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Jul 6, 2017

July 7, 2017 Trump-Putin Face Off at G-20 Hamburg

Recently when we Moon Tracked the Hamburg G-20 Summit through Friday and Saturday July 7th and 8th, the face-to-face between Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin was being billed as a "sidelines" meeting (tryst, I call it) but since then their face off has been characterized as an official meeting which should mean that there will be others in the room to record it. If so, that remains to be seen.

Well, here's a very brief BBC News segment reporting that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is "very angry" with Donald Trump for withdrawing the US from the global climate change agreement, noting that Trump is in process of withdrawing America from her global leadership role (one of the things I suspect he was placed in the Oval Office to do), and calling tomorrow's Trump-Putin face off "the prize fight of this summit."

Easy-to-Read Trump Will Meet a Savvy Putin

So how well do you think Trump vs Putin up close and personal can possibly go? An amateur Mars-rising-with Regulus ego against a first class player (who also sports a massive ego), both below-the-belt fighters who fancy themselves as strongmen capable of ruling the world? Both nations' current activities in Syria will allegedly be a topic of discussion between the leaders of the two meddling countries itching for a world war, it seems--a world war begun with meddling in the cradle of civilization, where else? Apparently, the 'East vs West' conflagration includes America against Mr. Putin's Russia with the Chinese government peeking around their fluttering fans at Trump and North Korea.

Maybe Mr. Trump will thank (while failing to criticize) the underhanded oligarch who helped install him in the White House.


The horoscope of Syria's 1970 Assad Coup and its natal chart with the difficult 2012 Saturn transit of Syria's 12th house Venus, Jupiter, and Sun in dark Scorpio, sign of Vladimir Putin's natal Venus.

And here's a previous post giving the founding data and list of planets for North Korea whose natal Saturn @29Leo (planet of maturity, authority, accountability, lessons, management, laws, structure, status quo) will be 'eclipsed' by The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017.

Plus, there's an upcoming cosmic factor we may want to keep our eyes on: Donald Trump's Mars Return of August 31, 2017. And for this Martian go-round he's in the White House--which ought to worry even the most stalwart of Trump supporters.

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