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Apr 26, 2016

Prince Charles: "I am descendant of Dracula" - video (w horoscope links)

Now some folk might generously put Prince Charles' admission that he descends from Vlad the Impaler in the 'At Least He Admits It' cartegory--I don't, but you might. Actually, this reminds me of how related are US presidents to the 'British' royal family. Wait. That could explain a lot if genes have anything to do with murdering millions of people in wars and other 'presidential' actions--all without blinking an eye. Often I've wondered if our presidential candidates and subsequent Oval Office victors must swear an oath that they will kill any number of people, whoever and whenever their hidden masters deem it necessary, and without losing a night's sleep over it. We Americans have seen, however, many a president's hair turn gray while in office:

As of yet I have never studied the natal horoscopes of Prince Charles (and/or that of other royal family members) and Count Dracula together as a related pair but I now deem it necessary. Or at least intriguing. After all, our second President John Adams is known to have been a member of the Dragon Family himself and perhaps you've read of the granite column erected by John Adams to the memory of his ancestor Henry Adams, their family's first migrant to America due to the Devonshire Dragon Persecution, as the stone column's inscription states.

For more on such topics try: Snake Princess Lilith, brief notes on the Dragon Persecution, Devonshire, and a Wiki page for Thomas de Strickland who at the Battle of Agincourt carried the Banner of St. George (who according to legend slayed the dragon and was martyred by Diocletian for his Christian faith). And of course, the history of the Merovingian Kings (with lineage from Clovis I to Charlemagne and down through other blood-spillers) links to satanism and to US presidents--all this a part of the reptilian topic of this post including the bogus Merovingian claim of descendancy from Jesus and Mary Magdalen to which this Christian says, Puh!

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