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Sep 23, 2017

Corporations Don't Want Us As Customers We Are Their Products - clip

Here's a clip from the recent program of author and broadcaster Thom Hartmann discussing topics such as the Equifax outrage and how corporations don't want the public as customers or consumers any longer because to them We Are Products:

First it was, "corporations are people", a ridiculous concept. Now they pretend that people's humanity doesn't exist, that we are no longer in possession of it and apparently do not deserve privacy for our personal information, a commodity to them.

All I can say in this leaky Neptune in Pisces era is, that the 'global power elite' class of syndicate jack*sses and their enablers make up one giant crazy mixed-up gang of robbers, thieves, saboteurs, sociopaths, and psychopaths, don't they? What's hard to figure out is Why do we put up with them?

Well, perhaps I'll add a link to a relic of a related post (July 18, 2009!) Corporations Are People: natal chart May 10, 1886 in which we discussed features of a 'natal' or founding horoscope (not shown) and the court clerk's shady 'mistake' that day which sneakily led to a ridiculous concept becoming enshrined in US law although it did not legally belong there. This has resulted in a kind of 're-writing of history', we could say--for the benefit of the wealthy class, that is, and has helped pave the way for 2010's anti-democratic SCOTUS decision that We The People, for good reason, despise having to call, Citizens United.

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