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Feb 23, 2018

American Revolution Horoscope w Feb 2018 Transits

2018/19 Astrology for Children of the Revolution

Bi-Wheel Charts: center = American Revolution (1st Shot) April 19, 1775 5:00 am LMT Lexington, MA; outer chart: transits February 24, 2018 12:00 am est Lexington, MA.

Since horoscopes of past events (and people) continue to be affected by planetary transits, eclipses, and so on, here are the transits of tomorrow (Feb 24, 2018) 'embracing' or otherwise affecting our American Revolution planets of April 19, 1775 which lead, of course, to our Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776. Those who use that date and a late afternoon hour for setting up a natal horoscope to symbolize America (with an Ascendant at or around 12-13 Sagittarius) will note that on April 19, 1775, the Moon (population; public mood) conjoined that Ascendant.

Moon in Sag gave the rebels who helped establish this Ideal Nation we call America strains of idealism guiding actions, alternating optimism and pessimism, and a sense of inconstancy along with changeable or fluctuating moods so prevalent during the war--and this remains a factor in the US psyche now.

Uranus to Sun and Jupiter Opposing Jupiter

As you see, 1775 Sun @29Ari06 will soon be electrified or intensified by transit Uranus beginning on April 29, 2018, again on December 2, 2018, and finally on February 10, 2019. Penned on the chart are some of the potentials for this Uranian transit: dramatic changes, rebellions, erratic lunges for freedom. Also transit Jupiter has already opposed 1775 Jupiter once--on February 4, 2018. Tr Jupiter will again do so on April 10, 2018 (Rx) and September 28, 2018 so that's a full year of those Jupiterian vibes which include: general discontent, and a tendency toward overblown efforts which are only partially effective if at all. Boasting about what's been done to improve situations and conditions is part of the picture as well, whether the actions have been or will be taken or not. Jupiter symbolizes money and bankers, of course, plus, corporations, religious figures, politicians, military generals, teachers, beliefs, ideals and ideologies. 1775 Jupiter in Taurus had interests in financial security, liberality, and freedom from oppression while Jupiter now in Scorpio is more about materialism, ruthless striving for possessions, optimism (real or faked!), and those who overrate themselves. Over-promising can also be a feature of a Scorpio Jupiter...Scorpio, sign of Big Business, spying and surveillance, control, and betrayal.

Rebellious Uranus-Pluto

Now naturally a cosmic backdrop to everything in both horoscopes in the Revolutionary department of life is transit Uranus square 1775 Pluto, also a feature of our July 4, 1776 Pluto (27Cap33 Rx) but on later dates since 1775 Pluto is earlier in the Zodiac @26Cap41. This also involves our January 20th inauguration Midheavens, the Goal Point of our presidencies. Disruptions and shifts in the realms of power, politics, economics, and within the physical environment are the usual results of this transit along with revolt and resistance, as we've seen. Wars (anti-war), struggles for civil rights, and other social concerns are often the areas that need to be shaken up by intense Uranus.

Karmic Saturn 2018 in the Cauldron of The Revolution

Another transit of note is the tr Saturn square to 1775 Saturn with authority, authenticity, maturity, responsibility, seniority, restriction, loss, and other Saturnian themes of control which is blocked, delayed, or denied. Exact squares are already in progress: January 21, 2018, July 28, 2018, and October 14, 2018. Paying off past debts, some of a karmic nature, is likely along with inflexibility found in current circumstances. Authority can be blocked by senior officials as can legislation deemed irresponsible, ineffective, or unworkable.

Of course, any time Saturn associates with MC or is in the 10th house of Public Status, a 'fall from grace' may be inferred if not expected for as you see, transit Saturn will eventually cross the MC (Goal) of the American Revolution horoscope and join Pluto in 10th house--where the January 12, 2020 Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto takes place @22Cap46 with its hardship and cruelty vibes. Yet transit Saturn to MC can bring rewards for hard work though additional responsibilities will accompany any benefits (see below for a list of the American Revolution's first-ever Pluto Return/s dates).

