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May 24, 2020

May 26, 2020 Horoscope: Pluto oppo US natal Mercury

by Jude Cowell

For a while now, transit Pluto has led the tilt of a BOWL shape of planets. Here you see a DC Horoscope set for the moment on May 26, 2020 that transit Pluto and Moon oppose one another across the Cancer-Capricorn security axis ('Moon-Saturn' = a health indicator along with ambition and strategy). Moon-Saturn's signs are intercepted across the 3/9 Communication axis (local vs foreign) suggesting that our problems are karmic and must be dealt with, one way or another. Power-mad Pluto @24Cap46 Rx tilts or tips the BOWL as you see while Luna, acting as an excellent timer (to the second!) makes up the opposite rim of the BOWL. A lack of balance is suggested while simultaneously, Pluto, within orb of US natal Pluto, opposes US natal Mercury Rx which implicates America's surveillance-loving, thought-controlling Mercury-Pluto opposition of July 4, 1776--here with transit Jupiter Rx @24Cap00 conjunct US natal Pluto Rx (27:32). Someone is misusing intelligence reports and/or leaking secrets, which in Washington DC comes as no surprise.

Now I'm not suggesting that the May 26th opposition identifies a moment or a day when a significant event will occur (which would take far more factors than one chart can show) but the chart is posted here merely as a symbolic horoscope spotlighting current conditions in society at the end of May 2020 particularly in the realms of Moon-Pluto, Mercury-Pluto, Jupiter-Pluto, Saturn-Pluto, and more if one cares to seek.

In general, possibilities of the noted planetary pairs include:

Underhanded tactics to gain control, zealotry, ambitious new plans, emotional outbursts, upheavals, investigative research (a vaccine perhaps?), conflicts and uprisings, fanatical aims, plutocrats exploiting the masses (tiresomely!), cold hearts, renunciation, reactionaries and violent people, painstaking work, martyrdom, mass murder, pursuing egoistic aims (wonder who?), a demagogue (peep-eye!), a propagandist, persuasive oration, plagiarism, speculation, large projects, those with power to dispense, 'legal eagles', economists, professors, and, last but not least: a sense of duty, isolation, thrift, self-control, depression, finding fault, wounds, blood transfusions, and/or kidney and other diseases. Obviously, a very difficult period is described and is discernible by conditions and events (sans Astrology) in society.

So What's Not in the BOWL?

The zodiacal signs not contained within the BOWL are: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius (except for South Node in Sag) and these describe huge areas of experience missing from current proceedings at the moment for the plutonians in charge and thus they represent 'challenges to existence' for those utilizing the BOWL energies as they advocate for a cause or a mission with greedy Pluto 'scooping up' all planetary energies (Jones). Plus, even without the lens of Astrology, few people are unaware of the titanic power struggles ongoing in America and elsewhere between radical reactionary political operatives--saboteurs, I call them, neo-fascists others call them--and the Establishment entities and forces which imply, if not promise, society a less chaotic existence (I'm for that! Can you tell?).

Meanwhile, the restrictive, constraining, tough-minded Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of January 2020 (@22Cap46 - conjunct Trump's natal Vertex!) continues to bedevil the globe, financially and otherwise--and their last conjunction of 1982 @27Lib36 ('Reaganomics') rises at Ascendant in this chart reminding us of our current potentials for difficult circumstances, loss, and silent power - some directly due to the limitations of Reagan era politics and economic policies (ex: cuts to mental health funding, corporate welfare, etc). Besides, we know that mundane Pluto is stealthy and manipulative all by himself and loves to wield silent power! And with karmic loss-leader Saturn by Pluto's side and strong in his own sign of Capricorn, what can possibly go wrong? (snark).

Well, for one thing, that's Trump's natal 12th house Pluto (10Leo02) near the top of the chart ('MC') as you see which always brings along his destructive, brutal midpoint picture of Mars-Saturn = Pluto: 'death of many people, murder, intervention of a higher power' (Ebertin). So we have that going against us as Trump corpses pile up and his particular brand of chaos and mismanagement reign--now with potentials for nuclear testing. Hopefully, nukes won't be 'the higher power' that intervenes.

So as you see at the Foundation of this chart (IC), the trio of heavyweights form a midpoint picture - Saturn-Pluto = Jupiter: 'difficulties caused through illness; social and religious fanaticism' (Ebertin) which pretty much sums up much of what's going on these days, yes?

And with the intense Moon-Pluto influence in this symbolic chart I'm thinking that the Secondary Progressed ('SP') Conjunction of US SP Moon and Pluto in October 2020 may be part of what's forewarned or pre-echoed in this chart. At the least, a cosmic time link is suggested between late May and October 2020 so perhaps Patreon subscribers of SO'W might consider a comparison between this horoscope and America's October SP horoscope recently published to Patreon!

