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Jan 5, 2018

Is America Due for Another Economic Crash? (w/ Guest Richard Wolff)

January 5, 2018: here's a segment from Thom Hartmann speaking with economics Professor Richard Wolffe concerning the Federal Reserve, interest rate increases, and the potential for another financial crash in our future:


And below is a link to an oldie but moldy post on what I call the Fed's New Moon of 1910 which perfected in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius during the secret meetings on Jekyll Island, Georgia that led to the unpopular creation via legislation of the so-called Federal Reserve System of the United States which, as Professor Wolffe states above, is the closest thing to a central bank we have in America.

And for the curious, see a previous post from April 2016, The Fed's New Moon, Mars Rx Station 2016, and Yellen's Secret Meetings showing the 1910 New Moon horoscope and its YOD of crisis-cross-roads-turning-point-special-task and karmic opportunity which the sneaky "duck hunters" (the New York financiers, German Paul Warburg, and Senator Nelson Aldrich) chose not to take advantage of after their 'midnight train to Georgia'. Yes, theirs was a special task all right. Bubble and Bust!

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