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May 24, 2023

Horoscope: CNN Launches June 1, 1980

During the Presidential Election year of 1980, CNN (Cable News Network) launched from its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia on June 1, 1980 anchored by husband and wife team, Dave Walker and Lois Hart - and the 24-hour news cycle began. Their leading story was the May 29, 1980 attempted assassination of civil rights leader Vernon Jordan and President Carter arriving to visit him during Jordan's recuperation.

Here's a brief clip of CNN's initial broadcast with no time stamp, unfortunately. However, "good evening," Dave Walker says as the first-ever segment debuts so I've set the CNN Launches Horoscope for 7:00 pm edt with the technology planet of new ideas rising: electric Uranus Rx @22Sco47 to create a symbolic horoscope which seems plausible.

In investigative Scorpio, Uranus is exalted, behaves fearlessly and with scientific ingenuity to effect drastic change and disruption - in 1980, change from the old model of the 6 o'clock news hour to the 24-hour news cycle. So with transit Uranus now in Taurus, a "midlife crisis" is occurring this year for CNN (Uranus opposing Uranus), marking a time when one acts out of character - and thus CNN staged a "townhall" for Trump on May 10th so he could spew his tiresome old lies to an audience of supporters who were told they could applaud, but couldn't boo! Leadership styles have now changed at CNN as well, with new muckity mucks shifting the network to the right--some would say, the far right.

So in the marked-up chart, below, you'll note that starry Regulus culminates at Midheaven at 7:00 pm ('MC' = the Goal Point: success!). Also at MC is broadcasting Jupiter @2Virgo, sign of facts, categorizing, criticism, and analysis. A few of my study notes are penned on the chart, as you can see, but I know you'll find several more factors of interest; also an almost unmarked 7:00 pm horoscope is added, below, suitable for printing if need be.

The Sun's Sabian Symbol (rounded up to 12Gemini) is prominent and concerns Vernon Jordan so the symbol for "12Gemini" is penned on the right side of the chart.

CNN Launches June 1, 1980 Atlanta, Georgia

Now if you're curious, here are 40 years of CNN history in photographs, plus, there's an interesting bizjournal feature from 2015, #tbt: A Look at Lois Hart, who led CNN's first newscast 35 years ago" (it's 43 years ago this year, June 1st). Hart revealed that she and her husband were "very nervous" but on camera they looked quite calm.

Then the latest news I've seen today is that another CNN "townhall" will be broadcast on behalf of 2024 candidate Nikki Haley. Will the audience be full of Haley supporters? Can they applaud but not boo? Will she promote fascism, too?

Review the May 10, 2023 Horoscope of the Trump-CNN "townhall" if you wish, with the 7 North "Fascism Rising Eclipse" of February 1933 at the "townhall"'s IC (Basis, or, Foundation) at which lurks the May 10, 2023 Saturn @6Pisces.

And if you like, check out the Wikipedia bio of CNN's quirky founder Ted Turner and be sure to scroll to Ted's plan for CNN to broadcast "the end of the world," which apparently is what Christian Nationalists cheer for and are working toward. As if our Creator needs their short-sighted efforts!

Sep 2, 2022

Reagan Lied! Government Is The Solution - Thom Hartmann

Friday September 2, 2022

Yes, I Believe in America! So I'm sharing this message from Thom Hartmann:

And for the artful dodgers who have so far managed to avoid it, view the horoscope of the Reaganomics Eclipse 1981: a Turning Point for America. For as Thom asserts above, "FDR was right, and Ronald Reagan was wrong." Neoliberalism was a turning point that now must go, and it's Democrats who are ending it - along with the much-touted "Reagan myth."

Well, I for one, am determined to help the fight by Voting Blue in 2022. And in 2024! Join me?

Sep 16, 2020

Bamboozlers-in-Chief: 1981 and 2017--2020

Must We Still Be Bamboozled by Reaganism?

by Jude Cowell

Back in the olden days of November 2019, I published the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 in a post titled, Reaganomics Eclipse 1981 a Turning Point for America. Now naturally there have been various turning points through the years but for pure cussedness on an epic scale, the "Reagan Revolution" takes the cake on several levels, not the least of which are financial and political (The Gipper's cutesy "government is the problem" for example). And while it's true that shrinking the size of the US government wasn't such a bad idea in 1981, we now see the steroids upon which Trump and his enablers have us which makes the current pandemic vastly more difficult to deal with. Some folks even say that Covid-19 has uncovered just how weakened and inefficient our systems and institutions have become and with this I must agree. How could it not?

Besides, it's almost as if the fabled glow around Reagan's saintly noggin has suddenly faded thanks to Covid and revealed the selfish, greedy monster underneath an ill-deserved halo! Not for every Republican, of course, but for the rest of us for we more clearly see the monster who bedeviled, hypnotized, charmed, and stole from the American people through the years - as his policies continue to do.

So now, since 2017, we have another bamboozler-in-chief of the 'Republic Party' persuasion who had lots of experience cheating 'suckers' even before he and his network of comrades moved into the Oval Office. And with a large backing of pro-nazi corporate enablers surrounding him, propping him up, instructing him, and manipulating certain strings (exs: Election 2020; corporate media who are 'in on the scam'), our entire society is being threatened with collapse - is, in fact, collapsing under the enormous weight and vile undertones of Herr Spanky and The Saboteurs.

Of course, this collapse is supported, aggravated by several general factors such as 'All empires must fall", and America's Pluto Return/s in 2022, and I suspect that those who understand these cosmic conditions are taking advantage of them to promote a major power grab. Yes, fascists have learned a lot since their efforts in 1933. Now that would have been a turning point unsuitable for lovers of democracy, and a change of course for sure. As we see in 2020, bad actors continue to work for what I would call an unrecognizable America so we must be even more determined to stop them.

Meanwhile, we face a December 21, 2020 shift brought to us by the Great Conjunction of societal planets Jupiter and Saturn from Earth to Air, plus, we're in the midst of the three conjunctions (all through 2020) of a favorite planetary pair of plutocrats everywhere, Jupiter and Pluto. Yes, someone's plans are 'coming together' as 2020 morphs into 2021 and 2022 as old orders collapse and new orders rush in. The upcoming paradigm shifts are scheduled for us by the Universe but their results can be more on the positive side or the negative. In such weighty matters, motive is everything.

So again, here's the Reaganomics Eclipse Horoscope (chart details linked, above); note that its 8th house Neptune will be 'eclipsed' by the financially difficult December 14, 2020 Solar Eclipse @23Sag08 which also affects Trump's natal Sun-Moon opposition and his (karmic) Nodal Axis:

Now to me it seems significant that cosmic time links exist between 1981 and 2020. For one thing, the 1 North Solar Eclipse of 1981 (Reagan) repeated as The Great American Eclipse of 2017 (Trump). Plus, in 1981, planets Jupiter and Saturn blended their energies in early Libra: their third of three conjunctions occurred on July 24, 1981 (@4Libra56--conjunct Trump's natal 2nd hou$e Neptune--he was a 35-yo playboy and soon-to-be serial bankrupt) and they will again meet on December 21, 2020 @00AQ29 (conjunct US POTUS Sun: Trump). Then, as in 1981 (once @24Lib53), money planets Jupiter and Pluto, which have been tangoing all through 2020, will make their final pas de deux on November 12, 2020 @22Cap52 which karmically conjuncts Trump's natal Vertex @22Cap51.

