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Jul 1, 2019

Will Republicans Cease to Exist? - Thom Hartmann

From author and progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann comes an interesting segment from his show concerning the viability of the Republican Party in the era of Trump. Of course, all my astrologer friends are familiar with the Neptunian concepts of demise, disintegration, instability, disappointment, and dissolution affecting the GOP for a few years now as we've watched undermining Neptune in shady Pisces approach its 1854 position (1854 + Neptune's 164-year orbit = 2018) in the founding horoscope of the once-conservative party--in astrological terms, the party's Neptune Return to 14 Pisces--oh! and Neptune is the planet of fraud, deception, disguises, pretence, fakery, loss, fanaticism, propaganda, mass media, the masses, and plenty of conspiracy theories to promote it all:

Now naturally, the ongoing,, scandal-producing Jupiter-Neptune square (fanaticism masquerading as idealism) isn't improving such matters, political and otherwise, plus, how synchronicitous is it that the GOP's natal Neptune @14Pisces has quite a revealing Sabian Symbol: "A Lady in FOX Fur"! And the symbol's negative (unconscious/shadow side) expression? "Amoral opportunism," a description which can easily be applied to party members--some more than others, it appears--and to the undermining 'leader' of their demise, Donald Trump.

"14 Pisces" from The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.


linda c thomas said...

I have no problem with the republican party dissolving.
Let it be let it be whisper words of wisdom let it be.


Roderick said...

We thought that the GOP was dead after W's administration so let's be careful with the predictions.

Jude Cowell said...

Roderick! maybe tell Thom Hartmann about your concern since it's his program segment. When I share the content of others to SO'W I'm not necessarily endorsing it but suspect that someone might appreciate it with no pressure to agree or disagree! And hopefully it provides readers with variety from my constant fussing and snits of miffdom. jc