As for a Saturnian fall from grace, Mr. Trump has America going down that drooping and disgraceful path now (imho) and his approval ratings are sad. Congress legislates austere economic measures to restrict social programs and other common sense initiatives, and my thought is that politicians and their backers have bankrupted our National Treasury and can only continue to finance and supply America's global military by diverting funds from the needs of the American people and plowing the money into more wars of conquest. Disagree if you will! For support I cite the US Progressed Full Moon of December 2008 (4Vir10) which timed the karmic limit of our nation's reach and expansion into the world, a cosmic fact that Washington DC chumps ignored, of course.

The exact dates of Saturn-SQ-Saturn (not listed on the chart) are: May 15, 2017, October 15, 2017, and March 16, 2018. Mr. Trump's sketchy relations with realism, facts, reliability, and honesty can hardly be more in the spotlight than they are now as these are some of the demands of karmic Saturn--and Trump is allegedly 'in control' of our country acting as the Saturnian managing officer, we could say, though some would say the Jupiterian Uranian Mr. Trump behaves as more of a CEO, at least in his own mind. We all would shudder if we knew who is actually behind this man!

Now as you see, the Saturn-SQ-Saturn dates spotlight the first and second years of the Trump White House and denote potentials for trauma, vulnerability, fear of loss, and psychological therapy being needed. Most Americans agree that gun accessibility needs common sense legislation and action after yet another horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Under Ronald Reagan, mental health funding was cruelly cut so now Mr. Trump is calling for the opening and/or re-opening of mental asylums. If so, they could quite well turn up as privatized from the start, similar to our draconian prison system. Scary. Yet access to mental health care truly is needed considering America's decades of a Bomb the World's Children campaign of conquest for the corporations as US Mars (military and police) continues in retrograde motion by progression (since 2006) and US males who are turning inward with vicious thoughts and vengeful actions taken on US soil against their fellow citizens. Tragically, this looks like spiritual and karmic blow back to me.

We may expect the Saturn-SQ-1775-Saturn transits to continue to deal with issues of authority, authenticity, maturity, responsibility, seniority, restriction, and other Saturnian themes of loss and control that may block, delay, limit, or deny rules, laws, and decisions. Exact squares are already in progress: January 21, 2018, July 28, 2018, and October 14, 2018. Paying off past debts, some of a karmic nature, is likely along with inflexibility found in current circumstances. Authority can be blocked by senior officials, lawmakers, or judges as can legislation deemed irresponsible, ineffective, or unworkable.

Moon-Neptune and the 'American Dream'

Another cosmic backdrop is transit Neptune square 1775 Moon, a five-fer transit that began on May 7, 2017. Its second partile square occurred on July 27, 2017 and next will be March 1, 2018, then November 1, 2018, and finally on December 17, 2018. Now we might think of this nebulous transit as only affecting Americans who are actual descendants of the Revolutionary generation--Children of the Revolution (as many of us are) but for me, 1775 Moon symbolizes everyone born here and who immigrated because of the American Ideals of freedom, independence, and equality--however imperfectly the modern-day political class may express these concepts and interfere with them. The Neptune-SQ-Moon period we're in suggests domestic upheavals, emotional upsets, clouded or murky issues and events, heightened intuition which may inspire solution or which may bring upsetting revelations or events to confuse and distract. Sadly, grief and loss are part of the Moon-Neptune picture and no additional responsibilities should be taken on during this period for trying to save what's left may be more in keeping with the times and this includes natural disasters which very much include floods and other water damages.

Dates of the American Revolution's Pluto Return/s:

April 5, 2021; May 20, 2021; January 23, 2022; August 18, 2022; and November 26, 2022. Influences and themes of Solar and Lunar Eclipses should be considered for these important plutonic events.

Yes, these and many other factors are worth noting between the two horoscopes if you have a chance to consider them and I hope you will--because all Americans must follow the time-honored Know Thyself dictate...and because forewarned is forearmed!

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