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Apr 14, 2018

Horoscopes: Syria w Trump Strikes Syria April 13, 2018

April 13 into 14, 2018: the following post is one I'd hoped never to type. Tragically, it must be done tonight thanks to Trump and the Pentagon Generals and their continual urge to topple the East. This is a rushed effort for studying, scanning, saving, and posting horoscopes takes time and time is fleeting. So first, here's a bi-wheel of what's going on as Washington and friends show their true and warring colors.

My Latin days are far behind me but I do remember that in olden times the Roman army had sense enough not to wage war when Jupiter the General was retrograde as it is now. Tonight, according to news reports, at 9:00 pm EDT, Donald Trump announced that the US, UK, and France had launched missile strikes on chemical facilities in Syria. You know the pretext and are aware that earlier, UK PM Teresa May and others trumped up the case for their warring actions as a 'deterrent' against further chemical attacks by Syrian leader Bashir Assad who took over the government at dawn on November 13, 1970. In the bi-wheel charts shown below, Syria's 1970 'coup chart' has tonight's Trump announcement (timed for 9:00 pm EDT) which is set for the White House though perhaps Mr. Trump was speaking from elsewhere. In that case, the 9:00 pm chart may be considered symbolic.

If you wish, please enlarge for reading:

Now I realize other locations or time zones may apply more accurately as far as the attacks themselves but these charts are the best I have at the moment. And yes, they are marked up in my usual scribbly fashion but I'm in mourning over the crusader mentality of the West and have had presentiments already due to the 70-year Fig Tree Prophecy related to the State of Israel and its potential fulfillment in mid-May 2018...soon. Suffice to say, that 2018 Jupiter Rx in this conflagration opposes 1970 Moon and Saturn in Taurus so, besides Jupiter being weak via retrogression, failure is very much an option (Trump was given multiple options, I heard, by the generals--which is the theme of the current Solar Eclipse of February 2018 @27Aquarius (conjunct US natal Moon, We The People)...1 South: "flooded with options and ideas" (Brady). Plus, as you see, the 1 North Solar Eclipse @29Leo visible across America in August 2017 hit Syria's Midheaven in this chart, and activated the cautions of royal Regulus (success if revenge is avoided)--and there's Donald trump's natal Ascendant in the middle of it all. (My suspicion is that attacking Syria is one of the things Trump agreed he would do if allowed to take over the Oval Office, but maybe that's only me.)

So with 2018 Jupiter opposing Syria's natal Saturn, bending or neglecting rules won't work and challenges to authority are not favored. Of course, Trump and General Mattis say that regime change is not the goal of these strikes. Well, I imagine they consider it a process for Syria has proven a hard nut to crack for the global corporatists who are animated by the satanic destructive force that's loose upon the Earth. We see this force within the brutal Saturn-Mars-Pluto trio of assault and violence along with the suffering, contamination, and poison (gas) used to justify the perpetration of more violence.

Yet transit Venus approaches Syria's natal Taurus Moon suggesting that Assad's popularity has increased or will increase in spite or because of the attacks from the West, and with natal Saturn receiving attention from Venus as well, we see that order and tradition are among the things valued by the people of Syria (yes, there are various groups across a large country so traditions vary as well). Then with transit Jupiter and Venus opposing one another across the intense Taurus-Scorpio axis as the strikes occur, we may expect this misadventure of Trump's to be disappointing with efforts falling flat or missing their mark. Excesses that everyone would prefer to forget may occur and promises of cooperation can soon evaporate unless other chart factors and conditions interpose with positive energies.

Yet how 'positive' can any war be? They're all racketeering along with the grasping of power and plundering of resources. Plus, Donald Trump wants the world to stop talking about Comey, Putin, Cohen, Manafort, and his own antics--and stop reading that bestselling book! (Tonight's announcement shows an Ascending degree of '11Scorpio' = "A Drowning Man Rescued"--hi there, Mr. Trump! Also note the midpoint picture penned on the right : Sun-Neptune = Mercury (Rx--same old, same old lies) = false logic and deceit (Munkasey adds 'ritual ceremony' which I say is sacrifice in war). Some say the chemical attack in Syria allegedly committed by Assad was a 'false flag op' to bilk Americans and others in the West into supporting--and fighting--a war in Syria with Iran in their sights as well. What do you think?

So! With Jupiter the General retrograde, war in Syria, along with the rest of the Middle East that America broke, continues to be a bottomless money pit just as it was when Dubya Bush, Cheney, and the Pentagon invaded Iraq in 2003 after Afghanistan in 2001. Flimsy pretexts are ginned up all around again! And of course, this is all part of a process, we know, for Syria is one of the 'dominoes' intended to fall--and religions are intended to fight each other to the death as planned by the zealots manipulating the world into catastrophic war. Fall, that is, if America doesn't fall first.

Apr 12, 2018

Tucker Carlson Tells Truth About Syria - Crosses Trump

April 12, 2018: here's an excellent needs-to-be-heard segment with Jimmy Dore. If you've never checked out The Jimmy Dore Show--his comedy, news segments, and political commentary before then this segment is a great place to start. And if you're against America blundering into another war (collateral damage, plunder, crime, primal violence, soul sickness, death cults and other evils)--note that this time we're being force fed by John Bolton and others (including media heads like Andrea Mitchell, wife of Ayn-Rander Alan Greenspan, her boyfriend) are guiding a toolish Trump into setting off the powder keg--this time in Syria--as per their long-range plan--watch this!

Good news! The Jimmy Dore Show is now Steeming It!


Now on an astrological note (for timing purposes), a difficult Solar Eclipse will perfect on August 11, 2018 @18Leo41 in the 2 New North Saros Series with potential themes of towers and/or lifestyles collapsing, the necessary rebuilding once the dust has settled, and changes of direction (Brady). This causes me to think of 9/11 and false flag ops typically used by governments to emotionally scam a people into fighting and/or supporting a war even while the US Congress won't declare the 'conflict' as one. And actually, the West vs East conflagration is older than the hills and it's proven itself repeatedly to be at basis an endless round of revenge with machiavellian figures hiding behind dark curtains, clutching the reins--wealthy old men who somehow convince young men to fight proxy-style as crusaders and to fight to the death.

But really we felt forebodings, didn't we, when Donald Trump turned out to have royal Regulus rising with his warrior planet Mars in the last degrees of egotistical Leo, sign of the ruler. Yet only if the unforgivable can be forgiven can we prosper. How tragic to feel I must patiently wait for starry Regulus to fulfill its nature and grant its caution toward a man who takes revenge upon others (regularly and often--it's Mr. Trump's nature...Mars-Saturn = Pluto: the death of many people). For Regulus warns that if revenge is taken, all that has been previously achieved will be lost or suddenly taken away, a karmic situation where a man--or a government--must reap what's been sown.