And so, dear reader, we have a case of American history rhyming with similar vibes in 1981 and 2020 - or, 2021 if you prefer to compare US Inaugurations of two arch bamboozlers.

Nov 20, 2019

Reaganomics Eclipse 1981 a Turning Point for America

American People Still Bamboozled by Reagan Economics

by Jude Cowell

Many moons ago I posted the horoscope of 1981's Reaganomics Eclipse on my WordPress blog, Jude's Threshold (its title a reference to my natal 12th house Saturn, guardian of the threshold). I don't go there often now but you may for there are quite a few post links in the blog's sidebar, posts which may relate to current events.

And since the eclipse may be used to time fundamental changes to America dating from 1981 and the presidency of Ronald Reagan, I'm publishing the eclipse horoscope (of July 30, 1981 @7Leo51 in the 1 North Saros Series which repeated as The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017--conjunct Trump's natal Ascendant and royal Regulus) here on SO'W for future reference if needed. And as you know, another Great American Eclipse (8 North series; 'vivid visions or dreams, flashes of genius, new-found inspiration'--Brady) will perfect on April 8, 2024 @19Aries and will 'split' our nation diagonally (Southeast to Northwest) while the 2017 eclipse split American horizontally (North-South).

So if you will, please enlarge the image to read chart notes concerning the change-of-direction 'wild card' eclipse of 1981 which conjoined the natal North Node of our nation:

Yes, the Decade of Greed of the 1980s really "hit the jackpot" during the presidential terms of Ronald Reagan whose administration early on made deeper cuts to the Federal School Lunch and Child Nutrition Programs (25%) than the original Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1980 signed by President Carter had done (8%), and thereby allowed schools to count condiments such as ketchup and pickle relish as vegetables. This created controversy of course and was a sign of disrespect toward American children by politicians of the GOP persuasion in particular. Later, the Congress of 2011 followed the GOP vs Children blueprint by allowing meagerly topped pizza to be counted as a vegetable. What do Republicans have against children, I wonder? Pardon me for typing this but can skin color have anything to do with the GOP's neglect of the youngest among us? Or is it simply a matter of selfishness and soul-destroying greed? And of course with Trump, this child neglect (and I would add, abuse) shown by the GOP of the 1980s has 'blossomed' into putting children in cages, separating them from their families, then losing a great number of them--or, have they marked 'em up and sold them on?

Well it seems to me that one perfect yet simple example in stark relief of the redirecting of America from a (reasonably) caring society into a Circus of Greed and Abuse as run by the still-greedy GOP has to be the Carter Inauguration of 1977 when Mr. Carter became the first US president to walk from the Capitol Building to the White House in the post-ceremony parade. In contrast, both Reagan and Trump motored regally from Capitol Building to White House in high style, ensconced in fancy limousines, their ritzy selves hidden from potential rotten-tomato-throwers.

And one of the many tragedies to spring from the Trump era is that his supporters (fans and cult members, alike) vote for a heartless, lewd man who only pretends to care about them and their circumstances when really he'd just as soon forget they exist if he didn't need them to spin his illusion of power and as props for bolstering his ego during his never-ending campaign rallies.

Now here's a related post from 2016 concerning the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 and includes a Thom Hartmann segment on the neo-liberalism that rots away at the heart of American society, Neo-Liberalism an Economic and Political Cancer!.

Do you know that the natal Jupiter of Ronald Reagan, though he's passed into the Great Beyond, returned to natal degree (13Sco44) three times recently: December 14, 2017 (the year of the Trump 'election'), June 24, 2018, and July 26, 2018. A Scorpio Jupiter tends toward materialism, a ruthless striving for possessions and pleasures, and a habit of overrating oneself. And in Reagan's 1981 Inauguration horoscope, transit Chiron @13Taurus conjoined the chart's Ascendant (Oath of Office) suggesting a wounding or a blind spot, with Reagan's natal Jupiter opposite and conjunct the chart Descendant. Turning to master astrologer Richard Nolle we find that a Jupiter-Chiron opposition implies, "one whose Quest aims at a radical redirection of the socio-cultural environment - anarchy and occultism play a central role in one's transformative vision." So apparently transit Chiron opposing his natal Jupiter (across the financial 2/8 axis) was inspiring to The Gipper who was nearly assassinated on March 30, 1981. His condition much more serious than the public was told, Mr. Reagan recuperated quickly for 70-year-old and returned to the White House on April 11, 1981 to continue overseeing our 'Decade of Greed'.

Nov 20, 2018

Horoscopes: 1982 and 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunctions

Because we remain in the Saturn-Pluto cycle which began on November 7, 1982, as shown by the fact that we're still living in the Reaganomics wealth-favoring economy, below is a DC Horoscope for the planets' exact meet-up in 1982 with November 7, 2018 transits penned around the chart (highlighted in turquoise blue). Significantly, November 7, 2018 was the day of a New Moon @15Sco11 which basically timed a Solar Return to the 1982 Saturn-Pluto chart and, as with all new moons, suggests the seeding of new ideas and/or plans as a new cycle of activity begins. The January 12, 2020 horoscope follows.

This November 7th New Moon resonates with Democratic victories at the 2018 Midterms on Nov 6th so that Republican control of the three branches of government will end once the new 116th Congress is sworn in on January 3, 2019 (last I heard, Jan 3rd), the start of a new congressional cycle. Plus, any conjunction of planets is a 'new moon' within that pair's cycle and 'peaks' of activity may be followed by the planets' sextiles, squares, trines, quincunxes, and oppositions subsequently issuing from the conjunction which starts a particular cycle's 'cosmic clock' ticking toward the next conjunction. Round and round we go!

So as you know, in late 2018 we are nearing the close of the current 1982 Saturn-Pluto cycle (appr 33-38 years' duration) with their January 12, 2020 conjunction coming sooner than we'd like for its 'new social order' implications. Below is the 1982 horoscope, then the upcoming 2020 chart with brief notations included.

Please enlarge the images to read details penned upon the charts:

The Leo Moon is chart-ruler in the November 7, 1982 horoscope (Cancer rising) with the Jupiterian North Node conjunct US natal Jupiter (5Can56), a double Jupiter inference, plus, the Moon also rules the 2nd house of Money, Earning Ability, and Possessions (cusp 21Can48). Busy Luna in Leo leads a a BOWL formation of all the planets denoting an advocacy of a cause or a mission to fulfill; as chart-ruler the Moon and applies twice: 1. Moon square Sun (15Sco16 as noted, Sun is in 5th house of Risk-Taking and Gambling and conjuncts Reagan's natal Jupiter in mid-Scorpio as does Venus, another money planet); the square suggests potentials for conflicts between leadership/authority figures and the people/the public, distorted information and propaganda, and much frustration--self-control and hard work are needed; 2. Moon square Venus which denotes distortion of priorities, rebellion or defiance within relationships and diplomacy, illicit alliances, and a sense of being threatened or intimidated.

