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Apr 22, 2016

On May 9, 2016 Mercury Transits the Sun

On Monday May 9, 2016, the Great Cosmic Clock that is our Solar System provides us a rather rare view into its machinations via a Mercury Transit across the Sun. The last one occurred on November 8, 2006 with Mercury at 16 Scorpio. On May 9, Mercury will be opposite its 2008 degree at 19 Taurus (Tropical Zodiac).

So if you're as curious as a Mercurial person can be about this 13-to-14-times-per-century spectacle, check out Brian Ventrudo's Guide to the May 9, 2016 Transit of Mercury.

Actually May 9 stands out for another cosmic reason because giant Jupiter performs a Direct Station that very morning at 8:14 am edt on the 13 Virgo degree. Somehow both events in the heavens seem to me to relate to Campaign 2016 in the US--Mercury rules voting, voters, speeches, rhetoric, travels, plans, actors, tricksters, thieves, traders, and such while Jupiter plays many roles in Mundane Astrology--among them, politicians, actors, bankers, and financiers.

If you wish, view a horoscope set for Washington DC of the May 9, 2016 Jupiter Direct Station with Political Astrology details spotlighting America.

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