Better the guilty varmint born with Regulus rising with a raging Mars than the innocent.

Midpoint picture of brutality: The Combination of Stellar Influences, R. Ebertin.

Jul 6, 2017

July 7, 2017 Trump-Putin Face Off at G-20 Hamburg

Recently when we Moon Tracked the Hamburg G-20 Summit through Friday and Saturday July 7th and 8th, the face-to-face between Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin was being billed as a "sidelines" meeting (tryst, I call it) but since then their face off has been characterized as an official meeting which should mean that there will be others in the room to record it. If so, that remains to be seen.

Well, here's a very brief BBC News segment reporting that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is "very angry" with Donald Trump for withdrawing the US from the global climate change agreement, noting that Trump is in process of withdrawing America from her global leadership role (one of the things I suspect he was placed in the Oval Office to do), and calling tomorrow's Trump-Putin face off "the prize fight of this summit."

Easy-to-Read Trump Will Meet a Savvy Putin

So how well do you think Trump vs Putin up close and personal can possibly go? An amateur Mars-rising-with Regulus ego against a first class player (who also sports a massive ego), both below-the-belt fighters who fancy themselves as strongmen capable of ruling the world? Both nations' current activities in Syria will allegedly be a topic of discussion between the leaders of the two meddling countries itching for a world war, it seems--a world war begun with meddling in the cradle of civilization, where else? Apparently, the 'East vs West' conflagration includes America against Mr. Putin's Russia with the Chinese government peeking around their fluttering fans at Trump and North Korea.

Maybe Mr. Trump will thank (while failing to criticize) the underhanded oligarch who helped install him in the White House.


The horoscope of Syria's 1970 Assad Coup and its natal chart with the difficult 2012 Saturn transit of Syria's 12th house Venus, Jupiter, and Sun in dark Scorpio, sign of Vladimir Putin's natal Venus.

And here's a previous post giving the founding data and list of planets for North Korea whose natal Saturn @29Leo (planet of maturity, authority, accountability, lessons, management, laws, structure, status quo) will be 'eclipsed' by The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017.

Plus, there's an upcoming cosmic factor we may want to keep our eyes on: Donald Trump's Mars Return of August 31, 2017. And for this Martian go-round he's in the White House--which ought to worry even the most stalwart of Trump supporters.

Apr 10, 2017

#SyriaStrikes Aftermath: What We Know So Far - The Corbett Report (w/ Eclipses)

April 10, 2017: The following Corbett Report is posted to Stars Over Washington for your consideration:

Here's a link to The Corbett Report transcript if you prefer.


Have a look at the Syria Assad Coup 1970 Horoscope if you wish and one factor you'll notice is that its Prenatal Eclipse Saros Series (10th house), the 8 South, manifested in August 1970 @8Vir04 prior to the November 13, 1970 coup, opposite the currently in-effect Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2017 @8Pis12 in the 19 South series (a lucky break or win).

Appropriately describing a violent military coup are the themes of 8 South: loss, separation, physical injury and strain. (Brady's Predictive Astrology). An 8 South Solar Eclipse last occurred during Bush-Cheney on September 22, 2006 @29Virgo, a critical degree that conjoins the 00Libra Midheaven in the natal horoscope of America that I most often use (July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA which puts Cardinal World Points on the MC-IC axis. I save America's Scorpio Rising chart (ruled by Mars and Pluto) for spying, surveillance, military, and corporate or Big Business matters. And sometimes for the occult and esoteric issues of our Founding Fathers (whether Freemason, Rosicrucian, Illuminati, or a combination). You may disagree but there it is.

Please note that the posting of content to Stars Over Washington does not signal automatic endorsement or agreement by yours truly but is posted in a spirit of sharing information and airing alternative points of view. Freedom of Speech! J. Cowell

Nov 18, 2015

Canada, Russia, and France Engage ISIS! - video

A human failing is that vengeance only brings more vengeance. But that's what global government types depend on...

Sanders Nails It Again: “We Have To Be Strong, But Not Stupid" - video

Aren't they adorable? Those governors who think they can override federal law about accepting Syrian refugees into their states. My home state of Georgia is saddled with Governor Nathan Deal (Republican who in 2010 ran from Capitol Hill just before the congressional ethics committee nailed him--all the way back to Georgia):

#FeelTheBern #Georgia #SmallMinded #Governors #SyrianRefugees #BombingSyria #WOT #EastvsWest

Sep 10, 2013

9.10.13 President Obama speaks on Syria with Uranus Rising

September 10, 2013 Washington DC: the President's Case for More War (He's Kidding Us, Right?)

by Jude Cowell

Tonight President Obama is scheduled on TV to address the issue of a US 'strike' (just a tiny little thing!) upon the beleaguered country of Syria in the midst of their ongoing civil war. You know--the old "make the world safe" ploy of Woodrow Wilson who was Mentioned by Mika on Morning Joe this morning--that Mr. Obama might "channel Woodrow Wilson" in his speech tonight. And as you've heard, since yesterday, something unusual may have entered the Big Picture of Global Governance ring in the form of John Kerry's apparently offhand comments that supposedly inspired Russia to convince Syria's President Assad to fork over his chemical weapons pronto to the UN, one assumes.

Is this diversionary Political Theater? Or is it a genuine solution that could save face for the US and possibly lead to improvement in the world's chemical weapons stockpile?

Perhaps the US war machine backing slowly away from the brink of another war theater in the Middle East can be achieved in this diplomatic way (and we did discuss Autumn Equinox 2013 being a season of diplomatic Venus, didn't we? At least on my other blog we did.

So many astro-ideas are swirling in my head just now and with my recent tech troubles solved I only wish there were time to publish more on these and similar topics. However, there are a few things I wish to say for now--pre-TV-speech--is that rising at 8:00 pm edt in Washington is transit Uranus (our war and revolution planet) Rx @11Ari24, and if we round down for the karmic implications of its Sabian Symbol we find that '11Aries' = "The President of the Country" indicating Mr. Obama and that something new, unusual, or shocking is rising on the political menu.

In Washington tonight it's a Saturn Hour at 8:00 pm edt but it morphs into a Jupiter Hour by 9:00 pm so there's the 'Jupiter the General' reference we'll all wait, authoritative Saturn and NN (future direction) are traveling in tandem now (@'9Sco' = "Dental Work"--and it'll be like that extracting such weaponry from Assad's oily grasp. Well, Syria has oil is why I used that word and in the West, it's always about the oil and gas.)

