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Oct 19, 2017

Those Star Gazers in the Reagan White House

If you're a glutton for political punishment you may want to watch a video of Ronald Reagan's Second Inauguration on January 21, 1985 (the 20th was on a Sunday) on YouTube or perhaps go so far as to read about it on Wikipedia. Word is that the White House astrologer Joan Quigley selected 11:57 am est for his 2nd Inauguration ceremony for auspicious reasons.

The primary difference I see in the 11:57 am horoscope vs the usual chart set for noon (the official end of a previous president's administration, beginning of the new) is that generous, expansive, auspicious Jupiter (the corporatist, financier, priest, and military general) 'jumps' across the MC angle (Career; Public Status; World Stage) from the 10th house side (11:57 am) to 9th house side at noon so to keep jolly Jupiter in the 10th house and precisely conjoining the MC degree of 26Cap (The Goal; US natal Pluto Rx @27Cap), the earlier moment was deemed better for success.

Of course, the 'previous president' was Reagan himself so the timing difference of 3 minutes was of no real importance, at noon or not, so his 1985 Oath of Office represented merely a continuation of the Reagan administration for a second term. Besides, the Reagan Inauguration 1985 ceremony was publicly held on Monday January 21st since January 20th of that year fell on a Sunday so a private Oath had been taken the day before as happened with Barack Obama's second Oath in 2013.

Star Gazers Nancy and Ronald Reagan

Now, as a type at you from North of Atlanta, GA, I'm looking at my yellowed paperback copy (1991) of Kitty Kelley's best selling book Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography which is simply full of unauthorized tidbits of information concerning the Reagans--or, Mr. Reagan and his mommie-wife Nancy. (Reminds me of VP Pence's mommie-wife, you know? Eeuw!)

Here's an enlightening quote from the very first page of the biography:

"It took a Kitty Kelley to bring page 1 (front page New York Times, 4/6/91) matters that should have been reported day-by-day when Ronald Reagan was in the White House." - Harrison E. Salisbury, New York Newsday.

Ah yes, the media's role reporting on White House activities remains a thorny issue today.

Kitty Kelley's book is further described by the NYT as "a scalding portrait" of Nancy (nee Robbins) Reagan and if you can snag yourself a copy I recommend it. Actually, Amazon has it--even on Kindle for $5.99. Actually, Amazon is showing me an ad for the book as I type! Can you see it in the sidebar?

Now one curious tidbit from the book reveals that Nancy searched for a new astrologer who would tell her what she wanted to hear on the topic of her husband becoming US president in 1976. Jeanne Dixon wouldn't predict it at that time but 'saw' him at his California governor's desk and though Nancy and Ronnie were pals with Hollywood astrologer Carroll Righter, it was actually talk show host Merv Griffin who introduced Nancy to Joan Quigley, the lady who became the Reagans' main White House astrologer and helped them plan the presidential schedule, speeches, air travel, and all.

But before they moved to DC, Righter, whose pet name for Nancy was "Moon Child" held weekly Astrology classes which California's First Lady Nancy attended. She became "an expert at doing astrological transits and conjunctions." (Bet so!) Plus, daughter Maureen Reagan even considered becoming an Astrology teacher, according to Kelley's book.

Yes, it was a determined Nancy who shoved a reluctant Ronnie into the White House, as you know, for being a governor's wife was not good enough for the obsessive 'Moon Child', aka, mommie.

So if you wish, check out the natal horoscope of Ronald Reagan (RR: DD for conflicting/unverified although my Solar Fire v9 software rates his birth data as 'A'--supplied in a magazine article by daughter Patti). And to see why Carroll Righter called Nancy "Moon Child", a quick glance at her natal horoscope (RR: B) reveals that her Pluto, Mars, Sun, Mercury Rx, and MC were in Moon-ruled Cancer and, along with her natal Moon @00Leo28, all fell within her husband's natal 7th house of Partnerships in his 4:16 am chart linked, above. In addition, Ronald Reagan was born with romantic, idealistic, adoring Neptune @19Can28 Rx in his 7th house so perhaps it's no wonder he thought of her as mommie!

And if you're curious, why not go for a sashay down memory lane and see The Irish Times' 2016 reprint of The Woman Ronald Reagan Calls Mommie, first published in 1986. Their lovey dovey photo is oh so sweet!

Or, from 2014 you may want to check out Joan Quigley, and 5 stories of astrology in the White House.

By Official White House photographer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Related Natal Horoscopes: Carroll Righter, aka, "The Gregarious Aquarius" and "Astrologer to the Stars," Joan Quigley, and psychic Jeanne Dixon who was not actually an astrologer yet she knew enough to write a syndicated solar horoscope column and, no doubt to Nancy's delight, had predicted that Ronald Reagan would become president so it's probably no surprise that in her glory days, Ms. Dixon was called The Seeress of Washington.

Wonder if anyone is performing that much-needed function now?


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