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Oct 11, 2017

DC Horoscope: Cancer Full Moon Jan 1, 2018

As you remember, the first lunation of year 2017 perfected on January 12, 2017 with a Full Moon @22Can27 and was the culmination-fulfillment stage of the New Moon @7Cap59 of December 29, 2016. These lunations were during the Trump Transition period as he and daughter Ivanka readied for Inauguration 2017 on January 20th.

This time New Year's Day 2018 brings society a Full Moon @11Can37 which, degree-wise, is surrounded by America's natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun in the 2-to-14-degree range of Cancer (July 4, 1776). Goddess star Sirius (The Scorcher) is included. So as before, 2017 business laps into or holds over into the next calendar year of 2018 for the seeding stage, the New Moon @26Sag31 on December 18, 2017 culminates with the New Year's Day 2018 Full Moon.

Please enlarge the following image to read my notes penned on the chart including a high-flying Kite pattern of success with the Full Moon as its tail and the Sun @11Cap37 as the Kite's nose. Mars and Neptune are involved in the pattern as well and form a trine aspect. Midpoint pictures are thus created with these potentials--Mars-Neptune = Sun: discontent; lack of vitality or willpower; infection; undermining of health (or health insurance?- jc); and Moon: crooks; danger of infection; feeling inferior; sensitivity; nervousness; weak, sick, or moody women (Ebertin).

Quirky Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries is Station Direct (zealots; anarchists; Utopians -Ebertin), plus, as you see, warrior planet Mars applies to expansive Jupiter (The General; the CEO) in big business Scorpio (3rd house) which may denote troop movements into foreign lands (Mars rules 8th and 9th cusps) along with the Mars-Neptune trine which hints at America's problematic Mars-Neptune square of misguided actions, wrong directions, and 'the fog of war'--an aspect astrologer Alan Oken calls, "The Obsessive Impulse".

Still, it's an Hour of restrictive Saturn, strong in its own sign of Capricorn, so we can pray that cooler heads with steadier hands will prevail over hothead Mars-Rising Mr. Trump, the 'obsessive- impulsive' ego-maniacal moron in the White House with his quirky finger on The Button:

See Senior Republican Says Trump May Have to Be Physically Restrained from Launching Nuclear Strike.

And unfortunately no, I don't believe he has any better common sense than to press The Button when his massive and pathetic ego and/or his bank account are challenged. But as I've blogged previously, someone in charge wanted Trump in the White House in order to set up such a dire scenario--and I believe all the chaos, threat, fear and paranoia are based on the Hegelian Dialect and intended to establish a totalitarian 'new world order'. And this includes the noticeable increase of violent "false flag ops" across the globe.

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