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Jul 21, 2022

Astro-Notes: the very tall Barron Trump

July 22, 2022

Shown above in 2019, Trump son Barron Trump is in the spotlight again due to attending the funeral of his father's mother Ivana Trump (and at 16 now "towers" over his parents and siblings in photographs), so why not a brief reconsideration of Barron's natal planets along with a prominent conjunction to his Pisces Sun?

The conjunction is Sun conjunct fixed star Scheat, a star which often indicates suffering, misfortune, and a potential for drowning. Yet there's a positive side, for Scheat can denote literary and artistic talents. This star is spotlighted by the Sun at Spring Equinox every year.

Hopefully, expressing such creative talents will be the way he'll express Scheat in his life, and with his Sun highlighting the star, recognition for his creative endeavors is possible. After all, Pisces is a very creative sign and Barron was born with Sun @29Pis40, Mercury @14Pis30 (literary!), and his Ascendant @15Pis01. His natal Moon is in very early Sagittarius (00Sag56), sign of the foreigner, which hints at his mother Melania's birth location and heritage, with Moon signifying Mother. And typical for a parent and child relationships, his tower-building father's natal Moon is also in Sagittarius (and conjuncts Barron's natal Midheaven!), and Donald Trump's mother was from Scotland, as you know.

So if you wish, check out a previous SO'W post from 2018 concerning the natal Jupiter Rx in Scorpio of the very tall Barron Trump for it was his first Jupiter Return and a three-fer return at that.

And if possible, don't miss tonight's prime time J6 Hearing at 8:00 pm edt, for as the 8:00 pm horoscope shows, transit Nemesis, asteroid of divine retribution, now conjuncts fixed star Scheat.

Aug 12, 2020

VP Debate October 7, 2020: Jupiter vs Jupiter!

Astrological Jupiter: Planet of Politics, Finances, Ideology, and Expansion

by Jude Cowell

August 12, 2020: Now that 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden has named Senator Kamala Harris as his VP choice and running mate, we can be reasonably assured that the October 7, 2020 VP Debate in Salt Lake City, Utah will be between Senator Harris and current VP Pence. If this debate is held, and if these are the two combatants, an interesting cosmic event is forecast: the natal Jupiters of Harris and Pence (1964 vs 1959) precisely oppose one another in the Zodiac - hers @24Tau00 Rx (Earth), his @24Sco40 Rx (Water). And as you undoubtedly realize, their Jupiters conjunct the natal MC-IC axis (24+ Taurus/Scorpio) of Donald Trump whose name and antics are likely to come up during the first, and perhaps the only, VP debate of 2020. Not that we need Astrology to inform us of this!

So during their Jupiterian stand-off we may notice hints of Harris' Jupiter in Taurus ('Venus') traits such as 'liberality, generosity, an urge for financial security' (hopefully extended to the American people!), but also possible are 'streaks of wastefulness and overindulgence in the finer things'. Generally, Jupiter in Taurus is trustworthy and as you know, steady, practical Taurus is a sign of preservation, growth, increase, building, and development.

Meanwhile, traits of Pence's Jupiter in Scorpio ('Mars-Pluto') include 'ruthless striving for possessions, materialism, a tendency to overrate oneself, optimism, a craving for pleasure, and an overly pronounced sexual life (oops! does Mother know? It would seem so since he can't be trusted alone with women). And as you know, sexy Scorpio is a brooding, deep thinking sign of such things as Big Business and occult study.

Please note that these Jupiter in Taurus-and-Scorpio indications are from Reinhold Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences.

(To me the Harris-Pence-Jupiter situation seems a curious cosmic echo of the fact that the natal Jupiters of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump also precisely oppose one another across the Aries-Libra axis. So actually, with both Jupiter pairs (Aries-Libra and Taurus-Scorpio), the degree and its Sabian Symbol for each planet is the Illumination Point of the other!)

Previous posts concerning the two politicians have been published on SO'W if you care to take a look:

Kamala Harris: Peacemaking Crusader with Spunk!, and Trump natal Horoscope with Pence natal planets penned outside. Plus, you may wish to check out Alex Miller's Astrological Profile of Mike Pence using asteroid placements as Alex so ably does.

Above NASA image: Jupiter

Nov 20, 2019

Reaganomics Eclipse 1981 a Turning Point for America

American People Still Bamboozled by Reagan Economics

by Jude Cowell

Many moons ago I posted the horoscope of 1981's Reaganomics Eclipse on my WordPress blog, Jude's Threshold (its title a reference to my natal 12th house Saturn, guardian of the threshold). I don't go there often now but you may for there are quite a few post links in the blog's sidebar, posts which may relate to current events.

And since the eclipse may be used to time fundamental changes to America dating from 1981 and the presidency of Ronald Reagan, I'm publishing the eclipse horoscope (of July 30, 1981 @7Leo51 in the 1 North Saros Series which repeated as The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017--conjunct Trump's natal Ascendant and royal Regulus) here on SO'W for future reference if needed. And as you know, another Great American Eclipse (8 North series; 'vivid visions or dreams, flashes of genius, new-found inspiration'--Brady) will perfect on April 8, 2024 @19Aries and will 'split' our nation diagonally (Southeast to Northwest) while the 2017 eclipse split American horizontally (North-South).

So if you will, please enlarge the image to read chart notes concerning the change-of-direction 'wild card' eclipse of 1981 which conjoined the natal North Node of our nation:

Yes, the Decade of Greed of the 1980s really "hit the jackpot" during the presidential terms of Ronald Reagan whose administration early on made deeper cuts to the Federal School Lunch and Child Nutrition Programs (25%) than the original Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1980 signed by President Carter had done (8%), and thereby allowed schools to count condiments such as ketchup and pickle relish as vegetables. This created controversy of course and was a sign of disrespect toward American children by politicians of the GOP persuasion in particular. Later, the Congress of 2011 followed the GOP vs Children blueprint by allowing meagerly topped pizza to be counted as a vegetable. What do Republicans have against children, I wonder? Pardon me for typing this but can skin color have anything to do with the GOP's neglect of the youngest among us? Or is it simply a matter of selfishness and soul-destroying greed? And of course with Trump, this child neglect (and I would add, abuse) shown by the GOP of the 1980s has 'blossomed' into putting children in cages, separating them from their families, then losing a great number of them--or, have they marked 'em up and sold them on?

Well it seems to me that one perfect yet simple example in stark relief of the redirecting of America from a (reasonably) caring society into a Circus of Greed and Abuse as run by the still-greedy GOP has to be the Carter Inauguration of 1977 when Mr. Carter became the first US president to walk from the Capitol Building to the White House in the post-ceremony parade. In contrast, both Reagan and Trump motored regally from Capitol Building to White House in high style, ensconced in fancy limousines, their ritzy selves hidden from potential rotten-tomato-throwers.

