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Oct 1, 2017

Oct 5, 2017 an Aries Full Moon as Saturn Restricts Trump

In January 2015 transit Uranus and South Node caught up with one another--the disruptive planet of radical reforms, progress, futurism, shocks, electricity, and separation met the Saturnian Node of the Moon that represents past behavior (that no longer suffices), inherited talents, and separation...the 'tail of the dragon'.

Is this worth a mention in October 2017? Perhaps or perhaps not. But since a critical degree is involved (12 Aries), we might wish to note that the Mars-ruled Aries Full Moon that perfects on October 5, 2017 at 2:40 pm ET shines its revealing rays upon this degree and spotlights the Uranus-SN conjunction of January 2015. Of course at that time, Mr. Obama was in office and now we have shock jockey Trump selling various and lucrative schemes from the presidential office of the White House.

So if we look for clues embedded within the Uranus-SN pairing we find people or the public (Nodes) whose lives are disrupted by war, revolution, violence, and/or financial loss due to societal conditions such as technological changes or large-scale projects such as 'eminent domain' used by governments to commandeer private property. And since Saturn signifies borders and walls we might think of refugees made nomads via war or weather-related disasters such as floods, fires, volcanoes or earthquakes.

Now as you know, the October 5, 2017 Aries Full Moon is the fulfillment-culmination phase of the September 20, 2017 Virgo Full Moon (27:27) when new ideas or plans were seeded or set in motion. On that day, transit Uranus formed an inconjunct to the New Moon which denotes that unusual, unexpected, or disruptive adjustments were necessary in September. And somehow in the political realms, all this seems to relate to the many separations, firings, and resignations bedeviling the Trump White House. But honestly, there have been so many, I can't keep up, can you?

Considering 12 Aries as a critical degree, does any of this hint at more crises in America? Well, our nation has been in a permanent state of crisis since Trump came on the political scene. That October 2017 should be any different is a novel idea, don't you think? After all, Mr. Trump's natal planets are led by his 10th house Uranus which is oriental in his chart--last to rise before his Gemini Sun (22Gemini). On October 11, 2017, his natal Sun will be precisely opposed by transit Saturn for the third and final time while also opposing US natal Mars (22Gemini). Will Trump rile more Americans into joining protests while stirring up old complaints and social divisions?

When Heavy-Weight Saturn Comes to Call Even Mr. Trump Must Answer

Though Saturn's depressive influences have been off-and-on for some time, this final Saturnian stomp (exact near midnight on October 11th) is the resolution stage of the Saturn-opposing-natal-Sun transit for Mr. Trump (Sun = life goal, ego, adult personality, vitality) and for our nation (Mars = military, activists, athletes, police officers, soldiers, civil service workers, and generally males between the ages of 25 and 35, give or take a year or so). However, for Donald Trump things are more complicated by transit Saturn almost simultaneously conjoining his natal South Node and Moon @22Sag hinting at difficult family issues. Obviously this cosmic circumstance is due to Trump's natal Sun-Moon opposition which occurred upon his natal Nodal axis but since the lunar end of Saturn's transit has been repeatedly discussed here and elsewhere over the Internet, we'll skip adding more about it in this post.

So basically, restrictive Saturn opposing natal Sun denotes a time when the failure to live up to past promises or to accept responsibilities ends badly and this for Mr. Trump is spotlighted in October 2017 even more than previously (if that's possible!) Separative vibes may relate, of course, to other members of his cabinet or staff leaving government along with the Mueller investigation's findings which may result in additional resignations, firings, or perhaps indictments.

Saturn opposing natal Mars indicates a general slowing of energy and activity, or a lack of motivation and/or enthusiasm for getting things done. Basically, physical efforts are stymied, hampered, or delayed at every turn and politically, gridlock is the order of the day along with anger and resistance to authority.

In fact, business dealings of all types are not going well this year in spite of what may have been reported, and this is a difficult time for negotiations on all levels (ex: diplomacy). Illnesses such as those affecting the head, heart, teeth, other bones, or inflammations or fevers may increase, plus, those conditions which are made worse by stress or overwork may interfere with activities.

Now some might say that law abiding Saturn represents Special Counsel Mr. Mueller and his staff as legal rain falls upon Mr. Trump's presidential parade and reveals his past and present business dealings and alliances. I won't say it, but you may wish to!

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