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Oct 12, 2016

Leaked Hillary Clinton Emails: Could Bernie Sanders Have Won Primary If ...

In black and white, we read Mrs. Clinton's email exchanges with John Podesta and learn what most Americans already knew: politicians lie, politicians illegally coordinate their campaigns with the media, and spin must be spun in an attempt to re-cover what's been uncovered (and possibly manipulated by the hacker to look worse than it is).

One point of interest to this astrologer is how such inconveniently uncovered truths tally with themes of the current the Solar Eclipse which perfected on September 1, 2016 @9Vir21--and with the September 16, 2016 Lunar Eclipse @24Pis20 which fell within or very near the degree range of Hillary Clinton's natal Moon in Pisces in most of the multiple natal horoscopes with varying birth hours. Ah, secretive Pisces and reality-based, health-conscious Virgo! Actually, Virgo-Pisces eclipses continue into 2017 beginning in February so that, tiresomely, this sort of leak may continue to uncover worse warts than we've so far seen at least until The Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017 in Leo.

More details: September 2016 Eclipses: Two 'Wild Cards' of the Universe.

Now here's a report from Democracy Now! asking if these in-cahoots emails had been leaked prior to Hillary's nomination at the DNC, could Senator Sanders have won the nomination? By popularity he should have won, yet t seems doubtful to me for who knows what tricks and spin would have been perpetrated by Rockefeller-Rothschild media shills in an attempt to force war hawk Mrs. Clinton into the White House, a position she's waited for these many years?

Note: although many Clinton supporters are all-in, 'at least she isn't Donald Trump' is sad consolation to those of us who will vote for Hillary on November 8th. And do you ever feel purposefully swayed to vote for Hillary due to an opponent whose behavior and rhetoric put him out of contention for a job at 7/11, much less the US presidency? (Credit to President Obama or whoever wrote his remarks for the 'job at 7/11' perspective).

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