 21, 2018

Eggs, a Dossier, Sean Spicer and The Briefing

April 21, 2018: Coming Soon to a bargain book bin or a Best Seller List near you, a new book The Briefing by former White House Press Secretary for Jupiterian Donald Trump, Sean Spicer who 'resigned' his position on July 2, 2017. Is it significant that Mr. Spicer was born September 23, 1971 during the three Great Conjunctions of broadcasting Jupiter and media/propaganda planet Neptune?

Their conjunctions in 1971 occurred in the 00-to-3-degree range of Sagittarius, expansive Jupiter's own sign, and as you know, the planetary pair suggests various potentials (any, all, or none) such as: speculation, get-rich-quick schemes, bubbles and busts, nebulous finances or fraud, scandal and instability, wrong diagnoses, idealism, mysticism, visions, fantasies and dreams, Utopian illusions, religious or mystical beliefs, occultism, great hopes, evasion, seduction, overdone generosity, rich feelings, compassion, subtlety, trickiness, gain without effort, deception via dogma, ineffective persuasion, make-believe, foolish or unfounded legal situations, hypocrisy as a form of internal policy, neglected ethics, senseless doctrines, acceptance of pretenses, ethics and morals based on favors and pay-offs, degradation within a justice system, self-analysis, and--political conflicts (Munkasey; Ebertin).

Yet the combined energies of the frothy Jupiter-Neptune pair are not all the blended cosmic influences upon Sean Spicer for he was also born under a powerful (power-craving) Sun-Pluto conjunction at the critical 29th degree of Virgo. In fact, his (noon) horoscope shows a line-up of Mercury (17Virgo), Pluto, Sun, Venus (7libra), and Uranus (13Libra), Trump's guiding planet of chaos and disruption.

Sun-Pluto energies combined hints at potentials such as: influences by criminal organizations, excessive amounts of armed strength, control by secret police, toxic conditions, policy reforms, threats against and control of dissent, corruption which wastes resources, determination to achieve goals, intense emotions, domination of others, an obsessive disposition, striving for power, martyrdom, fanatical tendencies, and/or plutocracy. Also notable is that Spicer's Sun-Pluto conjunction contains a third participant, 'piercing' asteroid Eros which adds intensity and passion to his plutonian conjunction. Eros was discovered in 1898 by DeWitt, and in Orphism was 'born of the cosmic egg produced by Night' (Encyclopedia of Astrology, DeVore).

Have you ever thought it esoterically symbolic that the presidential office in the White House is the egg-shaped, Venusian 'Oval Office'?!? Well, for about the first 6 months of the Trump administration, Sean Spicer was spokesperson for the Oval Office.

Now legendary astrologer Nicholas DeVore refers to the 'cosmic egg' but the ancient symbol has other names, Orphic Egg or World Egg being two of them. Perhaps a related SO'W post from May 4, 2017 may be of interest to those wishing to link the Orphic or Cosmic Egg to American Politics and the founding of our nation so if you wish check out Trump, Venus, a Pagan Egg, and the 2020 Election Cycle. You may or may not be sorry you did.

As for Sean Spicer's book The Briefing, I don't know how revealing the book or his PR tour interviews will be but his publishing effort actually tallies with the themes of his Prenatal Solar Eclipse in the 9 New South Saros Series: bringing to the surface issues concerning paperwork or communications; a worrying piece of news; health concerns; or, matters concerning loved ones may be involved (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology but with my bold and italics for the sake of clarity.)

Well, perhaps we'll discover a clue in this April 16, 2018 Fox News segment with the book's author Spicer: Comey's account of dossier briefing is misleading.

Jun 8, 2016

Swing States Already Purging Democrats from Voting Rolls - video

Stars Over Washington sends Congratulations to Hillary Clinton and her shattered glass ceiling after last night's results.

Given the unfavorability ratings of GOP nominee Donald Trump, Republicans will have to cheat to win on November 8, 2016. Actually the cheating has already begun though I doubt that Mr. Trump cares how he 'wins' the (Venusian) Oval Office for he seems to be an 'end justifies the means' kind of self-promoter. The Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins reports:

Mar 3, 2016

Neocon Foreign Policy Will Come Back in 2016 - video

You cannot know how awful it is to post the following video report from The Ring of Fire Radio for its content (which some may wish to know or consider) while having to ignore the warmongers' snoots on the screen, pre-play. Play the video please and their mugs-which-should-be-mugshots will disappear at least for a while.

Campaign 2016: Marvel at the audacity of neocon war hawks still fighting for complete control of the US Government which, with the 'Federal' Banking System, they are basically in control of the works already. America's political election process is high-jacked and creaky and now its a big election year for them to manipulate the counts and electoral votes toward their potus preference. A massively large turn out of the voting public is the primary thing We the People have to rely upon. The (Venusian) Oval Office and congressional outcomes will affect us and our children for many a year. Please Do Not Stay Home November 8, 2016. Apathy Is No Longer an Option--'The big picture demands a certain course of action, very little option to do otherwise,' (Tyl) and so...

1993 Uranus-Neptune 17Cap = March 2016 Pluto. As candidate Bernie Sanders says, "The billionaires can't have it all." And that's the option I choose.