2020 minus 1982 = 38 years - half of which = 19 years so I'd say the first half of their cycle ended in or about 2001 just in time for the New Millennium to begin; therefore, we're in process of winding up the Moon-square-Venus phase now.

Setting on the 1982 Descendant is testy warrior planet Mars @5Cap17, so recently limited or restricted by transit Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn which is always a difficult placement for the old man financially. Saturn-to-Mars indicates a period when taking shortcuts or circumventing rules, laws, or regulations is ill-advised (tell that to Trump!), and there are difficulties in relationships with males--or they may break off entirely (ex: former AG Jeff Sessions fired--5Cap is his natal Mars positionand he was born in 1946 with a Saturn-Pluto conjunction, both Rx in Leo!). Also, Mars @5Cap17 opposes US natal Jupiter (see details on the chart, lower right).

Check the 1982 chart's 12th cusp (24Tau06) and you'll see Trump's natal Midheaven (The Goal; Aspirations; Career) conjoining 1982 wounded-wounding Chiron upon the 12th cusp of Politics and Karma (also where raging star Algol resides). Comparing both conjunctions and eras, we now have Saturn and Pluto energies combined in Airy Libra--on the mental or intellectual plane where theories cavort--and describing current trends (a la Reagan, as previously noted) but we will meet compressing Saturn-Pluto energies within the pragmatic Earth sign of Saturn-ruled Capricorn as of January 2020, not the best portent in the social or financial areas of life. That more 'earth changes' and shifts will ensue seems a given to me, how about you? Especially since foreign and domestic corporatists have plundered and mined Earth's natural resources to our detriment.

Then as you see, the transiting North Node, the 'head of the dragon', is at 29Cancer, a critical 29th degree, and will soon conjoin the degree (27Can43) of the 1982 Saturn-Pluto conjunction's Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') which occurred in the 1 North Saros Series on July 20, 1982. This, I should inform you, is 'The Tower' Eclipse under which we now labor for a subsequent eclipse manifested in the 1 North series on August 11, 2018 @18Leo41. 'Collapse of structures, lifestyles, and plans', plus,'rebuilding', are the themes of 1 North (Brady) as we've discussed in several recent posts so if you type 'Eclipses' in the sidebar search field you'll discover a plethora of posts concerning these 'cosmic blinks' of the Universe. Or, tap one of the labels below this post.

You know, it always amazes me that many folk assume that God isn't watching events on planet Earth yet if they attended the sight of a Total Solar Eclipse they could sense His 'blink' if they had any sense at all!

Be that as it may, both Saturn and Pluto are slow moving karmic planets which influence many levels of societies the world over, and it can be instructive to consider historical events of November 1982 (and all of 1982). These include Nov 3: the DOW soared to a record high, the first time since January 11, 1973; Nov 12: former KGB head Andropov succeeds the deceased Brezhnev as secretary general; Nov 13: in Washington DC the Vietman Veterans Memorial is dedicated; and Nov 28: 88 countries send representatives to a meeting in Geneva to discuss world trade and free trade issues. Here's a more complete list for the entire year.

Naturally, 2020 history and beyond has yet to be written but here's the January 12, 2020 horoscope in a meager attempt to look ahead toward the future:

For further details see Horoscope: The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of 2020.

Oct 31, 2018

What's To Be Done About Our Billionaire Problem? - Thom Hartmann

Here's Thom Hartmann with a few ideas about America's billionaires-gone-wild problem with US household wealth in decline since 1982 under Republican Ronald Reagan:

Speaking of Ronald Reagan's policies of the early 1980s, do you remember how the Total Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 in the 1 North Saros Series (@29Leo conjunct Trump's natal Ascendant, plus, its path of visibility split the country in half, North and South, kind of like he does) had themes which included: 'information is distorted and possibly false'-Brady) and also manifested in 1981 as the Reaganomics Eclipse? I thought so.

Dec 19, 2017

The Tax Scam Means Some Won't Be Able To Afford Getting Sick - clip

And that's not all it means! Posted to YouTube December 18, 2017, here's a segment from the Thom Hartmann broadcast concerning the GOP tax scam about to be voted on this week--maybe today (12.19)--and signed into law, perhaps next week, by Mr. Trump who, along with the rest of his crime family, will greatly benefit financially from the legislation as will the deficit-fretter Senator Bob Corker... #CorkerKickback:


Meanwhile, as of December 14, 2017, the now-in-progress Jupiter Return/s (13Scorpio44) of former President Ronald Reagan just keeps on stimulating opportunities for another GOP billion-dollar grab! Coincidence? More like a cosmic cycle Republicans are taking advantage of under the greedy auspices of their political idol (to the extent that Reagan still is an idol, for GOP codgers anyway).

Oct 19, 2017

Those Star Gazers in the Reagan White House

If you're a glutton for political punishment you may want to watch a video of Ronald Reagan's Second Inauguration on January 21, 1985 (the 20th was on a Sunday) on YouTube or perhaps go so far as to read about it on Wikipedia. Word is that the White House astrologer Joan Quigley selected 11:57 am est for his 2nd Inauguration ceremony for auspicious reasons.

The primary difference I see in the 11:57 am horoscope vs the usual chart set for noon (the official end of a previous president's administration, beginning of the new) is that generous, expansive, auspicious Jupiter (the corporatist, financier, priest, and military general) 'jumps' across the MC angle (Career; Public Status; World Stage) from the 10th house side (11:57 am) to 9th house side at noon so to keep jolly Jupiter in the 10th house and precisely conjoining the MC degree of 26Cap (The Goal; US natal Pluto Rx @27Cap), the earlier moment was deemed better for success.

Of course, the 'previous president' was Reagan himself so the timing difference of 3 minutes was of no real importance, at noon or not, so his 1985 Oath of Office represented merely a continuation of the Reagan administration for a second term. Besides, the Reagan Inauguration 1985 ceremony was publicly held on Monday January 21st since January 20th of that year fell on a Sunday so a private Oath had been taken the day before as happened with Barack Obama's second Oath in 2013.

Star Gazers Nancy and Ronald Reagan

Now, as a type at you from North of Atlanta, GA, I'm looking at my yellowed paperback copy (1991) of Kitty Kelley's best selling book Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography which is simply full of unauthorized tidbits of information concerning the Reagans--or, Mr. Reagan and his mommie-wife Nancy. (Reminds me of VP Pence's mommie-wife, you know? Eeuw!)

