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Mar 31, 2017

Can Astrology Describe the Trump-Russia Scandal?

There is one current transit from heavy weight Pluto of the Underworld making its spying effects known in the early days of the Trump administration and that is surveillance-lover Pluto now within a 5-degree orb of opposition to US natal Mercury Rx (@24Can11).

Those who are familiar with America's natal horoscope (any version set for July 4, 1776) are aware of our nation's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition across the security minded Cancer-Capricorn axis and here and elsewhere much has been made of America's first-ever Pluto Return/s all through year 2022 (exact: Feb 20, July 11, and Dec 28, 2022). With its orbit lasting approximately 248 years, transit Pluto returning to natal position is a big deal for certain but before manipulative Pluto can perform such a task, it will oppose US natal Mercury, a perilous time for our country.

Naturally we think of all the surveillance, spying, secret meetings, leaking, and hacking events and reporting of them that have already occurred but what can Astrology tells us about the Pluto-opposing-natal-Mercury transit already in effect (today Pluto is @19Cap18 and within a 5-degree orb of opposing US natal Mercury). Pluto's exact opposition/s to US Mercury won't occur until 2021 into 2022 but a slow creeper like Pluto moving within orb can provide a strong taste of what's to come with exactitude. Plus, Pluto in Capricorn, sign of government, business, and law, denotes such disturbing manifestations as The Dictator and World Government--virtually a 'cosmic promise' since Pluto entered Capricorn in late 2008 with the controversial selection of Barack Obama as president. (You'll remember the Republican cat calls of 'dictator' against Mr. Obama.)

Note that is has been the contention of yours truly that the selection of Donald Trump to helm the nation, plus, the scandals, step-downs, firings, agency heads placed to break up the agencies they 'head', and other ham-fisted happenings since Mr. Trump moved into the White House have been part of a process to undermine and collapse the US government in time for Pluto's grand and final establishment of World Government by 2022 as transit Pluto returns to its 1776 degree (when the current 'new order of the ages' began). That Mr. Trump has pretended to be "the only one" who could fight this anti-American process was a ludicrous claim and yet many US voters pretended to believe him!

So let's see if any of the Pluto-opposing-natal-Mercury transit describes any of the current climate and events in Washington DC under amateur politician and Russia supporter, Donald Trump:

Troubled to the point of obsession, this negative period suggests transitions in thinking, ideas, and methods though probably not for the better. Greater power and control are sought over information, business transactions, commerce and trade, travel and transportation, computers, writing, and local affairs in communities. Investigations, research and development, and confidential (secret) information is misused and/or misapplied, or (inconveniently) leaked or tweeted.

Basically, this period marks a grand struggle for control over all Mercurial activities and interests with America at risk of major damage via the indiscreet Mercury-Neptune square of Mr. Trump who thrives on gossip and innuendo while defending insults--both real and imaginary--to his Napoleonic-sized ego.

Here are only two related articles: Your Online Privacy Is in the Hands of Donald Trump thanks to the US Congress okaying the sale of our browser histories, app usage, and more--allegedly for the sake of Mercurial 'commerce'; Russia Scandal Has Now Reached the Trump Family.


Art image, above: a 'tragic masks' detail from my pencil portrait of Giselle.

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