Tonight, the 8:00 pm ASC @5Ari15 makes Mars @8Leo50 the chart-ruler and as such, Mars applies first to an inconjunct with Pluto Rx (9Cap00) in 10th house of World Status, then to another inconjunct with Chiron @11Pis06 in 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Self-Undoing--though we don't actually count Chiron as a planet) so Mars inconjunct power-mad Pluto shows the US as the 'workhorse' of war on behalf of the vested global interests who direct US foreign and domestic policy.

Mars also squares the NN indicating war issues discussed in a public encounter.

The last applying major aspect of contentious Mars is a trine with Uranus (2A34) and you know how explosive and aggressive the Mars-Uranus combo can be though it also indicates much vitality for mobilization. Sadly this may indicate military mobilization against Syria--2A34 = in 2 1/2 hours, days, months...? Even tonight's Moon agrees for at '27Sco' we find "A Military Band on the March" as Luna floats toward a return to We the People's Moon in the 2009 Inauguration horoscope--Scorpio betrayal may be most what we feel this evening at the idea of war with Syria from our Nobel Peace Prize president. His rhetorical skills are meant to be able to 'sell' us the idea just as Wilson did in 1917!

(A New Moon occurred the day after Pres. Wilson's 'make the world safe for democracy' address to Congress--a New Moon @2AQ45 which conjoins Jupiter's 10th house position in the Inauguration 2009 horoscope. Hmm...

So! Tonight America's first natal planet to rise in the 8:00 and 9:00 pm charts is our totem planet, Uranus (9Gem55) and of course we know that war is the primary topic in spite of all propaganda to the contrary. Changes are denoted as well and more indicators of crisis are afoot--vengeful Venus @29Lib41 sets at 9:00 pm edt, White House, and the 9:00 pm Ascendant = 29Ari31.

Again: the Titanic Uranus-Pluto Square

Now tonight's cosmic baggage which the 1st house Uranus in Aries ('Utopians, radicals, fanatics, dreamers'--Ebertin) and rebels as in Syria, brings to the the president's topic of joining the conflagration in the Middle East is its Cardinal Square with manipulative, wealthy Pluto in 10th house. Yes, the strikes (both kinds), riots, and protests (against war in Syria, even in our often apathetic America--it makes me feel proud that the protest tradition hasn't completely retired with my Flower Power Generation!) continue as public support and appetite for more war (when Mr. Obama promised less).

It is no accident that Woodrow Wilson's name and presidential example are being lifted up in the media now in relation to Syria, Obama, chemical weapons, and red lines...and Wilson's influence on Obama's address to the nation tonight. After all, it was the First World War that the 'new international world order' fanatics remain so proud of as being the real beginning of their Great Plan for global domination for it was ushered in on the world stage with Wilson's cooperation (he, as so many other presidents, was a Freemason, btw, and into metaphysical studies) and promotion.

(Wilson's League of Nations was a prototype of such nwo fanaticism to harness the globe.)

And as you know, WWI timed the first use of gas in war so here we are again as the energies of the Uranus-Pluto square provide mankind with another chance to improve the chemical situation. Tonight's symbol for Mercury (speeches; the orator--Wilson was known for his oratorical talent of persuasion as is President Obama--another correlation between them) @2Lib53 is: '3Lib": "The Dawn of a New Day, Everything Changed" (Jones)---plus, this Mercury position conjoins America's natal MC (The Goal). So in spite of NWO implications, this is hopefully a positive indicator of diplomacy though Obama (Uranus) squared by global masters Pluto denotes blockages and obstacles along the way, as before.

There Must be a YOD of Crisis Around Here Somewhere

Yes, this evening there is a YOD crisis pattern in the sky between the tr Pluto-Chiron sextile at base and pointing toward an apex Mars, planet of war and testosterone. Mars @8Leo50 will soon conjoin President Obama's natal Sun (as an observant reader of SO'W noted to me), a time when he's feeling a surge of vitality, and the guiding forces behind his actions are determination and ego satisfaction. Aggression to push ahead will soon be plentiful as he chooses to initiate direct confrontations with others. Will it will be with Assad, the US Congress, or both?

Apex Mars in YOD Formation

In this condition, hothead Mars tends to react to an acute crisis situation in a rash manner that leads to fateful consequences (ex: 'blowback'), plus, Mars as The Actor in this war drama represents soldiers everywhere. His hostility may be aimed at inappropriate targets if he's not careful while his pioneering spirit longs for a 'new start' (aka, a 'new world economic order'--globalists want central banks set up in the Middle East!) Complete self-sufficiency may be noted which tallies with the US "going it alone" in Syria. Yes, this apex Mars is able to act independently as the president knows and may do, but no wavering is allowed--only one-pointed focus will do, says the demanding Pluto-Chiron duo of Plutocracy, primal violence, and oppression at the base of the YOD and seeking to utilize Mars, the warrior-soldier.

Of course, the Russian-Syrian proposal is allegedly part of a wavering attitude on the president's part, as seen by his many opponents and so-called opponents of a neocon/Republican persuasion. Yet Congress' 'bacon' may also be saved if this surrendering of chem weapons is allowed to work out. And if it does, we may surmise that global string-pullers aren't quite ready to move on Syria with Iran in their sights--yet.

Unfortunately for the entire world, it sounds like the march to war in Syria could be diverted to better outcomes through Russian-Syrian diplomacy but the path toward Global Government will eventually be taken up again by Washington and our Death Star, the Pentagon. Adventurous Jupiter, now @15Can38 (in 4th house at 8:00 pm and conjunct IC at 9:00) conjoins the Pentagon's natal Ascendant and the position of US SP Jupiter Rx which has been retrograde by progression since 1905 and the Teddy Roosevelt administration.

TR is another president who has been mentioned in relation to the presidency of Barack Obama, as you remember. And of course, in 1910, the secret plans for the Federal Reserves System was hashed out on Jekyll Island, Georgia, which led to the passage of the Act on December 23, 1913--when Woodrow Wilson sold America's financial system to the highest bidders and later allowed them to bankroll the First World War which ushered in the 'new world order' as have the attacks of September 11, 2001, an important signpost. That the 12th anniversary of 9/11 is tomorrow is no accident either, for it's another step toward a totalitarian future that Middle Easterners and a few others of us wish to nullify and secede from.

Additionally, there is another cosmic body rising in the 8:00 pm speech chart tonight--our national Chiron (The Wounded; The Healer) denoting on one level our maimed and lost vets from current wars. They are still being killed overseas and some kill themselves after returning to the US--because of what our government has wrought upon them and the negative condition of America they find.

In closing for now, I must mention US natal Chiron's Sabian Symbol which creates a sad word picture for those of us who long for peace in every nation and are sincerely tired of the new world order freaks who bedevil us:

'21Aries' = "A Pugilist Entering the Ring."


