Apr 18, 2018

Horoscope: US Solar Return 2018 - we're 242 years old

April 18, 2018: below you see dual horoscopes of the upcoming US Solar Return 2018, one set for natal location of Philadelphia (lower left) and the other for our current capital of Washington DC (upper right). There are a few differences between the charts due to the two locations and both charts have my usual messy notes penned on them (mea culpa!) which may hopefully be read by enlarging the image:

Hour of Jupiter (Rx in 8th house and apex of a dynamic T-Square); Chart-ruler Mars in 11th house makes no applying aspects but aspects to Mars are listed on the right inside a box of red as is Mars. The Sabian Symbols for house cusps are notable but I won't type them here since you are perfectly capable of looking them up yourself (especially note ASC @13Aries). An obvious feature of both charts is authoritative Saturn at Midheaven (MC, the Goal Point of any chart). In the upper right corner is a potential for Saturn-MC in Politics which seems applicable to where America stands as I type (April 2018): 'formal rules imposed on the executive branch' (Munkasey). Now I'm uncertain how that may happen since congressional Republican leadership has refused to rein in Donald Trump from firing the officials involved in investigating Trump but perhaps it will come to pass that the Uranian lurking in the Oval Office will at some point have his mobster-like wings clipped. And after all, Saturn at MC may also represent a fall from grace.

America's Hazelrigg Horoscope, Thomas Jefferson, and July 2018

Now when it comes to Mr. Trump there are several important cosmic factors that will express upon the Earth before and after America's 242nd birthday (which as you see, actually perfects on July 5th this year--these Return charts are based on the US Hazelrigg Horoscope set for 12:20 pm on July 4, 1776 Philadelphia, PA with a 9th house Sun @13Can08 conj MC 16Can51, Moon 24AQ25 5th house, ASC 14Lib35 with our exalted-in-Libra Saturn rising which places our natal US Sun-Saturn square foremost; added to the natal and Return charts are the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). See John Hazelrigg. Two things about the 12:20 pm timing is that it tallies with the time in the engraved portrait of Benjamin Franklin pointing toward Philadelphia's Independence Hall clock with his enigmatic smile. Also, the newspaper obituary of Thomas Jefferson cites the time of his passing as 'ten minutes before 1 o'clock' and links the time to the signing of the Declaration of Independence--12:50 pm, close to 12:20 pm.

As for D. Trump (see Mars-SN and Sun-Pluto = ASC), and in spite of the protective Water Grand Trine (Sun-Jupiter-Neptune), July 2018 brings him and America a Syzygy Moon @6Cap28 (last lunation prior to US Solar Return 2018--marked on the Philadelphia chart conjunct MC--which is the revealing Full Moon of June 28th). More significant is the Solar Eclipse that perfects on July 13, 2018 @21Cancer for it is a repeat of Trump's Prenatal Solar Eclipse (@9Gemini in 1946--conjunct US natal Uranus) in the 2 Old North Saros Series of unfortunate news concerning relationships and ideas about separation yet fast action can bring good results (Brady).

Be the 2 Old North eclipse themes and potentials as they may, the July 13th eclipse hits the Twin Stars of Gemini, Castor and Pollux with their positive and/or negative manifestations which will be activated by the eclipse. And note that a 2 Old North solar eclipse last occurred on July 1, 2000 @10Cancer in the midst of our national Venus-Jupiter-Sun trio which connects its influences to America, the start of the New Millennium, and all that has happened since.

And the historical, cosmic lens through which all 2 Old North solar eclipses must be viewed is the sign of Cancer because its initial manifestation perfected on June 24, 792 (OS) @5Can49--conjunct what became the 1776 position of America's national Jupiter (Hazelrigg: 5Can53) so rounding up we get '6Cancer' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests". Now I don't know about either of you, but I consider the profiteering Donald Trump in the White House to be the best example of such nefarious activity that our nation has ever, in her 242 years, had to endure. We may discover that Trump has 'stolen us blind' and various other financial dealings of a dubious nature may be revealed by Summer 2018 lunations and eclipses. Plus, the orange-haired tower-builder and we have themes of 'The Tower' Solar Eclipse to 'look forward to' beginning in late July into August and beyond.

You may also wish to see a DC Horoscope of the Total Lunar Eclipse of July 27, 2018 @4AQ44--conjunct US natal South Node which suggests separation and/or isolation themes. A chart factor I neglected to mention previously is that US Solar Return 2018 occurs during a Nodal Return for the US (Hazelrigg South Node @6AQ35). As you know, a Nodal Return hints at the forming of new alliances of Jupiterian quality while possibly letting go of weaker ones at the Saturnian South Node--yet there are the Trump's indications of separations in relationships. Well, he's already proven to be a huge drag on our national life and relationships with other nations so maybe strong alliances will look up for America while his continue to suffer in some way. Think Mueller (since We The People can hardly count on Congress to do its job of protecting us from demagogues like Trump--and should we be crediting the Electoral College for the hot mess they plopped us into?). Yes, I had wanted Mr. Trump to play the POTUS role well since it would mean that America does well but I've been thoroughly disappointed for obvious reasons. You may disagree as you wish but there it is.

Now of course, there are many more chart factors worth considering but I'll leave them up to you since this isn't a book but merely a post. Yet mention should be made of the feminine in our Solar Return 2018 Horoscope which seems to point to a strong lady, perhaps a politician (acting at Aries Point, the world stage) but Melania Trump and separation in relationships (Trump's 2 Old North PE) are also possibilities.

All I can say is that if Melania has had enough of her Mercurial husband, who in this wide world could blame her? Plus, my strong suspicion is that a majority of Americans feel exactly the same way.

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