Here's an enlightening quote from the very first page of the biography:

"It took a Kitty Kelley to bring page 1 (front page New York Times, 4/6/91) matters that should have been reported day-by-day when Ronald Reagan was in the White House." - Harrison E. Salisbury, New York Newsday.

Ah yes, the media's role reporting on White House activities remains a thorny issue today.

Kitty Kelley's book is further described by the NYT as "a scalding portrait" of Nancy (nee Robbins) Reagan and if you can snag yourself a copy I recommend it. Actually, Amazon has it--even on Kindle for $5.99. Actually, Amazon is showing me an ad for the book as I type! Can you see it in the sidebar?

Now one curious tidbit from the book reveals that Nancy searched for a new astrologer who would tell her what she wanted to hear on the topic of her husband becoming US president in 1976. Jeanne Dixon wouldn't predict it at that time but 'saw' him at his California governor's desk and though Nancy and Ronnie were pals with Hollywood astrologer Carroll Righter, it was actually talk show host Merv Griffin who introduced Nancy to Joan Quigley, the lady who became the Reagans' main White House astrologer and helped them plan the presidential schedule, speeches, air travel, and all.

But before they moved to DC, Righter, whose pet name for Nancy was "Moon Child" held weekly Astrology classes which California's First Lady Nancy attended. She became "an expert at doing astrological transits and conjunctions." (Bet so!) Plus, daughter Maureen Reagan even considered becoming an Astrology teacher, according to Kelley's book.

Yes, it was a determined Nancy who shoved a reluctant Ronnie into the White House, as you know, for being a governor's wife was not good enough for the obsessive 'Moon Child', aka, mommie.

So if you wish, check out the natal horoscope of Ronald Reagan (RR: DD for conflicting/unverified although my Solar Fire v9 software rates his birth data as 'A'--supplied in a magazine article by daughter Patti). And to see why Carroll Righter called Nancy "Moon Child", a quick glance at her natal horoscope (RR: B) reveals that her Pluto, Mars, Sun, Mercury Rx, and MC were in Moon-ruled Cancer and, along with her natal Moon @00Leo28, all fell within her husband's natal 7th house of Partnerships in his 4:16 am chart linked, above. In addition, Ronald Reagan was born with romantic, idealistic, adoring Neptune @19Can28 Rx in his 7th house so perhaps it's no wonder he thought of her as mommie!

And if you're curious, why not go for a sashay down memory lane and see The Irish Times' 2016 reprint of The Woman Ronald Reagan Calls Mommie, first published in 1986. Their lovey dovey photo is oh so sweet!

Or, from 2014 you may want to check out Joan Quigley, and 5 stories of astrology in the White House.

By Official White House photographer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Related Natal Horoscopes: Carroll Righter, aka, "The Gregarious Aquarius" and "Astrologer to the Stars," Joan Quigley, and psychic Jeanne Dixon who was not actually an astrologer yet she knew enough to write a syndicated solar horoscope column and, no doubt to Nancy's delight, had predicted that Ronald Reagan would become president so it's probably no surprise that in her glory days, Ms. Dixon was called The Seeress of Washington.

Wonder who advises the white House now?

Oct 13, 2017

Horoscopes: Reagan's Jupiter Return/s (2017-2018)

Here is a tri-wheel of the current Jupiter Return/s of former president Ronald Reagan whose natal Jupiter @13Sco44 rises in the first Return chart (ASC 13Sco23) of December 14, 2017 along with the Moon (9Sco50) and chart-ruler Mars @3Sco08. All three charts are set for Washington DC although you may want to reset them for California and study each of them separately.

The middle chart shows Jupiter in retrograde phase while the outer chart, the third of three conjunctions to natal degree, shows an interesting Sabian Symbol for the Return ASC--"28Sag": "An Old Bridge Over a Beautiful Stream" which to me relates to the stream of money that the Reagan era provided the wealthy class via 'trickle down economics', a theory that has been repeatedly shown to benefit only the wealthier classes while decimating the fortunes and budgets of the 99%. The 'stream' didn't 'trickle down' as they promised it would--and never will.

Even though he too benefited from 1980s GOP economic policies, Bush Sr called the theory, "Voo Doo Economics" when it politically suited him. And perhaps you remember that during the 1980 presidential campaign, Mr. Reagan revived the Hooverites' theory of the 1920s that corporate tax cuts create jobs which is part of the GOP's discredited scheme to steal from the less affluent classes and gift greedy billionaires.

Nowadays Mr. Trump and the GOP are attempting to sell the public the same snake oil again so my thought is that if the gullible among the American people during the Trump era once again fall for such fraudulent economic drivel, we will all pay the price because 'the third time' will not be the charm.

Ronald Reagan's Current Jupiter Return/s dates with prior Solar Eclipses (PEs):

1. December 14, 2017: PE @29Leo The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 in the 1 North series--as was The Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981

2. June 24, 2018: PE @27AQ the We The People Solar Eclipse in the 1 South series

3. July 26, 2018: PE @20Can, a critical degree conjunct Castor in the 2 Old North series.

For more Eclipse info see Lunar and Solar Eclipses of 2018 with Themes.

Another facet of this topic is economist Paul Krugman's 2009 op-ed on Reagan Signing the Garn-St. Germain Act of 1982 which deregulated the mortgage industry.

Plus, you may also wish to see Millennial Astrologer Analyzes Economic Systems by guest blogger Kevin Estes.

Jul 24, 2017

Are We in the Decline of the American Empire? (w/ guest Charles Sauer)

Do you feel it in the air? Wealthy classes are retracting themselves from American society 2017, a process particularly noticeable since the Reagan era.

Here's a segment from The Thom Hartmann Show:


'Thanks', hypocrite Ayn Rand. Up yours, Buchanan and Koch.

May 25, 2017

The Origins of Neo-liberalism and How to Stop It (Saturn-Pluto 1947)

May 2017: Here in a recent segment, Thom Hartmann answers a caller on the topic of Neoliberalism. For me Thom's is the best explanation of Neoliberalism I've heard or read. He notes that the term and theory were invented (if that's the word) in September 1947 but was ridiculed for years until Ronald Reagan ('Reaganomics'!) picked it up in the 1980s. We recognize its damaging effects in society through such policies and outcomes as 'trickle down economics', 'free trade', corporatism, oligarchy--with neoliberal policies more and more discredited in the US and abroad as the built-in exploitation continues.

Now if you're familiar with astrological principles, you also recognize Neoliberalism by the two karmic planets that met in Great Conjunction (13Leo07) on August 11, 1947 and therefore imprinted upon the theory--Saturn and Pluto. Their cyclic cosmic clock began anew on that date and a few weeks later the hardship, ruthlessness, and cruelty of 'Neoliberal' policies constellated into an economic theory. It took decades for a US politician to see its 'value' as a political sledge hammer but Reagan (or someone around him) saw in it a major avenue opening toward 'trickle down' financial increase for the wealthy class at the expense (and sacrifice) of the rest of us, the exploitables.

