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Apr 27, 2017

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Wed April 26th - Trump Tax Plan

April 26, 2017: Ed Schultz discusses the Trump tax plan designed to aid the wealthy and billionaire corporations with massive tax cuts that, as Ronald Reagan's 'trickle down' scam exposed in the 1980s, will not add jobs or investments to the US economy but will further line the pockets and pad the offshore accounts and stock portfolios of rich elites. Of course, Mr. Trump's bottom line and those of his family members will greatly benefit as well. Is this rob-the-poor recklessness the 'great' that Mr. Trump promised to 'make' America again--a return to Reagan economic policies that hollowed out the middle class the first time around and caused harm and suffering across the land?

Actually, just as with Reagan's Voo Doo Economics, the irresponsible Trump tax and deregulation plan will increase the deficit and will not "pay for itself," which is the very same argument used by Reagan!!

But naturally Mr. Schultz explains it better:

History Rhymes via Solar Eclipse Cycles!

And speaking of never-worked-never-will Reaganomics, do you know there's a Solar Eclipse for that? Well, sadly for our nation, I regret to inform you that the 1981 eclipse @7Leo51 manifested in the 1 North Saros Series which repeats this August with what some folk are calling The Great American Eclipse. My suspicion is that transnational banking cartels and their US politicians completing the Heist of 2008 using 'Trumponomics' in 2017 will go a long way toward the total eclipse of America.

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