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Mar 30, 2017

New World Order speech George H.W. Bush - video

Lest we fail to fully appreciate all that Bush 41 'did' for our nation, here again is the creepy old video of his 'new world order' speech (threat), or rather the gist of it:


You know, Bush Sr is a Sun Gemini-Moon Libra fellow if you wish to view his B-rated (data via biography) natal horoscope or even if you don't. His double-Air personality blend has provided him with a gift for diplomacy, cleverness and charm, a restless temperament, and a talent for 'unobtrusive' ambition.

And with 26Leo+ rising, The Great American Eclipse in August 2017 @29Leo will 'hit' Bush Sr's Ascendant (physical body; self) as it will also do for the belligerent Mr. Trump and his Mars rising with royal Regulus.

Also born under the auspices of Sun Gemini-Moon Libra are occultist Alice Bailey, James Arness (of Gunsmoke fame), composer Edward Elgar, positive thinker Norman Vincent Peale, Martha Custis Washington, and (perhaps more to the point) Henry Kissinger. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

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