It's time for a Lehman Bros anniversary so you don't want to miss Robert Reich writing on the topic.

Blog Note: you may as well know that this post was prepared, typed, and published with Radiohead's Low Down from OK Computer playing in my headphones. Loudly. I listen on behalf of the disappointment of the American people over the 'perpetual war' direction Washington has taken while acting as Global Cop and turning America into a lousy Police State.

Update 9/10/13 10:45 pm edt: below is a video of the president's speech in case you missed it. He spoke for 16 minutes, finishing at 9:17 pm edt from the East Room of the White House with '6 Taurus' rising..."A Bridge Being Built Across a Gorge" and '6 Scorpio' setting in the Partnership position..."A Gold Rush":

Sep 9, 2013

Will Autumn 2013 bring a US strike on Syria?

Well, it seems that American aggression doesn't know when to quit as the president goes into high gear this week in an attempt to 'sell' another war to the American public and gain support in Congress (which he says he doesn't need anyway) for 'a strike' on Syria, a country long considered a target for US Global Cop intervention.

Soon I will post here with details the Autumn Equinox 2013 horoscope but for now you may wish to check out the potential cosmic influences for Autumn 2013 by visiting Jude's Threshold where you'll find a few astro-notes concerning the season's double Venusian Sun Libra-Moon Taurus blend of energies.

Sep 8, 2013

"Syria and the Terrorist Governments of the Western World" (Max Igan video)

Rogue Nation: Rationalizing Terrorism and Sacrificing Innocent Children

by Jude Cowell

Having tech issues of late, friends, but want to post in spite of it because I think the following Max Igan presentation is timely and enlightening especially considering next week's potential vote in Congress to oppress yet another region of the Middle East and that, via acting and pretending in a dizzy attempt to rile the American public up and distract us long enough to make another preemptive strike seem somehow 'permissible' on some weird and sinister level.

And, we have another Solar Eclipse in Scorpio coming on November 3, 2013 when karma can be spiritually mitigated by upright actions--or cravenly made even worse.

Congressional okay for a strike on Syria or not, the president will bomb Syria as his masters direct unless something unusual happens to derail their long term plan toward usury interest rates for the Middle East just as the rest of us now slave beneath--debt which can never be paid off. And charging interest is, as you know, against the Islamic religion--and was once considered to be against ours.

Now western politicians ought to be ashamed of what they do in order to establish global government but I suppose any sense of empathy with their victims was *ceremonially cremated a long time ago...

*Note: my understanding of the Bohemian Grove 'cremation of care' ceremony attended for two weeks annually by world leaders, millionaires, and billionaires is not for them to 'forget their worldly troubles and woes' while tarrying and cavorting in drag, but to lose any sense of empathy with the human race. You may of course disagree as you wish but there it is: that murderous line of Cain is crossed into eternal darkness--and that's the real 'red line', isn't it?

Now considering Skull'n'Boner John Kerry's recent repetition on Capitol Hill of 'dead children' gassed in Syria, I find it chilling to think of the Grovian (Druidic) ritual which ceremoniously burns what is clearly a small body--aka, a child--based on the original ceremonies of ancient owl worshipers (such as the Canaanites and Phoenicians) in which children were sacrificed--by their parents to Moloch, in one form, the owl god. At 'best', current day Bohemian Grovers mimic that ancient depravity. At worst, they're actually committing ritual murder for the sake of a senseless stone owl.

Well, what else but human sacrifice would you call the gassing of children in Syria by grown-ups who obviously feel no empathy whatsoever for their innocent victims?

"Power takes as ingratitude the writhings of its victims." -- Rabindranath Tagore, poet-author of Stray Birds.

More on John Kerry though it's quite on the scandalous, controversial side and intended for the perusal of those who suspect Mr. Kerry of being much more than he pretends to be (and I can only guess why his right eye has become noticeably smaller than his left eye--perhaps it facilitates speaking out of both sides of his mouth simultaneously?)

Sep 3, 2013

Syria, Capitol Hill, and the Sept 2013 New and Full Moons

Powerful Manipulator Pluto Busy in Syria and on Capitol Hill

by Jude Cowell

Today it is reported that the Syria Resolution Will Hit Right Mark, Predicts Obama which completely bypasses the opinions of the majority of the American people who agree that another Pentagon intervention on Middle Eastern sand is a very bad idea. Genuinely so. But expecting any good faith efforts from the bandits and charlatans who infest Capitol Hill is a waste of our time especially since this Political Theater script is being written elsewhere.

Plus, the Israel lobby in DC will direct the votes of senators and representatives alike of both parties but particularly those of the Republicans.

As we've seen in the years since January 2009, the undermining and thus the weakening of the US government has been in high gear for racial prejudices can always be used against America and we will now be encumbered by more performances of the anti-Obama kind which may discredit his legacy as president while it also demonstrates the weaknesses now showing in our republic form of government. The US is not a democracy if it ever was so we can predict with 99.9% certainty that We the People's views on military intervention will not be taken into consideration. With each new president, the agenda of the global domination/new world order plan "must be followed; very little option to do otherwise" (Tyl).

But then most regular folk don't pine for Global Government the way the Jupiter-Pluto types do, those who can mount large-scale enterprises and foment war whenever it suits their psychopathic obsession with grabbing ultimate control of the world, its people, and its resources. Waging war is a 'handy' form of de-population after all, and the property of millions of exiles may never belong to them again, ancestral lands or not. Plus, dispossession and disenfrachisement are favorite tactics of Pluto-Chiron, the Plutocracy duo of primal violence, prejudice, and exploitation.

Looking at the two Syria natal horoscopes in my files (January 1, 1944 12:00 am Damascus and the Assad coup chart of November 13, 1970 at dawn), the 1944 natal chart's Sun is now precisely conjoined by transiting Pluto @9Cap59 Rx (which forces a new start), and the 1970 chart's Pluto @29Vir01 is rising precisely at the Full Moon's perfection on September 19, 2013 (@26Pis40) when the chart is set for Washington DC. That makes two Pluto assignations with destiny of a vastly transformative nature and my heart and prayers go out once again to the good people of Syria and to those in the entire region of the Middle East.

Yet some empathy is due the American people as well since people don't start wars, only governments at the insistence of the Global Crime Syndicate (headed, some say, by the Vatican Bank) do.

New and Full Moons of September 2013 (Washington DC):

On September 5, 2013, a New Moon @13Vir04 begins a new cycle of activity and perfects at 7:36:08 am edt with, sad to say, 23Vir19 rising and 22Gem24 at MC (Aspirations; the Goal) which puts America's natal Neptune on the Ascendant (what's coming up--loss and fraud) along with President Obama's natal Mars (action; energy; motivation) which is masked by US natal Neptune making the president's motivations and actions difficult to see or understand clearly. At the New Moon's MC is America's natal Mars in duplicitous Gemini which tallies with reports that the US and others have had 'boots on the ground' in Syria for some time now (commando forces.)

