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Apr 25, 2016

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Puerto Rico (HBO) - video

Somewhere between the US Congress, Wall Street hedge fund vultures, UBS, and the ghost of Senator Strom Thurmond the island of Puerto Rico and its 3.5 million American citizens are twisting in the wind. Allow HBO's John Oliver and Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda to explain...

In case the video is disappeared at some point, you'll find it at: so if you missed this Last Week Tonight segment, it's brilliantly amusing and informative yet enraging so please check it out. To me it sounds as if Strom and his colleagues in Congress in 1984 fashioned Puerto Rico's debt time bomb to go off about 30 years later...after billions of dollars had been made by the villains involved. Depopulation of the indigenous islanders seems to be a part of the scheme as well.

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