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Aug 31, 2019

September 2019: Growing Awareness and Push Back!

On the Critical Month of September 2019

Isn't it helpful when Tarot and Astrology tag-team? Well, many SO'W readers follow Mary Ann's insightful Revealing Light Tarot channel on YouTube and if this is you, you've probably already seen her uplifting reading on World Energies in September: Revelation and Transformation posted August 30, 2019 in which she spotlights the September 2019 Full and New Moons among other factors.

Now to add a few astro-notes for September 2019 here's a SO'W post that actually concerns January 2020, another critical month, for contained within is a list of lunations for the rest of 2019 (leading up to January 2020 and the Big Conjunction of you-know-what). Notable is that the New Moon of September 28, 2019 @5Lib20 conjoins Trump's natal Neptune in his 2nd house of Money and Values. This lunation triggers or activates his inflationary trio of speculation, inflation, and fraud, Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter, posited in his 2nd house of Money and Values. Yet it's a darkened New Moon so perhaps it will take the bright rays of the Full Moon of October 13 @20Ari14 (conjunct US natal Chiron, our national wound and blind spot) to bring further revelations more fully into public awareness and thus trigger more of the transformation, push back, and regaining control that Mary Ann's Tarot reading engagingly suggests, for a process of change and improvement has begun!


Crystal D said...

I don't know if you've ever looked at Kirsten Gillibrand's astrology/birth chart, but she just dropped out of the race after catching, I think, undeserved hatred for her uncompromising stance on women's rights (and Al Franken). I wondered, why her? And then looked at her birth chart and noticed she has a VERY difficult T-square with her Sun/Venus in Sagittarius at the fulcrum. (Uranus/Pluto conjunct in Virgo along with Mars in very early Libra opposite Saturn/Chiron in Pisces square Sun/Venus in Sag. Unfortunately her birth time is not available but I am sure her tenth house is affected in some way.) It seems as if she was almost fated to be caught in these powerful, societal energies.)

Jude Cowell said...

Crystal D, Thank You So Much for your insightful info on Gillibrand's natal T-square for I had not tried to set up her (untimed) chart and felt she wouldn't be in the race for long although her voice was good to hear. Her T-square is difficult oh yes! Yet it must provide her with great energy, determination, and the impetus to achieve and work very hard against all obstacles--in spite of or because of its Mutable/adaptable quality. The undeserved hatred you cite probably shows through transits to her T-square planets and/or to other planets since squares are internal while oppositions are external, and for politicians are most often descriptive of opponents. Like you I wish we had an accurate birth time for her.

Thanks again for commenting! Jude

Crystal D said...

Jude: I love Stars over Washington - it's one of the best political astrology blogs out there. As an astrology junkie AND a political junkie, it's terrific!

I agree that Kirsten G's chart shows great drive, determination, and willingness to fight for what she believes is right. (Crusading Sag x 10!) Her moon is also in Scorpio, which gives her resilience, though it is likely conjunct Neptune - maybe that has to do with her being misunderstood by the public, ruled by the Moon?

Al Franken, incidentally, has Scorpio rising and Pluto in Leo exactly conjunct his midheaven! That whole Gillibrand/Franken situation was just Pluto all the way down!

Transiting Saturn was conjuncting Gillibrand's sun and Venus when Franken was asked to resign by Chuck Schumer. I recall that the New Moon in November 2017 conjuncted her Sun. I was expecting heavy Uranus or Pluto transits, but nope! Without an accurate birthtime, it's so hard to get anything but the bare bones of transits, and there's no way to know her Ascendant and Midheaven. (Elizabeth Warren has an unknown birth time, too, which stinks, as I would love to have her chart!)

Jude Cowell said...

Crystal D, how wonderful to 'hear' you say you love SO'W! This doesn't happen often if ever, and some folks creep here to read using duckduckgo or other sneaky ways of accessing! DC visitors have always arrived from its earliest days though on the sly it seems. Hmmm... Anyway few people comment, share, or ask questions so it's great when someone leaves such kindly comments and with insightful comments that add info. Yes, finding a birth time for Senator Warren would be quite a coup wouldn't it?

Thanks and I hope your holiday weekend has been just that! Jude