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Nov 28, 2015

4 Weird Things about the Washington Monument - video

This from the Stuff They Don't Want You to Know guys:

Do you know that the Washington Monument was constructed pointing to a particular star in the heavens that denotes fertility? Considering the obviously phallic intention of choosing an obelisk to commemorate our first official president and the prominence of feminine symbols around the city such as Virgo the Virgin, Columbia, and other Venusian archetypes (even the 'Oval office' shaped like the Cosmic Egg: fertility), DC is saturated with pagan Mars-Venus vibes of the hubba hubba variety--yet George never fathered a child of his own! Just a new nation in a new world--a 'new world order' circa 1776.

A fertility star, George as obelisk and 'Father of our Country' plus DC's abundant feminine symbology remind me of the controversial film Birth of a Nation. The film is a good example of how the power elite subliminally affect our perceptions via Hollywood. But instead of the awful film which is 3 hours long, how about an 8-minute analysis of Birth of a Nation? See below.

Related to Washington's esoteric monument dedicated to Freemason George Washington is a video, part 1 of Sacred Geometry Explained. The post includes a link to an intriguing site Washington DC's Chamber of Secrets.

Film analysis by Gordon Briggs:

Jul 2, 2009

Former Goldman-Sachs banker new US ambassador to Germany

Lest you think an important post in the Obama administration might have to do without a Goldman-Sachs alumni, former Goldman banker Phil Murphy is soon to be welcomed by Germany as the new US ambassador.

You can go back to your nap now, a Goldman-Sachs rep is in the house. Again.

In fact, if it's true what I've been reading that every financial bubble and collapse since the 1920s has been gamed if not orchestrated by Goldman-Sachs (and the Fed and the World Bank), I'd say that G-S is the house. These manipulators take win-win to the ultimate level.

And speaking of the 2008 presidential campaign, do you remember how Barack Obama's community organizing work was touted as an admirable thing because the brilliantly talented fellow (and he is) could have easily gone right to Wall Street after graduation to roll around and make mega-bucks there instead of working with and for the poorer elements in our society?

Well, apparently he did (or didn't), but he's just doing it from the White House. Yet didn't Goldman-Sachs install their man Barack in the Oval Office to do their bidding?

Ever since BHO appointed Clintonites like Larry Summers and that other guy to be on his 'Economic Team' - and then G-Sachs' Timothy Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury - it feels to me as if President Goldman-Sachs, with a current not former, Wall Street address to his credit, has coup'd the Oval Office and now plays the role of US commander-in-thief.


'Commander-in-thief' is a reference I first heard on a Radiohead album just after Bush first coup'd the White House, and since the (orchestrated) financial collapse of 2008, new levels of meaning accrue to the word, 'thief' in the USA - and it began under Bush.

Feb 24, 2009

Obama adminstration letting us down on torture

The whole truth is needed from the Obama adminstration concerning prisoner torture. Falling back on Bush-Cheney tactics won't be good enough.

Makes me wonder what were the contents of the mash note Bush left in the Oval Office's desk drawer for the new president to, one assumes, profit by.

Perhaps it contained a "Please don't march me to the Hague" plea?

Nov 16, 2008

Video of Your Weekly Address from the President-Elect 11.15.08

A big shout-out to my friend, Donna D., who gave me a heads-up today that the president-elect's video was available on YouTube now...guess I was too early and eager yesterday to embed it.

Our soon-to-be new president will be videoing his Weekly Addresses to the nation from the White House once he's installed in the Oval Office. Now that's a groovy idea!

Nov 7, 2008

Grumpy Old Men of the GOP

Senator Lindsey Graham, friend of John McCain, explains November 4's 'Grumpy Old Men' of the GOP and why they lost the White House, which is fine as far as it goes, it just doesn't go far enough.

Ex: Graham says the Republican Party is tainted by corruption. Actually, corruption doesn't so much 'taint' as spread out and infect to the core.

Their party is closer to being a cesspool and Graham's labeling their corruption so delicately as a 'taint' doesn't change anyone's assessment of the GOP. Sorry. You people infest Washington DC, my favorite city, and I cannot forgive you your perfidy and rotteness. You stink and so do your enablers.

Another reason for their loss, he says: overspending. America is bankrupt under these pocket-lining monkeys and it's mere 'overspending'? That you can cut back on. We've nothing left to cut - the Greedy Old Party heisted it all while certain Dems drove the get-away car.

And last but not least in Graham's oh-so-reflective confession: they "sometimes" came across as a "bunch of grumpy old men."

Sometimes? The GOP chose to run the white-haired dude with the sour face and the lamentable they love to say to the down-and-outers among us: all through your life you made choices. You partisans chose the grumpy old man. Did you not know his age? Puh!

Why, it's almost as if the Republicans wanted a Democrat to struggle in the White House after they'd made hay with America's resources, reputation, and freedoms. And it isn't as if the GOP didn't know they were in serious trouble for Election Day 2008 and they had known it for years.

Well, apparently it will be baton-passing time on January 20.

And even though I have serious misgivings about a Barack Obama presidency, it's not personal (at this point) against him (he's quite fabu and talented) - it's that the larger political/economic agenda steamrolls along with The People paying the price, no matter who fulfills the figurehead position required of the Oval Office.

And as both readers of this blog know - he won't have to be grumpy to make me mad as a wet hen.