Actually, the Saturn-Pluto duo have an earlier and obvious claim to a brutal fame because prior to 1947 for they met three times from October 4, 1914 (2Can14--conjunct US natal Venus), to November 1, 1914 (2Can04), and the third time on a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation: 00Can54 on May 19, 1915. Obviously we think of World War I, its brutal Saturn-Pluto horrors, and the depressing aftermath as the exploitables climbed laboriously out of the abyss the war created. Yet much wealth was made by warmongering bankers, no doubt.

So as for today's Neoliberalism, we must make certain the discredit and failure of it builds as the cosmic clock winds down for Saturn and Pluto are scheduled to meet again on January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 (as will the corporate duo, Jupiter and Pluto from April to November 2020 @24Cap+). Markets aren't so grand when Saturn is in its own sign of Capricorn (too much Saturnian restriction and contraction, I suppose) so Capricorn vibes of conservatism and soberness are major forces in 2020 though dearth and difficulty may be brought as well.

But placing planetary cycles aside, do allow Thom to speak of Neoliberalism if you will and resist all the 'trickle down' nonsense of the corporate oligarchs that you can muster whenever you get a chance! Here is, The Origins of Neoliberalism and How to Stop It:

Nov 11, 2015

Reagan's Nashua Moment (he paid for that microphone!) video

Perhaps you heard that Senator Bob Dole has now endorsed Jeb Bush for the 2016 Republican nomination. But back in 1980, it was Republican candidate and actor Ronald Reagan who demonstrated how to give an electrifying debate performance in this one-minute clip. No word on whether Jeb! (who Can Fix It) is capable of being animated by such magnetic electricity though his past experience successfully helping to fix the 2000 election may be all the well-funded Jeb really needs:

Apr 29, 2015

Papantonio: Mitch McConnell Wants to Nullify the Constitution - video

#USConstitution #USPatriotAct #NSA #EdSnowden #1984 #BigBrother #MitchMcConnell

Speaking of Orwell's predictive novel 1984, eclipse themes provide background vibrations that can describe on one or more levels the time span or event in focus and there were 5 eclipses that year: 3 lunar and 2 Solar Eclipses.

The first Solar Eclipse of 1984 (a 'Reagan year') manifested @9Gemini conjunct US natal Uranus, the planet of revolution, revolt, uprisings, and anarchy and is intimately connected with America's cycle of going to war. Here are a few details on the themes of both 1984 Solar Eclipses, paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology:

May 30, 1984 in the 4 North Saros Series contains themes of difficulties, illusions, restraints, restriction, inhibition, and separation; events occur which block progress and lead to misjudgment of strengths or the situation; best to wait until the influences of 4N are over before taking any real action. (4N is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the State of Israel, May 14, 1948, and of Aldous Huxley.)

November 22, 1984 in the 4 South Saros Series @1Sagittarius; 4S carries themes of strong emotions about relationships or money, anger, or lust; a sense of fatedness is attached with a sudden desire to end relationships in which events seem to spiral out of control; a great deal of frustration in involved due to blocked emotions; best to avoid rash actions until issues settle down. (4S is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the US Mint--October 16, 1786--and the Bush-Cheney Invasion and Occupation of Iraq in 2003.

The Sabian Symbol for 1984's eclipse @1Sag links or resonates with the 2003 horror that is the Bush-Cheney war presidency: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire." Or as some might call it, how to misuse, misdirect, and lame an entire military force such as the world had never seen.

Of course, many other planetary factors influenced the year 1984 including a Great Conjunction of the speculator-wastrel-grand-schemer-inflationary pair, Jupiter and Neptune @00Cap01, a World Point of Manifestation and Prominence. This occurred only once on January 19, 1984 but it also imprinted the presidency of Barack Obama during his first year in office for there were three Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions sprinkled through 2009, exact on May 27, July 10, and December 21--all within the range of 24--27 degrees of Aquarius which conjoins the US natal Moon of July 4, 1776.

Jupiter-Neptune = natal Moon gave the American people fraudulent schemes, false promises, little sense of reality, a desire to dream (dreamy 'rock star' Barack--his Mars veiled by US natal Neptune!), and of course you remember the mortgage-credit-banking crisis, Bush's Crash of 2008 as December led into 2009.

So though it puts me in a right old snit of miffdom to say so, the 1984 and 2009 conjunctions of expansive Jupiter and deceptive Neptune--one conjunction in Earthy, practical Capricorn (sign of government, law, and business) and the others of 2009 in Airy Aquarius (sign of several things including Science, Progress, Independence, and Technology (exs: NSA spying on the American people as discussed in the video, above; Transhumanism and breakthroughs in Genetics)--link together the administrations of Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama in a frothy 'grand spirit' sort of way. And fraud. We mustn't forget government fraud.

Dec 30, 2014

Beware: Republicans Reprise That Old Black Magic To Deal w The Budget

Check out this from Down With Tyranny.

Yes, it's almost January and the 2015 Congress is nearly sworn in--are your bank account and budget ready for that Voo Doo that they do so well?

#Reagan #GOP #Plutocrats #Tyranny #USeconomy #SocialSafetyNet #AynRand #UselessEaters

Oct 23, 2014

Video Archive - George Carlin: The Truth About Republicans

#225 #Reagancrooks #ReaganAdministration #Indicted

And the charlatans veiled their fraud and corruption with religious propaganda and disguised it behind a so-called 'Moral Majority'!

Apr 23, 2012

A Rare Transit of Venus June 5-6, 2012 (video)

The following video was nabbed from the Transit of Venus website where you'll find more information, plus, Transit of Venus apps concerning this rare cosmic event placed on our calendars by The Cosmos for June 5 or 6, 2012, depending on your viewing location:

You'll remember the last Venus Transit (aka, an Occultation of the Sun) which occurred during the G-8 Summit held June 8-10, 2004 when world leaders huddled together on Sea Island, Georgia in a stuptifying frenzy of self-importance and sheer chest-baring as they strolled upon the beach, primed for a goofy looking photo-op.

Here's one photo of the boys from 2004 though their shirts aren't open as in the one I guffawed over back in 2004--maybe that one got mysteriously scrubbed from the internet for it was really quite cheesy. Now it's old times come again as Vladimir Putin rejoins The Club (as if he ever left!)

Plus, the 2004 G-8 meeting was held a mere three days after the passing of Ronald Reagan from this mortal coil but we may suppose that The Gipper would have wanted his globalist co-conspirators to carry on with world domination plans. And just look how far they've advanced!

Dec 30, 2011

Election 2012, Mars/Neptune, and 'The City of the Sun'

Foggy Mars/Neptune Rises in America as 'Utopia' Lurks

by Jude Cowell

If you have your Dec-Jan 2012 issue or online access to The Mountain Astrologer, then you've probably already read editor Tem Tarriktar's overview Peak Moments of 2012 and Forecast for Each Sign which begins by emphasizing the 8-month transit of Mars in Mercury-ruled Virgo.