And one of the many tragedies to spring from the Trump era is that his supporters (fans and cult members, alike) vote for a heartless, lewd man who only pretends to care about them and their circumstances when really he'd just as soon forget they exist if he didn't need them to spin his illusion of power and as props for bolstering his ego during his never-ending campaign rallies.

Now here's a related post from 2016 concerning the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 and includes a Thom Hartmann segment on the neo-liberalism that rots away at the heart of American society, Neo-Liberalism an Economic and Political Cancer!.

Do you know that the natal Jupiter of Ronald Reagan, though he's passed into the Great Beyond, returned to natal degree (13Sco44) three times recently: December 14, 2017 (the year of the Trump 'election'), June 24, 2018, and July 26, 2018. A Scorpio Jupiter tends toward materialism, a ruthless striving for possessions and pleasures, and a habit of overrating oneself. And in Reagan's 1981 Inauguration horoscope, transit Chiron @13Taurus conjoined the chart's Ascendant (Oath of Office) suggesting a wounding or a blind spot, with Reagan's natal Jupiter opposite and conjunct the chart Descendant. Turning to master astrologer Richard Nolle we find that a Jupiter-Chiron opposition implies, "one whose Quest aims at a radical redirection of the socio-cultural environment - anarchy and occultism play a central role in one's transformative vision." So apparently transit Chiron opposing his natal Jupiter (across the financial 2/8 axis) was inspiring to The Gipper who was nearly assassinated on March 30, 1981. His condition much more serious than the public was told, Mr. Reagan recuperated quickly for 70-year-old and returned to the White House on April 11, 1981 to continue overseeing our 'Decade of Greed'.

Sep 18, 2019

Sept 18, 2019: 226 Years Ago the Capitol Cornerstone Laid

After yesterday's circus theatrics and stonewalling before the House Judiciary Committee one is tempted to wonder if the United States Capitol Building remains standing on Capitol Hill where George Washington put it. Well, though its foundation may be somewhat shaken, it still stands even as the power of Congress over a rebellious Executive Branch is in question. For after all, the temple-like building is all of 226 years old if we count its genesis from the Laying of the Cornerstone by Freemason George Washington and his brothers in Masonic ceremony (bros from Lodges No.22 Virginia and No.9 Maryland). Their solemn procession gathered in Alexandria at 10:00 am LMT, crossed the river, and must have reached Jenkins Heights (aka, Jenkins Hill) around lunch time or thereabouts, give or take.

The symbolic founding horoscope I use for the US Capitol Building is set for 10:53 am LMT September 18, 1793 when expansive, freedom-loving, protective Jupiter @27Scorpio peeked over the horizon; The Sun, Mercury, and North Node were in Virgo which is typically a prominent sign in any horoscope dealing with the founding of Washington DC and is highly important in Freemasonry symbolism with its wheat shaft, the goddess/Virgin, and 'widow's son' implications along with Ceres, an asteroid of nurturing that is sometimes used to represent democracy. Yes, there are goddess archetypes galore across Washington DC, Zodiacs and horoscopes, too.

Actually, in December 2017 I posted on the Laying of the US Capitol Cornerstone with a little Astrology added for good measure (see The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital by David Ovason for more details). Or as Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, and the others must have called it, Sacred Geometry.

So here's wishing a Happy 226th Anniversary, US Capitol Building! But in future, please figure out a way for your proceedings to do without the infiltrators and saboteurs currently undermining your very foundation.


Your friend,

A Child of the Revolution.

Nov 8, 2018

AG Sessions fired with Saturn conjunct natal Mars

When Attorney General Jeff Sessions was fired yesterday, November 7, 2018, transiting Saturn, strong in its own sign of Capricorn, sign of law, government, and authority, was sitting directly upon the natal Mars of former Senator Sessions (5Cap30).

Now the Mars-Saturn duo describes many things, among them hard work, destroyed vitality, harmful or destructive energy, and the 'death axis' (Ebertin). And apparently, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly made the phone call for we know that Trump would use someone else to do his 'dirty work' like The Don he is. (But some "embraces" you just don't want.)

So when restrictive Saturn, planet of karma, visits natal Mars, there are potentials (in this case, born out) for male relationships to break off, physical efforts to be ended or stopped, and any chronic health conditions to flare up (plus, transit Saturn has just recently dampened his natal Sun in very early Capricorn and with his Moon (physical body) in the range of 9Cap25 to 21Cap50, we know that his Moon is Saturnized or will be, not to mention the current transit of powerful Pluto's transformative stylings as he trods through Capricorn--ouch! Or the recent contact of the North Node with Sessions' natal Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo--double ouch!)

Additionally, the Saturn-to-Mars transit also suggests that as AG, Jeff Sessions circumvented the authority of Donald Trump when he recused himself from oversight of the Mueller investigation, thus enraging Trump against him, as we know. Thing is, his recusal was warranted since Sessions was a member of Trump Campaign 2016 although Mr. Trump pretends otherwise--it was his mistake to nominate Sessions in the first place. My question today is whether or not Jeff Sessions could be indicted for his contacts with foreign operatives during the 2016 Campaign, the contacts he lied about (perjured himself) before Congress, then finally admitted.

Yet even if the topic of a Sessions indictment 'disappears' from view or isn't warranted or pursued, I doubt we've heard the last of Jeff Sessions who may regroup and focus on a future course of action--also a possibility with the Mars-Saturn duo. And of course Trump's naming of loyalist Matthew Whitaker as temporary AG (without Senate confirmation) now opens a new can of Trumpian worms especially since some believe that partisan Whitaker, who has conflict of interest links to various players in the drama, should recuse himself from involvement with the Mueller investigation, too.

Now here's a previous post with astro-notes concerning the natal planets of Jeff Sessions with emphasis on his natal Jupiter in Scorpio.

Sep 8, 2018

2018: A Three-Fer Jupiter Return for Barron Trump

Just a brief post to say that Donald Trump's son Barron is having quite a cosmic year thanks in part to the transits of Jupiter and Neptune. Plus, the planetary pair rules his natal Ascendant in dreamy, creative yet secretive Pisces.

So naturally at twelve years old, it's time for a Jupiter Return (or, Reward Cycle) so you may wish to check out his natal horoscope (RR: A) if you haven't: Barron Trump born March 20, 2006 5:30 am edt New York, New York with Sun @29Pis40 (conjunct Aries Point--and starry Scheat), Moon @00Sag57, and 15Pisces02 rising along with natal Mercury 14:30 Rx and Uranus 11:47. As you see, transit Neptune in Pisces has been messing around with his natal ASC, Mercury, and Uranus of late, plus, the young man is in the midst of his first Jupiter Return, a 'three-fer'. The third of three returns to Jupiter's natal degree (@18Sco28 Rx natal 8th house) perfects this Sunday, September 9, 2018 with the first conjunction occurring on January 10, 2018 and the second on May 7, 2018.

Of course, each return (conjunction) repeats the several aspects that Jupiter forms in his natal chart but it's after midnight when for me typing is not such a good idea so I'll simply close by wishing Barron well!

