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Aug 30, 2019

Trump Guts National Forrest Protections! - Thom Hartmann (w/ Uranus in Taurus)

Published August 29, 2019, here's a segment from The Thom Hartmann Program:


Quirky Maverick Uranus now in Earthy Taurus

Saboteur-in-chief Trump and those of his ilk continue to attack, pillage, and damage the environment as they make the plundering of America's natural resources easier for industry corporatists (his backers) to grab, run, deregulate protections and injure the health of the American people. Astrologically this seems apt while Trump's guiding planet Uranus careens through earthy Taurus, money sign of environmentalism, growth, greenery, possessions, pragmatism, and intolerance. Financial disruption is now predicted by economists and others and an economic recession seems to be forming with Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus and Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn (never a good sign for markets). So under the heavy influence of the titanic Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of January 12, 2020, conditions of compression and a new order will become more and more apparent. Or perhaps I should say, will be forced upon society via the abuse and misuse of power (Pluto) and control (Saturn) even more than before. For most people, removing Trump from office would be satisfying and could help matters yet our problems would remain awaiting solutions.

Now looking at Trump (if we must), that fellow I call Spanky, we know that the influences of Trump's 2019 Solar Return Horoscope ('SR') are active for one year until his birthday in 2020. So if you wish, check out the chart where you'll find 'criminal elements' (Jupiter-Pluto-MC) and a first house Uranus Rx in Taurus suggesting unpredictable, disruptive events, even shocks. Plus, his SR 2019 Uranus is apex of a midpoint picture with Sun (ego; personality; essence; the goal) and Neptune (deception, fraud, delusion, propaganda, undermining, sabotage) so that channeled through Trump we have potentials for:

'Upsets caused by ignoring reality; adjustment of old dreams to fit newly developing situations; indifference to life or others while inwardly escaping' (Munkasey). We should add that budget deficits, an inflated treasury, drug problems (Trump's too?), a leader's impractical schemes, and/or unkept promises are a few of the potentials of the Sun-Neptune pair.

In closing here's my April 23, 2018's post Uranus to Taurus: "Nature's Revolution" showing all three Uranus to 00Tau00 horoscopes, the third and last of which occurred this year on March 6, 2019 just prior to the New Moon @15Pis47 conjunct Achernar, star of crisis at the end of the river and/or the risk of rapid endings. So of course, we know that natural disasters cannot be ruled out. And no, I don't like typing and fussing about such dire topics but I do it for the sake of America and for you so that you don't have to.

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