Actually, our upcoming martian tale began on November 10, 2011 when Mars first entered Virgo, Mutable sign of discrimination, health, dedicated work, and 'the exploitation of every situation' (Ebertin) and is a sign and constellation intimately linked to the natal horoscope of America, circa 1776, and to goddess Ceres (Demeter) which is associated with grain, food supplies, nurturing, abundance, and protection.

US natal Ceres 8Pis41 Rx (unfortunately for the American people) conjoins to the degree our natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint (8:50), the duo of Plutocracy and oppression. Thus we see the massive efforts of the last several decades to control, adulterate, and chemically toxify the US food supply by plutocrats and corporate titans with greedy globalist dreams.

Testy Mars Stations Retrograde on US Neptune

Coming soon to a 2012 Cosmos near you is a strong Station Retrograde by Mars @ 23 Virgo (Jan 23) which conjoins a while US natal Neptune 22Vir25. This is the 'keep a low and cautious profile' transit that can inspire unwise decisions and misguided actions, things the American people have tired of groaning over since Washington so seldom listens to We The People--especially when it comes to waging war.

Quarrels, confusion, diversions, and misunderstandings abound whenever Mars squares natal Neptune--on one level a planet of spirituality yet also a planet of deceit, fraud, loss, and disappointment. So we may expect precisely the most contentious and deceptive election year that everyone has been dreading.

Efforts become murky, undermined, or eroded, and getting to the bottom of mysterious events can be next to impossible if it's possible at all. 'Who did what to whom and why' will continue to be perplexing--with the media (Neptune) implicated in most of the ruses. And of course, later in 2012, the visit of Mars to US natal Neptune in Virgo will recur which stretches 2012 into an entire smoke-and-mirrors Mars/Neptune year for the US.

Sad to say, the 'fog' (Neptune) of war (Mars) wafts upon the breeze of 2012 for any transit to US natal Neptune naturally kicks up trouble with America's problematic Mars/Neptune square of misguided, subversive, ineffectual, too-wide-a-target--or inspired--energy. So Mars at Station Rx will square our natal Mars (Virgo to Gemini), a time when physical actions are blocked (square = 90 degrees), obstacles appear intractable, and relationships with males are stressed out or broken.

Outrageously, the US government's lies into war tactic against Iran is already being promoted for as I type, excuses are being fabricated, plus, our natal Mars/Neptune square perfectly hints at Iran's threatened blockage of the Straits of Hormuz which would limit US and global oil supplies by about 1/6 with 'oil' one of Neptune's favorite liquids. The year-long Mars triggerings concur with this blockage scenario.

The Mars SQ Mars transit adds anger and rage to America's foggy Mars/Neptune scenario, and indicates a tense time when indecision adds to uncertainty and aggressive actions may be taken in spite of the evidence.

Now please note that I'm not mentioning here other 2012 planetary patterns which may support or mitigate the implications mentioned so I trust you will check out the TMA article linked above for a fuller view of what's in store for 2012; several of the pertinent horoscopes are shown.

2012 Marked (or Stained?) by US Elections

By Election Day November 6, 2012, out-of-bounds Mars will reach 21Sag49 and squares US natal Neptune (Sag to Vir) while opposing US n Mars in Gemini, a period when others are totally against our actions and purposes, and heads (Mars!) are bashed against proverbial brick walls. A sense of wasted energy and effort permeates the atmosphere under this transit as others apply an equal amount of force against us in response to American aggression. As you can tell, this is not good.

Yes, Mars in Sagittarius squaring US n Neptune denotes much confusion in the environment due to lack of organization and the poor execution of plans; logic may be missing altogether and for many, a concerted effort must be made to avoid laziness--though plenty of rationalization occurs to explain actions or lack of action in hopes of deflecting criticism while avoiding external interference.

Watch events around the New Moon of December 13, 2012 @ 21Sag45 which emphasizes the action and energy of election Mars at that degree: will election results only then be determined?

Now the pre-natal eclipse Series of Election Day 2012 is very telling but will have to be addressed more fully in a separate post concerning the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 @ 00Gem21 in the 14 South Saros Series which has a Mercury/Pluto (propaganda, surveillance, obsessive ideas) flavor to it. (More on the May 2012 eclipse as time permits.)

Perhaps enlightening info may be obtained regarding '2012 in America' transits by noting the symbol for US n Neptune's degree found in Adrian Carelli's book The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac with its historical and political references which are often applicable to modern day topics.

Keeping in mind the astrological meanings of planet Neptune (god of the seas and purveyor of idealistic dreams), I shall type for you Carelli's Symbol and interpretation for '23 Virgo' and include his historical info for this degree as well since I believe it applies directly to America as the 'New World' of historical Utopians:

'23Vir' = "A man on a sailing ship in the middle of the ocean"...

"There is an irrepressible need of evasion in time and space. A nature ablaze with enthusiasm and fantasy, which will chafe if fenced in its birthplace and the mentality prevailing there.

By itself this influence will not supply the energy needed to prevail on such mentality and reform it; hence the need of escape. Disregarding the other astrological factors, it can be said safely that the native's success depends on real journey and migration. Any evasion into daydreaming will result in failure, since thirst for new experiences is the only real thing life can offer but may lead the native dangerously astray. Passion for the sea is a natural consequence.

While a prisoner of the Spanish Inquisition in 1602, Thomas Campanella (1568--1639) wrote a book entitled The City of (the) Sun, wherein he advocates ideal social and political conditions on a utopian background. It is interesting to note that Campanella based his description of the legendary city on an imaginary skipper's tale."

Campanella's Sun City (a place where the ego--Sun--rules, apparently) resonates with the idealistic shining city on a hill" slogan of Ronald Reagan and others before and after him, as The Gipper 'saw' Washington DC.

Perhaps Campanella's "imaginary skipper' describes our collective delusion that one man--"the president"--controls the helm of America's often misdirected, tiresomely ill-guided ship of state.

That Long-Standing Utopian Dream

'The City of the Sun' was written in prison by Thomas Campanella and is in large measure a part of the Utopian idealism (global government; return to chaos--'The Garden' where man's reasoning ability assures his good behavior in all things--yuh, right!) with which America is now infested as US natal IC (Homeland; Domestic Scene) has been crossed and recrossed since 2010 by Uranus in Aries ('Utopians', reformers, dreamy idealists, says Ebertin.)

Transit Uranus in 4th house marks a time of uncontrollable events, unstable conditions, and unpredictable outcomes, all of which makes Election Day 2012 results even more difficult to forecast!

Plus, on November 6, 2012, both Mars and Mercury (voting; elections; speeches, etc) are out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and thus up to their own tricks (though Mercury comes back into bounds by around 9:00 pm) which to me seems to describe on one level the voting machine irregularities, miscounts, and the voting interferences that we've come to expect from the one-world-government types with which America is currently infested.


Stars Over Washington: Astrological comments on America, on Washington DC, and on the politicians who infest them. And infest and infiltrate they have.