Jun 3, 2018

Trump Solar Return 2018 w his June 26th Moon Return

Jupiterian Donald Trump Gets a New Moon for His 72nd Birthday

by Jude Cowell

June 3, 2018: As you've heard, and unless something changes, defense lawyers reviewing Michael Cohen's seized papers, documents, emails, and other information for attorney-client privilege issues have been given a deadline of June 15, 2018, a date near the birthday (June 14) and the Solar Return 2018 of Mr. Trump (Sun to natal degree perfects June 13, as you can see). The following post concerns the early part of Mr. Trump's upcoming solar year coupled with his next Lunar Return of June 26, 2018 (21Sag12), plus, a few notes on the activities of transit Jupiter in Scorpio.

Previously posted is his May 30, 2018 Lunar Return, ongoing as I type and revealing a very busy month which includes mid-June events such as the deadline noted, above, and the much-hyped 'Singapore Summit' said to be back on the schedule for June 12--unless one or both of the two prima donnas take a quixotic notion to cancel again.

Image: Solar Return 2018 (June 13 8:24:47 pm edt, White House) of Donald Trump along with his June 26, 2018 Lunar Return, outer, to show that his natal/Return Moon conjoins the 2018 Solar Return Ascendant (both charts set for the White House for obvious reasons. This cosmic condition spotlights a significant year and prominent month for him. Lunar changes and fluctuations are indicated and possibly a change of job, residence, and/or public status). Also you see that a New Moon conjoins the Descendant in Trump's Solar Return 2018 horoscope which is a generally favorable indicator (unless negatives interfere) and acts as a timer for something new forming--here, in the relationship arena, although legalities may also be involved. Yet a New Moon conjunct DESC suggests potentials for a new cycle for foreign alliances or perhaps a new lady friend for the lonely, needy Mr. Trump. And yes, maybe he'll get out of his self-created legal messes after all--at least partially. But we should also note that the New Moon @22Gem44 of June 13, 2018 conjoins US natal Mars in Gemini and will activate our nation's tiresomely problematic Mars-Neptune square. Leaders who deliberately mislead lurk in the shadows of this New Moon and confrontations with reality prevail.

Cosmic Synchronicity At Work

Note that the New Moon is the Syzygy Moon of his 2018 Solar Return and in Gemini the lunation recalls candidate Trump's 'prez bid' announcement of June 16, 2015 @25Gem07--his paid-audience 'escalator' speech at Trump Tower. (Of course, a new cycle for US politics began then too and We the People continue to pay for it.) That Mr. Trump's natal Sun sets in his 2018 Solar Return chart may be descriptive of his current condition, plus, we should note that the Moon rules the 8th house of Transition, Corporatism, Shared Resources, Insurance, Credit/Debit, the Occult, and Death so changes are due in those realms as well.

As you see, both Return charts are ruled by Jupiter via the Sag Ascendants yet Jupiter applies to no planet in either Return chart which places the emphasis on Jupiter's sign and house positions. Here it's Jupiter in 11th house of Groups and in the big-business/scandal/surveillance-betrayal sign of Scorpio with transit Jupiter turning Direct @13Sco20 on July 10, 2018. Eventually, tr Jupiter will conjoin Trump's natal IC and enter his 4th house from where the planet of expansion will oppose Trump's natal trio of Uranus-NN-Sun. Of course, tr Jupiter to his natal South Node is part of the transit picture too and tacks on potentials for additional blockages, obstacles, ethical problems, and conflicts of interest coming to the surface--as could Mr. Mueller's report if it hasn't already been revealed by February 2019 when tr Jupiter hits Mr. Trump's natal South Node.

Jupiter in Scorpio Will Leave His Shadow

Prior to entering Trump's 4th house, transit Jupiter must reach and move beyond his shadow degree of 23Sco13 where he (seemed to) turn retrograde on March 8, 2018--stopping short just before conjoining Trump's natal IC (24Sco18) and entering his 4th house. Yet this Jupiterian shift is coming for the broadcaster-in-chief (Jupiter in 4th = expansion, redecoration, or change of residence?) for the first time in approximately 12 years. You may remember that it was in 2006 that real estate (4th house) mogul Donald Trump remarked that he hoped the real estate market tanked and that was about two years before it actually did. Was Trump prescient? Or merely tipped off? Was he in with the Wall Street in-crowd?

Now it's true that some improvements may be noticed around or just after July 10 when Jupiter turns Direct which involve growth, development, finances, or the promise of them by Jupiterian politicians. Yet before things can really move forward within the realms of Jupiter, the expansive planet of generosity must pass his shadow degree of 23Sco13 where he paused and turned retrograde on March 8, 2018 and this won't occur until October 6, 2018. Then the Great Benefic will be free to conjoin Trump's natal IC--once on October 12, 2018 from whence bossy 'Zeus' will do as he pleases. Does this describe Trump's happy release from White House occupancy and a return to his previous lifestyle? Or will freedom be denied? Perhaps a touch of house arrest?!? Well, another possible indicator should be factored in--the three conjunctions all through 2019 of tr Jupiter to Donald Trump's natal Moon, a 'feel good' transit if there ever was one! But will its soothing vibes be enough to mitigate or moderate the negative implications of other transits to his planets? Factual Saturn and corrupt Neptune may testify otherwise.

Jupiter @23Scor13 Midpoint Pictures: Any, All, or None May Apply

Now for the sake of comparison, here are potentials embedded within the midpoint pictures in the horoscopes of Jupiter Rx March 8 and Jupiter to shadow degree October 6 which may be of interest since the Jupiterian Mr. Trump was born within hours of a prominent Jupiter Station @17Lib27, with Mr. Moneybags then moving forward within his 2nd house of Money, Earning Ability, Possessions, and Values--and in 2006, US Mars turned retrograde by progression conjunct that very same degree and we see how successful and fortunate (Jupiter) Trump's broadcasts and glowing promises (Jupiter) have used the inwardly turned, weakened males (US Mars Rx) of our nation while promoting (Jupiter) negatives in society such as violence, war, nuclear stand-offs, bigotry, playboy behavior toward women, misogyny, anger against males who impede him, denigration of traditions and institutions (Mars Rx) and divides Americans one against the another:

March 8, 2018 11:45:18 pm EST White House: Jupiter-Saturn = Moon: changing moods; annoyance via females; a changing relationship to a woman; becoming easily upset. Mars-Pluto = Saturn: desire to overcome difficulties and obstacles at all costs; leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of a particular task. Sun-Jupiter = Pluto: expectation of good luck; pursuit of fortune or wealth. Neptune-ASC = Pluto: suffering harm or damage through deceit, libel, or malice coming from others; depression caused by the environment. Uranus-Neptune = Mercury: plans without the possibility of realization; a peculiar imagination (Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square supplies it); occupation with metaphysical studies or practices; exploration of the unconscious; journeys.