So the fog (Neptune) of war (Mars) that lurks within our nation's problematic Mars-Neptune square is on the rise with its misguided actions/confused motivation implications. Well, if Congress makes a decision this week or next on Syrian intervention by the US, it will be fraught with misinformation and deception, some of which is supplied by the president, some by lobbyists and others who intend to profit by exploiting the dire situation in oil-rich Syria.

Note: all of Congress returns to session on September 9, 2013--between these two Virgo-Pisces lunations across the victim-savior axis. The populations of each nation are being victimized!

A dynamic T-Square pattern between the financier-class Jupiter-Pluto duo (criminal elements with great social influence; religious leaders who want political control--AIPAC? Evangelicals? Both?) which points toward radical Uranus Rx in Aries (Utopians and blind zealots--Ebertin) so we have potentials for quick exploitation of every situation, sudden reforms, overturning the tables, and/or getting back on track or finding a better one (Ebertin; Tyl.)

The New Moon culminates on September 19, 2013 with a Full Moon @26Pis40 perfecting at 7:12:51 am edt; the horoscope contains a brutal Thor's Hammer pattern formed by the Mercury-Jupiter square aimed at fraudulent, misleading, confusing Neptune (@3Pis20 Rx which squares Mr. Obama's natal Moon in Gemini, a time of being at the mercy of confusing situations and facing undermining obstacles when loyalties are undependable and alliances shift--recently, to France from Britain, as the script goes!)

This cosmic pattern results in a midpoint picture that denotes bamboozling or misleading people, erroneous thinking, putting too much faith in poorly explained theories (a constant charge made against Mr. Obama), successful attempts at deception or speculation, and a lack of realism. (Inside the Beltway? Puh! As always, they are not in the 'real world'.)

And of course, whenever Neptune is active in a mundane chart we tend to think of The Masses who are being bamboozled into yet another unwin-able war, and the Mass Media folk who enthusiastically promote the Global Government agenda through such bamboozling of the American public who have been habitually used by foreign bankers and other operatives to finance the military arm of their tiresome global agenda.

Recommended: September 5, 2013 New Moon insights may be found in Julie Demboski's post All in the Family...'14Virgo' = "A Family Tree" (MEJ.)

Astro-Note: Adriano Carelli, who does not use the rounding-up method for degree symbols, gives '13Vir' of the New Moon as "A rose on a Greek cross (the Rosicrucian symbol)" which reminds me of Britain's Rosicrucian-Zionism with its long-term desire for triggering World War III and setting up a World Kingdom based in Jerusalem. The Full Moon symbol for '26Pis' = "Judith, beheads sleeping Olophernes", a revolutionary and warlike degree which is that of Robespierre's natal Uranus, the anarchistic ruler of his natal Aquarian Ascendant.

Aug 27, 2013

With Pluto in Capricorn US to wage war against Syria

Syria in the Cross Hairs of Pluto's New World Order

by Jude Cowell

With the media echo chamber resounding across the airwaves of America once again, few of the American people agree that waging war in Syria is what it's touted to be--or for what reason. Okay, I hate the fact that chemical weapons were heinously used, but by whom? What country's name appears on the canisters? Who manufactured and sold the chemical weapons? The US, or perhaps our comrades in arms, the UK?

Was the gas deployed by the Assad regime? Really, Washington? If Assad is winning, why resort to killing his people in such a way that is sure to result in worldwide condemnation and attention? Well, Washington's record is smudged from previous lies so it's difficult to believe the Pentagon Vulcans now. I suppose having a Nobel Prize winning president (who dithered--I mean, really thought this situation through) is meant to make the bitter medicine go down easier than with oilmen Bush and Cheney but for this dissenting American, Washington's warmongering ploy isn't working. And as always, my maternal heart and prayers go out to the good people of Syria, a nation that has drawn the raptor's eye of the 'new world order' global government operatives just as General Wesley Clark said it would (see video below.)

In fact, as noted in Politico, Obama is dealing with the scoffing of a war-weary public. Poor him. Poor us, the taxpayers who have no say in how our billions are spent. Guess the 'savings' from sequester cuts to domestic programs are precisely to be used as I fussed about previously: cut money for domestic programs in order to wage more war. Is it time to bomb already? Then poor countries across the globe that international banking houses are determined to control.

Even Colin Powell is doing his part in the war propaganda against Syria though he has some nerve, considering his performance at the UN of his pre-invasion of Iraq presentation. Yes, all our politicians are nervy, aren't they? Almost as if they're in on 'the game'--privy to some larger secret agenda to topple governments and dominate the world. And naturally, all astrologers know that purging Pluto traversing the Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn is about just that. Saturn is structure, status quo, and established government but Pluto cares not because Mr. Underworld (or, Mr. Hades, if you prefer) wants to create his own design, no matter who gets hurt...

Just below is a brief excerpt from remarks given a few years ago by General Wesley Clark on toppling governments. You may have viewed or heard before, however, I believe this information regarding their 'no option to do otherwise' sort of plan to alter the course of history is relevant to Washington's 'drums of war' stance against Syria right now, don't you? With a small dash of reluctance lightly tossed into the brew, they let it simmer on the hob within the bowels of the White House, as we tend to call the residence of the president. A Lodge, really.

America is in crouched and ready to spring against a perceived enemy or enemies. The Generals are ecstatic and astrologically I shall blame much of the energy on America's recent Jupiter Return 2013 (on July 22, 2013 @5Can56)--Jupiter in his role as the General. For clues we'd look to the sign the US natal Jupiter is in on July 4, 1776 which is Moon-ruled Cancer (Moon-Jupiter energies resonate quite well together). And of course US natal Moon is in Aquarius, sign of mental acuity, Science, a streak or more of futurism, and/or humanitarianism in some cases, on some levels, and lack of emotional depth.

Crock of Merde!

8.28.13 Update: neglected to mention that America's last Jupiter Return was a three-fer--in 2001 and 2002 when Jupiter the General got his long-planned way and Washington invaded Afghanistan, then Iraq in 2003. Will the current Jupiter Return of July 22nd result in another war? Looks as if it will. And what is the Sabian Symbol for US natal Jupiter (5Can56) at '6Can'? "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests."

The negative (shadow side/unconscious) expression of the symbol = 'unnecessary concern over everyday security.' The symbol and negative expression for the karmic degree (just prior) of '5Can' = "An Automobile Wrecked by a Train"...'an insensitive recklessness.'