Further reading or video watching may be obtained from the websites of progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann and at Democracy Now!, and be sure to sign the petition to rid our backs of the Citizens' United monkey at Move To Amend.

Sep 21, 2011

Autumn Equinox 2011 Horoscope: Drastic Measures

Horoscope: Autumn Equinox September 23, 2011 5:04 am edt

by Jude Cowell

Below is an image of the Autumn Equinox 2011 horoscope, the Libra Ingress, set for the White House, Washington DC; Hour Mars 2Leo37 conjunct President Obama's natal Mercury; chart-ruler Mercury 25Vir23 in 1st house makes two applying aspects: conjunct Sun (4A37), and opposite Uranus 2Ari41 Rx conjunct 8th cusp which conjoins US natal IC 00Ari53 (Sibly version of America's natal horoscope (5:10 pm LMT, July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, PA.)

The 8th cusp-Uranus-natal IC trio with Autumn Equinox Sun conjunct 2nd cusp indicates financial matters not coming together as expected so we must concentrate on what's working rather than on new methods. Compromise remains elusive as the president (Sun) knocks heads with radical political types (Uranus in Aries = Utopians, says Ebertin) over monetary policy and reform.

The embarrassing political and ideological battles continue into Spring 2012 and beyond as President Obama's character and suitability for office come even more under fire. And the whole world is watching as radical elements attempt to destroy our entire system of government, imperfect as it may be (and it is.) Thanks a lot, Ronald "Government Is Evil" Reagan, you really got the Destroy American ball rolling and the Dark Legacy of Reaganomics keeps on giving to the rich and taking from the poor.

And of course, the Deficit Reduction Committee's work is covered in the Autumn Equinox 2011 chart with the extraordinary power of a 'Super' Congress handed to 12 congress members which to my mind is unConstitutional. Their recommendations are due on November 23, 2011 in time for the November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse @ 2Sag37--sitting at the Foundation of the Autumn EQ 2011 horoscope!!

As you see, a few of President Obama's natal planets are penned in around the chart: rising is his natal Pluto in Virgo opposite natal Chiron which here sets (conj DESC--Chiron opposite Pluto = 'knight in shining armor' on a Quest); Mr. Obama's natal Moon in Gemini (publicity through speeches) is at Midheaven (MC = The Goal; Aspirations; Public Status) along with two midpoints which create angular pictures with the MC and one with Obama's natal Moon...any, all, or none may apply...

Mars/Uranus = MC: taking drastic measures; extraordinary achievements; putting a gun to someone's head; an inflexible character; an act of violence.

Note: on C-SPAN this morning, Charlie Rangel referred to people "putting a gun to (the president's) head."

Mars/Uranus = BHO natal Moon: feelings govern; a desire to achieve something very big; ambition.

Moon/Uranus = MC: excitement and great energy; pursuit of ambitious aims; determination; ready for action; taking a hand suddenly or interfering.

Mercury also rules the 10th house of Public Standing bwo Gemini which indicates changes on the world stage for the US--Gemini's Mercury relates to communications, plans, but also commerce and trade; plus, Fixed Star Mirfak (Alpha Perseus) is @ MC, keywords: young male energy with hunting and fighting abilities. (Brady.)

In any horoscope, a chart-ruler's applying aspects show how things will proceed. As mentioned above, Virgo is rising, so changeable Mercury 25Vir23 in 1st house rules the chart. The applying conjunction to the Sun will perfect on September 28 at 5Lib20...'6Lib' = "The Ideals of a Man Abundantly Crystallized" which may refer to the president's new push back stance gaining momentum.

Mercury opposing Uranus (7A18) shows oration, communications, and plans embroiled in quarrels, disagreements, and disruptions, and serious conflicts arise between the generations related to finances and ideologies. This opposition may also refer to social networking (Uranus) activism as young Americans (Mercury) get out on the streets in protest.

Now manipulative Pluto, pulling strings from behind the scenes (and from abroad) is apex planet in a YOD pattern ('Finger of God', special task, crisis, turning point, crossroads.) This is a very karmic configuration and, as we know, the crisis has been a long time coming (slow moving Pluto.)

Apex Pluto in a YOD formation shows those with fixated opinions and plans that have disturbing effects upon others (not that Pluto cares about others) and past conditions must die so that a new path is revealed; this Pluto represents those with high executive positions of authority who are determined to usher in a New Order.

Perhaps I don't need to tell you this, but the people represented by this anti-social Pluto hold extreme perspectives that are out of focus with society's views and values.

A midpoint picture is created from the YOD:

Mars/MC = Pluto: extraordinary zeal and great vigor; the desire to bring immense tasks to a successful conclusion.

Transit Pluto continues to oppose US natal Jupiter 5Can56 and denotes America's financial, political, and social struggles against powerful plutonian forces desiring to break down our nation and all civil institutions.

Yes, Pluto is very busy this Autumn as apex in a second planetary pattern--a T-Square between the Sun/Uranus opposition.

First, the midpoint picture:

Sun/Uranus = Pluto: radical reformers (we know!!); a desire to rearrange things (without the American people's consent!); tragic experiences; imprisonment;
very provoking others with constant rebellion and distractions; disruptions of events to gain recognition; direct attacks on the individuality of others to gain more notoriety for self or interests.

As apex in a Cardinal T-Square, Pluto denotes those with intense focus on objectives and an inability to compromise with others; sharing power is a non-starter, and explosive endings may be thought necessary in order to make a new start; again, this Pluto represents high powered executives--who feel much contempt for those they manipulate, and the case of this T-Square, those whose plans they block.

Well, if you click to enlarge the horoscope you may read a few other chart details, and there are other factors of note, of course. But since I'm readying for an out of town trip, I shall close for now and await your on-topic comments and opinions which I will moderate from an area near Atlanta, GA. in this, my favorite of the seasons, Autumn.

Aug 17, 2011

Alexander Hamilton disses the Tea Party! And reviewing Inauguration 2009's midpoint pictures

Tea Party Approval Rate Trending Down with American Public

by Jude Cowell

Protest4Democracy quotes Alexander Hamilton on the sort of undermining of the US government which the Tea Partisans, theocrats (feelin' all righteously resurrected from their Ronald Reagan 'Religious Right' glory days), and other corporatist shills are espousing in 2011 into 2012.

So as Presidential Campaign 2012 heats up and the overblown rhetoric with it, I sincerely hope all US voters will be able to tell an patriot from a Utopian anarchist, a true Christian from a cold hearted not-my-brother's-keeper-er, a globalist from a real American.

Let's not toss such principles as separation of church and state, freedom to worship--or not--as we please, our national sovereignty, and compassion for our fellow Americans into the historical dustbin. Better to jettison the expectations of those who use political sloganism to steal a national helm which belongs to all of we-the-people, not just the chosen few who choose to tow the corporatist line for some promised reward they may or may not find at the end of a deluded Utopian, One World Government rainbow.

Besides, if corporate tax breaks, huge loopholes, and government subsidies were going to create jobs in America, they would have done so by now--and all through the l o n g eight years of the Bush-Cheney regime when the economy fell apart.