October 6, 2018 8:49:44 pm edt White House: Sun-Saturn = Jupiter: a fortunate separation; corpulence and/or a phlegmatic temperament; good fortune of a sick, old, or serious person; happy in solitude. Jupiter-Neptune = Pluto: unreasonable plans; a far-reaching speculation; a great loss. Saturn-Neptune = Mars: listlessness; lack of creative energy; inactivity through emotional depression or illness. Saturn-Neptune = MC: a peculiar character; frequent mood changes; a tendency to quickly lose courage; wavering between materialism and idealism; emotional suffering; the state of illness. Pluto-NN = Mercury: desire to dominate others mentally or intellectually; exercising a compelling and magnetically powerful influence upon the public. Moon-Venus = Sun: actors or stage performers; protective care of the family; marital love.

Paraphrasing The Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin.

Related Reading: In the Realms of Jupiter: Donald Trump.

Now naturally there are multiple chart factors still worth considering but there's yet another storm system approaching the Atlanta Ga area so I'll close for now by mentioning that this upcoming week contains a medical procedure for yours truly so this may or may not be my final post for the week. For as they always like to say, we'll have to see how it goes! jc

Apr 27, 2018

DC Horoscope: Scorpio Full Moon Apr 29, 2018

Image: Horoscope of the April 29, 2018 Full Moon @9Sco38 which perfects at 8:58:06 pm edt Washington DC; Hour of Mars @22Cap59 which pre-figures the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on January 12, 2019 (22Cap46). Expansive Jupiter @19Sco29 Rx, which turns Direct @13Sco20 on July 10, 2018, rises with two malevolent stars: Serpentis, aka, Unukalhai (tragedy; misfortune) and North Scale (hasty words cause problems--Mr. Trump!--; tragedy; violence (A. Louis). If you believe the Oval Office tenure of Donald Trump is bringing America tragedy and misfortune, then we're on the same page. If not, we'll see, as Mr. Trump likes to say, for there is more 'swamp-drainage' he and his minions intend to do as the hollowing out of the federal government continues. It's pretty much skeletal now.

Be that as it may or may not be, the April 2018 Full Moon in Scorpio is a snake-y sort of affair embedded with Scorpio issues of surveillance, betrayal, seeking control, lack of self-control, brooding, and with potentials for death and/or regeneration. Scorpio's Mars as chart-ruler makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects to other planets (emphasing his degree, sign, and house position) and neither does Pluto which conjoins Mars in the 2nd house of the National Treasury; the pair denotes potentials for brutal force; weaponry; violence; and people disabled in war (Ebertin)--the Veterans administration and its funding perhaps? However, Mars does apply to a sextile aspect with the Ascendant (22Sco18) (the fighting spirit) and thus, if we allow an angle, forms the base of a YOD-like pattern of crisis and/or a crossroad pointing toward to the Full Moon's corporate 8th cusp (in DC) where sits America's natal Mars and Trump's natal Sun, all @22Gemini. Mars-ASC = n Sun: a love of fighting and quarreling; focused will power. As you know, the willful Mr. 'Mars Rising' Trump often shows a natural tendency toward aggression, conflict, and stubborn will.

Now as you see, this Full Moon is the engine leading a Locomotive pattern of ruthless determination toward success and forms a T-Square with the 9th house North Node denoting where new alliances and partnerships may be sought (foreign lands such as North Korea?). However, adaptation is necessary for best results and this picture is supported by the fact that the transit North Node in Leo will soon meet with America's natal North Node (a Nodal Return, every 18.6 years) which also indicates the forming of new alliances, bonds, and a potential for the breaking of weakened relationships (SN).

Basically, in Politics and US society, we should expect further secrets, scandals, and facts to be revealed by the bright spotlight of the April 29, 2018 Full Moon with Scorpionic overtones--with similar uncovering, change of direction, and fulfillment energies as a disruptive 'wild card' Lunar Eclipse would have. This Full Moon degree of Scorpio perfects near Mr. Putin's natal Venus (11Scorpio) and in Mr. Trump's natal chart, the 9Sco38/9Tau38 axis falls within his 3/9 polarity of communications, foreign lands, and significant legal matters. Apparently the Cohen and Mueller problems for Mr. Trump and his alleged relationships to Putin, Russia, money laundering, and sexual affairs (Scorpio) alunder the Collective microscope seemingly figure into the timing and planetary indicators of the April 2018 Full Moon.

And curiously, the Full Moon's Midheaven (MC) @3Vir30 futuristically points toward the degree of the symbolic Progressed (SP) New Moon of Donald Trump (horoscope shown) which perfects on September 16, 2019..."A White Child Playing with Black Children" which in his case, may be only a shout-out to White Supremacists and Klan sentiments he favors and the SP New Moon's new cycle of activity for Trump who now operates in the dark of a Balsamic Moon phase and was nominated and inaugurated under its secretive influence of endings and partings.

Now let's close with two Carelli Degrees for '9Scorpio' (he doesn't round up as with Sabian Symbols) and also for '10Scorpio' along with the Sabian Symbols for both degrees (note that Carelli's Degrees do not always provide a word picture, only an explanation):

Paraphrasing Carelli: '9Scorpio': "A Child in a Tub"...a degree of childishness. An irregular development of mind and character in childhood, an inordinately developed ego, exaggerated reactions (form) a superiority complex; restless, hypercritical, irreverent and ingenuous. Does Carelli mean 'disingenuous' or perhaps 'ingenious'?

Carelli: '10Scorpio': malice ranging from witty joke to coarse treacherousness; a lightening-like presence of mind and intuition; in stupid natives, cunning. In lower beings, a scheming brain, a soul that can exploit to the utmost the sympathy it awakens in others. The greatest faculty of dissembling and surprise, a marked political talent. In contemptible beings, double-dealing. In all cases the character will be close, silent, sphinx-like, and fond of secrecy.

Additional info on Mr. Trump may be found in a previous post Carelli's Degrees: the Natal Mercury of Donald Trump. Warning: it's very descriptive!

Quoting Dane Rudhyar: "'9Scorpio': "A Dentist at Work" (or an investigator? jc); Keynote: Overcoming the negative results of social practices and ego-cravings...INVENTIVENESS." (Noted is age 7 when everyone's permanent teeth appear, including Trump's.) He adds that, "...society and civilization, which may indirectly cause tooth decay, then have to invent means to skillfully repair the damage."

'10Scorpio': "A Fellowship Supper Reunites Old Comrades" (Russian comrades? jc); "Keynote: The overtones of human relationships based on a community of work or experiences. COMRADESHIP. is emphasized." (He adds that this is a picture of, "a bond that unites individuals who have participated in some common activity." Well, allegedly so for Putin and Trump, plus, Cohen, Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump Trump. For as my favorite skunk Pepe Le Pew would say, it's so-o-o romantic!