And what reckless birds might be included here? How about the symbol for US natal Pluto at '28Cap' which relates in many mundane horoscopes to the Pentagon's military industrial complex which so many of our politicians hold lucrative shares in? "A Large Aviary"...neg: loss of all character in sheer officiousness.' (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.) Wonder if the US government realizes that no populations in the world believe that 'spreading democracy' is our national aim? For they have plenty of experiential evidence for disbelieving that particular crock of merde.

And I wonder if Colin Powell has dusted off his, "You break it you bought it" slogan for the Obama administration?

Original post continues here:

Two links? Syria June 2013: Knuckle Under for Global Government...or Else and this post contains an image with notes of the 1970 Assad coup horoscope (natal) where hard Saturn of authoritarian fame has been treading...

They're screwing over the whole world again, folks. Do you, dear reader, have a word to say about it?

Jun 16, 2013

Political Astrology of G8 Summit 2013 in Belfast Ireland

G8 Summit 2013 Has a "Broad Agenda"

by Jude Cowell

The US Embassy website provides much information concerning President Obama's journey to Belfast, Northern Ireland for the G8 Summit of 2013.

The usual propaganda is detailed about what the purposes of the 2013 G8 agenda and includes discussions of: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (another trade pact that will decimate jobs in the US, lower wages, and fatten the bank accounts of the ruling class), illegal and legal tax evasion by corporations who secretly hide profits from the IRS (does the NSA's surveillance programs such as PRISM track them?), and a "wide range of security issues" like the peace process in Northern Ireland (!), Iran's nuclear weapons development program, the 'security mission' in Afghanistan, and the civil conflict in Syria.

(My translation: How's that forceful implementation of Global Government goin'? And, What 'peace process'??)

As President Obama leaves Washington DC late tonight to fly to Belfast, the Moon will have entered Libra, sign of war and diplomacy, at 9:19 pm edt which means that Luna conjoins US natal Midheaven @00Lib+ in our 'Sibly' chart of July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT. This gives us a starting point for a brief consideration of the cosmic weather during G8 2013. Sun is in Gemini, sign of flight and meetings, for the duration until the Summer Solstice on June 21, 2013 at 1:04 am edt--click to view its horoscope with details, set for Washington DC.)

Sun Gem-Moon Lib is a double Air combo, good for travel, meetings, discussions, surveillance issues, and the speeches President Obama will deliver while abroad.

This blend denotes wandering spirits (the president does love to get out of Washington town), tact and cleverness, and breezy charm. Relationships are very important and idealism may be noted.

A desire for new vistas and a smoothing over of differences are prime motivators since it's typical of this blend to neglect facing harsh realities (such as the NSA's blown cover thanks to Edward Snowden, journalists Barton Gellman, and Glenn Greenwald--with more revelations to come of a stunning nature.)

Perhaps quotes from three people who were born with the Sun Gem-Moon Lib combo may be of interest to our topic, the first relating to emperors who--oops!--are wearing no clothes though they assume they are...

"I wasn't really naked, I simply didn't have any clothes on." Josephine Baker

"Read my lips, no new taxes." Former President George H. W. Bush

"Henceforth the adequacy of any military establishment will be judged by its ability to keep the peace." Henry Kissinger.

Really? Puh!

Now here are the Images for Integration (of Sun/consciousness, Moon/unconsciousness) for Sun Gem-Moon Lib as given by Charles & Suzi Harvey in their book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign--the first of which is obviously inspired by Henry Kissinger's days of diplomatic service (war criminal though he may be):

A shuttle diplomat brings together warring factions...An elegant hostess puts on a party and exhibition to help a worthy cause...Elgar's Enigma Variations--'to my friends depicted within.'

(Note: at the G8 in Belfast, the hostess/host is the UK's 'elegant' PM David Cameron. But somehow I doubt their 'worthy cause' will bolster the prospects of ordinary folk overmuch. Plus, the American side of the global surveillance system has had its frilly underpants pulled down a tad so Mr. Obama may be called on the carpet, imho, with secret underpinnings of the 'new world order' now displayed to the spied-upon rabble!)

Now during G8 Summit 2013, the Moon enters Scorpio on Wednesday June 19 thus shifting the cosmic weather to Sun Gem-Moon Sco, an ethereal Air-Water combo of energies. This shift occurs while the president is in Germany with Angela Merkel.

Plus, the Sun (leader) conjoins banker/politician/guru Jupiter on June 19 @28Gem31 (at 12:11 pm edt, and 4:50 pm BST) and as you know, '28Gemini' is the degree of BANKRUPTCY in Sabian Symbols. During major summits and other meetings, planetary conjunctions are always a great spot to look for clues about what's up. Is Jupiter the president's favorite guru or mentor? His 1st house natal Chiron in Pisces says he has them. Is Merkel the Jupiterian banker? I suspect so.)

Tellingly, messenger Mercury, planet of air travel, speeches, plans, and negotiations, is conjoined now by asteroid Apollo, which I regularly linked to President Obama during Campaign 2008--a 'hero's journey' kind of solar archetype which I thought was appropriate since many voters seemed to worship him as a 'god', or at least, a 'rock star' (modern society's 'gods' as in, 'rock god'.)

Thing is, Mercury is now in Cancer and within range of Pollux, a star with astrological themes that include potentials for: danger of disgrace, cruelty, rape, murder, danger from women (German Chancellor Angel Merkel again? Mercury and Lady Venus are conjunct), poisons, or large animals, the occult, Astrology (Horary Plain & Simple, A. Louis.)

So the Sun Gem-Moon Sco blend denotes communication skills yet with a tendency toward secrecy, provocation and paradox, magnetic intensity and a gift for selling. Dedicated to convictions, this combo describes investigators, stoics, and tempers with scathing tongues. Mmm-hmm.

The blend's Images for Integration may be curiously appropriate:

Father Brown solves a murder...A kaleidoscope reveals ever-changing images of people and passions...A string quartet plays with lightness and dark intensity...A long-distance runner.

Well, there is a brief astro-portrait of G8 Summit 2013. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of such topics, for if you have a mind to, I would muchly appreciate it.

Jun 14, 2013

2012 into 2014: Syria's natal chart hit by authoritarian Saturn

Knuckle Under for Global Government...or Else

by Jude Cowell

It's official: as long suspected, Washington's Pentagon intends to topple yet another regime in the Middle East as evidenced by this week's White House announcement (which neocon war hawk John McCain "stepped on" on the Senate floor) that military aid will be sent to anti-Assad rebels in Syria. This is a ramp-up from the night goggles the US previously sent and an increase of militarism to ostensibly bolster the training and support the CIA is already providing there.

That the weapons the US provides will sooner or later fall into the wrong hands and be turned against our forces seems certain, imho. We're such patsies!

Well, former President Bill Clinton approves of America stepping into the fray of the sectarian war in Syria and he doesn't think popular opinion in the US matters a bit. In a well-rehearsed and scripted moment, Clinton says Obama's decision to involve the US in yet another war is "trending in the right direction." That direction, as some of us believe, is the internationalists' long term plan to march the world toward a 'new world order' where national sovereignty will be a thing of the past ('the old order'.)

(Besides, toppling governments and other structures is one of Pluto in Capricorn's favorite tasks and he's coping with it as he plods along.)

Yes, "the past" and "the old order", the status quo and authoritarianism finger the Assad regime and all are under the province of planet Saturn which now, @5Sco16 Rx as I type, is poised to stomp over Syria's 12th house planets in Scorpio: Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun. As you know, the Unconscious 12th house denotes Politics, Karma, Secret Deals, Self-Undoing, and Large Institutions, and I'm looking at the Assad coup 1970 natal horoscope set for sunrise (a coup at dawn) on November 13, 1970 with Sun and ASC @20Sco22, Moon (the people) @18Tau33 conjunct natal Saturn @19Tau01 Rx, both in 6th house of Military and Police Service.

As you see by the 6th house conjunction's degrees, the current Solar Eclipse @19Tau31 'eclipsed' Syria's Moon-Saturn conjunction on May 9, 2013 (15 South Saros Series: 'a sudden release of tension but with a sense of grief or loss that's more collective than personal'--Brady.) Apparently the Assad government's 'restriction' and rule of the Syrian people is nearing its end. If there can be any up side to US involvement in this sectarian conflict (and proxy war between Russia and the US), I hope that is it though who or what will be propped up in Assad's position of power is anyone's guess.

So now in June 2013, as restrictive, depressive Saturn prepares to hit natal Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Ascendant, we find the Task Master also threatens opposition to Syria's natal Moon-Saturn conjunction with December 2013 the most difficult month. As you know, Saturn is a karmic planet (reaping what was sown) that brings along changes and loss if responsibilities have not been honestly dealt with in the past, and regrets ensue. Gassing one's population, if it did occur, can be tucked into that category in Mr. Assad's column. Click above to view Syria's 1970 horoscope (with 2012 transits added) and you'll see gaseous Neptune now wafting its murky through Syria's natal 4th house of Domestic Scene.

Or, considering America's natal and problematic Mars-Neptune square of militarism, misguided actions, and misdirected energy, is the propaganda campaign touting intervention in another region where we don't belong only sending US troops into yet another 'fog of war' with little if any clear outcome?

Tragically, there's another far-away sound being heard underneath empiric Washington's drum beat to war and I think it's America's Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves at the mess we've made of their Enlightenment experiment, America.

Related reading: Salon's President McCain Declares War.

You may also wish to view or review my version of the Summer Solstice 2013 horoscope set for Washington DC with the summer's power-wielding, regime-toppling 10th house (world stage) Pluto in Capricorn squaring rebellious Uranus in their titanic struggle for control.

Dec 6, 2012

Syria's 1970 'Assad Coup' Horoscope w 12.6.12 transits

Below you see the horoscope of the coup that led Hafez al-Assad to power in Syria, known as the 1970 Syrian Corrective Revolution. Here is the Wiki page of Syria's current president Bashar as-Assad, son of Hafez, and potential purveyor of chemical weapons.

Now there are other natal horoscopes for Syria (exs: 1941 and 1944) but this chart is set for Damascus on November 13, 1970 at 6:08:15 am EET, a symbolic sunrise hour for astrological purposes since Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes gives the hour of the coup as "dawn"--probably a little while after the solar chart you see here. This solar chart is also appropriate because Hafez al-Assad (1930--2000) is known of setting up a 'cult of personality', a charge that can easily be levelled against the United States of America with George Washington honored as our archetypal leader.

Image: Assad Coup of Syria November 13, 1970 'at dawn' Damascus

The 1970 Assad Regime was 'eclipsed' by the November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse @21Sco56! ('Joy through commitment'--Brady.) Not certain about the 'joy' for President Assad but I'm certain the Syrian people who dissent from his violent actions are feeling unjoyful at the moment.

December 6, 2012: Today's transiting planets are penned around the outside of the chart and as you see, tr Saturn approaches natal Venus Rx @15Sco50 (the Eagle Point) and dissolving, obfuscating Neptune @00Pis32 is and has been in contact with natal NN at natal IC (Endings; The Drain); n NN is at a critical-crisis 29th degree as is MC and natal Pluto @29Vir01 in 10th house, a fateful or karmic combination.

And of course, Neptune rules gases and other toxins such as chemical weapons which are now said to be part of President Assad's plans to use against his own people. Or that's what we're being told in the West to make our government's intervention more palatable. (See the Wallace and Orwell quotes below.)

Neptune to NN has a potential for breaking down relationships and for a 'sense of being out of the group' (or, 'bound together through spiritual sharing'--Tyl) plus, with the 4th house connection to Homeland, Domestic Scene, and Security Issues, Neptune entering Syria's 4th H creates a disturbing and possible tragic picture.

In the natal horoscope of Assad's military coup, the Hour is Venusian (values, valuables, and relationships) and the 1st house Mercury-Neptune conjunction is very close at '1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire"...("superficial idleness"--Jones) is descriptive as is the Ascending degree's Sabian Symbol, '21Sco'..."A Soldier Derelict in His Duty"..."DEVIATION...complete faithlessness to the common welfare"--Jones.

The 1970 Assad Coup of the Syrian government occurred during the 8 South Saros Series of Solar Eclipses which has a 'loss, separation, partings, physical injury' vibe (B. Brady) and 8S last manifested on September 22, 2006 @29Vir--conjunct the Assad Coup Pluto 29Vir01. In America the public has been set up for an eventual take-over of Syria in the last few years, and the warring drumbeat continues as Year 2012 ends.

So as always, my primary concerns are for the good people of Syria who are in the sightline of the raptor's gaze as global government is forced upon the peoples of the world.

As you see in 11th H, there is a natal Mars-Uranus conjunction indicating tendencies toward violent uprisings, use of security forces to control strife, radical military movements (ex: Assad's coup), and explosions. Nuclear and/or chemical weapons concerns also apply to this rebellious duo of attacks and hostility especially with the obvious link between unpredictable Uranus and uranium.

Well, there is much more to say about this chart and current affairs shown by the affects upon it by transiting planets but my blogging time is done for today. At least the natal chart of the Assad Coup is now posted for those who may wish to consult it. Leave on-topic comments if you wish and we'll discuss.

"The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information. With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power."

- Henry A. Wallace, 33rd Vice President of the United States, Secretary of Agriculture, and the Secretary of Commerce 1988 - 1965

"The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history."

- George Orwell

Jul 19, 2012

Jon Stewart on the Libor Rate-Rigging Scandal (video)

Interesting that this scandal has broken open just prior to Saturn entering the Corporate/Big-Business/Occult sign of Scorpio where squirmy things tend to hide along with criminals and other plutonians...

Astro-Notes on Sun Scorpio-Moon Scorpio and November 13, 2012

by Jude Cowell

Perhaps you're looking forward to the November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse @22Scorpio for it occurs close enough to the November 6, 2012 elections to influence them (within two weeks.) Plus, the eclipse degree conjoins the 12th cusp in the US natal horoscope of July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT, Phildadelphia, PA, and as you know, the 12th house in Mundane or Political Astrology is the realm of Politics, Back Door Deals, Large Institutions, Karma, and Self-Undoing.

Yet nothing can stay hidden forever and eclipses, Solar and Lunar, are well known for revealing scandalous goings-on of all kinds. Thanks to Big Banks and their lousy bankers, Libor rate-rigging has been around a few years but is just now coming to public attention, thanks in large part to Matt Taibbi's excellent Rolling Stone article of July 3, Why Is Nobody Freaking Out about the Libor Banking Scandal? Click for more articles and videos including a piece by the NYT's Gretchen Morgenson. Also see this blog's sidebar for a link to an important Libor article by Robert Scheer.

Scorpio Eclipse Notes

The emotional Water-Water Sun Scorpio-Moon Scorpio blend is intense, uncompromising, wary, and suspicious. Its energy is fearful, brooding, introspective, very private (like Mitt Romney), zealous for truth (not like Mitt Romney), and can be vengeful (and vulturous, I imagine--in fact, "vulture capitalist" sounds about as Scorpionic as you'd ever want to be, right? A predator with a corporatist mentality: 'I got mine'.)

Plus, the double Scorpio tendency toward passionate commitment supports the November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse theme of "joy through commitment" (Brady), and Scorpio is attracted to science, business and banking, psychology, medicine, and making good use of what's been discarded. Here is a formidable foe who accepts no authority but his or her own!

This blend is shared natally by Howard Baker, Whoopi Goldberg, Georgia O'Keefe, and Dracula author Bram Stoker, who wrote, "Ah, sir, you dwellers in the city cannot enter into the feelings of the hunter."

But apparently, good sportsmanship is not part of the job description in the banking mecca they call the City of London--or, at any of its tentacles in the US and elsewhere.


For more Sun-Moon blend info I highly recommend Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Astro-Note: the November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse will deeply affect Syria and President Assad. The nation's 'Coup by Assad' horoscope of November 13, 1970 will be 'hit' by the eclipse which will fall on its natal Sun (leader), and on its natal Ascendant since the coup took place "at dawn" (Campion's Book of World Horoscopes) on that date. So the Assad regime has a Solar Eclipse for its Solar Return 'anniversary' of the coup when he took power and control of Syria. And since he's said to have flown the coop from Damascus to a coastal town, one may expect Assad may go into exile if he isn't arrested or killed first.

Sadly, thousands of Syrians, in fear for their lives, are streaming across borders into exile. Meanwhile, Assad has just appeared on TV!

In addition, until the November 2012 eclipse energies 'take over', the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @00Gem20 conjunct Fixed Star Alcyone, portends themes of exile, suffering, and something to cry about. This eclipse has greatly affected the Assad regime's natal chart as well for 00Gem20 opposes the 1st house Mercury-Neptune conjunction ('following hunches'; 'delusions about how the world works') in the 1970 chart ('1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire".)

So for these and other reasons, my heart and prayers go out to the good people of Syria--may your tribulations soon be at an end.

Jun 14, 2012

Roubini and Ferguson: Europe "On the Brink" (w EU Flag horoscope)

The Perils of Ignoring History: This Time, Europe Really Is on the Brink

By Niall Ferguson and Nouriel Roubini

As the euro crisis escalates, Berlin should remember how the banking crisis of 1931 contributed to the breakdown of democracy across Europe. Action is urgently needed to stop history from repeating itself.


As the social-economic crisis of austerity measures in the EU ruins the lives of millions of Europeans and threatens the delicate US economy with its global domino effect, perhaps you may appreciate a view of the EU Flag/NWO unfurled article I posted in July 2011 with the transits for July 28, 2011 shown around the natal chart. You'll notice the 1989 pile-up of Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune in staid, governmental Capricorn in the 2--11 degree range of Cap, where transiting Pluto, planet of hidden wealth, transformation, debt, and general power-mad creepiness, now lurks. These midpoint pictures continue to apply in 2012--Pluto is in the degree range now--and as usual, I type aloud my common-good views on US politics and politicians who now infest our nation.

You're welcome, America! :0)

On an Eclipse Note: the above mention of the difficult events of 1931 compelled me to peek at the first Solar Eclipse of that year to check its theme and to match it up with the most current year of our era--it's the 5 North Saros Series.

In 1931, 5N manifested @ 27Ari and last occurred on May 31, 2003 @9Gem, conjunct US natal Uranus 8Gem55--our planet of revolution, unrest, rebellion, change, and radical politics. This Eclipse occurred a few days after Bush-Cheney regime insisted on invading Iraq (with Jupiter the General Rx = a bottomless pit in the money department!), as you know--and another domino effect was implemented toward global governance. (Its raptor's eye is most recently cast upon Syria as Washington and Moscow "trade barbs" over the mayhem there as certain media outlets delicately describe it.)

5N's theme includes: sudden flashes of intuition, visions (of a new world economic order, the borry sastards), and prophetic dreams. (Brady.) And of course, the highly enlightened Uranus-Neptune duo, the poster child for the Age of Reason, are very supportive of such a visionary theme.

Blog Note: a hearty Thank You to readers this week who have left encouraging comments concerning the Stars Over Washington Monthly newsletter I'm currently working on and plan to offer asap--your awesomeness makes my hours of Political Astrology work worthwhile! Jude

Apr 3, 2007

Pelosi in Damascus

Pelosi Dismisses Criticism of Damascus Trip and she happened to mention that the White House hasn't complained at all about the three Republicans who met with President Assad in Damascus Sunday--only about the Dem's trip which includes our first Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison (D-MN.)

Blessed are the peacemakers, and the more the merrier no matter their stripe--assuming that that's why all of them are there.

Note: Mr.A.Cat phoned in a limerick early this morning concerning this very thing at Lim's Limericks but Please Do Not Read This Limerick if you tend to wear your political indoctrinations on your's not for you, Sparkie.