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Sep 23, 2017

Trump Inauguration 2017's Solar Return 2018

Although there is some level of uncertainty that Donald Trump will remain in the White House until January 20, 2018, here is the Solar Return 2018 horoscope of his Inauguration 2017 chart showing Sun (POTUS) @00AQ49, its precise position on that presidential oath-taking moment on January 20, 2017 at noon est Capitol Building, Washington DC:

As you see, the Sun returns to its 2017 position on January 20, 2018 at 5:45:08 pm est--not in its oath-taking Angular 10th house position but in the Cadent 6th house position. As chart-ruler (ASC 7Leo37) Solar Return 2018 Sun has no applying aspects which emphasizes its sign (AQ) and house position, the 6th house of Health, Work (Employment), Military-Police-Civil Services, along with Trump's Daily Rounds (of golf?) Venus @3AQ36, Pluto @19Cap27, and Mercury @13Cap43 are in 6th house as well, however, the SR Sun's 6th house position, plus no solar application, suggests a self-contained man which is also shown by the BOWL shape of planets lead by Jupiter @19Sco56--self-contained and feeling 'cut off' from life's experiences. (This may hint that he misses his former life more than ever.)

It seems that the actors (planets) in Return 2018 6th house are 'with' Trump--but are they really?

Well, obviously, a full Return 6th house emphasizes the concerns and topics of this Material house of preparation, fluctuation, and transition via plans which lurk in the background until a later date or come to fruition later--possibly not until the onset of SR 2019 (C. Teal). SR Sun in 6th house spotlights the usual 6th house matters, as noted, above, yet with Pluto in Capricorn there, my suspicion is that the Generals of the Pentagon are closely involved in current and future plans and activities--especially since Mr. Trump basically gave over the commander-in--chief's reins to them from the start of his 'administration'. Another unsettling potential in Return 6th house matters, of course, is whatever foreign dictator (Pluto in Saturn-ruled Cap) is pulling Trump's strings--militarily, financially, or in other ways. Or perhaps the manipulative planet of power denotes a group of foreigner bankers or financiers shown by wealth-hoarder Pluto, 'god' of the Underworld.

Additionally, at the Goal Point of the chart (MC) we see quirky Uranus (radical reformers, changes in the social fabric; Trump himself) and also Cupido, representative of The Family (the Mafia, or religious fanatics), and/or the Corporate Global Crime Syndicate. (You may disagree, but there it is.)

The Solar Return Moon

A Solar Return Moon (SR Moon) in Pisces tells of a year of domestic changes, some sort of weakness or fragility, and possible illness--of Trump, a family member, or even a colleague unable to carry on. This SR Moon reveals 8th house matters such as paying off loans, Corporatism, Big Business, Debt and Credit, Insurance (health?), legacies and inheritance, transformation, death, the occult, etc. Plus, fraudster planet Neptune in Pisces posited in the Return 8th house is of no comfort, is it?

SR 2018 Vertex

We should also note that the chart's Vertex @22Sag57, a karmic point of fated encounter and possible endings, points directly toward Mr. Trump's natal South Node-Moon conjunction where transit Saturn has recently stomped (and stationed on August 25, 2017). This means that the Anti-Vertex conjoins Trump's natal Sun-North Node conjunction which also includes his wild card Uranus that leads all his planets in its oriental condition. Through this Vertex-Anti-Vertex, I suspect that the contentious Mr. Trump sees himself as the Uranus-NN-Sun side of this polarity (which happens to conjunct US natal Mars @22Gemini) but his Moon-SN side? Not so much. Based on his childhood, it seems that he much prefers Papa over Mama.

Task-Master Saturn @3Cap39 in the Return 5th house: Risk-Taking?

Actually, SR 2018 Saturn @3Cap39 (strong in its own sign, planet of karma) is unaspected in this chart indicating working in solitude or feelings of isolation, plus, unaspected Saturn denotes responsible folk who become indifferent or unconcerned about their duties. Organization and self-discipline may be lacking as 'Saturnians' become overly receptive to random influences in the environment. To me, this describes the entire Trump administration from Day One but whether that's an accurate assessment or not, the 2018 Return chart of the Trump Inauguration threatens our nation with lawmakers and others in government neglecting their duties.