Feb 26, 2018

DC Horoscopes: Jupiter and Saturn Stations 2018

March and April 2018 bring two major changes of direction for the societal pair of planets, Jupiter and Saturn. Here you see both horoscopes set for the White House and the exact moments of both shifts. Sextile by sign (Scorpio/Capricorn), the two transiting planets of expansion vs restriction act as the Flywheel of the Universe keeping our solar system's planets from veering off-course and wandering away. The Great Mathematician set it up for us! And I think of this every time I pray, Thy rod (Saturn) and Thy staff (Jupiter) they comfort me. And so our Creator does, as the children's song says, have the whole world in His hands.

Who Plays Santa This Time?

Heavenly principles are preferred by yours truly yet here on SO'W we have Washington DC Politics to consider, ugly and hate-filled as the practice may be. However, let's not think about which political party is represented by generous Jupiter and which by austere Saturn these days for the parties do like to change sides whenever it behooves them, morphing one into the other depending on the issue at the time--and on which party controls the White House, House, Senate, etc--the balance of power, a Jupiter-Saturn concept. Checks and balances, a favored stance in America as long as it lasts, also falls under the auspices of the Jupiter-Saturn combination of energies thanks to the increasing/limiting tension between them.

So the two horoscopes you see here are set for Jupiter's Rx Station on March 8, 2018 11:45:18 pm est (lower left) with stationary Jupiter rising as he leads the rest of the planets in a BOWL shape. Note that Jupiter is in the same leadership position in the April 17th chart with BOWLs denoting the empty houses as realms of experience shut off from him, self-serving as he may be. Here Jupiter's achievements cannot be realized from Gemini through Libra concerns which of course include Mr. Trump's Uranus-NN-Sun in Gemini and Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter in Libra; his Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer chimes in when needed and loyalty is the thing. However, transit Jupiter, planet of protection, conjoins Mr. Trump's natal IC but will not cross his IC into 4th house just yet. Transit Jupiter turns Direct @13Sco20 on or about July 10th and will enter Trump's natal 4th house in October 2018.

Meanwhile, transit Saturn has a few plans of his own and, as you see, Stations Rx on April 17, 2018 9:46:33 pm edt @9Cap08:55 and does not turn Direct until September 6th or so, depending on your location; this Direct Station occurs @2Cap32 and restrictively opposes America's Cancer Trio of Venus, Jupiter, and Sun. Anyone who keeps up with old man Saturn knows the karmic difficulties of these three transits in opposition to US leadership. Of course, once tr Saturn enters the 24-29-degree range of Capricorn, the surveillance-mad US natal Mercury-Pluto opposition is due for karmic accountability as well and may suffer significant retribution of some kind for Saturn will oppose our national Mercury (of July 4, 1776) and conjoin US natal Pluto (27Cap33). Using an orb of 5 degrees applying, Saturn's opposition to little Mercury begins in late March 2019 with the conjunction to natal Pluto a major issue as early as January 2020--which is also the period of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. Obviously, trouble lies ahead!

And one more note: the MC of the April 17, 2018 horoscope shows a Midheaven (Goal Point) of 3Vir50 and the rounded-up Sabian Symbol for '4Virgo' is penned there..."A Colored Child Playing with White Children." I mention this because our nation's enemies have always known that racism is a political wedge issue they can use to keep the American people divided against one another--and as such, it keeps us weakened and confused about the identity of our country's true saboteurs. And because '4Virgo' is one degree beyond Donald Trump's Secondary Progressed New Moon @3Vir00:12 which perfects on September 19, 2019.

Therefore, we know that Mr. Trump is acting during a darkened phase of the Moon when clarity is difficult to come by and if you follow the link there are more details concerning the '4Virgo' Sabian Symbol and its sympatico significance with a certain dictator he is said to admire. Plus, the degree's negative expression (Jones) may sound familiar and very much like someone we both know: a lack of capacity for psychological adjustment.

As for the March-April 2018 dual charts you see here, most if not all of my notes are penned upon the charts so please enlarge the image for better viewing if and as you prefer!

And for a few other cosmic events of 2018 try this post which includes links to Eclipse horoscopes set for Washington DC, plus other cosmic info if you're curious.

Feb 23, 2018

American Revolution Horoscope w Feb 2018 Transits

2018/19 Astrology for Children of the Revolution

Bi-Wheel Charts: center = American Revolution (1st Shot) April 19, 1775 5:00 am LMT Lexington, MA; outer chart: transits February 24, 2018 12:00 am est Lexington, MA.

Since horoscopes of past events (and people) continue to be affected by planetary transits, eclipses, and so on, here are the transits of tomorrow (Feb 24, 2018) 'embracing' or otherwise affecting our American Revolution planets of April 19, 1775 which lead, of course, to our Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776. Those who use that date and a late afternoon hour for setting up a natal horoscope to symbolize America (with an Ascendant at or around 12-13 Sagittarius) will note that on April 19, 1775, the Moon (population; public mood) conjoined that Ascendant.

Moon in Sag gave the rebels who helped establish this Ideal Nation we call America strains of idealism guiding actions, alternating optimism and pessimism, and a sense of inconstancy along with changeable or fluctuating moods so prevalent during the war--and this remains a factor in the US psyche now.

Uranus to Sun and Jupiter Opposing Jupiter

As you see, 1775 Sun @29Ari06 will soon be electrified or intensified by transit Uranus beginning on April 29, 2018, again on December 2, 2018, and finally on February 10, 2019. Penned on the chart are some of the potentials for this Uranian transit: dramatic changes, rebellions, erratic lunges for freedom. Also transit Jupiter has already opposed 1775 Jupiter once--on February 4, 2018. Tr Jupiter will again do so on April 10, 2018 (Rx) and September 28, 2018 so that's a full year of those Jupiterian vibes which include: general discontent, and a tendency toward overblown efforts which are only partially effective if at all. Boasting about what's been done to improve situations and conditions is part of the picture as well, whether the actions have been or will be taken or not. Jupiter symbolizes money and bankers, of course, plus, corporations, religious figures, politicians, military generals, teachers, beliefs, ideals and ideologies. 1775 Jupiter in Taurus had interests in financial security, liberality, and freedom from oppression while Jupiter now in Scorpio is more about materialism, ruthless striving for possessions, optimism (real or faked!), and those who overrate themselves. Over-promising can also be a feature of a Scorpio Jupiter...Scorpio, sign of Big Business, spying and surveillance, control, and betrayal.

Rebellious Uranus-Pluto

Now naturally a cosmic backdrop to everything in both horoscopes in the Revolutionary department of life is transit Uranus square 1775 Pluto, also a feature of our July 4, 1776 Pluto (27Cap33 Rx) but on later dates since 1775 Pluto is earlier in the Zodiac @26Cap41. This also involves our January 20th inauguration Midheavens, the Goal Point of our presidencies. Disruptions and shifts in the realms of power, politics, economics, and within the physical environment are the usual results of this transit along with revolt and resistance, as we've seen. Wars (anti-war), struggles for civil rights, and other social concerns are often the areas that need to be shaken up by intense Uranus.

