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Oct 7, 2016

Oil spill at Indian Point nuclear power plant in New York - video (w/ Eclipses)

When an American politician calls for a "full investigation" of an incident, event, or a crime (environmental or otherwise), We the People have learned that more often than not the probe is used as a cover-up or a whitewash no matter how disturbing or criminal the act.

Yes, oily Neptune in its own sign of murky, watery Pisces is tragically busy these days as we see with Hurricane Matthew churning up the Florida and Georgia coasts on its way North.

Now this is the sort of event and "full investigation" that can really benefit from our current Solar Eclipse Series, the 19 North, which manifested in earth sign Virgo on September 1, 2016 with themes of: realism, coming down to earth, becoming aware of an old situation and seeing it for what it really is rather than what we thought it was. Down to earth sounds environmental enough and truth is what should be revealed during a "full investigation" along with the accountability and responsibility that reality-based Saturn demands from the establishment vs the culprits.

Saturnian Realism or Neptunian Deception?

Two weeks after the September Solar Eclipse manifested, its cosmic mate, a Lunar Eclipse occurred in Pisces, sign of the oceanic realms of king Neptune. If you wish, follow the link, above, for brief notes on the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of September 2016 with transit Neptune opposing the Solar Eclipse, a condition which seems to be interfering with the realism and truth that the 19 North Solar Eclipse promises since deceptive (or inspirational) Neptune also rules disguises, masks, cover-ups, and leaks. Even so, I for one will be waiting to hear honest revelations via the "full investigation" of the Indian Point nuclear power plant oil 'spill' which threatens the Hudson River and beyond.

Also note that the current manifestation of 19 North is the Pre-Natal Eclipse of Election 2016 and Inauguration 2017--two more events that could greatly benefit from realism, truth, and seeing things (and campaigning candidates) for what they really are, whether racists or neocons. The tragedy is, whoever wins the 2016 Election will have to become a globalist once they enter the Venusian Oval Office...if they weren't one before.

Eclipse theme from Brady's Predictive Astrology; opinion from yours truly, as usual (with the exception of additional content--I'm not always in full agreement with the variety of linked articles and videos you'll find here on SO'W. jc)

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