Miscellaneous Chart Factors

If we don't mind counting the North Node, we find a YOD pattern (crisis; turning point; special task; spiritual opportunity) with a Moon-Mercury sextile at its base. A Moon-Mercury sextile suggests those who are argumentative with passions so invested in their ideas that their sense of compassion is lost. Bad timing in communications is indicated along with a tendency to placate others (Tierney). At the least, Moon-Mercury-NN forms a midpoint picture suggesting potentials for public contacts and propaganda efforts which relate to Politics and the US Congress via the Moon's ruler-ship of the political 12th house (cusp: 7Can21) of Secret Deals and Large Institutions such as the US Congress and/or Hospitals.

Now since this post is being written in late September 2017, the GOP's attempt to "repeal and replace" Obamacare is in crisis mode for Republicans have until September 30th to bring their misshapen bill up for another vote (they promised Charles Koch, no doubt--and who know who else!) I mention this here because the asteroid denoting health, Hygeia, conjoins the South Node of this chart in 7th house. As you know, the South Node (SN) of the Moon is a Saturnian point of separation where reliance is placed upon past abilities or behavior--which no longer suffice in the present--and this suggests neurosis. Does this mean that Obamacare will be long gone by January 20, 2018? Or perhaps will Republicans make more attempts in 2018 to snatch away health care insurance from millions of Americans? These questions I cannot answer, can you? Yet the GOP's obsession (SN) with blotting out Mr. Obama's signature legislation, the ACA, seems to be partially described here.

Jupiter in Scorpio Leads Them all

Now you may notice that Jupiter @19Sco56, the leader of the planets (Trump himself, on many levels of hugeness, financial concerns, big money from small efforts, boasting and self-importance) conjoins two difficult fixed stars so we should probably mention them: Alpha Serpentis (aka, Unuk) = tragedy, misfortune. And North Scale = hasty words cause problems (Trump's a master at that!), tragedy, violence, but also honors, wealth, and distinction (N. DeVore; A. Louis). DeVore adds that 19Scorpio is traditionally an evil degree, the degree of Self-will vs the Supreme Will. Isn't self-will what the Uranian maverick, Mr. Trump, is all about?

Plus, the 4th house Mars, strong in its own sign of Scorpio (activist, warrior, surgeon, and/or malcontent) has just moved beyond conjunction with expansive Jupiter indicating grand plans and/or those who 'make waves' successfully (Tyl). This can be another hint of health care insurance overhaul--or the lack of it in order to make a political point (ex: Obamacare bad, Trumpcare good).

Another chart factor is the Syzygy Moon (last lunation) prior to this Return chart, a New Moon @26Cap54 on January 17, 2018, conjoins US natal Pluto and Inauguration 2017 MC and denotes new plans being seeded in relation to the power of the presidency and the plutonian Military. I must also direct your gaze to the 2/8 cusps where The Great American Eclipse lurks (conjunct 2nd cusp of the National Treasury; Values, and Earning Ability). On the 8th cusp is the next Solar Eclipse in the 1 South Saros Series which manifests @27AQ08 (conjunct US natal Moon) on February 15, 2018.

The 'hasty energy' 1 South's themes include being flooded with options and enthusiastic ideas which tend to have positive outcomes (Predictive Astrology, Brady). The previous 1 South Solar Eclipse occurred on February 5, 2000 @16AQ01 and has also occurred in the years 1909, 1927, 1946, 1964, and 1982 (conjunct Ronald Reagan's natal 2nd house Sun). So it seems that from this chart, particularly in financial matters, that we must continue to beware 1 North's "info is distorted and possibly false" theme even as we're being flooded with ideas and options during the first half of 2018.

Now as you see, there are several other chart factors worth noting and I trust you to consider them at your leisure. Please enlarge the image if you wish to read my scribbles and know that your Comments and Shares are always welcome!

But lest this meager post threaten to become the length of a book, let's close by mentioning the transiting North Node (here, @14Leo55, a positive indicator in any 1st house suggesting new alliances and fortunate encounters) as it continues its winding path toward Donald Trump's natal Pluto (10Leo). This cosmic encounter of Pluto-NN suggests powerful new alliances and/or meetings, catching a tiger by the tail, power plays with others, and/or the common destiny of a mass of people (Ebertin; Tyl). Plus, a midpoint picture of possibilities is formed by the SR 2018 trio:

NN-ASC = natal Pluto: changes in the fabric of society; revenge or retaliation; powerful friends or allies. Any, all, or none may apply.


Since Venus, planet of values, evaluation, perspectives, relationships/alliances, and luxury, rules all US Inauguration horoscopes (ASC 14Taurus since January 1937), Venus as ruler of materialistic Taurus is chart-ruler so any Inauguration's annual Venus Return is important. Trump's Inauguration 2017 chart's Venus Return (to 17Pis44) perfects on February 24, 2018.

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