Karmic Saturn 2018 in the Cauldron of The Revolution

Another transit of note is the tr Saturn square to 1775 Saturn with authority, authenticity, maturity, responsibility, seniority, restriction, loss, and other Saturnian themes of control which is blocked, delayed, or denied. Exact squares are already in progress: January 21, 2018, July 28, 2018, and October 14, 2018. Paying off past debts, some of a karmic nature, is likely along with inflexibility found in current circumstances. Authority can be blocked by senior officials as can legislation deemed irresponsible, ineffective, or unworkable.

Of course, any time Saturn associates with MC or is in the 10th house of Public Status, a 'fall from grace' may be inferred if not expected for as you see, transit Saturn will eventually cross the MC (Goal) of the American Revolution horoscope and join Pluto in 10th house--where the January 12, 2020 Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto takes place @22Cap46 with its hardship and cruelty vibes. Yet transit Saturn to MC can bring rewards for hard work though additional responsibilities will accompany any benefits (see below for a list of the American Revolution's first-ever Pluto Return/s dates).

As for a Saturnian fall from grace, Mr. Trump has America going down that drooping and disgraceful path now (imho) and his approval ratings are sad. Congress legislates austere economic measures to restrict social programs and other common sense initiatives, and my thought is that politicians and their backers have bankrupted our National Treasury and can only continue to finance and supply America's global military by diverting funds from the needs of the American people and plowing the money into more wars of conquest. Disagree if you will! For support I cite the US Progressed Full Moon of December 2008 (4Vir10) which timed the karmic limit of our nation's reach and expansion into the world, a cosmic fact that Washington DC chumps ignored, of course.

The exact dates of Saturn-SQ-Saturn (not listed on the chart) are: May 15, 2017, October 15, 2017, and March 16, 2018. Mr. Trump's sketchy relations with realism, facts, reliability, and honesty can hardly be more in the spotlight than they are now as these are some of the demands of karmic Saturn--and Trump is allegedly 'in control' of our country acting as the Saturnian managing officer, we could say, though some would say the Jupiterian Uranian Mr. Trump behaves as more of a CEO, at least in his own mind. We all would shudder if we knew who is actually behind this man!

Now as you see, the Saturn-SQ-Saturn dates spotlight the first and second years of the Trump White House and denote potentials for trauma, vulnerability, fear of loss, and psychological therapy being needed. Most Americans agree that gun accessibility needs common sense legislation and action after yet another horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Under Ronald Reagan, mental health funding was cruelly cut so now Mr. Trump is calling for the opening and/or re-opening of mental asylums. If so, they could quite well turn up as privatized from the start, similar to our draconian prison system. Scary. Yet access to mental health care truly is needed considering America's decades of a Bomb the World's Children campaign of conquest for the corporations as US Mars (military and police) continues in retrograde motion by progression (since 2006) and US males who are turning inward with vicious thoughts and vengeful actions taken on US soil against their fellow citizens. Tragically, this looks like spiritual and karmic blow back to me.

We may expect the Saturn-SQ-1775-Saturn transits to continue to deal with issues of authority, authenticity, maturity, responsibility, seniority, restriction, and other Saturnian themes of loss and control that may block, delay, limit, or deny rules, laws, and decisions. Exact squares are already in progress: January 21, 2018, July 28, 2018, and October 14, 2018. Paying off past debts, some of a karmic nature, is likely along with inflexibility found in current circumstances. Authority can be blocked by senior officials, lawmakers, or judges as can legislation deemed irresponsible, ineffective, or unworkable.

Moon-Neptune and the 'American Dream'

Another cosmic backdrop is transit Neptune square 1775 Moon, a five-fer transit that began on May 7, 2017. Its second partile square occurred on July 27, 2017 and next will be March 1, 2018, then November 1, 2018, and finally on December 17, 2018. Now we might think of this nebulous transit as only affecting Americans who are actual descendants of the Revolutionary generation--Children of the Revolution (as many of us are) but for me, 1775 Moon symbolizes everyone born here and who immigrated because of the American Ideals of freedom, independence, and equality--however imperfectly the modern-day political class may express these concepts and interfere with them. The Neptune-SQ-Moon period we're in suggests domestic upheavals, emotional upsets, clouded or murky issues and events, heightened intuition which may inspire solution or which may bring upsetting revelations or events to confuse and distract. Sadly, grief and loss are part of the Moon-Neptune picture and no additional responsibilities should be taken on during this period for trying to save what's left may be more in keeping with the times and this includes natural disasters which very much include floods and other water damages.

Dates of the American Revolution's Pluto Return/s:

April 5, 2021; May 20, 2021; January 23, 2022; August 18, 2022; and November 26, 2022. Influences and themes of Solar and Lunar Eclipses should be considered for these important plutonic events.

Yes, these and many other factors are worth noting between the two horoscopes if you have a chance to consider them and I hope you will--because all Americans must follow the time-honored Know Thyself dictate...and because forewarned is forearmed!

Feb 9, 2018

DC Horoscope: Government Shutdown Feb 9, 2018

Update Feb 9, 2018: "Overnight Shutdown"! USAToday provides a Timeline of congressional goings-on last night into today with the House voting 240-186 in favor of the massive funding bill "around 5:30 am ET" which Trump signed into law this morning around 8:30 am give or take (based on his 8:39 am tweet). Rand Paul didn't get support for his grandstanding of the fiscally irresponsible Republican Party, and the Democrats didn't get their way on Dreamers/DACA either. Apparently Mercury conjunct South Node ruled with its 'inability to gain support (votes!) for ideas' (see horoscope, below, penned on top), and rising Jupiter in Scorpio took the cake with help from a sextile to powerful, wealthy manipulator Pluto (at critical-crisis degree of 20Cap). The Jupiter-Pluto sextile is base of a YOD pattern (crisis; turning point) pointing toward Trump's natal Sun-North Node conjunction = political activity and shared success (Ebertin).

Original post follows:

As of February 9, 2018 @12:01 am est, the 115th incapable and incompetent US Congress has shut down the US government again under Trump's watch, egos at its base, money on and under the table, and Trump lurking about the place (rising Jupiter in big-business oriented Scorpio leading the rest of the planets (actors)).

Here's the Trump Shutdown #2 horoscope for February 9, 2018 12:01 am est Capitol Building Washington DC:

My notes are penned on the chart. Someone will be almost certain to call it the Rand Paul Shutdown!

A further note: testy Mars applies to a square aspect with unstable Neptune thus reminding Americans of our national Mars-Neptune square of misguided motives and actions.