And I say all this even while knowing how the Horoscope of Inauguration 2009 showed the midpoint of the oppressive, disenfranchising, primally violent, racist, corporatist, fascist, communist pair of Pluto/Chiron sitting upon the Obama Inauguration's Midheaven, the Goal/Aspiration Point of the chart.

For 'company' at Inaugural 2009 MC as well is US natal Pluto in Capricorn, and a 10th house Jupiter 3AQ25 (money; banking; bankers)--which conjoins China's natal Moon, signifying the people who have many jobs while the American people seem to have fewer jobs each day. Jupiter's Bottomline Economics will be with us a long time, tinged with Saturnian austerity.

Disillusioned with President Obama?

Click for a write-out of the midpoint pictures which were in effect at noon edt in Washington DC on January 20, 2009. In my post from November 2009, I optimistically characterized the pre-inaugural midpoint pictures as being mostly positive yet upon review (Mercury Rx now!) this evening, some of them in particular don't seem nearly as full of optimism on behalf of the American people as you and I had hoped on that 'Game Changing Day'.

That is, you had hoped--unless you're a corporatist, sour grapes Republican, or a Tea Partisan--then you want to see Pres. Obama 'fail', right? No matter who gets taken down with him, it's okay by you because (you think that) all your ducks are in fancy rows and ready for the paradigm shift of a New World Order.

Of course, I cannot yet rule out the possibility that the 'see Obama fail' political script is just another cynical planned-at-the-top ruse to hide a deeper agenda while keeping we-the-people divided against one another--and thereby conquered!

Anyway, read the midpoint pictures for yourself. Looking back during a Mercury retrograde phase is often profitable and it may serve to take you down memory lane to that bitter cold day in Washington DC which now seems so long ago...


The plutocratic duo Pluto/Chiron's favorite equation? Corporatism + Statism = Fascism

America is ruled by corporations who, it has come to light, actually write the bills for Congress to sponsor and push giving the term 'Corporate America' a deeper level of meaning.

In case you haven't, you may wish to check out Move To Amend and get involved! For if you're American, this is your country, too.

Oh, and speaking of corporations, the ground underneath the Fukushima nuclear core reactors has begun to crack. Things are seriously out of control in Japan, the MSM is blacking out the truth, and the world can 'thank' the nuclear industry and their transnational backers for the disaster.

Read more or watch broadcast videos by Thom Hartmann who covers the real news such as Japan's ongoing 'China Syndrome' situation.

Aug 2, 2011

Keith Olbermann: "The Four Great Hypocrisies of the Debt Deal" (video link)

It's times like these that I wish Current TV would allow embedding of their videos but if there's a way to embed them, I haven't discovered it yet.

Instead, here's a link to Keith Olbermann's Four Hypocrisies of the Debt Deal commentary. The page includes, I believe, a link to the transcript, if you prefer.

Plus, here's a standing question for you from an author whose novels exposed the horrid social conditions of his day, and who expressed himself much better on such topics than this gnat of a blogger ever could:

"Is it altogether a Utopian dream, that once in history a ruling class might be willing to make the great surrender, and permit social change to come about without hatred, turmoil, and waste of human life?" - Upton Sinclair

Yes. It is. Altogether. The power elite have proved it repeatedly and with verve.

But Mr. Sinclair's is not the version of a "Utopian dream" America is currently bedeviled by. We're yoked underneath the shadow side of a dream which, as everyone knows, is nothing but a nightmare that lurks behind those grinning political masks of Washington DC.

(Oh, and let's tell the president that the big banks who were 'bailed out' with taxpayer funds in 2008 are expected--by we-the-people, if not by him--to pay it all back with interest. We could definitely use the dough. No one ever seems to remind Mr. Obama that as US president, he is supposed to be our advocate, not theirs!)

Ah yes, I remember the glory days of 2008 when I kept harping here on SO'W about the transit of constricting Saturn to US natal Neptune in Virgo...Neptune, planet of dreams and aspirations, in Virgo, sign of Work, Health, and Discrimination. "Dreams made real"? Unfortunately not--unless you're one of the ruling elite class now robbing us blind once again while forcefully establishing your long-held 'dream' or 'vision' of a totalitarian New World Order.

Here's a brief quote from one of those posts concerning the historical record of this 'grim reality' transit:

Saturn's last tango with US natal Neptune was a three-fer transit:

Oct 23, 1979; March 29, 1980; and July 13, 1980. Events from this time period, or situations in which things were happening then may come back to haunt, or need further attention in some way.

"In some way"? Well, that time period implicates the 1980 Reagan presidential campaign (and October Surprise against all decency) as do many other negative factors we now experience in finances and foreign affairs, and I guess we can say that the current 'debt deal' and 'default' tableaux of our self-dramatizing, fear-mongering Washington politicians fits in with the Reaganomics Trickle Down/Voo Doo model of economics quite well being, as I continue to believe, of a piece.

View the Reagan Inauguration 1981 horoscope w details here.

Planetary Returns Illustrate History Repeating

One more thing for those who speak astrologese: if you scroll down the sidebar a bit to 'Politics Then and Now' you'll find a new addition of the Herbert Hoover Inauguration horoscope of March 4, 1929. In the chart you'll see that Jupiter is in Taurus--near where Mr. Moneybags is now--and rebellious Uranus is in early Aries (as now), signifying the radical Utopians forcing corporate-backed demands which will crash the US government while holding hostage US workers, veterans, the elderly, ill, disabled, poor, and disadvantaged children...the ones they think can't fight back.

Of course, many people are putting the "holding hostage" label upon current Debt Deal proceedings but that implies paying ransom for people you want back. Yet as we know, they don't want us back, they want us gone.

So here are the dates of both planets' returns to their Hoover 1929 degrees and you can see by the first one that the time period has already begun and points directly at the Debt Deal from Hades which Mr. Obama signed--privately--into law today.

Jupiter Return/s (7Tau38) of the Hoover Presidency:

1. July 19, 2011
2. October 11, 2011 Rx
3. March 3, 2012

Uranus Return/s (6Ari01) of the Hoover Presidency:

1. April 20, 2012 (just after Tax Day)
2. October 12, 2012 Rx (an 'October Surprise' on tap?)
3. February 9, 2013 (just after the 2013 inauguration of whomever the Bilderberg Group okays to play US president.)

If Astrology serves, it looks to me as if the rest of Mr. Obama's presidency will be unfavorably compared to the irksome, financially disastrous presidency of Herbert Hoover more often, not less, than it's been before. And what did Mr. Hoover do? He didn't do!

But he did contract and restrict (Saturn) spending when he should have invested (Jupiter) in America the Beautiful on behalf of the American people to whom our nation belongs.


You may also be interested in a few notes on the most recent transit of Saturnian austerity to US natal Neptune which occurred in August 2009, only eight months into Mr. Obama's presidency.


Thanks for the video heads-up, Kieron!