So in closing

Mention should be made of transit Jupiter, the planet of expansion and increase (not always a good thing since negative conditions can be made worse by his presence!), precisely conjoining the natal Pluto of America only once: December 7, 2020. So as you see, this year will be the 79th anniversary of "a date that will live in infamy", a reference to Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor what some have called a version of a 'false flag op' (FDR knew it was coming and did nothing to divert it--similar to Trump and coronavirus in 2020). The attack on Pearl Harbor was then used by Washington to justify America's entry into World War II - which was a case of doing what the Pentagon wanted to do in the first place - an example of a practical use of the Hegelian Dialect that creates a problem then 'solves' it.

And yes, there remains an awful lot of such manipulation and 'solutions' that miss the mark going on in US Politics, that "systematic organisation of hatreds".

So my question for you is: through our years of apathy and laziness, have We The People finally merited the sorry government we've long deserved?

Exact 2020/21 Transits to US natal placements include Pluto oppose US Mercury 3x: February 27, June 26 (this chart), January 1, 2021 (disturbing news, forcing opinions on others, crisis); Saturn conjunct US Pluto 3x (power and control issues, conditions and/or events too large to handle): February 23, August 4, November 20; Jupiter oppose US Mercury 3x: March 30, June 29, November 20 (blunt opinions; tactlessness). Note that November 20, 2020 stands out due to transit Jupiter and Saturn ruffling the US natal Mercury-Pluto opposition. Also note that other pertinent transits and influences must be factored in for a fuller picture to be gained--some negative, and some positive and thus mitigating. Thank Goodness. jc

Dec 28, 2017

Dec 28 2017 Doug Jones Certified to Take Senate Seat

Although loser Roy Moore filed a lawsuit yesterday to block the certification of Doug Jones for the Alabama seat in the US Senate, the certification of Doug Jones is scheduled for today at 1:00 pm CST in Montgomery, the capital city.

Update Dec 29, 2017: MSNBC reports that Doug Moore was certified yesterday at 2:10 pm Eastern Time. At 1:10 pm CST in Alabama, the horoscope remains basically the same with Taurus Moon and Jones's natal Mercury rising.

Original post begins here:

A quick peek at a December 28, 2017 1:00 pm cst Montgomery, Alabama horoscope of the certification reveals the natal Mercury in Taurus of Mr. Jones rising just after the transiting Moon in Taurus @7Tau21. The natal Sun of Doug Jones @13Taurus rises soon after.

At MC, the Goal and Career Point of the certification chart (24Cap14), in 10th house is the natal Chiron Station Retrograde of Doug Jones and at 28Cap39, his Chiron conjoins US natal Pluto. As you know, the Pluto-Chiron pair is a marker for Plutocracy and the oppression and primal violence it tends to use in order to get its way. With Senator Jones it remains to be seen if or how he will favor plutocratic actions for he is joining Plutocracy's politicians on Capitol Hill. Plus, Jones's natal North Node @16Cap42, has recently been conjoined by transit Pluto today @18Cap40. With Chiron in 10th today at certification and his natal NN in Capricorn, Mr. Jones may be feeling somewhat insecure as to his position--even after his certification.

This degree of governmental, legal Capricorn (18Cap) activates the 1993 Great Conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune with the trio's 'the big picture must be followed, very little option to do otherwise' (Tyl) demands which Senator Jones will surely deal with in the US Congress and be forced to vote as party leadership dictates. The natal Pluto @22Leo32 of Doug Jones is extra strong for it's Station Direct in his natal chart. Of course, his Pluto on one level relates to his legal profession and the criminality it necessarily involves.

And with US natal Pluto at the top of the certification chart, US natal Mercury is placed at the IC (24Can14) with 1776 Mercury's very interesting Sabian Symbol, "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Cloak of Power," a cosmic shout-out to manipulating Pluto, planet of power, wealth, and the cape of invisibility that plutocrats in charge prefer to conceal themselves behind. And it seems that they want Doug Jones seated in the US Senate which does, of course, lessen the Republican majority there. Maybe one day we'll find out other reasons why Jones is their choice though it may be due in part to the cantankerousness and 'independent' thinking of the very controversial Alabaman, Roy Moore.

Related Posts Include: Astro-Notes on Doug Jones ('noon' chart shown) and a 'noon' Horoscope of Roy Moore.

Mar 31, 2017

Can Astrology Describe the Trump-Russia Scandal?

There is one current transit from heavy weight Pluto of the Underworld making its spying effects known in the early days of the Trump administration and that is surveillance-lover Pluto now within a 5-degree orb of opposition to US natal Mercury Rx (@24Can11).

Those who are familiar with America's natal horoscope (any version set for July 4, 1776) are aware of our nation's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition across the security minded Cancer-Capricorn axis and here and elsewhere much has been made of America's first-ever Pluto Return/s all through year 2022 (exact: Feb 20, July 11, and Dec 28, 2022). With its orbit lasting approximately 248 years, transit Pluto returning to natal position is a big deal for certain but before manipulative Pluto can perform such a task, it will oppose US natal Mercury, a perilous time for our country.

Naturally we think of all the surveillance, spying, secret meetings, leaking, and hacking events and reporting of them that have already occurred but what can Astrology tells us about the Pluto-opposing-natal-Mercury transit already in effect (today Pluto is @19Cap18 and within a 5-degree orb of opposing US natal Mercury). Pluto's exact opposition/s to US Mercury won't occur until 2021 into 2022 but a slow creeper like Pluto moving within orb can provide a strong taste of what's to come with exactitude. Plus, Pluto in Capricorn, sign of government, business, and law, denotes such disturbing manifestations as The Dictator and World Government--virtually a 'cosmic promise' since Pluto entered Capricorn in late 2008 with the controversial selection of Barack Obama as president. (You'll remember the Republican cat calls of 'dictator' against Mr. Obama.)

Note that is has been the contention of yours truly that the selection of Donald Trump to helm the nation, plus, the scandals, step-downs, firings, agency heads placed to break up the agencies they 'head', and other ham-fisted happenings since Mr. Trump moved into the White House have been part of a process to undermine and collapse the US government in time for Pluto's grand and final establishment of World Government by 2022 as transit Pluto returns to its 1776 degree (when the current 'new order of the ages' began). That Mr. Trump has pretended to be "the only one" who could fight this anti-American process was a ludicrous claim and yet many US voters pretended to believe him!

So let's see if any of the Pluto-opposing-natal-Mercury transit describes any of the current climate and events in Washington DC under amateur politician and Russia supporter, Donald Trump:

Troubled to the point of obsession, this negative period suggests transitions in thinking, ideas, and methods though probably not for the better. Greater power and control are sought over information, business transactions, commerce and trade, travel and transportation, computers, writing, and local affairs in communities. Investigations, research and development, and confidential (secret) information is misused and/or misapplied, or (inconveniently) leaked or tweeted.

Basically, this period marks a grand struggle for control over all Mercurial activities and interests with America at risk of major damage via the indiscreet Mercury-Neptune square of Mr. Trump who thrives on gossip and innuendo while defending insults--both real and imaginary--to his Napoleonic-sized ego.

Here are only two related articles: Your Online Privacy Is in the Hands of Donald Trump thanks to the US Congress okaying the sale of our browser histories, app usage, and more--allegedly for the sake of Mercurial 'commerce'; Russia Scandal Has Now Reached the Trump Family.


Art image, above: a 'tragic masks' detail from my pencil portrait of Giselle.

Jan 13, 2017

Jan 12, 2017: C-SPAN Hacked By Russia? - video (w Mercury-Pluto)

Well, it seems the Full Wolf Moon @22Cancer on the morning of January 12, 2017 brought interruptions of an unusual variety to Capitol Hill confirmation hearings though I had thought its orb of 2+ degrees from US natal Mercury Rx (which brings along its opposition to powerful saboteur Pluto in Capricorn) was perhaps too wide to cause much trouble in Washington. Apparently I was wrong as you'll see in this brief discussion:

Raw Story has more details.

Dec 29, 2016

Jan 12, 2017 Cancer Full Moon in a Cardinal Grand Cross

Politics, White House Transition, and the Revealing January 2017 Full Moon in Cancer

Today on my Jude Cowell Astrology blog I have posted a video report by Barbara Goldsmith on the January 12, 2017 Full Moon @22Cancer27 (posted there not here because I prefer not to change titles that people give their videos and this one is about 'Finding Love', something of a foreign concept in Washington DC political circles). This is a not-to-be-missed video!

This powerful Cancer Full Moon is the first lunation of the New Year and comes two weeks after the New Moon @7Capricorn59 (conjunct victim star Facies) of December 29, 2016 so that 2016 and 2017 are cosmically knitted together into one big hair shirt for the American people thanks to the ongoing train wreck they call the 'Trump Transition' and the specter of a Trump-Pence-Conway presidency looming on the 2017 horizon. That America is improved and not destroyed by Mr. Trump and his anti-government cohorts is my fervent hope for hope must always spring eternal, right?

Now the December 2016 New Moon and the January 2017 Full Moon charts may be viewed here where you can see that the New Moon is rising in the Full Moon chart set for Washington DC, a sign of the knitting together of which I grouse today. You'll see that the Cardinal Grand Cross is highlighted on the chart as well with the Jupiter-Uranus opposition emphasized and engaged in a BOWL shape with corporate CEO and political planet Jupiter in Libra as leader (and, I assume, signifying Mr. Trump, the Jupiterian character, wrestling promoter, newly formed politician, and broadcaster of wild theories he presents as 'facts' and tweets). Mr. Trump is currently enjoying his 12-year Jupiter Return reward cycle, a three-fer this time (dates are listed, below) and I do believe he's feelin' it.

Jan 4, 2017 Update: I neglected to mention that the Jan 12th Full Moon shines upon the natal Saturn of one Donald Trump posited in his 11th house of Groups and Associations. Plus, his Saturn conjoins Venus, a conjunction suggesting a serious focus on relationships but also dissatisfaction--will separation between associations come to light?

As for 2017's Cardinal Grand Cross (or Square), we may expect those in and about-to-be heads of government to act aggressively assertive and impatient which will result in quick but poorly planned actions. A lack of cooperation and assistance may occur (ex: The Resistance) unless these dynamic energies are harnessed by common sense and we've heard an echo of it in the charge (later walked back) by Trump that President Obama has messed with Trump's 'smooth' transition into the White, House. Mr. Trump is said to be a Freemason as many US presidents have been so in my book, Lodge it is. Plus, the presence of anarchic zealot Uranus in the Grand Cross configuration adds to its chaotic, extremist quality which has already been active thanks to the tiresomely ongoing Uranus-Pluto square.

Now astrologer Bil Tierney writes about the pitfalls of a Cardinal Grand Cross: reckless moves, bad timing (Trump's natal Moon-South Node conjunction supports a tendency toward bad timing), over-assertion, and head-on confrontations which should be avoided if ultimate success is the goal. A competitive spirit is very strong in the Cross which is composed of oppositions and squares yet learning to be more deliberate and thoughtful is necessary for best results. Situational crises will occur that call for decisive action and Trump's typical 'shoot from the hip' method will seldom suffice. Does this self-interested materialist Gemini have what it takes to stay the political course? Maybe not but reliance on theocrat Pence may be even worse for a nation founded on secular Enlightenment principles. If this all sounds like a major identity transformation of America is underway that's because it is. And the ongoing Jupiter-Uranus opposition has given Trump and his team the idea that the world is there for the taking--and they have and they will while the January 12th Full Moon, a phase of total awareness, forecasts the major reconstruction coming in 2020 via multiple planetary conjunctions.

Another cosmic message is provided us by the January 12, 2017 Full Moon in Cancer for it conjoins starry Pollux, key themes: danger of disgrace, cruelty, murder, rape, danger from women or poisons - A. Louis) and although 22Can27 is not within a one-degree orb of US natal Mercury Rx (July 4, 1776), the Sabian Symbol for US natal Mercury may be activated since we're talking about Politics Gone Wrong against the original intentions of 1776 so let's close with the symbol that conjures a vision of the pyramid of power and All-Seeing Eye of Horus (of total awareness, our surveillance state identified by the US natal Mercury-Pluto opposition) purposefully placed upon the obverse side of America's Great Seal and the backside of the dollar bill by Freemason FDR:

25 Cancer: "A Willful Man Is Overshadowed by a Descent of Superior Power" which Rudhyar explains as: 'a more transcendent expression of "success." It is not merely external success (as is given by society to its prima donnas), but a spiritual response, a sign of inner strength and uncommon ENDOWMENT." And Jones gives the descriptive, negative (shadow side) of this degree as: 'a tendency to unwarranted presumption if not outright megalomania'.

Ah, yes, the inner strength and megalomania of changeable Gemini Mr. Trump with his natal Uranus disrupting the 2nd hou$e of the Inauguration 2017 horoscope. What could possibly go wrong?


Dates of Donald Trump's Jupiter Return/s to 17Libra27 (Stationary Direct, thus strong, and posited in his 2nd house of Money and Values along with shady Neptune Rx @5Lib50 and wounded/wounding Chiron @14Lib54 conjunct US natal Saturn, planet of laws--Jupiter-Neptune is the inflationary/speculator/wastrel pair of fanciful dreams and exaggerated plans: 1. December 4, 2016; 2. April 13, 2017 Rx; 3. August 4, 2017; Jupiter in airy Libra says, "It's not fair!" This represents another 'knitting together' of 2016 and 2017.

Conspicuously Related: current Labor Secretary Tom Perez has sharp words for Trump Transition team probes; Astro-Notes for Kellyanne Conway, and Dec 2016 into 2017: karmic planets hit the natal chart of Donald Trump.

Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney; The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones; An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.