Nov 23, 2017

Astrological Atlantis and the Abuse of Power

Image: Plato by Raphael [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons; he who first mentioned the fabled Atlantis

In 2008, expert astrologer Eric Francis wrote quite extensively on asteroid and archetype Atlantis which is used in Astrology to signify abuse or misuse of power, and where we feel doomed. This relates to our collective anxiety over the fall of civilization, says Francis. The degradation of society continues apace, as we see each day in 'the news' with its 24/7 cycle which actually promotes the lowering of moral standards, and in the entertainment industry that profits from our degradation.

So in light of the implications of Atlantis, it's of interest to me (if not to you!) to discover the zodiacal positions of Atlantis in the natal charts of Men in the News because of their personal abuses and misuses of the power they hold, men such as Donald Trump and Alabama's Roy Moore. However, the list of miscreants grows longer each day especially since expansive Jupiter entered Mars-Pluto ruled Scorpio (October 2017), sign of sex, obsession, and control, so today's list includes a few other names for your consideration.

Now these serial abusers of girls and/or women cannot help when they were born and the position of asteroid Atlantis in their natal charts but they can help their attitudes and how they behave toward other people including girls and women, 'the weaker sex'. My advice to them all would be to 'throw away your bathrobes and keep your pants zipped' and this would be a major improvement for girls and women everywhere (and would result in fewer abortions as well). Of course, a peek at natal Atlantis is only a small if revealing part of any picture of abuse fior other chart factors are involved as well.

Now in the interest of non-partisanship (and because there are multiple abusers in both political parties and industries--almost exclusively men) let's include here Atlantis positions for Bill and Hillary Clinton, former broadcaster Charlie Rose (whose very surname conjures Venusian images), Senator Al Franken, and Texas Rep. Joe Barton.

Natal Atlantis of The Powerful: Hubris and Greed Doomed the Mythical 'Atlanteans'

Donald Trump: 5Leo30 in wide conjunction with natal Pluto (10:02), planet of power, manipulation, sex and rape; Atlantis in Leo, the sign of 'romance'; Trump's natal Atlantis conjoins US natal North Node of public contacts and describes our nation's continued path to power abuse under his quirky Uranian 'tutelege'.

Roy Moore: 12Lib17 Rx Atlantis sextile natal Pluto (opportunities to abuse power via his powerful position as District Attorney and Alabama Chief Justice?); today's position of asteroid Atlantis is 6Lib17 so Moore will 'enjoy' an Atlantis Return on December 15, 2017--three days after Alabama's Special Election (Dec 12th) for the Sessions-vacated seat in the US Senate. Come on, Alabama voters!

Charlie Rose: 25Pis34--secretive, romantic Pisces; Mr. Rose was born under an obsessive-compulsive romance-addled Venus-Pluto quindecile aspect indicating one who is 'driven by powerful sexual needs' (R. Reeves); "Crusty Paw" the ladies called him for his unsolicited neck rubs. So gross.

Bill Clinton: 28Leo58--as you see, his Atlantis was precisely 'eclipsed' by the 1 North Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 @28Leo52 which also 'eclipsed' with a cosmic blink at Trump's natal Ascendant (his nibs himself); eclipses tend to uncover secrets and scandals so it's no wonder Bill Clinton's name keeps popping up within the public discourse for his sexual escapades in the White House and beyond; during the August 21, 2017 Eclipse, transit Atlantis was @4Virgo, sign of The Virgin.

Hillary Clinton: 12Sco39 conjunct her natal Chiron, the Wounded Healer. There's a lot here to 'unpack', as they like to say in DC, but Hillary's troubles are beyond the scope of this Atlantean post. Plus, she isn't male and isn't in power at the moment (that we know of).

Al Franken: 13Sag54 Rx: no aspects to Atlantis pop out but a powerful 10th house Pluto @17Leo31 closely conjoins natal Midheaven (16Leo01) which may indicate that sex and power issues may be at the center of a plutonic 'fall from grace' in his career as I believe it has although Senator Franken continues to state that he will not resign from the US Senate. We'll see. It was a 'joke' photo after all though I totally agree that The Kiss was super gross.

Republican Texan Rep. Joe Barton deserves a mention as well for sharing with women his racy photos while in office, action which suggests the possibility of revenge porn. Barton was born September 15, 1949 when Atlantis was @22Leo, the 'worst foot forward' degree. Now I don't know enough about him or his natal planets to say much more other than that Leo is the sign of romance of one sort or another.

To each his own, right?

And considering the current attempted rise of neo-nazism in America (well-supported by a Trump White House), how weird is it that the legend of a mythical Atlantis actually links to the myth of The Aryans?

Nov 22, 2017

2017--2018 Planetary Returns to the DOJ natal chart

November 22, 2017: today I've been messing about with the Department of Justice (DOJ) natal chart which is displayed in a previous post of 2016 titled, Shadow into Light: an Esoteric Department of Justice. DOJ Jupiter, the planet associated with justice, is @3Sco10 (closely conjoining US SP Saturn Rx, our nation's progressed Saturn position these days since 1996--US Saturn no longer in balancing Libra, now in Big Business Scorpio) and since transit Jupiter has now entered Scorpio, I peeked to see when another Jupiter Return would occur for the DOJ (the last was on November 9, 2005 with a Jupiter-Uranus trine 3A41). The current Jupiter Return occurred on October 25, 2017--synchronicity! since October 25th is the DOJ's 'birthday' (1934, with FDR presiding in Masonic ceremony--follow link, above to view its natal or or founding chart). Now the DOJ's Solar Return 2017 occurred the evening before--October 24th, to be precise, as Solar Returns will sometimes do.

In the DOJ Jupiter Return chart, justice-seeker Jupiter is sandwiched between the Sun @1Sco57 (as in the natal chart) and Mercury @12Sco30 with the planetary trio in Return 4th house. With 6Leo55 rising, Sun is chart-ruler and applies once--to a conjunction with Jupiter so the whole shebang is a very Sun-Jupiter affair. So from late 2017 and for approximately the next 12 years the DOJ will express its Sun-Jupiter tendencies for good or worse. Potentials indicated by Sun-Jupiter are long distance travel, cultural and social events, intellectual pursuits, courageous actions, self-confidence (maybe too much!), and generally, busy activities within the judicial system. However, Mercury in Scorpio is apex of a midpoint picture (Mars-Saturn) denoting bad news, as in bereavement.

Another stand-out feature of the DOJ Jupiter Return 2017 chart is disruptive rebel Uranus @26Ari18 Rx conjunct Return Midheaven (MC), a marker for potentials such as dramatic reforms and adjustments in career and/or public status (the US is trending down already), sudden reforms that affect every department, geographic relocation for someone, and/or change of profession. These events we have already seen via firings and resignations, a familiar theme of the Trump and GOP agenda as they 'slim down' government until it starves (or can be drowned in a bath tub a la Grover Norquist).

Then in May 2018, a series of three Uranus Returns begin to manifest for the DOJ, a time when the past no longer holds sway and there's no telling what the current crop of Uranian Utopian anarchists (Uranus in Aries) have in mind for our judicial system--apparently a new direction or an unorthodox goal. (Nothing good to my way of thinking.) Because once a country's court system is corrupted to the core, it's down hill from then on, I'm very sad to say. Not that the US Judicial System was ever perfect, of course, but we'll know what we really had once it's completely gone--undermined and perverted by infiltrators of the betraying kind.

Now here are the three dates of the DOJ Uranus Return/s to natal position of 29Ari21, a critical, impatient 29th degree which points toward May 15, 2018 when transit Uranus bursts into Taurus (horoscope shown):

1. May 3, 2018

2. November 24, 2018

3. February 18, 2019

Above image: the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building; {public domain; Wikimedia Commons}; Constitution Avenue.

Oct 2, 2017

Horoscope Feb 15, 2018: 'We The People' Solar Eclipse

Image: 'We The People' Solar Eclipse February 15, 2018 @27AQ07 so labeled because it eclipses US natal Moon in the 'Sibly US foundation horoscope' (July 4, 1776, late afternoon LMT with Moon in third decan of Aquarius. A late afternoon chart is one of many versions although other dates are potentially more foundational; some charts are set for Philadelphia, Pa).

Feb 15, 2018 4:05:08 pm EST Washington DC: Hour of Venus, Venus exalted in Pisces, corporate 8th house with a critical-crisis 29th degree on the cusp; Solar Eclipse Saros Series = 1 South (key themes listed, upper right, paraphrasing Bernadette Brady's Predictive Astrology); eclipse has just barely passed into the 7th house along with Mercury @25AQ49 and health asteroid Hygeia (repeal legislation again? Yes, the GOP promised tax cuts! They promised Charles Koch and other billionaire donors, that is.)

As seen in the horoscope, the opposite sign and degree, 29Leo21, is on the 2nd cusp of the National Treasury which in part stimulates themes of The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 (info is distorted and possibly false; unexpected events place great pressure on relationships; fatigue or illness possible) and spotlights the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump along with royal Regulus (success if revenge is avoided). Have more waste and fraud of taxpayer money been perpetrated? If so, my suspicion is that some Trumpsters have engaged in additional pilfering, embezzlement, and/or theft via other areas besides private airline travel. Is this eclipse indicative of our National Treasury dangerously at risk? It so often is, you know. And there's quirky maverick Uranus at MC (Goal Point; Aspirations), planet of radical reforms, revolts, disruption, upsets, activism, fanatic zealotry, Utopianism, and those with unusual reputations in the world.

So you can suss out more factors in this chart and the solar eclipse for yourself, right? And you see listed on the chart under the eclipse info that 1 South's last manifestation was on February 5, 2000 @16AQ01...and you know what lay ahead at that point just prior to the much-touted practically magical and numinous 'New Millennium', don't you? The propaganda, paranoia, and glowing promises? Y2K madness? Tech bubble bursting? If you're old enough or can read, that is!

Now as this eclipse perfects at 4:05:08 pm EST, rising in Washington DC is dwarf-planet-archetype Ceres (food supplies, grains, milk, motherhood, sustainment, distribution, symbolic sheafs of wheat of a Virgoan goddess variety, and more) and she's retrograde suggesting a slow down or delay of some sort (FEMA difficulties come to mind). Yet with the fortunate North Node of the Moon in 1st house some development or growth with beneficial results is possible. Then in 7th house South Node @15AQ59 conjoins the degree of the Lunar Eclipse of August 7, 2017 so that similar issues or events of that period may return for further development, or may reoccur in similar fashion. Plus, North Node in Leo suggests festivities, entertainment, and a love of pomp such as an acting POTUS might have to endure. Or demand, depending on his personality--mild or brash.

Video: The Ceres Lights (13+ minutes).

And then with thinking Mercury in Aquarius nearby the eclipse, logic and common sense are needed for best karmic progress to be made for the sake of society, as suggested by a solar eclipse manifesting in cool, detached, rational Aquarius, the sign of We The People's Moon, as some believe, and a Tech, Science, and Futurism indicator.

As the BOWL Tips

Leading a BOWL shape of all the planets is Jupiter @22Sco31, 4th house, with Jupiter the General, CEO, politician, and/or preacher as the basis of it all and watery Scorpio as the sign of Big Business, Stealth, Wealth, control and/or betrayal. Are there more leaks of private information on the way? A BOWL shape emphasizes one hemisphere over the other and here we find signs Taurus through Libra 'missing' along with the related experiences described by those realms. Only the 1st house North Node links the two halves of the chart across the self-other axis.

The orientation of BOWL personalities can be advocacy of a cause, the furtherance of a mission, or perhaps it's based on divisions (and the furtherance of them? Trump!) The strongest point of application is the leading planet if it is in a Grand Cross pattern or in strong opposition which this Jupiter no longer is for the Jupiter-Uranus opposition is weakened with money-bags Jupiter in financial Scorpio and Uranus still in Aries. And yet, BOWL folk have something to give their fellow man and it may be "constructive or vindictive" (Jones) and will probably come by way of Jupiter in Scorpio (which is Reagan's natal Jupiter sign = massive tax cuts for the rich as Democrats in Congress enacted October 22, 1986?)

Now all this eclipse action is on the Leo-AQ self-will axis so Mr. Trump, the most famous Mars Rising in Leo fellow of bravado and quarrels that we know, is suggested on various levels of activity and events brought by the eclipse. However, it's important to note that it's Trump's natal Pluto @10Leo that is his first natal planet to rise in this particular horoscope so make of its power potential and wealth-grabbing-and-hoarding what and as you will or may.

For as you know, all eclipses are 'wild cards of the Universe' and 'cosmic blinks' that indicate times of change, pay attention--and those changes may involve sudden disruption, like astrological Uranus tends to do. Or not. Sooner or later. Or not at all. Because you know what they say about The Sky God: Expect the Unexpected and you'll never be disappointed.

A Previous Post: The Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2018 with Themes.

Sep 27, 2017

Jeff Sessions Banned Protestors from Attending His Speech on 1st Amendment Freedoms!

Here's Farron Cousins, reporting for the The Ring of Fire, and pointing out the obvious irony of AG Jeff Sessions banning law student protestors at his recent speech speech:

And if you can, support the non-corporate journalism of The Ring of Fire at patreon.

Plus, you'll find more info concerning AG Sessions' speech at

Then for astrological info about AG Jeff Sessions you may wish to consider his Jupiter in Scorpio, part of SO'W's In the Realms of Jupiter series of posts (see sidebar for more).

For as you know, the sign of natal Jupiter reveals such things as how we relate to others. In Scorpio, natal Jupiter indicates a materialistic outlook, a ruthless striving for possessions, a craving for pleasure, and a tendency to overrate oneself. With Scorpio, control of others vs self-control is often an issue as well. Then on the positive side, a Scorpio Jupiter suggests a tendency toward optimism which is perhaps visible as we gaze upon his apple-cheeked countenance and happy elfin appearance.

Jupiter in Scorpio: The Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin.